tagRomanceGeorge and Martha Pt. 02.5

George and Martha Pt. 02.5


This should have been chapter three, I somehow submitted an unfinished draft. This will clear up some otherwise unanswered questions. Please accept my apologies.


With ice cream in hand we went to our new home and enjoyed a slice on paper plates with plastic cutlery sitting on a bench in the patio garden. I asked him what we were going to sleep on.

"Who says we're gonna sleep?"

"Well we can't fuck all night George. Sooner or later we're gonna have to rest."

"I have one of those blowup queen size mattresses. I bought one that's supposed to be high quality, it shouldn't lose air and it should be comfortable. I picked up sheets and a warm blanket. I don't want my girl getting cold."

"In that case superman, take me to your lair and do with me as you wish, as long as it involves your cock buried deep within my vagina. Let's get those soldiers marching toward my womb."

My Georgie, my hero, my superman, my answer to years of prayers and wishes picked me up and carried me to our almost empty room. As we stood undressing George stared at me constantly. I finally smiled at him and said.

"WHAT. Why are you staring at me? Has something changed?"

"Yes, something has changed, you've become more beautiful. How did I ever exist without you Martha?"

Talk about a panty dropper, I couldn't get mine off fast enough. Grabbing him by the cock I pulled him onto our blowup playground. Our mouths were devouring each other, our hands all over and our groins grinding together. I pulled back and looked at him.

"George, I want your baby, I want it now. Will you plant one in my tummy lover? I'm ovulating, and it may not take tonight, but I want to keep making love every day until I am. Can we do that?"

His answer was to sweep my legs in front of his arms, put his cock in my baby tunnel and begin to make love. I moved my legs so my ankles were on his shoulders, a position I absolutely love, he picked up speed and power as he drove deep into me. Sweat was pouring from his body, running over his rippling chest, droplets coagulating on the hair, rivulets traveling down his flat stomach as he hammered at my pussy. My first climax hit like a board alongside the head. My head rolled back, my breathing stopped, I wanted to yell but nothing came out, my heels were dug into his shoulders as the ripples traveled across my stomach.

George was smiling as I opened my eyes, I put my hand on his chest pushing against him, our signal to stop.

"Honey let me put my legs down, I want to push up into you and I want to watch you go in and out of me. To me that is so damned hot, that alone would make me cum if I watched long enough."

He maintained his rhythm as he let my legs down one at a time, with my feet on the mattress I was able to push up into his thrusts, our skin slapping as we connected. I slipped the pillows under my head as I watched, his white cock sliding in and out of my brown pussy was something that sent me over the edge as I had another hip shaking orgasm. My Puddin didn't slow at all, he kept chugging along until I felt him start to drive slower and harder, I knew he was making sure the feeling didn't go away, making sure there was a flood of sperm on its way to my pussy before he sped up.

He cried out "Martha, Martha" and then jammed his dick in me so tight nothing could possibly leak out. As I felt his sperm splash my insides, I began thrashing my hips against him, my own orgasm overcoming me. This time I did yell, this time my body was completely animated, this time there were no small tremors, this time it was an earthquake. His cock kept shooting spurt after spurt, 3, 4, then lots of twitching and throbbing, my vaginal muscles clamping down on his rod, squeezing, massaging, milking my man of every ounce his cock could produce.

His sweaty exhausted body lay on me, trying to raise enough to keep his weight off. I told him to lay on me, to let me feel his body tight to mine if only for a few minutes. Listening to him breathe, feeling his heart beat, enjoying the occasional twitch of that monster still embedded in my love canal, I felt completely in love with this wonderful man. This man who wanted me for who I am, what I was and would be, someone who cared not about skin color, only about his love for me.

I couldn't wait to have his baby growing in me, to watch our kids running around the yard, us growing old together and remaining infatuated with one another. That would come later, right now I needed to get this lunk off my chest, I could barely breathe anymore. I pushed up lightly, George knew what to do, we'd been here before. Lifting he fell to my side where I immediately cradled him in my arms. With his head sideways and out of breath, that man was still a horny sex machine, he leaned toward my breast and sucked in the nipple.

