tagLoving WivesGetting to Know Amy Better Ch. 03

Getting to Know Amy Better Ch. 03


I woke up with a smile on my face. Images of the previous night with my big beautiful wife Sasha and her big beautiful friend Amy flashed through my brain as I started to join the waking world... the sight of Amy's big ass cheeks as I rubbed and spread them apart... the feel of her hairy pussy as I plunged my fingers in and out... watching Amy draw Sasha in for a kiss as she came... The touch of Sasha's fingers as she put my dick inside her friend... Amy's feeling of abandon as I plunged my cock deep inside her... The smoothness of Sasha's shaved pussy as I fingered her to orgasm. The light outside wanted to intrude on my closed eyes, but I struggled to sleep just a little longer so I could relive the previous night again.

Wait a minute... light outside? My eyes snapped open and I looked to my digital alarm clock - which was blank. Completely dead. I looked at my watch.

"Shit!" I groaned, and nudged my wife. "Sasha... Sasha! The storm knocked out the power -- it's ten-'til-eight!"

Sasha opened her eyes, panic-sticken. "What? Crap -- Amy has to be at her training across town by nine, right?"

"I think so," I replied, throwing on my bathrobe. "Let me get some coffee started and then --" I stopped in my tracks and looked at my wife. Even though she was half-asleep, she started to laugh at the look on my face. "No power. No coffee."

"Uh uh," Sasha said, stretching. "That's not going to work for any of us. Tell you what; I'll get Amy up. You throw some clothes on and drive to that coffee cart on 15th St. -- bring us back something strong and warm."

"Well, if you're looking for something strong and warm..." I said, moving back toward the bed.

"God, wasn't last night enough?" Sasha laughed as I started kissing her neck. "Curtis, go!"

I smiled at her, put some sweats on, grabbed my keys and hopped in the car. The wind from last night's storm had let up, but there was still plenty of rain. On the way to the coffee cart I called my boss to let him know the situation. Twenty minutes later I was walking back into the house with three lattes in a cardboard drink carrier.

The shower was running in the guest bathroom. Wandering into our master bath I found Sasha fully dressed and brushing her short grey hair. I paused in the doorway, admiring the line of her nylon-clad legs as they disappeared under a knee-length black skirt that hugged her round ass. I could see the curve of her large breasts and belly under her shiny purple blouse as she leaned over the sink. It would be so easy, I thought, to walk over there and lift up that skirt...

Sasha saw me taking in her curves in the mirror. "Don't even think about it, Fella," she said with a twinkle in her eye. "We're late enough as it is!" She turned around and leaned against the sink. "How long do you think it'll take Amy to get across town?"

I thought for a moment. "This time of day... probably twenty or twenty-five minutes at best." I took a sip of my coffee. "That's assuming no accidents on the highway... does she have directions?"

"I don't know," Sasha said, putting on a pair of garnet earrings that matched her blouse. "I'll go print some off for her, just in case." She leaned over to kiss me, then grabbed her latte and walked out of the room.

I heard the shower turn off and the door to the guest bathroom open as I splashed some water on my face. Amy's bare feet pounded down the hall as I combed my hair and (after a moment's debate) decided not to bother shaving. I was dressed in a matter of minutes and walked into the living room carrying my coffee and Amy's. Sasha met me as she was coming out of our home office with the directions in her hand.

"You were right," she said. "Twenty-four minutes according to Google."

"Yikes!" I said looking at my watch. We drank our coffee in silence for a moment. "So, did Amy say anything when you woke her up?"

"Yeah," Sasha said with the ghost of a smile on her face. "It went something like, 'What the fuck are you oh my holy god what time is it?' I think I got that right."

I chuckled. "I was talking about..."

"I know what you were talking about Curtis," said a voice behind me. I jumped, and managed to spill coffee down the front of my shirt. I looked up to see Sasha trying -- and failing - to mask her laughter by taking a drink of her own coffee.

"Well," I said turning around to Amy, "at least your cup is full." Amy took the cup from my hand, looked down at my shirt, and let out a belly laugh. Even though I was embarrassed, I couldn't help noticing the enticing way her breasts and belly moved under the cream colored blouse she was wearing. Her blouse was a nice match for the conservative wool skirt clinging to her wide hips and the dark stockings peeking beneath it. I also noticed she'd put her hair up in a clip, exposing her luscious neck and showing some of the grey that usually hid beneath her brown hair.

