Getting to Know Amy Better Ch. 04


Suddenly, Amy exploded. Her pelvis shot up into Sasha's face as she made "Nggg Nggg" sounds around my cock. I pulled my hips back until just the head of my dick was in her mouth. Once her throat was free of my prong her mouth opened and "Nggg Nggg" became "Oooh! Ooooh!" As her orgasm subsided her lips clamped back on my dick and she started to bob her head back and forth on it; that was enough to tip me over the edge. I drove my cock into her mouth as I filled it with cum. I couldn't say how much emptied out of my balls, but it was more than Amy's mouth could hold and a bit dribbled out of the corner.

I collapsed onto the bed beside Amy. Once my senses returned I looked over to her as she stroked her hands up her belly and onto to her boobs, then back down again. I looked down Amy's body to find Sasha hugging her friends thigh and kissing around her pelvic area.

I rolled over to my side and took Amy's hand. "That was... amazing." I said. Her head came up from the edge of the bed. She looked at me, then tugged at my hand. I helped her sit up. She looked at Sasha, then looked back at me. She smiled, opened her mouth and showed us the pool of cum inside. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed.

"Ah..." Amy said, catching some of the cum that had dribbled from the corner of her mouth with her thumb and pushing it into her mouth. "You're right. Amazing is the word. God I've missed the taste of cum in my mouth."

Amy reached down to Sasha and drew her up along her body. I watched as the two women kissed each other, their round bodies pressed together. I know Sasha has never cared for the taste of cum, but that didn't stop her tongue from tangling with Amy's as they caressed each other's faces and licked at each other's lips. I reached for them as the two lovely women made out, and I started to stroke their legs, thighs, asses, backs, breasts... I got closer, and the three of us tangled into a big pile of flesh, everyone touching and squeezing each other. Amy turned her head to me and opened her mouth. I happily filled it with my tongue as Sasha sucked on her neck. I tasted the remnants of my cum on Amy's tongue as it darted into my mouth.

Amy broke our kiss and looked down, then caught Sasha by the chin and tilted her head up.

"How in God's name is this boy hard again? He just filled my belly with a quart of sperm!"

Sasha laughed. "He's always been like that. If you give him time to cool down, it takes a while for him to come back. If you start going immediately after he cums, though, he stays rock hard. I'd be careful if I were you... it takes him a long time to cum the second time!"

"Holy shit. No wonder you had problems keeping up with him," Amy said.

A wicked grin appeared on Sasha's face. "You think getting your shaved pussy eaten is amazing? Wait until he fucks you."

I kissed Amy again, pulling at her upper lip with my mouth. "Let me go get a condom," I said. I started to roll off the bed, but Amy's arm shot out to stop me.

"Fuck it," she said. "You say you haven't fucked anyone in years, right?" I nodded. "I sure haven't fucked anyone since then. I'm way past getting pregnant. Just put that thing in me, Curtis."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"I'm sure," Amy said. "I need to feel that pole of yours cum inside me. Fill me up from the other end, Curtis." She pulled me to her and kissed me again, sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. She rolled me onto my back, straddled my hips, and slowly lowered herself onto my cock.

"Oooohhh fuck..." Amy moaned as she settled down on my dick. "Oh fuck... Oh Sasha you were right..." Amy started to rise up and slide down on me. "Oh fuck... how can pubic hair make such a difference? It feels like he's so much deeper now..."

Sasha got up on her knees beside Amy and held her. "I know," she said. "Feel your clit hitting him every time you go down?"

"Oh fuck..." Amy cried. "Oh yes... Oh god... It's like I'm rubbing off on him, but he's inside me... Oh fuck..." Sasha turned her friend's head to her and started kissing her as I rocked my hips up and down into Amy's crotch. After a moment Amy fell down on top of me as an orgasm raced through her. I paused to allow her to catch her breath... then I started to drive my hips up into her again.

"Oh shit...." Amy panted into the side of my face. "Oh God... He's still fucking me! Oh fuck!" Sasha laid down beside us and started to rub Amy's back as I continued to push my cock deeper and deeper into her.

"Amy," I said, "I can stop any time you want me to. I don't have to cum. Like Sasha says, it can take a long time."

"No," Amy said, clamping her thighs around my hips. "No, I want to feel you cum inside me. Don't you stop!"

"Curtis," Sasha said quietly, "Why don't you roll her over so she doesn't have to hold herself up?"

"Good idea," I said. I plunged deep into Amy's pussy, making her cry out, then slowly turned her over. Once she was on her back I lifted myself up onto my knees and rocked back and forth, driving myself into her. I loved watching her belly and tits ripple with every thrust, and reached out to stroke her big soft breasts. Amy stared up at me through half-closed eyes, her breath ragged. I felt Sasha behind me cupping my balls and licking my ear. This caused me to jerk and drive my cock deeper into Amy. She cried out and came again, quivering all over.

Sasha's hand continued to rub my balls as she whispered in my ear, "Fuck her, Curtis. Fuck her deep. Pump her full of cum." Her other hand reached out to pinch my nipple as I felt the cum welling inside me. "Fill her up with that big cock and make the cum spurt out of her. Look at those tits. I loved sucking those tits. I love watching you fuck her. I love watching you fuck my friend. I want you to fuck her so hard you cum way, way inside her. Cum, Curtis!"

Like I said, I'm never one to disappoint my lovely wife. With a roar I exploded into Amy's pussy, pumping cum deep into her. I felt her quiver with another orgasm as I emptied my load inside her, spurt after spurt, then collapsed on top of her.

The world disappeared into a haze after that. I caressed Amy's head and shoulders as I slipped in and out of consciousness. After what seemed like an hour I slowly rolled over and landed between her and my wife. They both snuggled up to me, their arms across my chest.

"Sasha," I heard Amy say, still breathing hard.

"Yeah honey?"

"I don't have to be back home until Monday, you know. Would you mind if I stayed through the weekend?"

"Mind?" I heard Sasha ask. "I kind of hoped you would. We still haven't gotten you into our hot tub, you know..."

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