"My gosh Puddin, does your dick do all your thinking?"

"Whenever I'm with you all I want to do is undress you and make love. I hear guys at work who talk about how their wives bitch because they don't touch them enough, I hope you aren't complaining that I touch you too much."

"No Puddin, as long as we aren't going to be embarrassed you can touch me all you like. I like your pats on my bottom and the occasional brush against my breasts, but I wouldn't like out and out groping in public like I see some do."

"Not gonna happen babe, if my hand is up your dress it'll be because no one can see us. I love you too much to cheapen you."

It wasn't necessarily late, but it was time for sleep. The sad events of last night combined with the long drive today and our love making had taken their toll. Not having drapes or curtains we woke with the daylight, which was really okay, it was 6:50 and time to roll out anyway. The back of the house where our bedroom was located faced a woods, we weren't real concerned with being seen. Neither of us were used to sleeping late so this was obviously what our bodies needed, I jumped in the shower first. Sitting on the toilet peeing I remembered I had used the last of the toilet paper last night, I shrieked and yelled out for him to find something for me. He returned with napkins, making a mental note we needed to include toilet paper on our shopping today.

Getting out of the shower I expected him to be in the bathroom helping me dry and feeling me up, the man loved having his hands on what he called his "treats". No Georgie, hmmm. I finished drying, slipped on panties and a robe thinking he was in the kitchen, until it dawned on me, we didn't have a coffee maker. His truck was gone, he must have gone to get coffee. In a few minutes I watched my lover, my handsome Puddin walk into the house with two large black coffees and a pack of toilet paper. This guy, how could I not love him?

We finished making our list, had a decent breakfast at Arlene's Diner and headed out to find a grocery store. George knew where the local Piggly Wiggly was, I was comfortable with that, we shopped the pig at home, couldn't imagine it would be much different here. It was, and it wasn't, the basics were all the same, but there were no collard greens, or fresh okra, not a lot of items that are usually consumed in "southern" cooking. I wondered how auntie and Weezy were doing with that.

We bought a cheap frying pan to see us through until our stuff arrived Wednesday, even at that it would take at least a day to unpack our kitchen things, get it washed and put away. With a half basket full of groceries we made for the front of the store, ending up in a line with a black girl as a checker. She was polite, sweet, very cordial, but she kept looking at my ring finger and then at George, I'd seen her do this several times before I asked.

"I've seen you look at my ring and then my husband several times, is there something on your mind?"

"This is your man? You have to be the first black girl married to a white guy in the area, at least that I know of. Quite a few black guys married to white girls, hispanic or Asian, but not the other way around. Are you new in town?"

I explained our situation having just moved here, George worked for Dairyland and I would soon be opening a business that I wasn't ready to disclose as yet. She mentioned her dad worked for Dairyland as a lineman, maybe she'd see us at the company picnic or somewhere like that. Her name tag said Liz, I asked if it was short for Elizabeth, nope, it was just Liz. Our laundry equipment wouldn't be here until Wednesday, I had some undies to wash and George had laundry from the past week.

We found a small laundromat and got started, it was mostly women by themselves or with kids, I was grateful George didn't mind being with me. Waiting we went over ideas for the bakery, should we try and adapt to the local offerings or bring some of our own into the store. I always prided myself on my apple and cherry fritters, so many places don't fry them long enough to have nice crisp edges, I did. They were one of my top sellers in Fort. We also noticed there were no filled long johns with frosting at the Pig bakery area, that might be another item to introduce.

George said he knew of a Festival Foods store he'd been at in the past week that had an area designated as bakery, but nothing was in house, what they had was delivered from somewhere else. The possibilities were huge. There are days life seems to flow smoothly with nary a ripple or wave, today was going to quickly not be one of those days. The laundromat was clean and well taken care of, but it was on the edge of a shady part of town, which meant the local goons were bound to stop by, and they did.

