tagRomanceGeorge's Three Loves

George's Three Loves


George Clancy’s place in the pecking order of high school boys was that of the safe, friendly, tall, reasonably good looking, good-dancer, guy, that girls would date, just to go on a pleasant date. To most girls, George was a square. He did not drink or smoke. He was not one of the local guys who had connections with one of the college fraternities, thereby able to bring a date to their parties.

His family was as nice as a fellow could have. He was a solid student that teachers and adults would comment about, “That boy will turn out to be a very impressive man.”

George’s view of life was not that rosy. For you see, a young guy measures his progress in life by what his current relationship is with one of the feminine creatures that occupies his world.

By that standard, George had been blown over by the tornados of feminine whimsy. Perhaps, it could be alleged, that George set himself up for these disasters when he chose to be very choosey about the girls that he dated.

An example occurred in his junior year. He met a girl, who would later be the Miss America candidate from his state. After dating her for three months, he took her to the four-day university gala, which included a formal dance. Three days later, she was asked by a college guy to attend a fraternity party. George was history.

The following summer, He dated a tall, beautiful, wealthy girl from Upper Montclair, New Jersey, who was employed as a counselor at a nearby girl‘s camp. They dated four or five days a week. George was the perfect guy for Susan Dumas to while away the summer. He never tried to go past necking. Besides, the Southern Girls in the adjacent cabin were pushed out of shape that they were not the center of the dating action, which pleased Susan no end.

Poor George. Two days after she left for college, she told him that, “It has been special knowing you, but I don’t have time to maintain a romance.”

In the spring of his senior year, he dated Jean Luck. Half of the guys in school stated out loud that, “Boy, how would you like to fuck, Luck?” She was a decent kid. She also was very attractive. In fact, would become the Homecoming Queen at the university that she attended.

George decided to get his service obligation out of the way before he went to college. While still in boot camp, sixty-eight days after Jean had told him that they would always be an item, he received a “Dear John” letter explaining that Jean had decided that two years was a very long time. She would date. She suggested that he do too. In the service? Fat chance. Only those who have experienced the loneliness of service life would understand how despondent George became. From that moment, he counted the number of days that remained of his service obligation.

George now had a very jaded opinion of the opposite sex. When he heard Frank Sinatra sing, “Blues In The Night,” there was a line that he repeated over and over. “A woman will sweet talk, and give you the big eye, but when the sweet talking done, a woman is a two face, a worry some thing, that will leave you to sing the blues in the night.”

Money was tight for George when he was at the university. He worked a job. Seldom dated. His classmates were two years younger then he was. His observations were that most of the girls were one step away from brainless.

Time passed. As predicted by his teachers, he continued to mature, and grow as a man. At twenty-five he had a professional position. Still the nice guy, his world was that of law firms. George could be tough if necessary. At two hundred and twenty pounds, and the holder of a black belt in judo, his physical powers equaled his highly respected professional work product.

The first time that he was in contact with Kelly, his wife to be, she had attended a party at the home of a mutual friend. She got completely zonked. Could not stand up. George offered to take her home. Later, she woke to find herself in her own bed. A roommate told her that she thought that George had an interest in her because of the way that he had cared for her, yet he had not taken the opportunity to observe her breasts when her dress had slipped off her shoulders, revealing much of her cleavage, or when her dress had ridden up her legs revealing her panties.

With a laugh, the roommate added, “You were giggling. Most guys would have taken off your clothes and fucked you. You were on your back with your legs open, when he placed the covers on you.”

Kelly asked the roommate, “Did you get his name?”

“Sure, it is George Clancy. If you don’t go after him, I will.”

George was now a hunted man.

Kelly found out that he went to the Liberty restaurant for lunch. She found him there. One thing led to another. She invited him to visit her. Less then five minutes after he appeared at her apartment, she was on her back, with George stroking his cock into her pussy.

Kelly had dated and fucked a previous boy friend for five years. The previous boy friend had access to a camp where they could be alone. Needless to say, they had all day fuck secessions. It happened so often, that Kelly was accustomed to taking off her clothes and fucking as soon as she was alone with a guy who was attractive to her.

