tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGetting to Know My Neighbor Ch. 01

Getting to Know My Neighbor Ch. 01


This happened to me last night.

I live in a neighborhood in one of the suburbs of Rome. Olive trees in the backyard, space between the buildings. My bedroom is on the second floor, with a balcony. Beyond the olive trees, in the next yard, kitty-corner to my house, and at a lower level, lives a family with a daughter who has just graduated from high school.

Of course I have tried to observe her in her room, but I'm at an angle; all I can see is a corner of her room, which is where her desk and her computer monitor are. I've seen her sitting at her computer many times, usually with the lights off. That girl spends too much time in front of that screen, watching movies or TV shows. I'd never seen her watching porn.

She's a big girl, tall and solidly built, not slim, with full breasts, that much I have been able to see, but no more. I've spied with binoculars and a 50-power telescope, but only once did I catch her undressing in my angle of view, and only for a second or two, and just to bra and panties. I'd never seen her out on her balcony, though I'd seen the bra and panties on the family clothesline. I'd been observing her, just checking on her, really, for six months, since I'd moved in, but without much to show for it.

Now that school is out, she'd been away somewhere, but last night I saw that she was back. Her computer was on and she was seated in front of it. It was 1 a.m. and hot. She was wearing a nightie I'd never seen before. It was thin enough to reveal the curve of her breasts (of her right breast) against the bright square of the monitor.

I could see that her breasts were firm and fleshy, never mind if her waist was a little thick. I could see (through my scope) that she was on Facebook; and then something else: a porn clip! At last: she's growing up. The usual kind of thing: a black man, a young white woman sucking his long, snake-like cock, then getting penetrated from behind with her long hair held back tight in his right hand. Withdrawal for orgasm on her face and tits. I could see it all pretty clearly through my scope.

I should mention that I was ready for bed, and that I like to sleep naked. I had opened the sliding panel of my balcony door to spy, bracing my scope against the edge, and partially hiding behind the thin, white, floor-length inner curtain. Watching her watch porn and seeing the full, rounded shape of her breast through the fabric of her nightie was something new. I got a strong erection and started to masturbate, holding the scope as steady as I could with my left hand and concealing the right half of my body behind the curtain. The porn clip ended.

Did I mention that the night was hot? She suddenly came out onto her balcony, which was pretty dark. My balcony was dark too, but as my eyes adjusted I could see that there was light to see by -- and be seen by -- coming from streetlights and a few lit windows here and there.

Could my telescope be seen? I took it in and peeped around the panel. I doubted she saw me. I put my whole head out for a better view, exposing almost half of my naked body at the same time. I couldn't tell if she could see me or was even looking in my direction, but my heart started to beat hard. I exposed a bit more of myself. Then a breeze blew away the thin curtain I was hiding behind. Suddenly I was naked and erect and exposed, standing in the door of my balcony in the faint light.

I didn't move, but I saw her look around. I couldn't tell if she had seen me or not. I withdrew a little and started to masturbate again, hidden from view, but gradually I moved out into the dim light, slowly masturbating and looking at her dark figure on the balcony. Maybe the motion of my hand attracted her eye. She turned her head in my direction. I froze.

Could she see me or not? I started, very slowly, to move my hand up and down my cock again. I was looking right at her. I just couldn't tell how visible I was, but then someone turned on a bathroom light in a house across the way, and I could see that I had become a shade brighter. And my own eyes were adjusting to the dark, as hers must have been too. I felt I had night vision now and I could see her white nightie billowing in the breeze and outlining her body against the thin cotton fabric. I could see the fabric pressed against those full, ripe,18-year-old breasts.

A drop of liquid spilled out of the tip of me. I spread it over the length of my pounding erection, which shone in the low light. Now I could see that she was looking at me. I was slowly, very slowly, stroking myself. I had met her father one day while we were working in our adjacent gardens. Would she tell him? No: or I would report her for watching porn. And the porn scene must have turned her on anyway, and here was a man masturbating for her on a summer night, masturbating to her, because of her.

I gave myself up to it. I stroked myself more deliberately, openly, rhythmically. I realized that the dark had somehow turned to light for both of us. She held the railing with both hands, nonchalantly, but I could see her stealing glances my way. After a while she didn't pretend any more: she just turned her head and stared.

That made me want to perform. I stroked myself more provocatively, I cocked my hips, I leaned back and stroked myself shamelessly with long smooth strokes. I remembered the time I had exhibited myself to the neighbor's cleaning lady when I was thirteen years old; and to many girlfriends since.

I let my hands drop to my thighs so that my glistening cock just stuck straight up into the night air. I couldn't stop myself, though I knew what I was doing was a little perverted (A lot? Or not? Isn't exhibitionism part of daily life? Yes, but not like this, and I could probably be arrested, disgraced and deported). I couldn't tell what she was thinking, or what she would do, but she hadn't left, and I didn't care, I couldn't stop myself.

And then she showed me what she was thinking. Her left hand was holding the railing of her balcony, but her right hand suddenly reached under her nightie. And she started to touch herself, discreetly at first, and then openly, with rapid movements of her hand, though I could only see her arm moving like a sewing machine and the fabric at the front of her thighs dancing wildly.

That was more than I could stand. I matched her rhythm and gave myself up to what was to come. No more teasing, I was carried away by the wave building inside of me. The wave crashed. I made a groaning sound. Cum spurted out of me and onto my balcony. I saw her head snap back and a sudden convulsion shake her shoulders, and I heard a sound come from her like a deep grunt. Then she turned abruptly and went inside and closed the shutters. I was still shaking. I am still shaking as I write this. And I am awaiting tonight.

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