tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGetting to Know Emily

Getting to Know Emily


“Hey Em can I get you something to drink? Beer or wine or something?” Rick asked nervously. It wasn’t like him to get nervous but he felt butterflies in his stomach that he hadn’t felt since he was in high school.

“Oh, sure, anything’s great Rick,” Emily replied. They had just gotten to the hotel after a nearly 20 hour plane trip and were waiting in the hospitality suite until their rooms were ready. Emily looked tired but still looked pretty damn good.

Rick watched as Emily sat down next to the window. She had her auburn hair pulled back which showed off the soft features of her Italian face. She was wearing a nice cotton button-down shirt that was just a little small so that her bra was visible when he looked between the button holes. Awesome tits, Rick thought to himself, remembering the flight and how he stared into her shirt and at her beautiful face for about an hour as she slept next to him in the business class seat.

Rick had always been fascinated with Emily’s body, but especially her breasts. She was only in her early 20's so they were still very perky, but unlike a lot of women with breasts her size – he guessed they were about a c-cup – they were incredibly loose and, for lack of a better word, jiggly. Her quick paced walk always seemed to hypnotize Rick. They would bounce around like they were about to bust out of her thin bras. And the best part of it all was that her nipples were almost always erect and must have been huge. God, I hope she doesn’t notice how much I stare at her chest!

Of course, she had a classic Italian figure. She was short, probably about five foot two, and petite. She had semi-big hips compared to the rest of her body which made for a nice rounded butt which was about as hypnotizing to watch as her chest in the way her cheeks would jiggle as she walked. Her waist was extremely thin, and he imagined that her stomach was flat too. His mind wandered as he thought about what her bush might look like . . .

He rounded the corner of the bar and put two glasses on the counter. He knew that their rooms wouldn’t be ready for at least an hour. He opened a bottle of Amstel light and poured half into his glass and half into hers. When he reached into his pocket for the little plastic box he had stored in there he started to get the butterflies again. He pulled two white pills out of the box and dropped them into Emily’s glass. They immediately fizzled away into the foam of the beer. Rick looked at both glasses and couldn’t see any difference between the two. Success! He picked his up with his left hand and hers with his right, and walked around the bar to see her staring out of the hotel window. She had let her hair down.

“Oh thanks Rick, I’m just so tired after that flight,” she said as she grabbed the glass from his right hand. “This should hit the spot.”

“Yeah, at least until we get into our rooms to take a rest,” he said. They had been able to take advantage of a shower at the airport business class lounge as they waited for their luggage to arrive, so they were both a little energized and not smelling like they had been up for an entire day.

“Oh yeah, we need all the rest we can get for this week. I’m so excited about this trip, Rick. Thanks for getting me on it!”

“Of course, Em. It’ll be great,” Rick said. It was her first business trip with the boss, so she was obviously excited. He was even more excited about it though as she sipped her glass of beer. He knew that in about a half hour they be in her room and he’d be in heaven.

Emily drank her beer quicker than he expected. She stood up and stretched as she let out a big yawn. He felt his cock twitch as he looked at her chest while she stretched, her nipples at full attention. There was a knock at the suite door.

“Your rooms will be ready in 15 minutes sir and madam,” a well dressed bell hop said to Rick.

“Thanks,” Rick said. He turned to Emily. “Not long now.”

“Good, because I’m exhausted!” she said, yawning again and sitting back down.

Rick noticed that her eyes were getting heavy and her body slumped a little in the chair. “Go ahead and take a nap, I’ll wake you when he gets back Em.” Rick told her. With that, she curled her tiny frame into the overstuffed chair and closed her eyes. Rick watched her fall asleep and looked her up and down. Incredible, he thought. It would be just a matter of time . . .

“OK sir, keys are ready. You are in 1705 and the lady in 1707. Your bags are in the rooms. Have a nice evening.” The bell man handed the keys to Rick and he handed him a twenty dollar bill at the same time. As he disappeared from the hall, he looked over at Emily. Sound asleep. There was no one else in the lobby or down the hall so he decided to begin the evening.

“Emily? Em? Wake up, Em. The rooms are ready,” he shook her arm and then her shoulder. No response. He shook her a bit harder, laughing a bit as he noticed the jiggle affect he caused. “Em, wake up!”

