tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGetting Spik(ed) Ch. 01

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 01


Buffy had a plan.

She had finally told Spike that their sexcapades had to stop, that it was wrong, and they could never be together.

She hadn't slammed him up against the nearest wall to fuck his brains out in almost three months. He had stopped trying to change her mind and obviously believed she meant what she had told him.

Which was good.

Not so good was the fact that he was making with the whole Vampire scorned thing and attacking her every time she turned around.

He didn't seem to be actually trying to kill her. She was still alive, after all. But the bumps and the bruising were really starting to add up!

In desperation she had finally come up with a plan, revolving around a wildchild blond named Kiara.

She had met Kiara in a typical Hellmouth moment.

While she was flat on her back beneath a very large and powerful demon who was trying to chew her face off.

The battle axe she'd started out with had been knocked out of her grasp so it was hand to claw combat.

She was at the point of admitting she was seriously in trouble when the tooth gnashing demon suddenly lost his head-literally.

"Ewwww, gross! Yuck, yuck, yuck!"

When Buffy finally managed to boot the dead demon off she saw a tall, stunningly beautiful blond girl dancing around frantically wiping green demon goop off her face.

She was coated head to toe in the noxious slime but with the long waterfall of ash blond hair and the huge emerald eyes, still so lovely that Buffy had a split second Willow moment.

But what Buffy really noticed was that the girl looked merely pissed and disgusted. There wasn't the slightest sign of trauma or surprise considering she'd just faced and beheaded a creature that most people assumed to exist only between the pages of a book.

"It isn't coming off!" The girl snarled.

"Hot water and really strong soap." Buffy informed her. "Yep, been there, done that, wore the remains."

"I can't go home like this! My aunt will freak!"

Since the girl had more then likely just saved her life Buffy figured the least she could do was offer her the use of a shower and some clean clothes.

"Lead the way...and fast! This shit is starting to sting!"

And that, then, was Kiara, wild and crazy and stopped by nothing.

As Giles had said. "She'd make an excellent Slayer."

"Hey cool, can I give her the job?" Buffy held her hands up in mock apology. "Joke, Giles!"

So now Kiara patrolled with Buffy a lot of nights.

She hadn't known anything about Slayers or Watchers, but she had been walking home late one night with a class mate, and ducked into a store to grab a pop.

She'd told the girl to keep going and she'd catch up.

She'd caught up just as the Vampire that had grabbed the girl took the last bit of her blood.

He'd turned to her looking for seconds and suddenly there was a broken branch in her hand, and then it was ramming straight into the creatures chest.

And Kiara realized what few of the inhabitants of Sunnydale ever do seem to figure out.

The Monsters are real.

She admitted that she'd started wandering around late at night with some stakes that she'd whittled from her uncle's pile of fireplace wood.

Once she knew about the bad things, she felt that she had to try and do something about it.

Kiara wasn't the type to try and convince herself that it wasn't her problem. Or that someone else would clean up the situation.

Both Buffy and Giles, along with the rest of the Scoobies had tried to get her to give up the patrolling.

"I mean hey, come on. I'm out there. You know someone is taking care of the problem." Buffy told her.

It was Anya who solved the problem in her usual clinical way.

"So take her with you Buffy. She obviously has some sort of battle skill. After all she did take out the demon that you failed to handle."

Xander yelped. "Anya."

Buffy started insisting she had been just about to really kick some demon butt.

Giles simply begain to clean his glasses.

And the next night Kiara started patrolling with Buffy.

They had seen Spike at a distance a few times, but Buffy had always managed to do a hasty about face and bolt for somewhere, anywhere, that the blond Vamp wasn't.

But Buffy could see the same signs in Kiara's eyes that she had faced in her own mirror too many times during her insane tryst with Spike.

Kiara had the hots for the Big Bad.

So one night after a particularily trying patrol-Spike had pounced on her a record breaking four times-Buffy had limped her way irately to Kiara's aunt's house.

She'd tossed stones at Kiara's window until her friend woke up and poked her head out.

Seing Buffy Kiara climbed out her bedroom window and clambored lithely down the tree that stood next to it.

