Georgia Ch. 02


Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous part. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.


I must have slept through my alarm because I woke up to the sight of daddy looking down at my naked body. I smiled and said,

"Good morning daddy; sorry, I set my alarm but it didn't go off. I'll be down in 2 minutes; okay."

Daddy was just stood there staring at my naked body and I wasn't sure that he'd heard me.


"Oh yes, sorry Georgia; right, down in 2, okay?"

He turned and walked out.

I smiled, closed my legs, swung them to the side of my bed and decided that I wasn't going to shut my bedroom door ever again.

"Well, at least he didn't scold me for sleeping naked; maybe he liked what he saw." I though as I went and had a quick shower before putting a skirt and top on and running downstairs.

As soon as daddy had left I ran back upstairs and shed my clothes, I wanted to spend the day totally naked. Then I remembered that I had to go and sort out a dress.

"How could the woman make a dress in 2 days?" I thought.

I put my Driver's number in my Contacts and phoned him. One hour later a big Mercedes pulled-up outside the house and I walked out to greet him wearing just a pair of heels and a thin, skater type micro dress.

James is quite cute so I told him that I'd be travelling in the front passenger seat. When he rushed round to open the door for me I got in in a very un-ladylike way and lingered with my legs spread wide, one floor in the car and the other still on the gravel, hoping that he was looking.

He was, I saw him when I looked up to his face to thank him. He smiled and shut the door as I lifted my leg in.

James is quite a nice person and easy to talk to; quite witty as well. As we talked I relaxed and looked down at my legs. They were bare right up the top. I didn't think that he could see my pussy, even when I let my legs drift open.

"Relax Georgia; I haven't got a camera under the dash." James said.

Feeling comfortable and brave I replied,

"You don't want to see my pussy then James."

"Already have Georgia; you gave me a great view when you got in the car, remember? Are you normally such an exhibitionist or was it just for me?"

"No, err yes, it was for you; I've just left an all girls boarding school and I'm experimenting."

"Well, you can experiment with me anytime that you want and I'm sure that your cute little body will please just about every guy on the planet."

"Why thank you James, maybe we should climb in the back sometime."

"Wow, direct as well as gorgeous; you'll go far Georgia."

"I hope so, daddy wants me to go into his business but I'm not sure."

"Well I'm sure that whatever you get into you'll do well. With that cute little body and your attitude the world is yours."

Just then we arrived at the address of the seamstress. It's a double-fronted, upmarket shop and as I waited for James to open the door I looked at the displayed dresses.

"Hmm, maybe this won't be too bad." I thought.

The car door opened and I swung just one leg out giving James another great view of my now damp pussy.

"Phone me when you want me Georgia; I won't be far away."

"Thank you James." I said as I walked to the shop door.

I was greeted by a middle-aged woman who introduced herself as Celeste.

"I used to make clothes for your mother, such a shame. Has anyone told you that you're the spitting image of her Georgia? I hear that you are going to a ball on Saturday and want something to wear."

"Yes, that's right what can you do for me?"

"I can do you any which way that you want Georgia; you have a beautiful little body. As for a gown, that all depend on what message you are looking to give out. Judging by your current attire I'm guessing that you are not afraid to show lots of flesh, and maybe even like the attention that you get; am I right?"

"Yes, I've just finished at an all-girls boarding school and I ..."

"You want to break free, enjoy yourself, tease some men and have lots of fun."

"Yes, lots of men and lots of fun."

"Good for you girl. Right, the first thing that I need to do is get lots of measurements. I take most women into the back room to measure and fit them but I'm guessing that you will be okay with doing it right here in the shop. Am I right?"

"I err; yes, why not."

"Good, I like brave girls. Take your clothes off; everything, shoes as well. It's part of my job to help you get used to displaying your body and what better way that starting nude in the middle of the shop."

"But people will be able to see in and see me."

"Exactly my dear; now come on, everything off."

I looked around, saw no one then reached for the hem of my dress. It was off on seconds and I was left wearing just my heels.

"Good girl; and good girl for no underwear. Now get those shoes off and keep those hands by your sides."

