tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGetting Spik(ed) Ch. 04

Getting Spik(ed) Ch. 04


Spike reached out and grabbed Kiara by the back of the head if not the throat and pushed her down to meet his waiting cock.

Kiara opened her mouth and let Spike slide his shaft between her soft lips.

She twirled her tongue around the thick head. Poking the stiffened tip at the slit in the head she eagerly licked away the drops of pre cum. She nibbled delicatly around the edges of his glans then closed just the top inch between tight lips and suckled him with hard little butterfly sucks.

Spike's hips jerked up off the slab.

"Bloody hell!" He moaned, panting needlessly. "Do that again-harder!"

And Kiara did again and again, Spike thrusting up his hips, swearing and sweating with the muscles of his supporting arms stiffened and shaking.

"Deeper!" He hissed. "Take it all you little witch bitch. Take it down to the balls!"

Kiara obeyed avidly moving her mouth and teeth and tongue up and down Spike's throbbing shaft. She used her hands on his shaft and balls to send the writhing Vampire out of his mind.

He was gripping the edges of the slab now, ready to tear chunks of marble out with his bare hands.

He wanted to grab her by the hair and drag her up his body. He wanted to impale her on the cock she was pleasing better then any one else ever had.

But even more he wanted her to keep on doing what she was doing until she sent him off to the only heaven left open for a twisted evil son of a bitch Vampire like himself.

So he kept his grip on the edge of the slab and snarled and groaned out his pleasure.

In a rare moment of almost lucidity he realized that she was now only using one hand on him. The other had disappeared beneath the silky folds of her sundress.

He reared up off his elbows and savagely tore the dress to shreds.

Kiara gasped around the pumping heat of his cock and flashed dazed eyes up to meet his. Then gasped again when she saw him with game face on.

"Use both those hands!" He rasped. "I've got this part covered." And shoving her fingers away he rammed three of his own up into her dripping cunt.

Kiara's scream was muted and garbled around the hard flesh that was buried halfway down her throat. And as suddenly as that she was cumming. And cumming so hard and fast that the throbbing of her pussy nearly tore Spike's fingers off.

He came to gripping the back of her head and fucking her mouth savagely.

When the last of the shudders had finally drained away he reached down and grabbed her by the arm to drag her up and over his limp body.

"We're gonna rest a while." He mumbled in a sated daze. "Then I'm gonna fuck you until you scream the walls down. And then you are definatly going to do that to me again!"

He did and she did all night long. And this time when dawn came he wouldn't let her leave. He just lifted her exhausted body and carried her down into the belly of the crypt.

He laid her down and crawled in after her. He rolled her body to the side and spooned his own up tight against her every quivering curve.

"I want to wake up inside you tonight." He murmured sheathing his still hard cock in her aching, swollen slit.

Kiara moaned weakly. "You're gonna kill me Spike."

"Oh no, that would be stupid and very, very bad. You might walk around feeling half dead for a while. And you will definatly be walking stiff. But I imagine that eventually I'll get at least a little sated and won't have this insane craving to fuck you from sunset to sunrise. Now shut up and get some sleep."

"Bite me." She mumbled drowsily.

"I already have pet." He mocked. "Damn near everywhere."

That was the start of Kiara's total life change.

When her parents died together in a car accident a year or so ago Kiara had been 20 but still living at home while she went to college.

She couldn't stand to remain alone in the house the three of them had shared since she was born. To get away from the pain she accepted her mom's older sister's offer to come and stay with the only family she now had left.

So she'd packed up the things she couldn't let go of and arranged for the house and the remaining contents of that house to be sold.

And moved herself to Sunnydale.

It didn't take her long to realize that her aunt had always been resentful of her beautiful baby sister.

And it was obvious that the dislike had simply transferred to Kiara once the sister was gone.

But her uncle was nice, if a bit dull and plodding. Her aunt's hostility never flared out obviously so Kiara simply stayed. She just needed the connection, no matter how fragile and chilly.

