tagGay MaleGentlemen's Club Ch. 05

Gentlemen's Club Ch. 05



Franklin Melville, host/waiter at the Club, was stuck with the twelve to five shift – and not the good one. He'd arrived at the Club at 11:30, had lunch in the staff room, had the guy who'd made the lunch on top of the table in the staff room, and then went on to his station at the desk in the entry room, knowing all too well from previous day shifts that that lovely little interlude with the cook was all the exercise his cock was going to get for the next 5 hours. Sigh.

Frank looked down at his uniform; his spotless, perfectly pressed shirt and tie (the uniform jacket not mandatory unless he actually had to let a member in, so at the moment it was resting on top of the counter in front of him); his hard-on poking up in the air from the gap in his chaps, giving him an accusing look out of its single tearing eye, the head and shaft a deep, dark red due to the snap-on cock-ring fastened around its base. The only sound in the room was the low level buzz of the vibrator he'd inserted into himself at 11:59. That had been over an hour ago, closer to an hour and a half. The thing was just sitting there, teasing his prostate and, together with the cock-ring, keeping him on edge.

The temptation to reach back and work the vibrator back and forth was a constant distraction – not that he had that much else to keep his mind off his ass. But he knew that if the boss should decide to make a surprise inspection and found him masturbating – even if he kept his hands off his throbbing dick – it could mean suspension from active duty for days, maybe even weeks if he was unlucky enough to get caught shooting off.

As it was, he sat on his stool, trying to read his book and just wait for the next three and a half hours to go by. Day shift was allowed to read on the job; but not to listen to music, play video games, watch TV or anything else that made noise – so that on the off chance that a customer came knocking he would be able to hear them, no matter how faint the knock was.

'Yeah, right.' Sigh.

'Don't think about the way your prostate is begging for just a little friction. Don't think about how easy it would be to reach down and undo the leather cock-ring, giving Junior a little breathing space, maybe give him a little stroke of encouragement for being such a good, upstanding boy. Don't think about that cute cook's ass, the way the guy moaned and bucked and shot off into the jar he'd brought with him while you stroked off inside him. REALLY don't think about that jar, since it'll only make you think about all those other dicks getting milked in the kitchen; about the day you'd been hired when the chef had tried to drain your balls dry while Mr. Colbert had pounded the staff of authority up you aching pussy...'

Frank was so caught up in his memories, he almost missed the gentle knock on the door.

There it came again. Looking quickly at the monitor on his desk, he saw a club membership card being held up to the camera by the door, a hint of gray hair and pinstripe suit behind it.

For a moment, Frank froze, unsure what to do – this was the Club's version of a graveyard shift, nothing ever happens at these hours! Then his mind went back on-line and he reached for the switch to unlatch the door, at the same time hitting the button on his pager alerting his back-up (lucky bastard, got to screw around with the other staff members while Frank had been stuck behind this desk) that a member had arrived and, with luck, he would have to replace Frank at the door, before quickly pulling on his jacket.

As the man came in from the street, Frank got his first decent look at him. Like most members, he was a mature man – closer to 50 than 30, if Frank was any judge – dressed in an expensively understated business suit, his gray hair neatly cut and combed into place. The only thing not chiming with the look of quiet, competent sophistication was the hunger burning in his eyes as he took in Frank's lower body, as the host came out from behind his desk and approached him.

"Good afternoon, sir. Would you care to check your things and follow me inside, or is your business of a more urgent nature?" he asked, vaguely remembering the standard line he'd been told to give, well over two years ago when he'd been in training, in the event that a club member should come in during the day. This was the first time he'd ever had to use it.

Frank himself was closer to 30 than 50, a slight wave to his light-brown hair which was combed back from his face, framing his dark blue eyes. His cock was, according to one of the more poetic members he'd had the pleasure of serving, a 'succulently mouthwatering' fat 8 inches, and without a word, the current visitor proved his own opinion by immediately dropping to his knees and gulping the whole throbbing rod down his eager throat.