That first night, Kelly admitted to George that she had fucked her last date, even though she had not intended to. “I was a last minute blind date for a buddy of Kathy’s boyfriend. We all went to the “Red Dog” for drinks and dancing. The guy that I was with was drunk. When we got back to the apartment he settled into the couch. Kathy and her boy friend went into her bedroom. Soon, I could hear them having sex. The guy that I was with was fondling my breasts, but I would not let him go further. I wanted to get into bed, and go to sleep. Tomorrow was another day.

I tried to persuade him to leave, but he just closed his eyes. So, I got up, and went into the bathroom to take a shower. When I came out, my hair was up in rollers. I had cream on my face.

He was in my bed, pretending to be asleep. Well, Duh? I knew that if I got into that bed, he would do me. I had just washed my pussy, which had made me horny, so I got into the bed with him, naked.

He ate me long enough so that I was ready for him when he slid up on me. He was drunken enough that he turned out to be a very enjoyable sex partner. He pumped his cock into me for twenty-five minutes. I cum twice. Then I lie there contemplating if he would ever stop.

We both went to sleep. I guess having to pee woke him up about four in the morning. I really was not interested in having sex then, but by the time that I woke up enough to determine what time it was, he was slipping his cock into my pussy again. I didn’t cum, but he did.”

George could not believe his ears. A woman was giving him honest straight talk. At the time, he would think of her as Miss Right. Later he would exclaim to friends that she is Always Right. You see, Kelly had her own stories of boyfriends who were deceitful, or plainly self-centered. The more she knew George, the more that she knew that this was the man for her. When she discovered that he had knocked her up three months later, their fate was sealed. He married her.

They were an interesting couple. Each feasted on the others talents. Both had supreme confidence in the other. He, pursuing an aviation career, which took him out of town many nights, relinquished the handling of their finances completely to her.

They had two children. Both had good positions. Kelly, with George’s blessing, experimented with other sexual partners. Upon returning home, George would fuck her, as she regaled him with detailed descriptions of her exploits. The bottom line was trust.

George retired from a major airline at age fifty-five, due to a medical problem. Now he had the time for golf, fishing, and playing with the computer. Both he and Kelly registered their profiles in the site called, “Classmates.”

Kelly received an inquire from an old boy friend. In her e-mail to him, Kelly mentioned that she now lived just outside of Tampa. His response was; “Wow, I fly into Orlando once a quarter, do you think that we could get together?”

Both George and Kelly laughed when they read that. “He get into your pants back then?“ George asked.

“Tried, but I never let him. I was just a junior in high school.”

“Do you want to see what you missed?”

“Sure, why not? It would be more interesting that watching TV.”

George and Kelly were into some kinky activities, so they agreed that when she was in the room with the guy, a John Cook, that she would phone George.

The night came. Kelly left the house at five so that she could have dinner with John at six-thirty. At five after eight George’s phone rang.

“Is this Georgie, Porgy?” Kelly purred into the phone, with a voice touched with a drunken slur.

“How is it going?”

Firmer now, she said, “Well, I am on my back in a hotel room. Mr. John Cook is between my legs. Why don’t you ask him how it is going? I will hand the phone to him.”

A man’s voice could be heard saying, “I can’t fucking believe this.”

George asked, “You on John?”

“Ha, ha, ha, yes, I’m on George. You must be a great fucker? You are also one lucky son-of-a-bitch.”

“You know John, You are the first guy to tell me that he understands that. I am indeed the luckiest son-of-a-bitch alive to have a woman like Kelly as a wife. So, tell me what are you doing at the moment?”

George overheard John ask Kelly, “He is asking me what we are doing?”

Kelly laughed, then said, “You tell him exactly what you are doing, and what you intend to do for the next couple of hours.”

Now into the phone, John spoke clearly, ”Ahem, at the moment, I am on your wife. My cock is in her as deeply as I can shove it. I have her legs pulled forward, so that she cannot tuck her ass down. As we speak, I am slowly running my cock in and out of her snatch. She, as you know, is a squeezebox. She is doing a great job clamping her cunt on my cock.