"Sorry about that babe," Amy managed to get out in between laughs. "Thanks for the coffee, though. How much time do I have?"

Sasha handed Amy the directions she'd printed out. "Not much. You'll have to speed if you're going to get there in time."

Amy took a drink of her coffee while she looked over the directions. "Damn this is good," she said. She looked up at me. "It's a lot better when you put it in your mouth, you know."

"I know, I know," I said. "Look, I didn't have time for a shower this morning, so I decided to multi-task."

This brought another boisterous laugh from Amy. "Well, I've gotta get movin' kids," she said as she put on a wool jacket that matched her skirt. She walked to our front door, then paused, and turned to say, "I want to take you two out to dinner tonight. Some place quiet, where we can talk."

I swallowed. Was she feeling misgivings about the previous night?

"Sure Amy," Sasha said next to me. "That sounds great."

"I'll, uh... I'll make reservations," I said. "What time will you be done?"

"Oh hell, I don't know... make 'em for seven. That should be late enough. See you guys tonight." And with that she was out the door.

I turned to Sasha, but before I could say anything she was putting on her own jacket. "I've got to get out of here too," she said. She reached out and pulled me in for a kiss. "Find someplace nice for us tonight," she said -- and then she was gone too.

I didn't have time to change my shirt, but I did anyway. By the time I reached my office I was more than an hour late and threw myself into the day's work. It was nearing lunch before I remembered that I was supposed to make reservations for dinner. I thought for a moment, then pulled out my phone and sent Sasha a text message.

"How about the Bayside Inn for dinner?"

After a moment the phone chimed with Sasha's response.

"Sounds good to me. I don't know if Amy likes seafood."

"I'll ask."

I found Amy's number in my phone's memory and sent a text her way.

"Hi Amy. It's Curtis. Do you like fish?"

Almost immediately the phone chimed.

"What are you implying, mister? ;)"

It took me a moment... then I felt my face go red. My fingers flew to compose an explanation when the phone chimed again.

"Kidding! Sure, fish sounds good tonight. For dinner too!"

I breathed a sigh of relief... if she was cracking jokes like that, hopefully that meant she wasn't regretting last night. In fact, she might be open to going further... my mind whirled at the possibilities. I called the restaurant and made our reservation for seven, then I put my phone down and got to work.

I pulled into our driveway around 5:30. I was the first to arrive, and after putting down my briefcase and coat I decided it was a good idea to take a shower -- the smell of the mornings coffee bath was starting to get to me.

I'd just started washing my hair when I heard the shower door open. My cock started to stir as I heard someone step in behind me. "Got room for one more in there?" I heard my wife say. "I really need to clean up before dinner."

"You know," I said, "you just might." I rinsed my hair then told Sasha about Amy's text messages as she stepped under the shower head.

"Really?" she said. I watched the water run down her neck into the valley between her breasts. "I mean, it was one thing when she kissed me last night... that was an impulse as she was cumming." I poured some body wash on her lovely boobs and started slowly massaging it around her chest. "And I rubbed her clit while you were fucking her... but that was me touching her, not the other way around."

"Speaking of the other way around," I said, putting my hands on her shoulders and turning her around. I poured more body wash on a loofa sponge and started to rub it around her back. She braced herself against the shower wall with one hand; I could only guess where the other hand was.

"I have to say I'm surprised," Sasha said as the water ran down her silver hair and along her shoulders. "I knew she was into you, but I didn't think she'd be into doing something with me. I never got the feeling she was interested in women. Of course, neither was I, back when I knew her in high school."

I moved the loofa lower, rubbing it around the curve of her hips and the underside of her round ass. "Well," I said, "You had your horizons broadened when you got out of that Podunk little town. Amy's been all over the country... maybe she's 'broadened' too."

Sasha grabbed the flesh around her belly and hips. "I think it's fairly certain I've 'broadened' since High School."

"Seriously, Sasha? One of these days you're going to believe me when I tell you how hot you are." I started to move the loofa between the cheeks of her ass and lower... ever lower...

"Maybe to you," she said quietly.

I turned her to face me and looked deeply into her green eyes. "It's obviously not just me, honey. You may just see proof of that later on." I leaned in to kiss her deeply, pushing my tongue into her mouth. It danced around hers for what felt like minutes as my rock hard cock pressed into Sasha's belly. Her hand reached down to stroke it, then she pulled it away.

"If we're going to make it to dinner we should probably get dried off. Besides, the water's getting cold." I reluctantly released her and we turned the water off.

