tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting Down & Physical Ch. 3

Getting Down & Physical Ch. 3

byAndrew Ryan©

Chapter Three: Prissy Priscilla

Priscilla Promise was one of the girls at Maple High whom everyone knew, and about whom everyone had an opinion. The 18-year-old senior presented the guys with a beautiful body to drool over, simply exuding sexuality. Most of the girls despised her, primarily because she was constantly trying to steal their boyfriends.

But man, could she dress and flaunt that body! Take her outfit when she pranced into Nurse Presley's office. She was a stunning blonde, one who could be a model with some work. Priscilla was dressed in a white suit -- an expensive white suit. She stood about 5' 8" and her blonde hair was highlighted by a beautiful complexion, featuring a pair of lips that Juan thought were terribly sensual. "Sharon Stone lips," he thought as he recalled scenes from "Basic Instinct." To complement her dress, she wore a silk blouse, purple with a bow at her neck. Some of the girls referred to Priscilla as the "Rich Bitch" because her father was a wealthy businessman. But she dressed like a model from Seventeen Magazine, which she read regularly.

Priscilla had a slim build, but possessed virtually no athletic ability. Juan heard the guys on the track team talk about Priscilla every day. She was that hot an item, wearing short, sexy outfits to practice, ones that had even the coaches drooling. The athletes thought that she was very, very hot. She couldn't do much in track, but she created enough interest from people who just stopped to watch the team practice.

Prissie had compiled a list of approximately 200 guys from the high school who had dated her in her four years at Maple High. The girls in school used to lament that she was chasing the school record of dating more guys than anyone else in school history. But the strange aspect of Priscilla was that once she dated a guy, she discarded him like an excess piece of baggage. But what all of her suitors agreed upon was that when they tried to get into her pants, she pushed them away. A little kissing, and once in a while -- when she was feeling generous -- she allowed a guy to feel her breast. That was it. Hot dresser, but tight pussy.

So the situation in which she found herself after forgetting about her physical examination proved to be very interesting. Here she was, a virgin who had never had a guy even come close to touching her pussy. Yet she was being forced to strip naked in front of a naked guy, albeit one of the sexiest guys in the school, along with another girl whom she knew despised her.

Initially, Priscilla refused to comply with Nurse Presley's demands. "I certainly am not going to strip down in front of other students," she told the nurse in her haughty manner, "because I have never been seen naked by anybody since I was a little kid, other than in gym class when we absolutely have to shower. I think that it is demeaning. I am a very private person."

"Right, Prissie," Rachel said to herself, smiling at the thought of Prissie's privacy. But Rachel was concerning herself more with what was going to occur with her and with Juan.

The nurse was very blunt with Miss Promise. "Well, Priscilla, why don't you come on over here and I'll lay the cards on the table." The nurse took Priscilla, still prim and proper in her suit and high heels, over to where Rachel and Juan were standing. When Prissie came close and saw Juan -- and his erection -- she simply put her head down, placed her hand over her eyes, and looked away. While looking away publicly, she was fascinated by the male anatomical feature. Until now, her education had not included an erect penis, live and in color.

The nurse had rehearsed this scenario quite often, although the students were oblivious to her script. All she had to do was walk over to the desk and pick up the paddle. Once she grabbed that instrument, Priscilla's face dropped, turning white as snow. "Wh.., wh.. What's that for?" she asked the nurse., looking at the paddle, which was about three inches thick and about two feet long. The nurse presented her case. "Here's what has occurred. You two," pointing to Juan and Rachel, "disgraced yourselves, your school, and your families by playing with your sex organs in public. So each of you will get 20 whacks of the stick. And as for you, Miss Prissie, you were an hour late for a physical. You must be punished for your transgression. So you will also receive 20 whacks on your bare butt."

"But, but ... No, out of the question." Priscilla was trying to plead her case.

"However," the nurse continued. "There is a way out of this dilemma without incurring as much pain. You can choose to take ten smacks on your bare butt with my hand, followed by participation in a little game called 'Dare and Share.' "

Juan and Rachel liked that idea better, but had some misgivings. "What's 'Dare and Share?' " Rachel asked the nurse. "Anything like 'Truth or Dare?' "

"It's just a game that can be a lot of fun," Nurse Presley said. "But I will be the person in charge tonight. I can't tell you any more. You'll just have to take a chance. So, which do you guys want?"

"I'll take the second idea," Rachel said, not thinking much about it. "How about you, Juan?" The young man nodded that he preferred that punishment, despite not knowing much about what the "Dare and Share" game entailed.

"Okay, Miss Prissie," the nurse said. "What's your verdict?"

Priscilla appeared to be in a dilemma. She certainly did not want to strip, and she definitely did not want to be spanked, even if was by hand instead of with wood. The nurse had her backed against the wall. "I guess that I'll do that, too," she said about the second alternative. "But you have to remember. I'm a virgin and I intend to leave here a virgin."

The nurse smiled. "Don't worry, Prissie, you will not lose your sweet cherry here today. Well, let's go. Take off your clothes and we'll get ready for the game."

"Can't I change outside?" Pricilla asked, looking toward the door and attempting to buy more time.

"Who said you're going to change? You just take off your clothes -- all of them -- in here, and don't worry about your modesty. We've all seen naked girls before."

With those instructions, Priscilla went back to an area of the office where the beds were located. Juan, whose erection had started to soften, suddenly realized that it was again rearing its head. Priscilla had that effect on guys. She took off her suit first, laying it very carefully on the table, followed by her blouse. Under it, she wore a white, silky slip. She had turned and was facing the wall, trying to find as much cover as possible, as Juan and Rachel each watched her every move.