They sat at the picnick table drinking beer that Kiara had snuck back in for while Buffy explained the whole annoying situation.

Then Buffy unveiled her plan.

Kiara promptly dissolved into a giggle fit and couldn't stop. That did make it a little hard for Buffy to progress but she plowed ahead.

Kiara willingly offered to help in any way she could, a sultry, excited gleam lurking in her jeweled eyes.

"This needs more beer." She informed Buffy, and darted back into the house.

After she returned with a fresh six pack the two young women started working out the details.

The plan was simple. They would throw a temptation and a distraction in front of Spike's eyes. Something new for him to focus on so that he'd hopefully let up on the Buffy pummeling.

"Because he's getting really good at it." Buffy grumbled.

"All that practice." Kiara piped up helpfully.

They decided they'd set the plan in motion the next night at the Bronze, since it would be a Friday. Buffy was trying to give Kiara helpful clues and suggestions.

It was a little hard to do because by that point Kiara was flat out drunk. And not in the mood to be serious.

Buffy was also on the far side of sober and thus kept forgetting what she was trying to say and losing track of the end destination.

"Don't go all, oh my god you're such a hottie on him. Spike loves a challenge. So if he comes up to you on the dance floor and asks you to dance you totally blow him."

"I don't know Buf. I mean the Bronze can get pretty wild, but I still think I'll get kicked out if I blow Spike on the dance floor."

Buffy snarled impatiently. "Kiara! I mean blow him off!"

"Well yeah, but..."


"Ok, ok, my bad, not funny. I'll be serious, honest!"

And she managed to be. For a few minutes between each fit of uncontrollable giggles.

But they finally hammered out the details, down to what Kiara would wear. Which was to be not much, and sexy as sin.

They said their good nights and Kiara fought her way back up her tree. She only almost fell twice, but got stuck four times, giggling all the while.

Buffy stood and watched the entertainment, then turned and staggered for home.

"So help me Spike if you jump me I'm gonna spike you, wait Slayer you, stalk you...ah fuck me. Stake you!" She yelped, finally victorious. "Ow, my head hurts!"

She made it home, amazingly in one piece, and fell on her bed still cussing out Kiara. Two minutes later she was asleep.

And that was what put them there at the Bronze on a Friday night.

Buffy was sitting with Willow, Xander and Anya. She had told them to pretend that they didn't know Kiara very well when she showed up. The Scoobies had looked a bit puzzled, but shrugged and agreed.

Then Buffy waited, and waited, all too aware of Spike in his usual dim corner glowering at her.

It was nearly 11 before Kiara finally showed up. Buffy almost started yelling until she remembered the plan.

"Settle Buf." Kiara murmured, taking a chair that gave her back to Spike. "I figured a few hours of him staring holes at you would put him in the mood to conquor something."

"That or break my back." Buffy grumbled, but she knew Kiara's idea was good.

"Ok, so now what?" Kiara wondered. "Should we go dance together like good buddies? Would he get off on the idea of banging one of your friends or figure that the loyalty thing would make it a waste of time?"

"Spike loves a challenge. The harder the better."

"And I bet he doesn't lose many of them either." Kiara smirked, getting up so that she faced Spike as she took her coat off.

They dragged Xander, Willow and Anya out to make the dancing a group thing.

Once on the dance floor Buffy let herself get lost in the music for a while. Then she found herself pulling back and mostly just watching Kiara dance.

It wasn't just another of those Willow moments that popped up so easily when one was around Kiara. Buffy noticed that most of the people who were close enough to really see the tall blond weren't doing much more then vaguely swaying in place.

Kiara was wearing a jade green halter dress that covered and clung to her full, firm breasts. From the front, barring the second skin fit, the effect was almost demure. At least until she turned and you saw her naked back.

The skirt came down an inch or two past her knees, but was slit both sides to mid thigh.

It was obvious if you looked more then merely briefly that Kiara wasn't wearing anything but that dress.

Buffy amused herself watching one person after another register that little fact.

Kiara had worn her waist length hair up, so as not to obscure the nakedness of her back. But styled in such a way that you knew when that hair spilled down it would be long.

At first Buffy hadn't really given much notice of Kiara's casual positioning of herself as they'd all moved onto the dance floor.

