Getting Along


A friend requested that I write a story along these lines for him.... Twisted little soul that he is! Not that I minded that much! :) I don't "condone" non-consentual sex nor do I recommend unprotected sex amongst strangers. Finally... regarding race relations... honestly... why can't we all just "get along"?

Janessa had just barely managed to pull up and squeeze her way into the several sizes too small pants when she heard the locker room door open. Quickly picking up the green standard-issue polyester top, she held it up in front of her hand yelled over the lockers, "Hey, the lockers are off limits for the next 10 minutes." As the only female guard at the Bendova Correctional institute, she was given access to the men's (the only) locker room for 20" to change out of her street clothes and into her work uniform. No one was supposed to be in the locker room while she changed because, well, no one else was of the same gender.

Janessa hadn't realized when she took the job that she would be the only female in the whole facility... nor had she realized that she would be the only black within 15 miles of the facility. They didn't even have any black prisoners at Bendova.... Rumor had it they arrested them and shipped them out to the State CI as soon as possible, so as to keep even their prison population 'unsullied'.

She'd 'lucked' into the position due to the need for Bendova to meet state/federal requirements of hiring minorities (and with her they got 2 for the price of one), and because she was desperate for a job.

Still holding up the small green shirt in font of her chest she called out again... "hey... I said the lockers are off limits for the next 10 minutes. Whoever's there, you need to leave." Not hearing the door open again, she strained her ears.... And then she saw them... Two of them... her 'co-workers'. Tuck and Jay. Tuck was a tall big blonde boy, no more than 22, built like a mountain... a redneck mountain..., Jay, had black hair, brown eyes and lean muscles that ran up and down his 6.3 frame. They rounded the corner of the row of lockers Janessa stood in and headed down the aisle toward her.

Something in their eyes told her they weren't their cuz they'd forgotten something in their lockers.

"Tuck. Jay. The locker room is still off limits for a few minutes. I'll be done ... in just a second."

"Bitch, this is our locker room. It, and nothing IN IT is off limits to us." Tuck responded.

"Look Tuck, Jay...," she gave in to her urge to back away from their advancing forms... and that's when she realized that they hadn't come alone. As she backed up, she bumped into the big strong forms of Ed and Ted Wilson... the Wilson twins. Each of them was 6'5", with dirty blonde hair, dirty grey eyes, and dirty hands that were bigger than her face. Hands that Ted used now to wrap around her upper arms, pulling her arms back behind her body... away from her chest.

"I'm looking Janessa..." Jay responded crudely, "and all I see is a big old bra, covering, some big fat black titties, and some big fat black hips... Tuck, she's falling out of those pants!" He pointed and laughed.

Tuck joined him in a laugh and then motioned to Ed "Ed. Didn't you have a cousin who wanted the job this black whore took?"

Ed nodded his head.

"Ed," Janessa started, "you can't blame me because your cousin didn't get this –"

"Shut the fuck up Bitch!" Tuck yelled. "You speak when spoken to. That's the problem with black bitches these days, always opening their mouths when they're –"and then he paused. A dark look coming over his eyes. "you want to open your mouth so much Janessa? Well then we're going to put something the fuck in it." He reached for the button of his uniform trousers.

"Tuck don't do this... let me go, and I swear, I won't report none of you guys. We'll forget this even happened, I promise –"

Tuck smiled, "Bitch... you won't forget anything about tonight." Turning to Jay, the looking at the twins, he nodded his head, "ya'll with me?"

Jay grinned "Pussy is pussy man.... Let's teach this black bitch a lesson... She doesn't belong here and the sooner she learns her lesson... the better." Ted pulled her ass back against his form.

Janessa wasn't a small girl -- not by any means... she carried roughly 280 pounds on her 5.5 frame. But even at her size, she was no match for one of the Wilson twins, much less both of them, Tuck, and Jay.

"Put her on the bench boys." Tuck ordered.