Priscilla removed her slip, standing then in just her bra, panties, garter belt, and white hosiery, which was topped by lace. Rachel thought, "Now how many girls actually wear a garter belt to a high school? And how much does an outfit like that cost?"

Juan was intently following Priscilla's every move. He knew very little about garter belts, but thought that her outfit was very sexy.

Priscilla's insides were churning, with a knawing feeling in the pit of her stomach. Nevertheless, she had progressed too far to turn back. She glanced over her shoulder and realized that both Juan and Rachel were eying her very closely. "That bitch," Priscilla thought about Rachel. "She is really enjoying this free peep show."

In addition, Priscilla was wearing a pair of white spiked, high-heeled shoes. She had to sit down and take them off, and then turning back to the wall as she unhooked her bra. She was featuring a pair of sexy white panties, silk with a high bikini cut, outlined with a lace border. Taking a deep breath, she slid her thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down. While she was trying to ignore it, that feeling between her legs had returned. While Priscilla exuded sexuality externally, inside she was fearful of intimacy and tried to deny the times when she became hot for another person.

Juan was carefully documenting all of her moves in his memory. He noticed that she was slim, like Rachel, but had no definition to her body. Her body was soft, although her ass was spectacular.

However, while all of the attention was being paid to Priscilla, Nurse Presley was conducting her own strip show. She removed her dress, bra, and white pantyhose, with nary an eye on her. Then she walked over and stood before Juan and Rachel, who were stunned by the change, in just a pair of white, lacy panties. When he first saw the nurse, Juan thought that he would shoot his entire production of sperm at her.

Juan took his eyes off Priscilla and feasted them upon Nurse Presley, who was just 10 feet from him. While both Rachel and Priscilla featured small breasts, Nurse Presley was indeed full-bosomed. Juan found himself staring at the delectable nurse who had been frightening them. The nurse had two delightful-looking breasts that were full, but firm. Those mammaries were not quite as large as a grapefruit, with dark brown nipples. Her bush was full, black as night, and her legs appeared to be solid and slightly thicker than the young girls'.

The nurse started to explain what the events of this "examination" would entail. "First, I will take each of your over my knee and give you a spanking. Then I will dare each of you to perform something, or share something, and we will have some real fun."

Priscilla had not moved from the other side of the room, where she was reluctant to engage in these proceedings.

The nurse moved over to a chair, which she had pulled out from a small table. "Okay, Juan, come on over and get your punishment." The nurse sat down on the chair and smiled at him.

Juan and Rachel still had their hands tied behind their backs. With his engorged penis standing at full staff, Juan moved over toward the nurse. When he stood in front of her, she smiled up at him and said, "Wow! You sure have a nice cock there, Juan."

Priscilla gasped at the word "cock," but said nothing.

Nurse Presley grabbed Juan's erection, pulling him toward her. Juan again thought that he was going to unload all of his pent-up sperm when her soft hand met his tissue. The nurse took his cock and scrotum and put them carefully between her two thighs so as not to injure the young athlete. He was then placed face-down on the nurse's lap, just like a little child getting a spanking from a parent. His solid abs were resting on one of the nurse's thighs, while his own thighs came in contact with the nurse's other leg.

Up to this point, the nurse had demonstrated tremendous self-control. But when her hand touched Juan's penis, she felt that she was in heaven. Jeanie's pussy was now dripping, with the moisture dampening her panties, and the feel of Juan's skin against hers was sensual.

The two girls were fascinated this with scenario. The nurse raised her hand and started smacking Juan's buttocks, giving him ten on the right cheek and ten on the left. Juan grunted a little, but said nothing during this ordeal.

When the nurse was done, she said, "Well, Juan, that's the first part of your punishment. Go over there while Rachel goes through hers. When the nurse was administering the punishment to Juan, Prissie could be heard, saying "Oh! Oh!" to each slap. She was also breathing hard.

Rachel said nothing, but realized that the nurse was indeed administering slaps that would sting. When Juan stood, his buttocks were very red. Then Rachel approached the nurse, who put her hand out. Rachel stopped, but the nurse inserted her finger into the girl's pussy, which was releasing some watery delights. Rachel gasped as the nurse did so. Without releasing her finger, Jeanie pulled her toward the bench. Then Rachel laid down on the nurse's thighs to start her punishment, her hands also tied behind her back.

On the first smack, Rachel uttered, "Ahh!" But then was able to grit her way through it. Her butt was very solid, unlike that of Priscilla. She arose and realized that this was more of a sensual experience, than a physical one.

But now it was Priscilla's turn. Even though Juan and Rachel were a little sore, they could not wait for the "Rich Bitch" to get smacked. The nurse realized that this may be difficult.

"Priscilla, I think that you'd better put this in your mouth, because if you scream, I promise to give you 25 smacks with the wood, as hard as I can, in addition to those that you'll get here on my knee." the nurse said, giving her a small hand towel that had been soaked in water. The nurse put the towel in the girl's mouth, gagging her at first. Priscilla then moved over to the nurse, who just grabbed her hand and let her over her knee.

On the first smack, Priscilla appeared to have jumped a foot off the nurse's thighs, although her scream was muffled by the towel. But to her credit, she took them all without a problem. When she stood up, tears were flowing down her cheeks because she was balling and the towel came out of her mouth. "My dad's gonna sue you, this school ... everybody," she cried. "You fucking hurt me." She never used the words "fuck" or "fucking" in public before, thinking that they were beneath her dignity. But despite her threats, Priscilla walked over to the other two, her butt stinging but feeling a little bit of kinship with Juan and Rachel because each had endured the corporal punishment.

Little did the students know that the fun had not yet begun. The nurse then started her game of "Dare and Share," which would provide the youngsters with an unbelievable sexual experience.


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