Three guys, all white, early twenties, being loud and obnoxious, talking crudely in front of women and children, which with us numbered around 15. George remained calm as long as they were not in people's faces, he simply watched their every move. As they walked by where we were folding the last of our stuff one of them reached out grabbed a pair of my panties that were in a pile to be taken home and air dried. George turned to him and put his hand out in a gesture to return them. The kid who'd taken them was tall, white, and gruff, chest all puffed out.

"These are mine dude, I'll leave them at your house after I fuck your pretty chocolate wife."

I looked away knowing what was going to happen, in less than a minute he'd kicked his ass and the others were running out the door. The one who'd grabbed my panties was going to get up, George suggested he stay down, when he didn't George poped him again. Grabbing the shirt collar George tossed him out the door for his buddies to cart away.

Back in the laundromat George was receiving a hero's welcome. Those three had been tormenting that laundromat for months, the cops would be called but by the time they arrived the bullies would be gone. We saw them again a few weeks later as we were leaving Festival, they knew who we were immediately, George made a pistol with his hand, pointed it at them and let his thumb drop.

"George, you could be arrested for threatening someone like that."

"Let um prove it."

At home I had panties and bras hanging over every available surface there was when we heard a knock on the door. I had a panicked look on my face, he told me calm down, he'd send them away. It was auntie and Weezy, who didn't need an invitation, they pushed past George and walked right in.

Weezy: "Holy cow girl, what you got here, an underwear factory?"

My mind did an imaginary flip flop.

"Weezy, I've never heard you talk any way but that southern half speak crap. What happened?"

Weezy: "Well, we up north now, these folks won't know what I'm talkin bout, we gotta make a good impression when we open the new store."

Auntie wondered if we were too busy to come look at the bakery. She noticed George's hand and frowned. "More hittin I see."

George said softly, "They took a pair of Martha's panties and threatened to molest her, they needed to learn a lesson that should have been taught years ago."

Weezy: "I hope you wooped um good then, damned kids these days."

On the way to the bakery George apologized for not restraining himself, he couldn't stand it when people said bad stuff about or threatened me. He told me he'd try to do better. I reminded him those three had what was coming to them, I wasn't upset with him for defending me and sending a message to those punks.

The bakery looked marvelous. The girls had been scrubbing and cleaning since they'd arrived and the place was spotless, at this rate we'd be open in a month instead of two or more. They had turned on the oven and tested it, everything on it was in order, the only thing they found not working right was the walk-in freezer and the dough hook for the mixer was broken. When we first looked at the place we thought the cases would need to be replaced, but with them cleaned up they actually added charm to the store. They were old, very old, every nick, scratch, and ding attested to that fact.

We originally thought the embossed ceilings and walls were plastic retro's, until auntie started to scrub them and discovered they were original embossed panels that had been painted. Auntie thought they were probably from the late 30's, possibly early 40's before the war effort consumed all the metal. This place was shaping up into more than we had imagined, I would contact a refrigeration company Monday and find a bakery supplier for a replacement dough hook, then get quotes on the supplies we would need.

The girls had found every grocery store in town last week, noting only one had an instore baking dept, using all pre-frozen products. All they were doing was putting them on trays and baking, making nothing from scratch. There was discussion about a name for the business, different ideas were kicked around, but nothing hit home. We tabled the discussion saying we'd all give it some thought. By now it was mid-afternoon and all of us were hungry, Weezy wanted to go back to Culvers, she liked their chicken/rice soup and she wanted a custard sundae.

Auntie and Weezy each had a one scoop turtle for dessert while George and I shared a two scoop raspberry with pecan sundae. Mmm, mmm,mmm, this place could be addictive if not careful. Even if I was going to be growing a baby inside me soon, I was still going to have to try and maintain my girlish figure as I remembered my mom saying when I was little. There wasn't much I remembered of my mom, but her talking about watching her girlish figure was one of them. Sadly, I could no longer remember what she looked like without looking at a photo.

Parting we told them we'd see them in church the next morning. With little to do at the house we took in a movie at the theater, having popcorn and a pop as our supper, snuggling in close, sneaking kisses and the occasional caress. Leaving we drove around town for a while, figuring out how the streets ran, what was where, George showing me his work place, pointing to a huge bucket truck that he was in most days. For the first time the reality of what he did was clear to me, it could be quite dangerous sixty feet in the air, even if there were outriggers on the truck. I needed to put that out of my mind or it would haunt me.