But Kiara was a master manipulator. She'd told Buffy to let her know if and when Spike noticed her.

Buffy snorted. If? Anyone would notice Kiara, heartbeat having or not. Spike was still a man...and he could still lust.

Buffy sighed. And resolutely pushed the twinge of rueful regret back down where she could ignore it.

She was the Slayer. She couldn't have Spike. Angel had been bad enough. And Angel had a soul, one with a clause of course. Damn clause should have knocked into her head how bad the having of sex with Vampires was.

Buffy and Vampire sex? Oh yeah, it was great. Until it blew up in her face.

Then you got the whole killing of innocents and trying to end the world bit.

If she couldn't have Spike, and no you can't girl, she stoutly reminded her lavicious libido. She wasn't about to let him end up with some stupid bimbo who would only see the blond, the sexy, the luscious accent. And not just because she knew he'd eventually get annoyed enough to eat the bimbo.

Spike was her favorite pet Vampire. And if she couldn't have him, well, she could at least hand pick who did get him.

And Kiara wanted him.

Kiara, who had become her soul sister.

Kiara, who wasn't a Slayer but could kick such fierce demon ass you almost forgot she wasn't. In her own special way, Kiara to seemed more then merely human.

It took Spike a while to stop just glowering at Buffy. But Kiara wasn't something even a demon could remain immune to.

Kiara dancing, eventually you just had to look.

There were others who danced more smoothly, moving like they maybe did it for a living, but Kiara dancing...

She moved her body as if she loved it. She knew it's every nuance and secret, it's every strength. She knew everything that supple body was capable of.

She moved it in ways that showed a watcher that she was a sensual, sexual creature.

Kiara danced as if she was fucking the music.

Kiara dancing made a watcher wonder how that beautiful body would move engaged in a dance of sexual lust.

And Buffy watched as Spike's eyes begain to sweep back and forth between her and Kiara.

"Anytime, Kia." Buffy sighed.

Kiara gave Buffy a gentle, are you sure smile.

Buffy smiled back. "Go for it, girl."

And Kiara turned in her dance to give Spike his first glimpse of her naked back.

The way Spike's mouth actually dropped open before he snapped back to Vamp cool was almost enough to allow Buffy a giggle.

Buffy could almost feel him getting hard.

All at once she'd had enough.

She was glad Kiara had caught Spike's eye. Kiara was perfect for Spike.

And Buffy tried to believe that one day she would find someone who was perfect for her.

And if those damn Powers had half a heart it wouldn't be another Vampire!

"Gotta go Kia, patrol and all."

She kept an eye on Spike as she made her way towards the exit. For a minute it looked like he might follow. Then she could see him decide he could kick her around anytime.

So he stayed, and the Slayer made her lonely way home.

With Buffy gone Kiara felt a little frission of fear tickle up and down her naked back.

For a second she wondered just what the hell she was doing.

"Uh, Kiara, Anya and I are gonna head off. Gotta open the Magic Box early and all."

"We're going home to have lots of sex." Anya added brightly in her blunt say it like it is way.

"Anya!" Xander groaned, dragging her away.

"Have lots of jollies, children!" Kiara giggled.

"I should go to." Willow said. "Homework and all."

"Well damn, should I have showered or something?" Kiara protested.

Willow smiled. "He won't come near you if any of us are around. And no, Buffy didn't say anything. I worked it out myself. So have fun, and remember, if it gets scarey, knee him in the balls then run like hell. Even a Vamp needs a little time to recover from that."

And then Willow was gone and Kiara was on her own.

She thought about bolting for home. But somehow she knew he would simply follow her.

Here at least there were people.

She kept her back to him.

That was scarey. Not knowing where he was or what he was doing. But truely terrifying was getting caught in those eyes.

Reading that blatant message that told her, I'm going to slam you up against a wall and fuck you until you scream.

Unfortunatly the back to the Master Vamp was also a bit of a tactical error she discovered when she was suddenly hauled up against a cold, hard chest.

He came up behind her and slipped one arm around her waist, the other crossing her throat to cup her shoulder.

To anyone watching it looked simply like normal dance floor fore play.