She opened her eyes slowly, but started to close them again until Rick called her name again. This time she started to try to get up but slumped back in the chair, mumbling something incoherent. Rick laughed to himself again. Out cold, he thought.

He lifted Emily to her feet and propped her up with his arm and body. He walked her toward room 1707, right across from his room. He took her key out of the envelope and slid into the lock, which clicked open. The lights were on low and soft music had been set on the radio. The bed was pulled down – even a mint on the pillow.

The door shut behind them. He walked Emily to the bed and sat her down. She mumbled something else, eyes closed, and then laid back on the bed. Rick couldn’t believe what he had in front of him. An extremely attractive Italian 24 year old sprawled out on a bed sound asleep. Wow, that stuff really does seem to work, he thought.

Maybe I should make sure, he thought. “Emily! Get up! Emily!” he shouted. Nothing. “Em?” he said, sitting down on the bed next to her. He shook her shoulder. Nothing. He touched her face, her cheek – God it’s soft! – and then gave her a light smack No movement. Eyes closed. Breathing regular. He then moved his hand down to her neck, her chest. He lightly squeezed her left breast through her shirt. No movement. He found her erect nipple through the shirt and bra and gave it a solid pinch. Nothing.

The butterflies were flapping out of control now. He looked at his hand on her chest. He moved to the other boob, gave it a squeeze. God it felt good. His cock twitched to attention and was rock hard as he moved his hand down to her stomach and to her thighs. He could feel the heat of her body through her clothes and it drove him crazy.

Time to go to town, he thought. He reached back up to Emily’s waist and pulled the shirt tails out of her pants. He took a look at her tanned stomach and laid his hand on it. So warm, so soft. He reached over to the top of her shirt and slowly unbuttoned each button, slowly revealing her white bra stark against her tan skin. He pulled her unbuttoned shirt away from her chest and started at her thinly covered breasts. He nipples were rock hard and pushing against the thin material. He lightly pinched her nipple. It’s so hard and huge, he thought.

But before he looked into the bra, he reached over to his carry-on bag and took out his digital camera. He turned it on, stood up, and focused on her body laying on the bed. "Time to build up the collection," he said as he clicked a shot of her with bra showing through her unbuttoned shirt. He focused on just her chest, then leaned down further and took a close up shot of her nipple poking through the material. He took several more shots from different directions and then put the camera down.

He reached down and unbuttoned her pants, pulling them down past her hips revealing her matching white cotton panties, then continued past her thighs, knees, and finally slipped them off of her feet completely. He slipped her out of the rest of her shirt and then took some more shots of Emily in her bra and panties. His cock started to harden even more so that it almost hurt. He reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped his own pants to relieve the strain.

“OK, Em,” Rick said softly. “Let’s roll you over.” He rolled her over first on to her side, then onto her stomach. He looked at her beautiful ass, her cheeks hanging out from her panties. He put both hands on her ass and started rubbing, softly at first, then harder. He pushed her cheeks together, pinched them, kneaded them like dough, gave them a shake, then leaned over and kissed them both. He picked the camera back up and took a dozen more shots of her ass from the top, the side, and from every possible direction – close up, far away.

He reached up and slowly unsnapped her bra revealing a slight tan line along the bra line. He looked at the tag. “Ah ha, just as I thought. 34 C. Very nice, Em.”

Then he rolled her back on her side, and watched as her breasts fell out of her bra cups which was still being held on to her body by the straps.

“Oh my God, Em,” he said in disbelief. He looked at her perfect tits. He had tried to imagine them for months now but never truly had the right picture until now -- a picture that would never leave his mind, and thanks to his camera, would never leave his screen. Her tits stuck straight out from her body without sagging at all. Her areolas were huge and dark brownish pink, about the size of a half dollar. They were puffy, so they stood up past her tits. Her nipples, hard as rocks, must have been about an inch and a half long, and about the size of the tip of his pinky finger. Rick finished rolling her over onto her back, and removed the bra completely.

He gave both erect nips a pinch – light at first, then harder and harder. He watched her face. No reaction. He picked the camera back up and clicked away. First from across the room, then closer, closer, closer until he had just the areola and nipple in his view finder. Click, click, click. Then he put the camera back down and grabbed both tits again, this time putting a nipple in his mouth.