A few minutes later Sasha was dressed again (much to my displeasure) and I started shaving. Our doorbell rang. I turned to look at Sasha.

"Uh... did you give Amy a key?"

"No," she said. "I thought you did." She rushed out of the room. I heard her open the door and apologize to Amy for leaving her on the front porch. I could hear snatches of their conversation as I finished shaving and got dressed. By the time I finished it was 6:30 and time to leave for the restaurant.

As we drove Amy told us about her training on the new system going into place at her company. Apparently she knew more about the system than the trainer, and she ended up running the session for him. "Not that he would admit it, of course," she said. "He'd say things like, 'I could tell you about the HR component, but since Amy knows all about it why don't we have her explain it.'" By the time we reached the Bayside Inn both women were laughing at the ridiculousness of male egos.

As we walked towards the restaurant, Sasha took my left arm. Amy took my right arm. I'll admit, I felt proud as I walked in between these two gorgeous older women, their large hips and breasts occasionally rubbing against me. I was grateful there wasn't much of a wait before the hostess showed us to our table, as my "pride" was growing more and more evident the longer they held on to me.

We settled into a quiet booth in the corner of the restaurant, with Sasha and I on either side and Amy in the corner. One of the reasons Sasha and I like the Bayside Inn is the distance between the tables; the booths don't butt against each other. Instead they're separated by windows, creating space in between them. This, the relatively small number of tables, and the dim lighting make the place feel very intimate -- in fact, you could believe you had the entire restaurant to yourself if you didn't look out into the dining area.

After we'd placed our orders Amy took a sip of her wine and carefully put her glass on the table. "So," she said. "you guys have done this before?"

"Oh yeah," I said. "We love this place. The food is great, and with the space between the booths --"

"Be quiet, Curtis," Sasha said with a half-serious expression on her face. "You know what she's talking about. Yes, Amy, we've played with other women from time to time."

"Huh..." Amy said, and took another drink from her wine. "Anyone else from home? Or..."

"Oh, no," Sasha replied quickly. "Honestly, Ame, I hadn't given most of those people a second thought until the reunion. No, usually it was women we met at a... uh... a club we used to go to." I saw my wife's face start to redden a little.

"Oh ho! This gets better and better. You guys go to a sex club?"

"We used to," I said. "We haven't been there in years."

"Really? Why did you stop going?" Amy asked.

"Uh..." Sasha said. I was surprised -- she was rarely at a loss for words like this.

"The club changed over the years," I said, stepping in. "When we started going membership was limited to couples and single women. Later, though, they started to allow single men in the place and it started feel a little..." I glanced at Sasha. "Predatory?"

Sasha nodded, and seeming to get her "feet" under her again. "Yeah," she said, "that's a good term for it. The whole vibe changed. I started to feel like a wildebeest circled by a pack of hyenas. It just started to feel... creepy."

"I was always afraid of that," Amy said as she took another drink of her wine. "When Bill and I were married in Chicago there was a club like that. He wanted to go, but I didn't want to feel like a piece of meat." She propped her chin in her hand and looked at my wife. "But Sasha, you slept with other men when you were going to this club, right?"

"Not too often," my wife said. "The couple times I did it wasn't that satisfying."

"Well," Amy giggled, "after seeing what Curtis has between his legs I can believe that!"

I rolled my eyes and Sasha laughed. "Oh, that was part of it believe me... but the guys just didn't do anything for me. And they were more interested in getting themselves off than taking care of me."

"But Curtis slept with other women?"

I glanced around and lowered my voice a little. "Well, yes, I fucked other women... but it was always something Sasha and I did together." I reached out and started to stroke Sasha's hand. "I have to admit, those are some of my fondest memories of that place. I loved that feeling of both of us making love with a woman. As a unit. It wasn't just me, and it wasn't just Sasha... we both made love to her together. But, uh... I guess you know all about that." I looked into Amy's eyes and saw her smile warmly.

She looked back to Sasha. "So... have you always been into girls? I mean, back when we were in school..."

Sasha laughed. "Oh no. I didn't even think about girls when you and I were in high school. You know how it was back home in the 60's... there were probably lesbians there, but no one ever talked about them. I didn't even know they existed. Until I was in college... I heard girls making noises together after lights-out in my dorm, and I realized that was something I could do too. So I met my first girlfriend and got more... experienced." Now it was Sasha's turn to stroke my hand. "I've always preferred men, obviously. Especially this one. But sometimes... a woman's touch is a nice change."

