tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting Caught Ch. 04

Getting Caught Ch. 04


After all the ladies had left, I was alone with my mistress. I couldn't think of how I was going to make it up too all thirteen women that were at the party. I knew mistress did, and that was the scary part.

First, mistress told me to remove the leather suit I was wearing. After I did I stood in front of her naked, she told me to face the wall and spread myself out like I was going to be frisked by a police officer. When I was in that position she slapped my ass hard five times with a paddle. Mistress had never hit me that hard before my ass was on fire, but I didn't say anything, and was told by mistress to leave and go downstairs. I didn't even look at her when I left; I couldn't wait to see what the other ladies had in store for me. I went downstairs and they all looked my direction, it was like I had a spotlight on myself.

When I got downstairs one of them said "On your knees slut." I did as I was told then they just ignored me like I wasn't even there. So this was their game.

One of the ladies walks up to me and said, "We never saw the last girl who embarrassed your mistress."

I didn't know whether to speak or cry. She then said "If you want to get back in her good grace do everything I say."

I nodded and she left. She brought over another lady and she instructed me to pull her jeans and panties off and to lick her pussy. I did just as I was told and I licked like my life depended on it. I was so into what I was doing I hadn't noticed the other ladies had formed a circle around me. They laid the other lady on her back and I was told by the other woman to keep my ass high in the air. I did what I was told I was hoping they wouldn't hit it because I was still sore from mistress. Just then two other ladies stood on either side of me but I hadn't noticed until then each took turns slapping my ass and they hit it hard. I tried not to stop and I had little choice because the lady whose pussy I was licking had my face pulled as close to her pussy as possible. I then felt her to really start grinding her hips I knew she was ready to cum. It was a few moments she came all over my face. I licked up all of her juices, but the ladies didn't stop with my ass, instead another lady grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her crotch. I started licking her pussy but my tongue was getting tired and my ass was getting sore and red.

I then felt oil being spread all over my ass, it stopped the pain from the slapping but I think they had more in mind than just that. It didn't take long to feel the dildo entering my ass it had to be 8 or 9 inches long and they where shoving it in deep. I heard a lady tell me to fuck the dildo., I started grinding my hips I was so excited I lick the new ladies pussy faster and faster. She was grinding her hips into my face faster and faster as my ass was being slapped and fucked. As she came on my tongue the room got quiet except for the lady cumming. I didn't want to stop for fear of what would happen to me.

I then heard mistress speak. She was talking to someone very sternly. At first I didn't know who, but whoever it was spoke back, and I knew right away who it was. The lady that told me to do whatever she said tried to explain what she had but before she could finish mistress slapped her hard across the face. In an instant two ladies grabbed her and took her upstairs. The lady I was getting off pulled away just as mistress grabbed my hair.

As I was being dragged back upstairs mistress said "Ladies enjoy yourself and when you have had your fun, show yourselves out. I hope you enjoyed your day, and thanks for coming."

I was trying to keep with mistress but she was practically pulling by the hair upstairs. We went into a room I had never seen before the other ladies had the lady bound with restraints over her head and her legs spread apart. Mistress thanked the other ladies but she still had my hair and it was starting to hurt. The ladies closed the door behind them as mistress locked us in. As soon as the lock clicked I was thrown to the floor.

Mistress turned to me and said "Make a move or sound and I can't tell you what I will do to you."

She stood in between us and she looked as sexy as ever but then she spoke "You didn't do as I said be this other slut as one word to you and you fall in to line. I'm going to make you two bitches pay for this. When I'm done with both of you sluts you will regret the day you where born." At that point mistress grabbed me to hook me up to my own set of restraints. After I was tied she said to me "That slut Becky has gotten you into trouble that you may never get out of."

I couldn't believe my ears when mistress told me my new friend's name. How could they know each other? I was going to ask when just then I felt the sting of a whip hitting my already tender ass.

"Owwwwww!" I screamed out only to hear mistress laugh at me.

"I still can't believe you would take orders from that slut over there!" Mistress said.

I tried to speak but mistress said "I had enough of your excuses. I was planning big things for you and now you have ruined them."

As the leather whip hit my ass for the second time I knew that I was in trouble, but I didn't know just how to get out of it. I then heard Becky speak "Mistress please have mercy on Amber. I told her I was going to help her get back in your good graces she had no idea that I was getting her in trouble. I should be the one punished."

After slapping my ass for the third time mistress stopped and turned to Becky and said, "Why would you care if she were in my good graces? I have watched her all day trying to please you and I watched as those other ladies exhausted her and then you found her asleep. I knew she was trying hard to please you and had made a mistake but she's still learning."

I think what Becky was saying had some effect on mistress. I watched as mistress went over to Becky and without saying anything attached some nipple clamps. I then watched as mistress pulled the nipple clamps as hard as she could and Becky let out a loud scream. I could see tears in Becky's eyes and then mistress spoke and said, "What makes you think you're a good mistress and you know so much? Answer me now bitch!"

Becky tried to speak but was greeted by her ass getting slapped with a whip. I could tell Becky wasn't going to give much of a fight and all she could say was "I'm sorry I didn't mean any harm and didn't mean to offend you and to get Amber in trouble."

"Well, I'm sure I will regret this but I'll give you both one chance to make me change my mind if you both can convince me you both can serve me if not you will live in this hell for a very long time." Said Mistress.

I was happy that Mistress would give us a chance but I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Mistress came over to me and let me out of the restraints and then moved over to Becky. After she was done she said to both of us "You will do everything I say. One question or hesitation, and I will tie you both back up understand?"

We both nodded yes and then got on our knees for instructions. Since we were both naked already we didn't need too much time to get started we were told to kiss. Becky and I started kissing and then Becky was told to start slapping my ass. Becky was really hitting it hard and I tried to hold back any noise but I couldn't help it I started getting louder and louder at this point Mistress told Becky, "Keep hitting her I want her to scream."

Becky was really hitting my ass hard and finally I couldn't take it anymore I screamed and begged for her to stop and this caused mistress to come over and grab my hair and ask, "Does the little slut baby want a break?"

"Please mistress, have mercy I'll be good. I'll never cause you any trouble I want to be a good sub bitch for you please tell her to stop." I said.

Mistress told Becky to stop and told her to bend over and then told me to slap her ass. I started slapping her ass and Mistress told me, "I want her to beg like you did slut." as she pinched my nipples hard. I hit Becky as hard as I could as she tried not to show it but I could tell she was ready to snap and she did screaming and begging for mercy from mistress. We were both told to lie on our backs and then mistress straddled us and started pissing all over us.

Mistress told us "Lick it up sluts all of it and then clean my pussy." We licked each other bodies clean and then started on Mistress' pussy. After a short time she made me move to her ass and I had to lick her ass and Becky was going to town on mistress' pussy. Mistress' body started to shake as she reached orgasm and we were told to start licking each others pussy as she left the room. When she returned she had a huge strap on attached to her waist and then she gave us our next order. My ass was exposed to her and she entered my pussy from behind as Becky held my face close to her pussy as mistress fucked my hard from behind. I asked for permission to cum and was happy I could and Becky and I both came together.

Mistress said "You both have started in the right direction now get some rest you will need it..."

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