As he licked he could feel it getting even bigger. He licked and then sucked, switching back and forth between the two. He started sucking harder and harder. Then started biting lightly.

He got back up and looked down at her. He rolled her back onto her stomach, and then grabbed her hips, pulling them up and back toward him so that she was on her knees with her ass in the air with her head still on the bed. He took a dozen shots of her in this position, from the side, where her tits were bulging out from both sides of her chest against the mattress.

He then grabbed her panties and slid them down past her hips. He stared into her crotch from behind, then slid his own pants down to his ankles and took off his shirt so that he was standing behind her in just his boxers, his cock erect and pressing against the material.

He slowly pressed his pelvis against her ass, and started to rub it around. He could feel how warm and wet it was. He looked down and noticed that Emily was still out, completely. He decided to let his boxers down.

With that, his prick standing at attention, Rick rubbed against her ass again, prick between her thighs. He slid his hands down and spread her clit apart, allowing his monstrous cock to slowly slide in. He pushed it in carefully, slowly, watching as it intruded into her soft skin. He eventually got all nine inches into her, and started to slowly pull out and push back in.

He could feel himself about to explode but was able to hold it as he continued to slap against her ass, faster and faster. He reached around to her tits -- her nips still rock hard -- and gave them a squeeze.

He looked down and saw her asshole, and having never ventured there before with anyone, decided to give that a try. He slapped Emily on the ass a couple of times to see if she would wake up. No reaction. He gave her a huge slap, so hard that it left a red mark, and still no reaction.

He slid his prick out of her wet, gaping cunt, and guided it up against her asshole. He placed the helmet up against the hole and pushed on it. He saw it push against the skin but it didn't go in, so he pushed harder. Slowly, he saw her skin engulf the end of his cock as he pushed it further and further. Then, with one sudden movement, her hole took in the entire helmet and started to suck in the shaft.

He was careful not to do it too hard or fast, but in about a minute, Emily's ass has taken in his entire nine inch rod. He just left it there for a second, then reached down and took a picture of his rod buried inside her ass.

He slowly pulled it out and took a few more pictures. When he pulled out, her asshole was still wide open so he snapped a shot of that before it closed.

He decided that he had to do something before he spewed all over the place, so he put Emily back onto her side and then on her back. Her panties were still at her knees so he took them off the rest of the way and took a few more pictures. The he straddled her body so that he was positioned just above her stomach.

His prick, still rock hard, was over her boobs and pointed at her face. He wrapped his hand around his prick and started jerking it. A bit of precum trickled out of the end as he continued to work it. He could feel that he was about to explode so he pointed it down, aiming for right between the eyes. He started to pump white jizz all over her face, and then aimed it toward her tits and finished by pumping a load on both of her tits.

He took out his camera and took pictures of her cum soaked face and tits. Then he rubbed the hot cum into her breasts, massaging each one as it worked its way in. He looked up at her face, and with his finger, guided all of the cum into her partially opened mouth, smearing it on her lips like lip balm.

He then sat in a chair across from the bed and just stared at her perfect figure from across the room for what seemed like an hour watching her chest rise and fall as she breathed. He worked his meat two more times before finally declaring himself spent.

He walked over to Emily, put her panties back on, then lifted her up by her arms so he could put her bra back on, careful to make sure it was on correctly. While she was in that position, he put her shirt back on, then her pants, and tucked the shirt back in. He left her shoes off and then tucked her into bed. After he dressed himself, he took one last look at her as he grabbed his bag and made his way out of her room and into his own. He crawled into bed, set the alarm, called for a wake up call for his room and Emily's room, and went to sleep.

The next morning, Rick walked downstairs to the restaurant. He saw Emily sitting near the window in her business suit. He sat down across the table from her.

"Hi Rick!" she beamed. "Wow, I slept right until the wake up call -- it was great! How bout you?"

"Yeah, me too, Em," Rick said. "I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow."

"That's too funny. I was so out of it I didn't even change for bed!" she told Rick.

"Wow -- you must have been exhausted," Rick said. "You must be able to sleep through anything."

"Yeah, I guess so," Emily replied, and with that she started eating again.

Rick gazed at her face that had been covered with his cum just a few hours before, then looked at her breasts, nipples sticking out through her shirt. In amazement at what he'd done, he looked back at the menu and put his mind toward his new goal, breakfast.

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