"Gawd," I thought, "this is like being back as school." as I stood there hoping, and not hoping that someone was looking into the shop.

"What's this?" Celeste asked as she tugged on my sparse, blonde pubic hair. "You have got to get rid of this. No self-respecting girl has any of this these days. Hang on a minute."

I just stood there, in the middle of the shop, stark naked for a few minutes before Celeste returned and I wondered if she was going to come back with some scissors and a razor.

"Right, I've made an appointment for you to go and get that lot permanently removed later this morning. I'll give you the details later. Now, stand up straight and let me get my job done."

I stood there as I was commanded to lift my arms in all directions and spread my legs as she poked the end of a tape into my pussy. I gasped when she did that and then she ran a finger along my little slit.

"Enjoying this are you Georgia? You mother used to love it too."

Unfortunately she stopped and her hands moved down my thighs and measured them.

"What are you doing with your hair for the ball?" Celeste asked.

"I haven't really thought about that yet." I replied.

"I know a good hairdresser and I'm sure that I can get her to fit you in on Saturday if you like."

"Thank you Celeste; that would be nice."

Celeste wet away and came back a few minutes later.

"Sorted, I've left the appointment details on a card with your phone."

"Thank you Celeste, I would have been panicking on Saturday."

All the time that she was measuring me, and while she left me to go and do things, I was stood looking out of the shop front, hoping and not hoping that someone would look in and see me. If they did they never let on.

Finally finished Celeste said,

"Okay Georgia, I was thinking about something long and black with splits up the side. For the top I was thinking a backless halter, not too tight fitting so that when you bend forwards anyone who cares to look can see those cute little tits."

"Hmm, sounds good Celeste; but can you get it made before Saturday?"

"Sure, no problem; come back tomorrow afternoon for a fitting then send your Driver to pick it up on Saturday morning."

"Oh, how high will the splits be?"

"Waist high so you won't be able to wear anything underneath it."

I smiled then Celeste turned and walked over to the sales counter. She picked a card up then turned to come back over to me.

"You can get dressed now Georgia. That's if you want to. I'm sure that no one would complain if you walked around like that all day."

I blushed a little then picked up my dress and slipped it on. Celeste handed me the card and said,

"Get your Driver to take you to this address, they're expecting you."

I walked out of the shop then remembered that I had to phone James to get him to pick me up. It only took a couple of minutes for him to arrive and as I waited I felt the gentle breeze on my wet pussy and wondered if any of the people around had seen me naked.

James jumped out of the car and ran around to open the door for me. I again rewarded him by stepping in one leg at a time and giving him a good, long look at my pussy.

We started talking almost as soon as the car was moving.

"That Celeste told me to get all my pubic hair shaved off. What do you think James?" I said as I pulled the front of my dress up so that we could both see my pubes.

"I agree; there's nothing worse than getting a girl's pubic hair stuck between your teeth or in the back of your throat."

"Speaking from experience are you James?" I asked, letting my dress drop down again.


"Are you good at it James?"

"Good at what Georgia?"

"Eating pussy."


"You'll have to show me James."

"I'm ready when you are girl."

"Later, I'd hate for you to get something stuck in your throat."

"I can get something stuck in your throat Georgia, but it will be a lot bigger than a hair."

"Later James, later,"


"I promise. There are lots of things that I want to try for the first time and I'm hoping that you can help me."

"I will be extremely happy to help you madam."

The address that we were going to wasn't that far away and we quickly got there. James was a 'gentleman' again and I again rewarded him with a long look at my pussy when he opened the door for me.

The beautician was really nice and explained what she was going to do and how long it would take. When I got undressed she told me that it would take a little longer as she would have to shave me first, but then told me that it made the second part easier because she would know exactly where hair was growing.

Wow, I thought that a shave would be just around my pubis and vulva but she shaved me everywhere, including between my butt cheeks. The positions that she got me to hold while she worked were unbelievable.

As she worked on my whole pussy area, armpits and legs she kept telling me that I was lucky because there was very little hair to start off with.