A slightly bemused look on his face, Frank looked down at the customer at his feet as Jason, his backup, came to the curtain that separated the entry room from the main room, his hands just finishing with his tie, his own cock sticking out of the gap in his uniform pants glistening with either spit or lube. Jason was professional enough not to barge in on the two men, but instead hid himself from the customer's view and watched – if the man made Frank cum, then it would be Jason's job to replace him at the entry room until Frank cleaned himself up and his dick recovered, so, of course, Jason had to be right on-site so he could spring into place as soon as the customer was out of sight. The fact that watching was a turn-on was completely coincidental.

The member at Franks feet looked like he was doing his honest best to choke himself, pressing his face into Frank's groin while his throat muscles milked the hard, swollen shaft buried inside him. Looking down, Frank could just make out that the man had undone the fly of his suit trousers, and was whacking away on his already hard cock – the sounds of the fleshy smacks were all-too clear even over the whimpering sounds coming from the man's chest, as well as the slurping wet noises of his mouth sucking hard on Frank's juicy cock.

One of the member's hands suddenly grabbed Frank's ass, pulling him still closer, as though the man suspected that Frank was holding out on him and truly wanted to get every last tiny millimeter into his voracious maw. As the hand got a tighter grip on one of his ass-cheeks, the fingertips came into contact with the handle of the vibrator which had been Frank's sole form of entertainment up until the man's arrival.

As he the felt the hard, vibrating plastic, the man pulled himself away and spoke for the first time, his voice a little rough from the abuse his throat had just suffered, "Turn around. I want to see what you've got in there!"

"Very good, sir," Frank said in his most professional voice as he turned and complied, turning to face away from the man and bending over to give him a better angle, "But don't you think, sir, it might be a good idea to continue this somewhere that doesn't have a door leading to the outside world?"

The man didn't seem to hear him, too engrossed in the sight of the pink handle sticking out from between Frank's firm, round cupcakes before he began to lick around it, pressing his tongue against the plastic, even managing to slip the tip of his tongue into the hole alongside it.

Suddenly he stood up and, taking a firm grip on the base of the vibrating dildo, pulled it out of Frank's ass with one hard yank. Frank did his best to stifle his cry of surprise and pain at the suddenness of the action and the friction it caused, his hands reaching out to grab at the top of the counter to keep him from toppling over. Looking over his shoulder, he saw the man had pushed his trousers down past his thighs and was now busy squatting down slightly and pushing the thoroughly lubed vibrator into his own hungry man-hole. Frank knew the exact moment the artificial cock hit his prostate, as the member seemed to lose all tension, a look of delicious pleasure spread all over his face.

Opening his eyes, the member then grabbed Frank by both hips and, just as brutally fast as he'd emptied Frank's back-pussy, he filled him back up, this time with his own twitching man-meat. By the feel of it, the customer had a very respectable 7 something inches of his own, though fortunately not too thick – just thick enough to make Frank feel it as the hot cock was shoved into him to the hilt, while not so thick that he was worried about internal damage. "Ohh!" an involuntary sighing-moan forced its way out his lips as the member's balls slapped against his firm butt. "Ahhh!" as the cock began to pull back out again, retreating until only the head remained before being rammed back in.

From the beginning the fuck was a quick, hard one. Frank didn't know if it was because the customer had obviously been primed before his arrival at the Club, or if he was just inspired by the buzzing 9 inches of thick plastic vibrating against his inner erogenous zones, but this was definitely going to be a quick cum on the customer's part – which probably meant that Frank himself wouldn't get the chance to shoot his own wad. Oh, well, he could at least enjoy the hard battering his prostate was receiving, as well as the grunts and moans coming from behind him as the customer pounded himself to orgasm inside of Frank's welcoming body.

"Ohhh, ass! Oh, fuckin' ass! Fuck! Gimme that ass! Oh, fuck!" What the man's moaned words lacked in originality they more than made up for in passion as he pistonned back and forth.

Frank only had a moment's warning before his rectum was flooded, the hot flow helping to ease the burning friction as his customer's hips speeded up even more for his climax. "Yes! Yes! Fuck, YES!!!"

Frank's own excitement was reaching a boiling point, although between the restraint fastened on his dick's base and the fact that he needed both hands to keep from being slammed into the counter he was leaning against – which would have crushed his erection in the most painful way if he let go – he couldn't give himself the kind of relief his customer was experiencing. Still, he'd take a flooded rectum over a dry one any day.