As for what is next, after I get hard again, I want to get her on her knees. Then, spooned over her back, I’m going to grab a handful of her tits, as I doggy fuck her.”

“Sounds like a good plan. Have a good time.”

Both said good bye, and hung up.

Everyone liked Kelly. George was more laid back. But it was Kelly that was everyone’s pal as soon as they met her. When they went on cruises, or trips, Kelly was in the middle of things.

Kelly turned from the computer. “You have an e-mail from a Susan Dumas. It came through Classmates. Didn’t you once date her?”

“Yes. A most beautiful girl.”

George and Susan traded sagas. She had spent much of her life married to a guy in England. The English reserve showed in her writings. She stated that she came to the states several times a year, since her mother was still alive. George asked her about her husband. Only then did she reveal that he had passed away.

Kelly had an arm full of ironing, while reading Susan’s e-mail over George’s shoulder. With a shrug, Kelly tossed at George, “Why not ask her to come visit us? I am curious as can be to see a woman who had you in her clutches, and just tossed you to the wind.”

“All I need around here are two strong willed women.”

Kelly stopped. She turned. “Seriously, You have always spoken of her as a classy girl who was not ready to settle down when you knew her. If you dated her, I would like to meet her.”

“Are you sure? I once loved her deeply. If she had not run me off, I would have married her.”

“I’m sure.”

The e-mail was straightforward. “Dear Susan, My wife has known about my dating you for twenty years. She has read our e-mails to each other. She just told me to tell you that it would be our pleasure to have you as a guest down here in sunny Florida. I, of course, would be delighted to see you again.”

Susan Dumas replied, “Dear Kelly and George, It is most gracious for you to extend your kind invitation to me. Knowing George, I know that it is not fluff. If you are sure that I will be no trouble, I could arrive on the tenth of next month. I would plan on staying a week, if that meets with your approval.”

George sat looking at that e-mail for twenty minutes before he showed it to Kelly. In his heart, he did not expect Susan Dumas to accept the invitation.

“Kelly, got a minute, Hun?”

After reading it, Kelly laughed. “Got you, huh, Big Boy? You never dreamed that she would accept, but she has. Now, I’ll bet you have all sorts of emotions, not the least of which is that you are scared to death that you will do something that might make me think that you love her more then you do me?”

George turned to look at his wife in wonderment. Her insights astounded him.

“Yes, you are exactly right.”

Kelly kissed him. “Don’t worry. I’m a big girl. I’m looking forward to enjoying her, if she is half the woman I think that she must be. Oh, and for the record, if there is still an attraction and you two are inclined to resume your love, that is okay too.”

Susan arrived. As English women will, she was dressed in dark conservative colors. Her hair was dyed a reddish brown. When George observed her in a bathing suit, he commented to Kelly, “She has not changed at all. I bet she still weights one hundred and thirty-eight pounds. Still no need to buy a bra.”

Kelly, who had grown up in southern New Jersey, had a lot to talk about with Susan. In three days, they were buddies. George, who decided that they did not need him around to entertain them, played his usual golf game, and got in some fishing.

George had often joked that he was the last to know when events occurred in the family, was greatly surprised to hear Kelly tell him just before he went fishing, “Oh, I have talked Susan into extending her stay. I want you to know that I really like her. I probably should not tell you this, but she told me yesterday, “My husband was very controlling. I cannot believe how open and free George is with you, allowing you to go on trips by yourself, buying things, being with people. If they ever clone George, I want a copy.”

“My hat size just went up three sizes. You didn’t tell her about your sex adventures, did you?”

“Not yet, but I will.”

The following day, George was bent over taking dishes out of the washer. He was aware that someone came up behind him. There were two soft pats on his ass, and a womanly giggle. He stood, turned, and was face to face with Susan.

“I have your wife’s permission to treat you any way that I want. What is more important is how do you want to be treated?”

Flushed, embarrassed, ill at ease, George honestly said, “Susan, a man never gets over a woman like you. Sure, I would like to kid, flirt, pat your ass, and especially make love to you, but I am afraid to because I do not want to hurt either you or Kelly.”

