I met Johanna on a blind date. That usually spells disaster and I was quite happy to find that I was wrong. But let me start from the beginning. My best friend, Julia, had a hot date with a Latina named Sorita and needed a second for a double date.

"Her name is Johanna." Julia handed me a beer, sitting down on the couch next to me. "And I met her this morning."

"A dog, right?"


"Well, just stating the obvious."

"Well, you're just wrong. In fact, I think Johanna just might be your fantasy girl."

I laughed. "Are you kidding? Jules, I'll never find my fantasy girl."

Julia just smirked at me and finished her beer. "Come on, let's get dressed. They're picking us up in an hour."

I just sighed, hauled myself up and headed for her bedroom. Julia had decided to dress me for this date and I reluctantly agreed to allow her the privilege. After all, being the tomboy that I am, my idea of dressing for a date is a button-down, suit jacket and jeans.

"Not this time!" Julia had decreed. This time, I was to wear (gulp!) a dress. I wasn't looking forward to it. It wasn't because of my looks. Though I've always been a tomboy, I've never been short on dates. At 5' 7" and a solid 160 pounds, I always attracted good-looking girls and guys. The girls usually wanted a lesbian type who wasn't a bull dyke but was masculine and the guys thought I was a cute, androgynous type.

I read somewhere once that love was just a matter of geography and I'd always harbored a secret fantasy, one that I'd shared only with my best friend that required a completely different landscape than anyone could offer me. I wanted a transsexual. The combination of breasts and cock ... God, just the thought of it made me cream my boxers.

"Okay. Do it."

I sat somewhat passively and let Julia work her magic on me. I balked at one of the dresses she presented. I wasn't comfortable with showing my ample cleavage. I usually kept my Bs on the dl. She chose another that was between completely covering up and complete exposing everything. She did my hair and makeup and I'll have to admit that she did a fantastic job. When I looked in the mirror, I saw someone that could have been a fashion model. The dress had spaghetti straps which accented my toned shoulders and showed off my breasts. Then, she'd spiked my short black hair, giving me a dangerous look and my eyelids were a mixture of peacock green, blue and purple.

In short, I was absolutely gorgeous. Even Julia was in awe. "Damn! If I'd have known you were this pretty, I'd have fucked you myself."

I laughed cockily. "Stand in line, bitch." We both knew that even though I was joking, she knew I felt uncomfortable but refused to acknowledge it.

"We're going to have some fun tonight!"

Thirty-two minutes later, the doorbell rang and since Julia was still curling her hair, I had the dubious honor of answering it. Sorita stood there with a huge smile, her compact body wrapped in a bright red dress. She was beautiful. "Hello. You must be Tina." She extended her hand and gave mine a gentle squeeze. "This is Johanna."

I must have looked stupid because Johanna just smiled. She was breathtaking. She was a little bit taller than me with a gorgeous cascade of silvery-blonde hair that fell in soft waves over her shoulders. Her green eyes twinkled with mischievousness and she held a hand over her breasts, keeping a light wrap closed. "Uh, hi." I stood there with my mouth hanging open for another minute before I realized that they were still standing out in the hallway. "Come on in."

Johanna let the wrap fall from her shoulders and I was instantly in love. I'm a fool for a woman in a peasant shirt. She gave me a smile that melted my insides and I felt as if I was standing too close to the sun. Sorita gave her friend a sly glance and they both sat on the couch. "Julia's almost done. Can I make you a drink? We have rum and whiskey." Johanna smiled at me and my brain scrambled. "Oh, and beer."

"I'll have a beer."

"Me, too."

I dashed to the refrigerator and brought four beers, giving them two and taking the others with me into Julia's room. "Julia, they're here."


"Oh, my God! She's out of this world."

"I told you." She smiled, coming out of the bathroom and affixing the back to her hoop earring. "Okay. Let's party!"