That laser gun thing was funny, lots of little sharp pains but it didn't really hurt. As she did around my clit and lips I found that I got quite excited and was a little embarrassed about how wet I became. She told me not to worry because a lot of het patients actually orgasmed during the procedure. I didn't, but I got soo close.

When it was all over I stood up and felt around my pussy and was amazed at how smooth it all felt.

It was only then that I realised that all this would cost money. When I asked how much I owed them she just shrugged and told me that it was all taken care of. I made a mental note to ask Celeste about money when I went back the next day.

The gentle breeze outside really made my pussy tingle. I may not have had much pubic hair before but being bald really made me sensitive to that breeze. As I waited for James I opened my legs and let the breeze pleasure me.

James really smiled when I treated him to a look when he opened the door for me.

"That's so much better Georgia." He said when he got back into the driver's seat.

"So does that mean that you'll eat me out James?"

"Not whilst I'm driving."

"No silly, when we get back home."

"It will be my pleasure madam."

When the car stopped outside daddy's house, James came round and opened the door again. This time though, I had taken my dress off as he walked around the car. He opened the door to a naked me.

As soon as I was on my feet on the gravel I was lifted up in the air and carried onto the grass and put down on my back. I spread my legs as wide as I could as a grinning James stood and looked down at me.

He didn't stay standing for long and I quickly learnt how nice it is for a man to eat my pussy. Gawd that man is good with his tongue. He made me cum twice within 5 minutes.

"Time for you to return the complement." James said as he got to his feet and started un-fastening his trousers.

"I've never done that before." I finally said.

"I'll teach you Georgia."

And he did. Even to the extent of looking up at him with my mouth open waiting to accept his gift to me as he finished himself off. I'd heard about the taste of men's cum and wasn't surprised to find that what those girls at school had said was right; it wasn't at all bad, in fact I quite like it.

James then taught me to scoop-up what had missed my mouth with my tongue and fingers and then to show it to him before swallowing it.

"Can I have some more please?" I asked.

"Not right now, you need to suck me to get me hard again then I'm going to take your virginity."

"No, no you can't, I only started taking the pill yesterday."

"Don't worry Georgia, I used to be a boy scout; always prepared."

He reached down into his trouser pocket and pulled out a condom. Then he told me to suck him hard again. That didn't take long then he showed me how to put a condom onto his cock.

When he was ready he asked me how I wanted it. I told him that I didn't know so he told me to get on my hands and knees and he rammed his cock into me doggy style.

I screamed at the initial pain but as he kept thrusting into me the pain disappeared and pleasure took over.

I came twice before he filled the condom and slowly went soft.

When we were both able to talk I said,

"Thank you James, I've dreamt about that moment for years but I never imagined that it would be on the grass outside daddy's house. Wow, I wonder what he would say if he knew."

"No Georgia, thank you. Taking a young girl's virginity is always a wonderful thing."

"So you've taken other girl's virginities have you?"

"One or two."

"Well you're good at it. I will remember this day for the rest of my life."

"A fond memory I hope."

"Most definitely, and it's one that I intend to repeat at least a dozen times before the end of next week. Oh, and can you teach me how to deep-throat please? I've heard about it and it sounds like fun."

"Gladly young lady. When would you like your first lesson?"

"I'll call you. Right now I'm going for a swim; want to join me?"

"No, thank you, maybe another time. You go and enjoy yourself before your father comes home."

I walked into the house totally naked and with my dress over my shoulder.

As soon as I got to my room I got my phone out and text Charlotte: -

'Hi Char, jst got fucked 4 d 1st tym. Got eaten out t% & gave a blowjob. Also my puC iz nw az (:-) az bald as it wz 10 years ago.'

'Wow 3:o) you've Bin BY. Do U fEl NE different?'

'A bit sore & a lot happy.'

'I bet.'

I was just thinking about going for a swim when I heard daddy arrive. I put a dress on as I ran downstairs and jumped up and hugged him.

"I love you daddy."

"And I love you too Georgia." Daddy said and un-wrapped my arms and legs from round him. I giggled and wondered if he could tell that I was now a true woman.

"Do you want to go out for dinner tonight sweet-pea?"

"Not really daddy, I've had a busy day and I'm a bit tired."

