tagTransgender & CrossdressersGetting to Know Her Ch. 01

Getting to Know Her Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Sunshine


As a few sharper readers noticed, the events of my prior story Nobody Knew, took place some time ago (August 2006). My first story, Getting into her pants, would have actually begun even further back in 2004, although I wrote it in a more present tense style as I wasn't really planning a series. There are a number of Stacy stories to tell since then and the kind words and encouragement of many readers have compelled me to continue the story, which is why I've provided this background. Since it's my life and I know how this turns out, I can say there will be some twists in the road, but that's getting ahead of the story.

For those who haven't read my prior writing here are the basics. My wife and I enjoy a relationship where I sometimes dress-up as Stacy, my female persona and my wife's occasional girlfriend. I found that I enjoyed these sessions and began dressing up on my own as well. After much practice, I finally summoned up the courage to go out in public alone dressed as Stacy (that's the Nobody Knew story).

This story is what happened next.


After my successful public outing as Stacy I was excited to share my happiness. The following night, which was a Friday, my wife returned home from her business trip and over dinner I related what had happened. She had been mildly encouraging a 'girls night out' and while she was a little disappointed that I had chosen to make my first outing alone, she said there was now no reason that the two of us should not go out as girlfriends.

"Why should we wait, lets go out tomorrow night. We can see another movie and maybe get a drink and a bite afterwards." Still flushed with the confidence of my previous outing I agreed.

After consulting the listings we decided that Little Miss Sunshine, which had just opened, was just the sort of chick movie for a girls night out. Apart from going with my wife, the other major difference to my first outing is that we had chosen a 7:20 showing so it was still going to be light out as we made our way over to the theater and in to the show.

Friday night, after being alone all week, I had hoped to get the lovemaking started a little early but my wife put me off saying, "I want to save it all for Stacy tomorrow." I felt a little miffed by that comment, but decided to let it go. Our prior 'lesbian' sessions were always really good and as excited as I was, I knew one more night of anticipation would make it even better. So after a little bit of kissing and cuddling we both drifted off to sleep.

Our Saturday was fairly normal with errands to run and chores to do. It was a beautiful day and much warmer too, so I spent a lot of time out in the yard while my wife handled the various shopping duties. When I came in to clean up my wife reminded me, "Make sure you shave all over and do a good job."

Squeaky clean and closely shaved from nose to toes I was relaxing on the patio with a drink and a magazine when my wife came out to find me. She had also just come out of the shower and as I was soon to learn, was wearing nothing under her robe. "Come on girlfriend, let's get ready together. I can't wait to get our night started."

I followed her up to the bedroom where she quickly began to take charge of the situation.

"Why don't you strip down and put a robe on too, then come into the bathroom and I'll help you paint your toes. I want you to wear sandals tonight."

I complied with her wishes as it was apparent that she had thought through some type of little plan for the evening. This wasn't the first time that I had had my toenails painted, but we didn't do it very often since before now Stacy usually only made an appearance for a single evening and it was a degree of detail that wasn't really necessary when it was just the two of us inside our house.

I sat straddling the edge of the tub putting my left foot up on the rim. My wife did a little bit of quick shaping and then proceeded to quickly and neatly apply a bubblegum pink shade of polish. While that foot dried, she sat across from me and I returned the favor for her, except that she had chosen a dark candy-apple red shade. After a little bit of waiting where we took the opportunity to share some soft kisses, we switched around and did the right feet.

Next she suggested we get our lingerie on following which we would do make-up. For herself she chosen a satiny black bra and panty set that we both really liked. Its smooth cups and flat shiny panels were lean and alluring.

I started to go to the drawer where I kept my things but was told to wait as my wife had gotten me a present. She handed me a small pink stripped bag which contained a pale pink bra and panty set. The bra had lace all over the cups and a small pink rose between them. It was nicely padded and fully underwired. I could tell that it would give me a modest bust just by putting it on. The panties were pink lace all over with some fine ivory lace around all the openings.