She had the money from her parent's estate and found a nothing, no matter job to fill the days.

Nights she wandered around killing Vampires and anything else that saw fit to attack her.

She'd come home after her aunt was asleep and go to bed. And get up just to do nothing more then more of the same.

She'd told Buffy a little about how it had been for her on their patrol nights.

And after her second time with Spike, knowing he expected her to spend her nights with him she accepted Buffy's offer to move into her house.

The Slayer was lonely since her mother's death. And it was nice to for Buffy to have someone around willing to pick up the groceries and keep the bathroom stocked with things like toilet paper and toothpaste.

All those little things that Buffy never seemed to find the time to do.

Kiara quit the dead end day job that she cared so little about that she couldn't even have answered honestly if you'd asked her do you like it or loathe it.

She got a part time job at The Bronze. She liked music and the Scooby gang and Buffy spent so much time there anyways it made it extra pleasing. And of course if it was after sunset Spike would be there as well, usually lurking in his old dim corner. The difference was that his eyes were on her now and not Buffy.

Sometimes he'd actually sit with the Slayer and the Scoobies. He'd trade insults with Xander and gently mock Willow and Tara and manage to even exchange a civil word or two with Buffy.

So that was Kiara's new life.

She had a deep, I would die for you friendship with the Slayer. And she had warm relationships with every member of the Scooby gang.

She had a job that she actually liked that gave her free music and a chance to be a sassy, social butterfly.

And a lover who Dominated most of her moments.

She usually spent from sunset to sunrise with Spike, sometimes simply in the same room sense when she was working at The Bronze.

Better yet was spending those twilight hours still moving from one sexual act to another with Spike who as yet had shown no sign of being even close to getting sated.

Often she would fall asleep with him as the sun rose. Sometimes she didn't make it back to Buffy's house for days.

Buffy never worried about Kiara. She knew if Kiara wasn't there at the house or out patrolling with her then she was with Spike. And the Big Bad's obsession with her beautiful friend would never allow Spike to really hurt Kiara.

And the Powers To Be would find themselves helpless to save any idiot who made an attempt to hurt Kiara.

It still surprised Buffy that Spike hadn't turned back into a ruthless killing machine after Glory had ripped the chip out of Spike's brain when she was trying to get him to tell her where her Key was.

She still missed Dawn who had been forced to move to New York to live with their father Hank after Joyce had died. But they talked often both on the phone and with the help of computer Instant Message. And Dawn swore every time that the day she turned eighteen she would be on the first plane back to where her home really was.

So Buffy wasn't maybe lollipops and puppy dog happy. But she no longer harbored that morbid desire to find the first nasty she could and offer it her unprotected throat to chew on.

Kiara on the other hand was happier then she had ever been.

She had loved both her mother and father. And she'd always known how deeply they loved her back.

But her mother had always been quiet and a bit withdrawn. Of course that was to be expected loving and dealing with the sort of man she had given her heart and her total loyalty to.

Because the blunt truth was that Kiara's retired military father had been quietly, totally and completely insane.

Her paranoid father was the reason why she was able to patrol with Buffy and be a help rather then a hindrance. It was why she could also, kinda sorta, hold her own with Spike when they had one of their blow ups. That and the fact that he always held back enough to never really hurt her.

Her father had been convinced that one day the world would shatter and civilization go down in bloody flames. And he had vowed that any child of his would be given the skills to cope with that future.

The only child he ever had was Kiara. There were no others to divide his attention between. So by the time she was six she could have taken out her entire kindegarden class up to and easily including the teacher and probably have blown up the school after as well.

She and Buffy used to giggle about it.

"I was a midget McGyver." Kiara chortled.

Buffy was rolling on the floor convulsed in laughter. "I will never forget the face of the sixth grade bully I beat up when I was 8. That boy was so humiliated he probably wished I had killed him!"