But there was nothing normal in the inhumanly strong arms pinning her brutally to Spike's steel hard body.

"Hello cutie, shall we dance?"

If she'd been able to breath, Kiara might have protested.

He pulled her lower body in tight against his hips and Kiara felt the hard thrust of a full blown erection.

They swayed together in silence as he moved against her in sultry seduction.

"Last call." Someone yelled over the lingering notes of the final song.

"Wanna go somewhere and fuck like animals?" He purred into her ear as he released her.

In a sensual daze, Kiara somehow managed to remember Buffy's command. "Don't go all oh my god you're such a hottie on him."

She turned and in one smooth move hit him as hard as she could in the belly.

Then she ran like all the hounds of hell were baying for her blood.

Ran as hard and as fast as she could in heels that were meant for seduction rather then speed. Ran until heaving lungs and aching legs forced her to stop.

"Should have hit him in the balls." She wheezed out loud.

"Would have been a better idea." Hissed a voice right behind her.

She whirled and he was there, game face on.

It was terrifying but unexpected. Buffy had warned her that he would "suit up" to intimidate.

He was obviously surprised when she didn't immediatly start to scream and freak out.

"Back off!" Kiara snarled in the hardest voice she could manage. "It's still an option!"

"You could try. But are you fast enough?"

And then he rushed her and she was slammed up against the wall behind her so hard her head bounced off it.

Oh gods, this was one pissed off Vampire.

One pissed off, horny Vampire she amended as he pinned her to the wall.

One hand wrapped around her neck, jerking her head up. The other traced a line of cold fire up the slit of her skirt.

"Now the question is...do I bite you, or fuck you?"

"Bite this!" Kiara brought her knee up savagely and nailed him. The hand around her throat relaxed one tiny degree and she tore free, pushing him back.

She kicked off her heels and ran as hard and fast as she could.

She got further this time. Far enough that actually getting home alive begain to look like a possibility. And then she was slammed into another wall. Face first this time.

Getting a whole new take on the rough sex thing she thought a bit dazed as she bounced back and he spun her around only to slam her back up against the wall.

"Now I'm gonna do both!" He rasped viciously and swept her skirt to one side.

He grabbed her by the throat, tightening his grip just enough that things begain to blur at the edges.

She heard the rasp of a zipper going down.

A heart beat later he slammed his cock home, grinding his hard belly against her softer one.

Her face was crushed against his shoulder and in uncontrolled need she bit into it savagely.

He yelped and tore free. "Bloody bitch!" He slapped her hard. "So you want to play biting games? Stupid move bint. Mine are much sharper then yours!"

He drove his fangs into her throat.

He sunk them deep, but didn't rip at her. She'd seen Buffy's scars from a Vampire who had been far less gentle, and far more hungry, and was fuzzily relieved.

She convulsed around his pounding shaft.

There had been a change of being able to play it cool. At least until he bit her. Then the Vampire thing had her.

There was a reason most victims never struggled very hard. And it wasn't simply because most Vampires were so damn sexy.

With his teeth deep in her throat and her body exploding around the cock pumping in and out there was no way to keep going with the ice maiden act.

She got her hands under his shirt and ran them up and down the delicious muscles of his chest and back. She clutched his shoulders and moaned in a voice so filled with sexual pleasure it seemed to come from a different Kiara.

A Kiara who had never been to this place. One who had never even dreamed it was possible to feel what he was making her feel.

He laughed with evil mockery against her throat, sucking hard and deep.

His hands roamed her body, roughly pinching her aching nipples, then moving down to cup her bottom and hold her tight against his hammering invasion.

She wrapped one of her bare legs around his jeans clad thigh, loving the feel of the rough fabric against her silky softness.

He lifted her with a brutal jerk, and told her to wrap her legs around his waist.

She did so and he turned, bracing his back against the wall. The hands cupping her bottom begain to move her up and down his shaft.

She didn't know when his teeth had come out of her throat. She didn't care about anything but that cock still burying itself deep in her throbbing body.

He slid her up and down his hardness, first slow and almost gentle, then deep and fast. And when he finally came, he buried his fangs back into her throat.

She came too, and as her body tried to shudder to bits, consciousness faded.

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