"I've never been with a woman," Amy said -- then she lowered her voice and added, "Until last night, any way. I've always wondered what it would be like, but... well, not that much has changed back home since the 60's." She and Sasha both laughed. "Besides, I wouldn't know where to look."

"Well, that was another advantage of going to the club," I said. "I won't lie, I always got turned on when Sasha told me about her old girlfriends."

"Hey," Amy said, "Fuck you buddy! Who you calling old?" We all laughed this time.

"The club was all about sex," Sasha said. "We didn't have to pretend we weren't checking women out because we wanted to do them. Everyone knew why they were there... so we didn't have to figure out 'where to look,' you know? The other fun aspect of that place was watching -- and listening to - other people," Sasha said. "And showing off a little... dressing sexy. Having sex with Curtis in front of people and being as loud as I wanted..." Sasha's voice trailed off as she saw our server approaching the table with dinner.

As our plates went down on the table, Amy said, "I need to hit the can before I eat." Her face spread into a wicked grin as I stood to let her out of the booth. "But we're not finished with this. Not by a long shot!"

After our server left the booth, I turned to Sasha. "Hey, are you ok?"

"Sure," she said, digging into her shrimp scampi. "Why?"

"Well," I said, "a few minutes ago you seemed to get... a little nervous, maybe? You kind of stalled out for a second."

Sasha shrugged. "Oh, that. Uh... she asked if I'd ever slept with anyone from home. I'd never considered it, so I must have gotten lost in thought for a second. No big deal."

"Ok," I said. I could tell there was more to it than that, but I didn't want to push things. I took a sip of my wine and turned to my own plate.

Amy returned in a few minutes and I stood to let her back in the booth. As she settled into the corner she said, "Why are you guys sitting so far away away? Come on, get a little closer." After a look between Sasha and I we picked up our plates and slid closer to her. As I sat back down my eye traveled down the open collar of Amy's blouse (what do you want me to say? It's a reflex!) The gap between her round breasts was a lot wider than it had been earlier. She'd obviously taken her bra off while she was in the bathroom.

"So," Amy said taking a fork full of red snapper, "where were we? Oh, right... your sex club. Sasha, was that when you started shaving your pussy?"

Sasha choked a little on the food she was chewing and had to take a drink. Amy gave a satisfied chuckle and chewed contentedly as she watched her friend's reaction.

"Bitch," Sasha said once she'd finished coughing. She shot a look my way, daring me to laugh. I paid a LOT of attention to my plate. "To answer your question, no. Curtis suggested it when we were first dating. It sounded kind of kinky, and I'd never done it before."

"For the record," I said, "neither had I. We had to figure it out together."

"He's gotten pretty good at it over the years," Sasha said, taking another drink of her wine. "Like I said last night, I don't do it all the time, but once in a while..."

"I'll bet your friends at the club liked it when you did," Amy said.

"Oh yeah," I said, then remembered where we were and lowered my voice again. "It was always a nice surprise for them. We'd be on either side of a woman sucking her tits or kissing her and she'd reach down between Sasha's legs. 'Oh Sasha,' they'd say. 'You shaved!' They always paid her a little extra attention when that would happen."

"They did not..." Sasha said. She seemed to be getting a little embarrassed again.

Amy seemed to sense her friend's embarrassment and changed the subject to our dinner. After some discussion of how living in a coastal area made for great seafood restaurants, however, she was back at it. "So, didn't you get jealous, seeing Curtis sliding his cock into other women?"

This just seemed to embarrass Sasha more. I started to get a little concerned. "Uh... does anyone want some more wine?" I asked. I looked around the restaurant for our server.

"Curtis, it's fine." Sasha took a breath. "A little, Amy, but not a lot. Like Curtis said, we were both enjoying the woman we were with; it's not like he was cheating on me. I'm fine with Curtis fucking other women as long as he doesn't fall in love with them. As long as it's just sex, there's no problem at all. And..." she seemed to struggle for a moment, then she cleared her throat. "It was actually good to see him get to put his dick in someone. His sex drive has always been higher than mine - after all, he IS fifteen years younger than us. And..." Sasha let out a long sigh. "Well, since I started menopause, I've had issues with... dryness. I love the feel of Curtis' cock in me, but nowadays penetration just hurts. My tissues can't get moist enough, I guess." Sasha paused again and took a drink of her wine. "That's another reason we stopped going, really. My libido started to wane, and it hurt when he put his dick in me, and..." her voice trailed off.

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