Kiara's life had never actually been a horrible one. Just a very strange and unusual one. There was no doubt about her father being insane. He simply was in a quiet way that attracted no outside attention.

No one but the three family members ever had a clue that there was an underground bunker beneath the house that included areas to practice shooting, blowing up things, and hand to hand combat.

Or the fact that Kiara had been barely four the first time a gun was tucked into her tiny hand.

Her father had loved her, insane or not. In the madness of a highly intelligent mind he was doing what he thought needed to be done. He was giving her the ability to survive in a world he totally expected to crash and burn.

"You should have been a Slayer." Buffy was always insisting. "Even with Slayer super powers I get bounced around. I win because I'm usually stronger and almost always smarter. But it's never easy."

That always made Kiara laugh because of how true it was. They came home from almost every patrol with Buffy a black and blue bloody mess.

Kiara rarely ever had even a scratch.

When Buffy saw a nasty she flung herself at it instantly.

Kiara took in the situation and usually did as she had done the night of the first encounter with Buffy.

She ducked and danced around the out skirts of the encounter. Always just out of reach and usually barely even noticed. And then a back got turned or a beastial mind became fully focused on beating up Buffy. And then the nasty forgot about the simply merely human Kiara.

And she lopped off a head. Or she stabbed straight through the heart or sliced a spinal cord in two. She just merely did whatever Willow or Gile's research had told her was the answer.

That or she listened to Buffy's yowling demand to "get your ass in here and slice and dice this Hell spawned critter!"

At the start of her patrolling with Buffy Kiara had been a little more reckless. The idea of dispatching demons, being a hero even when it was of the shadows with the majority of Sunnydale remaining clueless as usual, that was still a pretty cool concept!

At least until the night that Spike came upon Kiara and Buffy trading blows with almost a dozen newly whelped Vampires just in time to see Kiara get punched hard in the face and then go down half unconscious beneath a boiling mass of Vampires.

Neither Kiara nor Buffy had realized Spike was even in the area until they heard a savage roar of murderous rage. And then there was another body staking and decapitating anything that wasn't Buffy or Kiara.

"Oh shit!" Buffy yelped, pulling Kiara free of her Vampire hog pile. "We have another Vampire!"

By the time Buffy had dragged Kiara back to her feet the new Vampire was slamming the two stakes he held deep into the hearts of the last two Vamps standing.

And both Kiara and Buffy had seen the black leather duster. Then the dust settled and they made out the platnum white hair.

"Oh fuck!" Kiara gulped.

Buffy gasped. "Let's run!"

Kiara sighed. "Yeah sure. You got that Sonic Slayer speed. I'm just a mortal."

"We could kick him in the balls!" Buffy hissed urgently.

"And what would that do beyond making him homicidally pissed off at us?" Kiara growled. "I think he looks mad enough as it is!"

Kiara sighed in resignation, watching as Spike slammed the two stakes he'd just used to dispatch basically the whole brood of newby Vamps back into the pockets of his duster and then whirled to face them.

"Slayer." He drawled.

"Uh...Spike...hey. Wow that was cool. You're really fast I gotta..."


Buffy swallowed. "Yes Spike?"

"Go home." He growled.

Buffy gulped and glanced at Kiara.

Kiara smiled weakly. "Uh, night B...it was fun."

Spike snorted and Kiara flinched. Oh she was soooo fucked!

Buffy didn't want to but Spike started growling and Kiara nudged her with a subtle hip. Buffy looked Kiara in the eye and unwillingly left her friend alone with the silently smoldering Master Vampire.

"You're not gonna like kill her are you?" Buffy forced herself to ask.

"Slayer...go home!" Spike roared.

Buffy went. Even a Slayer knew when to play chicken.

Next up...my favorite part. Spike takes Kiara into his dungeon and imparts some lessons to her. Simply for her own benefit, of course, grins.

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