"Okay, I'll order something, Chinese okay for you? Oh, did you go and see that seamstress?"

"Yes daddy and I've ordered a dress for Saturday. I hope that you'll like it. If I like it I think that I'll order some more clothes, she seems to know what I like, she says that I'm like mommy."

"You are dear, you are."

We ate and then I cuddled up to him to watch a movie. He put his arm round me and his hand rested just below my tit. I tried moving around a bit to see if his hand would move to my tit but it didn't.

When I went to bed I left my door wide open and lay on my back on top of the covers. I didn't hear daddy coming upstairs because I fell asleep quit quickly.

I woke early, still on my back. Thinking about daddy, I spread my legs wide and pretended to be asleep. I lay there thinking about my pussy and sex.

My heart started pounding as I heard daddy walking about. His steps got closer and then stopped. I was sure that he was in my room and looking at my naked body and I was sure that I could hear him breathing. After what seemed like a lifetime I heard a knocking on my open door.

"Georgia, it's time to get up."

I slowly stirred and without looking over to my door I said,

"What, oh, okay daddy. Give me a couple of minutes and I'll be down."

Jumping up and out of bed I turned and saw daddy, still at my door and staring at my naked body.

"Sleeping in the buff now are you Georgia?"

"Oh, yes, not a problem is it?"

"No, no. You're an adult now so it's your decision."

Daddy was still staring at me so I stood in front of him and said,

"Daddy, you need to get yourself a girlfriend. You must be lonely."

"Well yes, but it's not as easy as you think; besides, you're here now, you bring the place to life."

"Not the same daddy; not the same."

I stepped aside and went to the bathroom.

As I showered I thought about not getting dressed and going down to breakfast naked but I decided against it and put a skirt and top on. The skirt was a little stretch one that only just covers my little butt.

I also had a good look at my pussy before I went downstairs. The soreness had gone and I looked to see if it was any different now that I was a proper woman. It wasn't.

When daddy drove off I took the skirt and top off and went outside and wandered around. I decided that I like being naked outside, without, and with people looking at me.

I wandered all around the gardens, front and back. There's no houses overlooking daddy's property but I could get quite close to the main road and all the cars whizzing passed. None of them stopped or honked their horns so I guessed that no one saw me.

When I heard Mrs. Jones arriving I put the skirt and top back on and went to greet her. I wanted to know if daddy had ever brought a woman back there since mummy. Mrs. Jones told me that she'd never seen one, nor seen any evidence of one.

Leaving her to get on with her job I went to my room and checked-out some clothes websites. I wanted some more skimpy clothes, some lingerie to try to tempt daddy into taking me. I ordered a silk teddy, special delivery so that it would arrive the next day.

Then I phoned James and told him to collect me an hour after Mrs. Jones was due to leave. I didn't want her to see me leave. I had a plan but I wasn't sure that I was brave enough to go through with it. I needed something to build my courage.

Alcohol was out of the question so I opened one of my new vibrators and teased my pussy until just before the point of no return; then I stopped.

I did that 3 times before Mrs. Jones left and James arrived. Then I walked out to the car totally naked and carrying nothing other than my phone.

James smiled, said nothing and opened the door for me. When I paused with one leg in and the other out of the car, James said,

"Wow girl, it looks like you've just been fucked."

"Nope, that comes later. You've got some more teaching to do James. I hope that you've got lots of condoms with you, you're going to need them."

"Looking forward to it madam."

I lifted my outside foot into the car and James shut the door.

"Are you really going into town dressed like that Georgia?"

"We're only going to one place and you can drop me off right outside the door, so yes; I am."

James had a grin on his face for all of the journey and I could see the bulge in his trousers as we talked about what he was going to do to me later.

The car pulled up outside the shop and I took a deep breath before telling James that I was ready. He came round to my side of the car and opened the door. Forgetting to give him a flash of my pussy, I quickly got out and standing between him and the car I looked up at his face.

"Remember Georgia, walk and act as if it's perfectly normal to be naked. Most people see what they are expecting to see and a naked girl will register in their brain as a clothed girl. Now go and get 'em girl." James said.

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