Church was once again hoppin and a jumpin during praise/worship, followed by another touching message. After brunch we changed and made our way to the store. The girls were going shopping for yarn and embroidery thread, we decided to take the paper down from the windows and clean the glass since the rest of the store was clean. I made a sign that read "new bakery opening soon" and hung it in a window. Folks were stopping to peer in the windows as we worked inside, some waving, some just nosey busybodies with nothing better to do.

We made love again that night. George taking an inordinate amount of time to tease and stimulate my nether regions until I finally grabbed his head and yelled, "Just eat the damn thing George, quit screwing around." That seemed to move things along. We'd read in the book that if I were to lay on my tummy with pillows under my abdomen it was enjoyable position. We wanted to try that, but the blow up mattress wasn't the place to do it, we chose to wait until we had our bed to try that position.

We made slow and passionate love, taking lots of time for kissing and playful banter, pillow talk and erotic encouragement. Our bodies in one accord with the other, my hips knowing by instinct what my lover liked and wanted me to do, him knowing what drove me over the edge making sure he took me there. I had come to enjoy the time he took sucking my nipples and playing with my breasts, it sent tingles into my vaginal area like nothing else we did. As we came he had a nipple in his mouth and a hand on the other, it was me who fell off the edge of the earth first, followed by my Puddin within a minute.

I sucked his balls dry with my uterine muscles, massaging, squeezing, attempting to extract every sperm he had for me. My eggs were present, maybe one of those little soldiers found it and burrowed in. Next morning we were back to normal routine regarding him, I had calls to make and appointments to keep later on. I asked him to please be careful now that I knew what he did.

"Martha, I'm always careful, we as a crew are always careful, everyone wants to go home to their family at the end of the day. We're gonna have a baby this year and some more later, I plan to be around for you and them a long time."

I could do no more than hold him tight and kiss him passionately, for I knew he was right. The refrigeration guy was to be there about one, I was working inside waiting for him. Nice younger guy, probably mid-thirties, longer hair in a ponytail, beard at least four inches long and bushy. We shook hands and he welcomed us to Decorah.

"You're the lady married to the new guy at Dairyland aren't ya?"

"How would you know that?"

"Small town maam, what happens on one end of town everybody on the opposite end knows about quicker than you can drive there. Folks are sure excited about having the bakery open again, something else there's a lot of talk about. Your husband putting the Wilkens boy and hs dodgy friends in their place."

"People know about that? I hope we don't get a visit from the cops."

"Once again maam, small town, and you won't hear a peep from the cops, they've been hoping someone would do what they legally can't. Odd how guys like the Wilkens boy get so badly hurt when they stumble and fall off the curb."

A half hour later the freezer was on line and pulling down. The problem had been a bad start capacitor and potential relay, sure, okay, whatever that means, it's running and that's all I cared about. I told him my husband had ordered checks last week, but we didn't have them yet, could I come to there shop and pay cash.

"That's okay maam, we don't take checks anymore, except from a few older farmers who wouldn't have a credit card and have no idea what a debit card is. I can run a card on my phone though, here's your total."

Shazamm, I guess Decorah really was in the 21st century, no matter what it looked like from the outside. The bank we'd chosen had in house capability to make a debit card and I had picked mine up that morning on the way to the store. Finding a dough hook was proving to be more of a challenge, there was no equipment supplier closer than La Crosse, WI. They happened to be the ones who originally sold that equipment to Burt's dad, they were familiar with what was needed, if I wanted to order over the phone they would process payment and get it sent out UPS the next day.

I quickly came to realize I would be doing more ordering online than was required of me in a city the size of Fort Smith. I didn't mind, it was a learning curve and I would adapt. I wanted something wonderful and aromatic in the oven waiting for my lover the first day in our new house after working all day. Unfortunately, with no range that wasn't to be, we met the girls at IHOP. Laying in bed that night I ran an idea by him.

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