"Tuck... Ed... don't do this, please..." She struggled against them as the twins hefted her legs and arms and transferred her onto her back on a bench.

Jay laughed, "Bitch, you're gonna wanna save that beggin' for later."

Tuck had dropped his pants by now and stepped out of them. Pulling off his briefs, he moved over to Janessa's head and hefted his dick into his hand. "Open up Bitch."

Janessa turned her head away from him.

Grabbing her hair in his fist, Tuck jerked her head back around toward him, a threatening grin on his face. "This isn't going to go easy for you one way or another cunt, but you have an option of walking out of here or NOT walking out of here. It's up to you. Now open your fucking mouth."

Janessa closed her eyes, "You son of a bitch," she stated before opening her mouth. He jerked her head back again and slid the tip of his cock into her mouth. The thought of biting down passed through her mind, but Tuck craned her neck back with his grip on her hair – as if he was reading her mind --.

"Don't even think about it... suck me off bitch. And you better make me cum."

Janessa's lips wrapped around the tip of his shaft, her tongue pressing against the bottom side of his cock. Tuck changed the grip on her hair, so that he was holding on to the back of her head, and shoved the full length of his cock into her mouth... the tip going into her throat, her gag reflexes kicking in.

"Take it bitch." He withdrew his cock almost all the way from her mouth and then shoved it all the way back in. Tuck set up a quick, hard in and out pattern in Janessa's mouth, the hand at the back of her head forcing her to accept his thrusts.

Looking up from the thick black lips wrapped around his dick, he looked at Jay "Well?! What are you waiting for?! Get those fucking pants off of her!"

Janessa fruitlessly tried to struggle against the hands that grabbed at her, but she found Ted holding her arms firmly above her head while Ed and Jay tugged at the tight pants that hugged her solid form.

As they yanked the pants off of her form, her panties were ripped off with them, and she heard Jay state, "Well I'll be damned! The Bitch is bald!" He laughed.

Tuck groaned, as his cock hit the back of Janessa's throat again, then, he responded, "Black bitch must have known we were coming and wouldn't want to get no hairs in our teeth." Tilting her head back as his cock moved through her mouth, he spoke to her, "Were you waiting for us Bitch? Looking forward to having your body fucked from here to Sunday?"

"Tell you what Ed, since it was your cousin, whose job the cunt took, I'll let you have first dibs." Jay stated. Going to Janessa's side, Jay bent over and pulled her bent legs apart.

Without a word Ed moved past Jay and shoved 2 of his calloused fingers inside Janessa's pussy. Her thighs shifted in an attempt to dislodge his attacking digits, but Jay held her firmly. Ed's two fingers dipped into her relentlessly, his fingers pushing in and upwards.

Janessa didn't want to respond.... She didn't want to respond to any of this. But she had always been a fan of cocks. And to have one – a beautiful, hard, thick, white one – even though it belonged to someone as mean as Tuck – in her mouth... well it was making her wet.... And now, now, Ed, with his thick, long fingers was violating her pussy. And he would be able to feel that Tuck was turning her on. That she was wet. She could feel her pussy creaming even now, around Ed's fingers.

"Fucking black bitch likes it Ed! She's getting wet!" Jay looked down at Ed's two fingers hammering into Janessa's pussy. Reaching for his cock through his pants, Jay used one hand to rub his growing hard-on. And then he realized, Janessa had perfectly good free hands. Unzipping his pants, he jerked off his boxers and pulled out his fat cock, and grabbed Janessa's hand. "Jerk me off!"

Janessa let her hand rest on his dick but didn't move it.

"Ed, add another finger!" Jay demanded, and looked down at Janessa's now open eyes. The twin silently did as he was told, introducing a third finger into Janessa's tight, slick pussy. "Now are you going to jerk me off, or is Ed adding a fourth finger?" Jay asked with a growl.