“That is what I figured, and what Kelly said that you would say. So very George. I was a fool to not know what I had when I had you. A woman learns. Here is what Kelly has proposed; She has invited me to live here for a trial time of three months. During that time, each of us should feel free to be as loving as we are comfortable being. If I am interested in staying longer, you and she will have a conversation about all this to decide if you are both comfortable with the arrangement.”

“How much about our lifestyle has Kelly told you, Susan?”

Susan eyed him for several moments. This was new territory for her to tell a man secret conversations that she had with another woman, even if it was his wife. In her marriage, the husband was always the negative one. George would later learn that she had resorted to sexual affairs to obtain lustful sex.

“George, Kelly has told me that you encouraged her to explore her sexual imagination. She said that she was very confident that you would extend the same freedom to me. As Kelly said, “Living with us, you will spread your wings.”

“Okay, we will give it a try.”

“George, one other thing. My husband left me on a meager pension. I would like to pay some sort of rent.”

“Don’t need your money, Susan. Just be a true friend. That is invaluable.”

Susan kissed him softly on the cheek, and was gone.

Nothing really changed for two days, and then George came up to Susan, who was standing talking to Kelly. He put his arm around Susan’s shoulder.

“Thank you George. I like that.” Then to Kelly, she added, “You said that he would come on to me in bits and pieces. How did you two ever have two children?”

Both George and Kelly laughed.

That night, when George came to bed, he did not turn on the bedroom light, which was his custom, since he did not want to wake Kelly. He slid into his side of the bed with his back to his wife. A hand came to rest on his neck, caressing him. It shifted to his arm, then his chest. Finally, with a shift of weight, the hand latched onto his limp cock.

A man knows the smell of his wife. This was not Kelly. George smiled. He rolled over to hold Susan in his arms. It had been many years since they had necked in the moonlight. They necked now, kissing, exploring, ever so gently.

“A thousand dreams I’ve had of us,” he said.

He took her right breast in his mouth. Those many years ago, she had allowed him that, but no more. Then it was just a nipple. Now, after she had suckled two children, it was a mouth full. Like then, she arched her chest toward him, while moaning. In his mind, he pictured her face as an eighteen year old.

She lowered his hand to her pussy. She rolled onto her back, while opening her legs, as a woman who has been fucked for twenty-five years is trained to do. Like a well-known dance, both partners knew the steps. The covers were removed. He got into position to eat her. Slowly, gently, he nibbled closer, and closer to her slit. In his dreams he had devoured her a thousand times. Her pussy had it’s own unique smell. His fingers opened her lips, which were far larger than Kelly’s. Tongue time. Softly, on her clit, he flicked it. Until now, she had not moved. She moaned, gently took both sides of his head in her hands, and undulated her pussy upwards, so that as he was going down, she was going up. A woman learns how to fuck, especially if she has been with many lovers, as Susan had.

George slid up onto her. Both his arms were near her head. He was making love to Susan. She reached between her legs, grabbing his cock. She guided it to her most intimate place. She fed it in, little by little. Her arms now encircled his body. Time stood still. They were not fucking; they were joined, as they made love, seeking an intimacy that long lost lovers only know. Nothing was old, routine. Every touch was magnified. Yes, they each cum, she several times, but neither remembered them the next morning. Their recollection was of making love.

Kelly was in the kitchen when Susan walked in. Susan had washed her face, and run a comb through her hair, but had not showered, since she just had to have a cup of coffee, before starting her day.

Kelly took one look at Susan and broke out laughing. “Whee, do we look radiant this morning. Have you always glowed like that when you have had an evening of sex?”

Startled, Susan looked at Kelly. For a moment she said nothing, as she chose her words, considering their impact on her new friend. These people, this place was having an effect on Susan. What came out came from her heart. There were tears in her eyes. “I have never experienced a night of love like last night. Thank you for letting me know that such a thing exists.”

Kelly walked over to Susan. The women hugged, as Kelly commented, “That is why I keep him around.”

George was bemused by the fact that the girls would decide who was interested in sleeping with him. Sometimes, he would find both of them in his bed, so there would be three, but he might not have sex with either. On those nights, each woman would give him a long kiss, and then dismiss him with a “Good night George.”

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