As the last shots fired from his buried cock, the man leaned against Frank's back, his death-grip on Frank's hips finally easing, his body slowly relaxing as he came down from his climax, panting breath whooshing against the back of Frank's neck. "Ahh, shit... yeah!"

Resting for a few moments, the customer then pulled himself upright, disengaging his spent cock from Frank's raw-feeling hole and bent over to pull up his trousers. After repeatedly trying, and failing, to pull them all the way up the confused look on his face only cleared as he remembered the vibrator still lodged deep inside of him.

"Allow me, sir," Frank said, gently turning the man around the reaching down for the handle. Slowly he pulled it out, his movements far more gentle than the member's had been when HE had removed the dildo from Frank. After he successfully pulled it free, the man finished pulling up his clothing and re-fastened them. He appeared rather embarrassed, now that it was all over, his eyes not meeting Franks, but looking down at the floor – or at Frank's purple, leaky dick.

He seemed to find new inspiration at the sight and, licking his lips, the man once again went down on his knees and took Franks erection into his mouth for a deep-throated suck. Pulling his face away briefly, he kept his eyes firmly at crotch level as he asked, "May I?"

It took Frank's sluggish mind a moment to understand the question – did he want to take Frank's cock away with him as a souvenir or something? 'Oh, I see!' Looking at the restraint around the base, the member wasn't sure if Frank was allowed to spunk off.

Frank was more than happy to reassure him, "Members are allowed to do almost anything they wish, sir, so long as it is not illegal. I'm here to give you whatever service you require, sir. Would you like me to something else for you, sir?"

Finally looking Frank in the eye, the member said, "Yes. I want you to give me a mouthful, more if you can manage it, in ten seconds or less."

"In that case, sir, might I suggest you return to what you were doing so very skillfully only a few seconds ago? I can guarantee you'll get the mouthful, but how soon is really... OH, YEAH!" It took all of Frank's self-control not to grab onto the man's head as the most powerful suction he'd ever felt was applied to his cockhead, followed by a full, deep-thoated massage for his whole tingling shaft.

It might have been ten seconds. It might have been ten years. All Frank knew was that he was getting one of the most awesome blow-jobs of his life and, much like the fuck that preceded it, it was over much too soon – although, at least this time it was HIM shooting his wad into another man's willing orifice.

And just like that, the man was gone. It was a good thing there was no-one out in the street looking into the building, as Frank was retroactively aware that he had stood of full view of the doorway for the, admittedly brief, moment it had been open. It seemed to his sluggish mind that he had cum, blinked, there was a flash of light (the door opening and closing, showing the brightly sunlit street), and suddenly he was alone.

Or, almost alone. "Wow! And here I'd been led to believe that the day shift was a dud! Do they always suck you like that, or do you have to be a really good fuck?" Jason was lightly stroking himself as he moved from behind the curtains, the flush on his youthful face an almost unnecessary accent to how aroused the scene he'd witnessed had made him.

"Well, I'll tell you, man – I've done more than 50 day shifts on this job, and that was singularly THE most exciting one I've ever, EVER had! By a mile!" Frank smiled, reaching behind himself to finger his well-used hole. "And, by the way, get your hand off of that," he gestured with his free hand towards Jason's hand rubbing his throbbing cock, "You've got to sit behind the desk and cover for me till I finish cleaning up and get wood again. The idea is that there might be another club member coming in for a nooner while I'm out of commission. But don't count on it – lightning isn't likely to strike twice. But it is against day-shift rules for the guy on duty to get off unless it's for the benefit of a club member – and in case no-one told you, our boss likes to spring surprise inspections on day-shifters, and if he catches you spanking the monkey, you'll be in big trouble, whether you cum or not."

"Man, that sucks!" Jason said, reluctantly letting himself go as he sat down at the desk.

"Tell me about it! At least you're only here till I recover, not the full 5 hours. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a brief shower and see what's cooking in the kitchen," Frank said, licking his lips, thinking about all those jars of spunk being filled in preparation for the dinner rush as he turned and left.

The next one will be a while, but it'll have some old favorites in it. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with their feedback and commentary. You make it all worthwhile.

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