Both were very delicate and feminine looking, a stark contrast to my wife's black satin. I was hard just looking at them and got harder as I pulled them both on. The sexuality of the situation boiled up and we shared a deep, heart pounding, tongue twisting kiss.

"Enough of that for now, time for make-up," she said and we each slipped back into our dressing robes with our pretty frillies underneath.

Even though we had done it a number of times before, it was still a little odd putting on make-up at the same time as my wife. This time in particular, there was a different feel about the whole thing. It was somehow more casual, like a line had been crossed and it was perfectly normal for two 'girlfriends' to be getting ready together for a night out.

I did all the basics with the concealer and foundation, then my wife helped me out with my eyes. It wasn't anything more complicated then a little shading, some mascara and liner but together with the rest went a long way to softening my overall face. She also added a light pink lipstick which, I was surprised to see, actually softened my look even more, particularly as compared to the dark red color Stacy usually chose.

She touched me up in a couple of other areas and then she helped me on with my wig. The strawberry blonde color was quite similar to my natural hair color. The cut was nothing too fancy with the sides coming over my ears to just below chin length. It had bangs and a part on the left side. A style one might see on a young business woman and a look that reminds some of a young Martha Stewart.

Once situated, my wife helped me style it into just the right shape. She combed here and curled there and in just a minute or two had given me a more natural look than I usually managed in ten or twenty minutes.

"How's that"

"Pretty good. Even a little better than the other night, and I'm not even dressed yet."

"I'd say you look darling. Just wait in the bedroom and don't mess it up. Let me finish myself and then I bought you a new outfit too."

She emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later and looked great. She had pulled her dark shoulder length hair back off her face, which she often did when playing with Stacy as it gave her a slightly more dominant appearance. Her lips were a deep, dark kissable red but the rest of her look was fairly casual.

"I've hung your outfit up in the closet, follow me and I'll help you get it on without messing up your make-up."

The outfit she had chosen for me was wonderfully casual for a girls night out. A basic denim skirt that came just above the top of my knees, a new sleeveless button front blouse with small pastel pink, red and yellow flowers dotted all over. The button seams were also slightly ruffled adding an even further feminine touch. The whole thing was topped with a plain light weight white cardigan sweater "in case I got cold in the theater."

I put on the outfit and then slipped into a pair of basic brown strappy sandals that had about a two inch heel. It was a very conservative look and very feminine. Much more feminine than the outfit I had worn for my previous outing. I hoped that I was passable enough to pull off the look.

As I admired myself in the mirror my wife changed into her own outfit. She wore a black knit tee shirt top with a slightly scooped neck, dark blue skinny jeans and black strappy sandals with a four inch heel. She also had a short black cotton jacket over her arm to wear if necessary.

We both added a little jewelry and my wife found me a small tan purse into which she tucked some lipstick, tissues and a compact 'in case you need it." My wife also dabbed a little perfume onto me and then chose a different scent for herself.

Standing back I thought I looked pretty good, although much different than on my previous outing. I really liked the new blouse and it was incrementally more exciting to wear a skirt out. The contrast between my very soft outfit and my wife's more androgynous appearance was I'm sure intentional and at least to my eye very noticeable. Anyone who thought to make us as a couple, rather than just as 'friends' would be able to figure our roles in an instant.

My confidence held as we made our way downstairs, but began to waver as she grabbed her purse and said, "Ready?"

"I'm not so sure about this. What if someone figures it out?"

"No one will notice. You look great. Half the women in town would be happy to look as good as you do. Really. You're perfect."

"But still?"

"Don't worry. I don't care and if they don't like it that's their problem. Really. You look adorable. I want a night out with my girlfriend and its time for us to go, come on."

There didn't seem to be much more scope for discussion, so I meekly followed her into the garage where she was already climbing into the drivers seat of her car. Not that I had any question, but it was completely clear who was going to be in charge tonight. I quietly climbed into the passenger seat and buckled up.