* * * * *

We ended up at a party across town, held by an old friend of Julia's. Maureen welcomed us with glassy eyes and a strange hat on her head. "Hey, Jules! Come on in!" People were everywhere so we decided to keep our beers with us and Julia steered us out to the balcony. No one was out there because you had to go through Maureen's bedroom and it was off-limits. Sorita broke out two joints and Johanna lit one, pulling me a short distance away to share it with her.

The evening had gone well. We left Julia's apartment and went out to dinner. Sorita picked Chinese and we enjoyed a nice meal. We left there and visited a few clubs before ending up here and in between trips, Johanna and I had great conversation. I watched her elegant hands gesture and listened to her voice, feeling as if I was sitting with a movie star. She just laughed when I said it to her but we seemed to grow closer in a short spanse of time. Now, she held the joint between lips that I'd dreamed about kissing all night and watched me with her eyes.

"Do you want something?"

"Yeah." I took a hit, still staring at her mouth. "I want a kiss."

"Are you asking?"

The look on her face was playful but I understood what she was saying. I turned the joint around and moved in to give her a shotgun, watching her face as she inhaled. Just as she was near the end of the inhalation, I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. She gave a small whimper and pulled back, looking at me. "Why don't we save this for later?"

"There's going to be a later?"

"Oh, yes." I moved in close, pushing her hair off her shoulders and weaving my fingers into it. "If you want."

"Oh, yes." Johanna answered, her eyes locked onto my lips as we moved closer together. "I want."

Our lips touched and she took control of the kiss, grabbing my hips and pressed herself against me. I broke the kiss, staring into her eyes. I'd felt something and I was just too surprised and excited to ask.

"Want to see it?" I nodded and she raised the hem of her gypsy skirt to show me. She was wearing a pair of satin thongs which barely contained a thick pole. Her hand snaked in behind the front panel and she pulled it out into the dim light. My mouth watering, I stared at her 7 inch cock. "Like it?"

"I love it." Before I could think, I was on my knees, my lips wrapped around the fat head, tasting her slick saltiness. She moaned, her hand dropping down and caressing the back of my head as I used my tongue to learn her shape. Every cock is different and I loved the fact that hers seemed made to fit my mouth. The thick head lay perfectly on the back of my tongue, the soft skin sliding easily in and out.

"God, Tina. That's perfect." She gasped, my tongue traveling a circuit around the head and down the thick stalk. The more I licked, the harder she got until she was begging for relief. I didn't want to swallow ... at least not yet. I turned around and presented my perfectly shaved cunt to her. She slid right in, both of us shuddering and moaning at the penetration.

"Fuck me." I whispered, letting the pot propel us to another level. I usually didn't do this but I felt such a connection with Johanna, a connection made before and intensified by the smoke, that I couldn't wait for a condom. With every inch, I panted and quivered, loving the moment when she seated herself inside me, her soft, furry balls bumping my butt cheeks. "Oh, God, yes." She leaned forward and I realized that she'd taken her top down and her glorious nipples were scraping my bare back.

She moved, gently rubbing my wet velvet and sending another chorus of shivers down my back. "Your pussy's so nice and wet. Is it because of me?" She chose that moment to give me a deep pump and my knees nearly buckled at my first orgasm. I know she felt it because she moaned in my ear, giving my neck a playful bite. "Oh, Tina. I don't think I can hold on much longer." Her strokes lengthened and she surprised me by pressing a thumb into my asshole. I nearly shouted, pushing back against her, taking her harder and deeper as we both tripped over the edge.

The feeling of her cock emptying itself into me was phenomenal. Her hands held my body plastered tightly to hers, her fingers pinching my nipples as my pussy clenched around her pulsing rod. We rested against the balcony rail, her arms still holding me close as her flaccid prick slipped out of my throbbing hole. Seconds later, we were giggling like schoolgirls, laughing at the look of amazement on Julia and Sorita's faces.

"Fuck, that was hot!"

I relit the joint and turned to share it with Johanna, knowing by the tears gathering in her eyes, that she felt the same as I did, that we'd found something special; something that transcended anything else. And it was all a matter of geography.

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