Slowly Janessa began to run her hand along Jay's cock, telling herself that she didn't love the feel of the silky skin... that she didn't love the warmth that radiated from his thick shaft.... That she didn't get wetter every time she saw her black fingers run along his white skin.

"Faster Cunt!" Jay demanded. And she complied. Her mouth ached, and she was still scared, but it all added up to a kind of dark pleasure in the center of her belly. Ted, perhaps jealous of his brother, grabbed the bottom of her bra and pulled it up to her neck, exposing her giant brown globes.

She felt Jay's cock jerk in her hand in response to the sight of her naked tits. "Look at the size of those motherfuckers!" He crowed.

And Tuck..., Tuck groaned, long and low, shoving his cock in the back of Janessa's throat one more time before he gave in with a spasming roar. "Shhiiiiittt!"

Janessa swallowed the thick ropes of jizz being shot down her throat; she had no choice – it was swallow or choke. She felt Tuck slowly drop his softening rod out her mouth and she licked at the semen he left trailing across her lips. Janessa couldn't help herself, despite her aching jaw, she gave Tuck a challenging sneer.

Turning his head to Ed, Tuck ordered, "Ed, why don't you make that a four-finger special?"

Wordlessly, and barely breaking his pace, Ed curled his fourth ginger into the other three, and buried all of them into the wet, pink, chocolate slit before him.

Janessa moaned and stopped stroking Jays cock, trying to wiggle away on the bench from this new assault on her pussy. It didn't work. She was stopped by Ted. Ted was standing at her head, and while she had been dealing with the other three men, he had stripped down till he was buck naked. Built like a truck, everything on Ted was oversized, from his chest, to his thighs, to his arms, to his cock; the last of which was pointed straight at her head.

"Looks like Ted's got something for you Bitch." Jay laughed as he picked up her hand again and returned it to his dick.

She opened her mouth to protest, but before she could get more than a sound out of her mouth she found that it wasn't his cock that Ted was going to feed her. Stepping over her prone form Ted lowered his ball sack into her open mouth, covering her face with his large white ass. Janessa barely had time to gather a breath before she found her mouth filled with his fleshy sack, and her nose inserted between Ted's ass cheeks. She felt him grab her tits and begin to maul them with his big hands, pulling and tugging at the nipples that had already betrayed her with their hardness. He grinded his ass against her face as he continued to exploit her breasts.

Faintly, Janessa heard Jay and Tuck howl with appreciation at Ted's use of her face.... Then she felt her other hand being guided, she could only assume, to Tuck's limp, but twitching cock.

"Is the Bitch sucking you Ted?"

"Maybe we need to have your brother add his thumb into the mix, that might get the black whore to suck you off."

"She's fucking God-damn wet enough for it man! Shit, look at that cunt! I mean... Ed's fingers are dripping with her fucking cunt juices!"

"... Wonder if her cream tastes like chocolate!"

The last statement shouldn't have done it for her... shouldn't have gotten her off, but Janessa found the walls of her pussy clinching around Ed's fingers; they pulled in on his fingers rhythmically, possessively, and then she exploded. Her pussy gushed out, cum spurting down Ed's fingers, his hand, the bench, and the crack of her ass.

Jay hollered as he watched her creaming Ed's hands, and his balls tightened; taking aim, he dropped a thick strand of cum on her belly. A white string followed by another white string, and then a third and a fourth decorated her brown skin.

Ted lifted his weight off of her face and she finally took a full breath of air. Using the hand that Jay had freed she reached across her belly, scooping up some of Jay's cum, and she rubbed it on Tuck's cock.... Then she used both of her hands to massage Tuck's hard dick.

"Lift her up Jay, Tuck." The first words that Ed had said since he walked in the locker room.

Each of the boys grabbed a shoulder and a leg and lifted her and she wobbled in the air until the settled her back down, this time, not on hard wood, but on hard naked flesh. On Ed.

