tagTransgender & CrossdressersGetting Caught Isn't Always So Bad Ch. 02

Getting Caught Isn't Always So Bad Ch. 02


Mark had just cum so hard in my ass and was still in there holding me tight. We kissed a little as his cock softened and slid out from me. I was in heaven but my head was spinning. All these thoughts of "what now" were rushing me and I was overwhelmed to say the least. As Mark's cock slid from me he got up. His beautiful naked body standing above me, a slight glisten of sweat that he had worked up to from the wonderful fucking he just gave to me.

"I'm gonna take a leak and grab a beer, want any, oh and that was so hot Katie I hope you are up for another round when I get back baby?"

I smiled up at him as he walked from the room. I decided it was probably a good point to get myself "freshened up" so I stood up and fixed my panties and went to the bedroom. God my girl cock was so hard. I wanted to cum so bad and knew I would soon enough. Mark's cum was now dripping out of my ass into my panties, which gave me a very dirty girl feeling. I loved it! I fixed my make up and made sure I had lots of lipstick on. I wanted to leave hints of it on him so when he got home he would remember how hot this night was. I walked back into the living room and noticed how hot I felt as I strutted across the wood floors. My heels clicking with each step alerted my new man to my approach. When I turned the corner there he was chiseled and naked drinking his beer. Mark had put on music, which was playing in the background adding to the scene. He had even lit some candles like he was trying to "seduce me" which I have to admit made me smile. He was going to have me for as long as he wanted. I was now his girl! Even with all the "romance" in the air my eyes and attention were drawn immediately to his rock hard cock. It was standing straight up and I knew I had to have my lips wrapped around it again.

I stepped in between his legs and pushed them apart slightly. I dropped to my knees as he stared at my body still tied tight in a sexy corset. My leash dangling down front and ready for him to use how ever he wanted to. Mark handed me my glass of wine and I held it to my lips and drank it down. Setting the glass on the near by table I gently ran my hands up his strong legs to his tight abs and up his chest. God I loved his body and would do anything to please this man. I traced my hair along his legs as I pulled my hands back down making sure to run my fingers over his erect nipples. I smiled to my self as I felt his cock jump from this little action. My hands then found his cock and with painted nails I took it into my hand. I looked into Marks eyes as I extended my tongue and ever so slightly touched the tip. Getting his attention I then ran it down his tight little piss hole and to the sensitive under side. Holding tight his cock jumped in my hands and I knew I had him. I licked my way back up and pressed the mushroom head to my lips. They were nice and wet and his cock head slipped right in. I licked around the head as he was completely in my mouth before pulling back out and repeating the process. I was going to saver this.

"Oh my god Katie, I wish I had discovered you a long time ago" Mark moaned out. "You are now my girl and I hope you understand that?"

This was all the encouragement I needed as I began to increase my tempo. I rubbed my hand up and down his hard shaft as my head bobbed up and down. I switched from sucking and licking all the time moaning as his cock invaded my wanting mouth. I was so worked up at the sight, feel, smell and thought of what I was doing. I was sucking a hard cock, dressed as a slut in corset, stockings, collar and I loved it. Even better was the fact that HE loved it too and he was my best friend.

I continued to moan in a high feminine manner that really seemed to excite Mark. His cock head would get really big every time I did this. Which only encouraged me to do it more. Spit and pre-cum mixed and ran down my chin as this blowjob got sloppier and wetter. I couldn't stand it anymore; I had to have him back inside of me. So I stood up and pulled my panties down. I straddled Mark as I told him I NEEDED him to fuck me like his girl. I held his cock in my hand and guided it easily into my waiting boy pussy that was filled with his cum. His head slipped in and I let out a loud moan as my girl cock jumped. Mark grabbed my hips and pulled me onto him.

"Oh god please don't stop fucking me baby" I screamed out.

"I won't Katie" mark breathed out as he jammed his rod deep into me. Grabbing the leash Mark asked "Is this what you want you little slut?" "My cock deep in you and me fucking you like a whore?" "Well you are my slut now and you WILL do what I say when I say it"

His words were like electricity running through me. I got hotter and hotter with every word that came from his lips. "YES" was all I could reply. Mark continued his pounding of me and I could feel his cock getting bigger, if that was even possible. I also became aware of a feeling building in my own girl cock. I knew this feeling well but never without stimulating myself or fucking. I was about to cum! As I rode his meat and it slammed deep into me I began to rub my nipples and pull at the rings that ran through them. Mark pulled on my leash and continued his verbal assault on me. Grinding deep onto his cock I felt the first wave as cum started to shoot from my girl cock onto Marks sexy belly and chest. Steam after stream continued to shoot out as I was losing my mind. My asshole tightened onto Marks cock, he grabbed my hips tight as he too began a powerful orgasm. His cock jumped and twitched as he filled my ass with his hot seed. My own orgasm began to subside as I fell forward and kissed his lips hard. Tongues danced as the final shots of cum filled my boy pussy. We were both breathing really hard as we came down from our high.

"That was so fucking HOT," I said as I held his face and continued to kiss my man.

Mark just nodded after his second cum of the night. We sat there kissing for a long while with his cock still buried deep in me. Long sexy wet kisses, the kind that just make a girl melt. He said it but I knew it was true. I was now "His" girl. I rolled off of him and cuddled into Marks chest as he held me tight.

I must have dozed off because suddenly I woke up as Mark was getting up. He kissed my forehead. "Its late Katie, I have to get up for work early." "I don't want to go!" "Can I come back tomorrow?"

I smiled at him "I can hardly wait, and I'll be nice and sexy for my man." With that Mark walked out and I was now alone.

To be continued...

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