The trip up the driveway and down the street was uneventful and as we slipped into the anonymity of traffic I started to feel a little bit better.

"Why so quiet Stacy? We're gonna have a good time tonight. Just wait and see."

"I'm just nervous about what could go wrong."

"Listen. I love you and no matter what happens, it won't change what I think of you. I enjoy the Stacy-time that we've incorporated into our relationship so far and I can tell by the fact that you were willing to go out on your own that you must enjoy it too. I think you read too many stories about guys who get forced into bad situations or getting trapped into doing things they don't want to do. That's not going to happen here. Its you and me, that's it. We've gotten here step by step and that's how we will keep going. Ok? This is sort of like a foreplay part of our sex-life. It should be fun, not something to be afraid of. I'd rather stay home and us both be happy than go out and have you be miserable or nervous."

I'm sure those weren't her exact words, but she said something like that and it did make me feel a lot better. It was about then that I realized that I hadn't really slipped into feeling like Stacy, I just looked like Stacy.

A piece of advice that someone once wrote was that most people see what you want them to see. If you look like a confident young woman, that's what most people will see. If you look like a nervous young woman, people will wonder why and look at you all the harder.

With that in mind, I started trying to relax myself and for lack of a better description, "think Stacy thoughts." I thought about how nice my new lipstick color looked. I noticed how nice my perfume smelled. I thought about saying "please" and "thank you" in my Stacy voice. I took a moment to feel the soft feminine hug of my bra straps around my shoulders and torso and looked down at my pretty pink toes and strappy sandals.

Bit by bit my mood started to lift and as I glanced over towards my wife I started thinking of her less as my spouse and more like a friend. To help fall deeper into persona, I thought a little girl-talk might help.

"I like your sandals, I can't believe you wear them so tall" I said in my light airy Stacy voice that has just a hint of a southern accent to it.

Sensing the shift, my wife picked up on the conversation. "Thanks, I love your blouse, is it new?'

We went back and forth like two old friends and by the time we had gotten to the theater (we chose one a little way away from our house just to be safe), I was really starting to get excited about the evening.

It took us a little while to find a parking spot on a busy Saturday night and the one we found was a fair distance from the door. I enjoyed the feel of gathering my purse and swiveling my hips to get out of the car in a ladylike fashion. It was also vaguely thrilling to hear the 'click, click, click' of our heels as me made our way across the parking to the door.

Along the way I glanced over toward my wife who was looking at me with a big grin. She puckered her lips, blew me a kiss and said, "I can't believe how pretty you look tonight, girlfriend. By the way, make sure you have your money ready when we get up there. I'll ask for the tickets when we get to the box office, but when girls go out they each pay their own way."

She then gave me a little wink and I just about melted. All of a sudden I really felt girly. Like a younger sister being taught how to be a woman. It made me feel really good and brought a bit of a blush to my face.

The ticket counter was uneventful and as we made our way into the lobby it was considerably more crowded than on my last outing. We decided to share a popcorn and coke so we waited in the lengthy, but steadily moving line toward the snack bar.

Waiting in line was a little bit scary to me as I thought it might lead to someone figuring out I wasn't what I appeared. It turns out that wasn't really the case. In some ways it's actually easier to blend into a large crowd than a small one. On the outside, I kept myself casual even though on the inside I felt a lot of nervous energy. Just like last time however, as I casually glanced around I didn't notice anyone pointing or laughing or really giving any reaction at all.

A few minutes later we were heading into our theater, which was one of the larger ones at that particular cineplex. The seats in the center section were pretty full, so we made our way to the middle of the theater and chose a couple of seats off to the side a few seats off the aisle. The were some people a couple rows in front of us and a few more several rows back, but we mostly had the side aisle to our self despite a fairly full center section.