Ed was lying on his back on the bench, much in the same position that Janessa had been just second ago. Her legs were straddled around his thighs, which he pushed further apart. Grabbing Janessa's breasts, Ed whispered in her ear, "I'm going to tear your black ass up now Janessa. I'm going to fill your ass with my cum."

All Janessa could think at this moment was that when a Wilson boy decided to talk, he decided to say some fucking nasty – Ed pinched her nipple – dirty things.

"Ted." Ed didn't say anything else to his brother.... He didn't seem to need to... She felt Ted reach between her legs... run his large fingers along her gash sensitive wet gash. As his fingers were coated with her cum he dipped his fingers lower and pressed his index finger against her asshole.

Janessa moaned, "Mmmm, no.... mmmm."

Going back to her pussy, Ted coated his fingers again, then grabbed his brother's pole, slicking it with her cum. He lubed up his brother's cock with her cunt juice three times, before taking his brother's cock and lifting the tip to Janessa's asshole. Locking eyes with his brother, Ted gave a nod. Ed lowered his hands to her hips held them in place and then edged his way into her. Slowly pushing he was forcing his too big cock into her too small ass.

Janessa couldn't help crying out, "Fuck... oh God! Fuck it! Please..., God...."

Tuck, watching the proceedings with interest, grinned, "That cock in your ass probably does feel a bit like God. Jay... do you have anything that will shut her up?"

Jay looked down at his cock, sighed, and said, "the things I won't do for my friends....!" Hefting his cock, he tapped Janessa in the head wth his dick. "Open up you fat black bitch... you know you want something else in your mouth."

As Jay slid his cock in her mouth, Ed managed to get his fat pole all the way into her ass. Without giving her time to get use to the feel of him, he began to withdraw, leaving only the tip of his dick in her ass before he shoved his full length back in her. Setting a quick pace, he began thrusting in and out of her asshole. Within seconds, Janessa felt Ted placing the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He teased her slit with the head of his cock... running it along the slit a few times before eventually giving in to his own want and pressing into her.

Janessa was now jerking off Tuck, being face fucked by Jay, and being double penetrated by the Wilson twins.

And she was fucking cumming again.

"The fucking black bitch loves it Ed! Ted!"

"She loves the white meat plowing into her. I bet if she had another hole, she'd be begging us to fill that one!"

Another wave came over Janessa, and she clinched around Ted's cock at the same time that Ed shuddered and came in her ass.... When Ed groaned his release, Tuck spurted his second cum of the evening, spraying a load on her tits. Ropes of white cream lacing Janessa's breasts and nipples.

Jay wasn't far behind, he whipped his cock out of her mouth letting his cum pump over her face and her neck... some of it arcing through the air and landing across her breasts next to Tuck's.

The last to cum, was Ted. He looked at Janessa as he slammed in and out of her; his brother's semi-flaccid cock still lodged in her asshole. What sent him over... what broke him, was her reaching for her titties. Rubbing the hard nipples there, and scooping up the cum that covered them. She slowly lifted her fingers to her mouth, and sucked the semen covered digits.

Ted shuddered then shoved his white cock deep into her black cunt one more time before he blasted load, after load, after load of cum into her pussy.

Seconds... minutes later, the good ol' boys rolled off of Janessa..., their first taste of black pussy.

As she sat up she looked at the men, sprawled tiredly on the floor.

"I'm going home now. If you all tell the Supervisor that I was on duty all night, when I come back tomorrow we can have a repeat performance. Only," She looked at the twins, "maybe next time Ted you can be on the bottom?" Standing up, definitely sorely, but with a sensuality that could not be denied, Janessa opened her locker and pulled out her things. Stepping into her skirt, and pulling her t-shirt she walked to the end of the row and turned back and looked at the stunned men.... "You're thinking how much you can't wait to have my beautiful black ass again... aren't you? Totally different from the thoughts you had when you walked in here hmmm? I'll see you boys tomorrow."

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