The theater lights were still blazing away, but unlike last time I didn't feel near as nervous and again didn't notice any negative reactions. As far as the rest of the theater was concerned it was just two young women enjoying a night out. My wife and I whispered back and forth and ate a little popcorn and soon enough the lights were dimming and the previews were rolling.

Once the lights were out a comfortable calmness descended over me. It was like a break in the action and I felt really good about how things had gone so far. It was still only my second time out and there was still a good adrenaline kick associated with that.

This time, it seemed all the more heightened by a certain sexual tension between my wife and I. I could tell my being dressed up all soft and feminine was a huge turn on for her and it seemed like every time I glanced at her she was looking at me like a tiger looks at raw meat.

Shortly after the movie began I felt her hand begin to gently and sexually caress up and down my thigh. Occasionally her fingers would drift over closer to my groin as well. The feelings, particularly while sitting fully dressed in a fairly crowded theater were mind blowing and I had a hard time paying attention to the movie.

I had made a point of tucking myself back between my thighs, so there was really no way she could reach my unit unless she awkwardly stuffed her hand up my skirt, but I could feel myself responding to her touch. Soon my member was painfully hard and I was starting to be concerned whether I'd be able to stay tucked in when I eventually had to stand to leave the theater.

About two-thirds of the way through the show my obviously super aroused wife did something else that almost made me lose it. She had stopped her caressing and had seemingly been keeping her hands to herself. I could vaguely sense her fumbling around a little bit and she had motioned for me to keep the popcorn box, which I held on my lap.

Next she reached over and got our drink from her cup holder. She took a long sip and then I watched as she ran the middle finger of her left hand all around the top of the straw before handing the drink over to me. Without thinking, I put my pink lip-sticked lips to the straw and began to take a pull.

To my surprise, it wasn't only diet coke and I knew right away what she had done. Somehow she had managed to get some of her juices onto her finger and that's what she had smeared onto the straw. I was tasting my wife's arousal right there in the middle of a theater while dressed as her girlfriend. She was watching for my reaction and gave me a huge knowing grin when she saw my eyes go wide in recognition of what she had done.

After that I lost all concentration on the story. She put her right arm over the armrest and we began holding hands with no regards as to what anyone around us might have thought. At one point she even put her head on my shoulder for a minute and then gave me a soft peck on the cheek. I sorely wanted to turn to her for a full fledged lip to lip 'lesbian' kiss, but as worked up as I knew we both were I was afraid where it might lead.

Eventually the credits began to roll and we wasted no time making our way out of the theater. It was dark out now and the lobby was probably even more crowded than when we entered. Outside the skies had turned dark, but the parking lot was well lit. Once again my heart thrilled to the click, click, click of our sandals as we made our way across the parking lot to our car.

A part of me was excited about what lay ahead for the evening, but another part was equally thrilled that Stacy had once again managed to 'pass' in public, this time in a very feminine skirt and blouse. That feeling drove a strong inner glow and I knew for certain it was a feeling I would seek again and would not soon tire of.

Once in the relative safety of our car we immediately shared the kiss we had both been wanting for a couple of hours. I'm not sure my writing skill is up to the task of describing it even if I wanted to, but it remains one of the hottest most sensual kisses I can ever recall having with my wife. For all my nervousness before going out, I can calmly say by that point I really didn't care who saw the two 'women' kissing in the car or what they thought of it.

Eventually we paused for a breath and soon had straightened ourselves up. We hadn't heard any hoots or whistles so it seemed, no one bothered to notice our little makeout session. Although we had planned to go out for a drink and some food after the movie, neither of us were in any mood for that now and we headed straight home.

As we approached my wife said, "When we get there my love, head straight up to the bedroom but don't take off any of your outfit. I want to devour you and undress you piece by piece."

We made our way quickly through the house and up to the bedroom where I promptly perched myself on the end of the bed with my left knee crossed over my right in a most seductive and lady like pose. Although I was told to stay dressed my wife felt no such constraint and quickly pulled her blouse over her head, kicked off her heels and dropped her jeans.

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