Getting to Know the Neighbours


"Come in Tim", she purred. "Let me show you through to our pool." She led me through the living room, swaying her hips sexily as she walked, letting me admire her shapely and naked asscheeks. I was shocked yet excited to see this otherwise demure and conservative housewife behave in such a slutty fashion. Fucking her would be easy, too easy almost. I hoped her daughter would be more of a challenge to my masculinity.

We arrived by the pool, eerily quiet as the pump was indeed broken. Gwen was unfortunately nowhere to be seen and Faye noticed my disappointment.

"Gwen is sleeping upstairs. But don't worry, she'll be down soon." she said poutily. "What do you need to fix the pump? Do you need some BIG tools or do you have one on you?" she asked, insisting on the word "big" while intently watching the bulge my massive semi-hard dong created in my pants.

"I think I just need to get it out first and have a look. I'll take my shirt off if you don't mind. I don't want it stained." With those words, I quickly lifted my tank top over my head, and threw it on the grass by the pool, letting the horny housewife admire my over-muscular 18 year-old upper body. She was particularly entranced by the size of my pecs, mountains of muscles sitting high and proud over my toned eight-pack abs. I inhaled deeply to broaden my already oversized teenage chest and she cooed with delight. "Probably should take my pants off too." I calmly said.

"Su..Sure." she stammered, transfixed by the sight in front of her. Slowly, I pulled my slacks down, revealing the speedos I wore earlier that day, filled to overcapacity by my immense genitals. "!" she muttered. Smirking to myself and brimming with overconfidence, I proceeded to lift the heavy pump out of its confines and positioned it on the tiled garden floor. "This thing must weigh a ton! How on earth did you pick it up so easily?" she exclaimed.

"Thanks to that!" I replied, while mightily flexing my arms in a bodybuilder pose. I also slightly bent my legs outwards and let my goose-egg-sized balls swing heavily in their massive package. My shaft was positioned sideways, reaching past my left hip, its monumental girth and length distending the fabric, eventhough I was nowhere near full hardness.

"Damn Timmy, I never knew a boy your age could be so strong! You are so...powerful and...masculine and...virile!" she blurted while slowly but surely approaching her hands towards my heaving pecs, feeling their hardness and definition. I let her touch my upper body, while changing poses to enhance each muscle she would gently rub with one hand, while her other hand was busy rubbing the front of her G-string. "My husband is away and..." she hesitated.

"You want me to fuck you with my huge teenage cock?" I finished. Her mouth opened wide in shock, then a sexy grin covered her face.

"You are so...manly and confident, and yes I do want to see this...GIANT cock of yours, I want to see if it's real!" I took her left hand and guided it my engorging dong.

"It is real Mrs Jones. Feel how it is filling up with blood as we speak?" She sat on her knees to be at eye-level with my beast, gently rubbing me through my speedos, weighing my gonads with one hand and holding my shaft at midpoint with the other while it expanded further, growing thicker inside her soft palm, until the head poked above the waistband. Faster than before, my shaft expanded, pushing my apple-sized cockhead past my navel, up the chorded muscles of my upper abs, until it reached its peak between my heaving pecs. My cock now stood vertically in all its fifteen inch rock-hard glory, distending the front of my speedos at the base. With trembling hands, Faye grabbed them by the sides and slowly pulled them down, revealing an inch or two more of my forearm-sized thickness, then my grotesquely obese batter-makers.

"OMG! I can't believe how huge you are! And your balls! They are the size of large oranges!" she exclaimed.

"That's because they've been busy today. The more I come, the more they swell." I responded, matter-of-factly.

"What do you mean? Your cock is rock-hard and you say you've already come today? How many times? I want you to tell me what kind of teenage super-stud you are, Timmy!"

"Well, let's see. I came ten times last night and Mum and sis blew me this morning when I woke up, then I fucked both of them, and finally I just gave Mayu two extra-thick loads. So that means I came fifteen times already in the last 24 hours. But don't worry, there's still plenty of juice left in those big boys of mine for you and.. your daughter." I answered, while grabbing my two gonads in both hands, slowly rolling the enormous orbs in my large palms while she cooed with delight and yanked on my ultra-hard crank.

"You can't fuck Gwen, she's going to get married!" she protested.

"Well, you're married Mrs Jones, and look at yourself, kneeling down in front of me, wanking my giant shaft with both hands!" I retorted.

"She won't let you! Take me but leave her pussy intact, I beg you, Timmy!"

"She will let me fuck her and she'll love it, just like the dozens of women and girls that have had the honor of getting ravished by my monster teenage cock." I calmly assured her. "Now, less talking and more sucking Mrs Jones!"

Without a word, and with her eyes trnasfixed on my giant drooling helmet, Faye tentatively licked a large glob of flowing pre-cum. Then, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and tried to engulf my knobhead. Teasing her, I backed away a few inches and her head hungrily followed my motion. I let her gobble up half of my glans and teased her once, before finally plunging my shaft forward deep into her mouth. The gargling sounds of her obstructed throats did not stop my assault as I repeatedly pummelled the back of her mouth with my massive piston. Foam was beginning to form at the corners of her mouth and she held my shaft at midpoint with both tiny hands for dear life while I continued to fuck her throat with 8 or so inches of pole-sized cock. After several minutes of this sumptuous blowjob, her jaw got tired and I let her catch her breath, while yanking my hardon over her upturned face, letting copious amounts of precum cover her countenance. She licked herself clean, and went back to work on my crank, furiously tugging at the distended skin while she attempted to swallow as much of my 15+inches of cockmeat as she could. Every now and then, she would literally blow me until she could not breath and I would finally let her inhale a large gulp of air before forcing her head back down on my demanding rod.

"Yeah, that's it! Suck it Mrs Jones and you'll be rewarded soon with a huge dose of sperm!" I encouraged. "Fuck, I'm getting close, I'm gonna fucking drown you in my cum, Mrs Jones! AAAH!" I bellowed as the first of many pellets of scum erupted from my tip, flooding her throat. More scalding jets followed, until her mouth was filled to the brim, her cheeks ballooning with the immense volume of spunk she was being forced to eat. Eventually, I removed my still-discharging dong, and a torrent of warm spunk poured from her gaping mouth, covering her chin in gooey cream until the amount was so much that it cascaded onto her heaving breasts in heavy dollops of cum. I added yet more batter to the continuously flowing rivers of gunk by discharging several volleys onto her mouth and chin. Finally, I aimed the remainder of my wads onto her upper face, plastering her forehead and gluing her eyes shut with my viscous discharge. Immediately, she scooped fingerfulls of cum from her face and tits and fed them into her hungry mouth.

"Now, look at you Mrs Jones, here you are, covered from head to toe in my cream, feasting yourself on my warm spunk! I bet you want me to stick this into your wet pussy now?" I inquired while waving my still-hard cock in front of her, letting the afterdregs of my mighty orgasm drip onto her shoulders and chest.

"Yes, please fuck me Timmy, I can't stand it!" she responded between gulps of sperm. Her left hand darted to her tiny G-string, pulling it aside, showing me her trimmed pussy as an urgent invitation to my rod.

"Now why would a happily married woman like yourself want that?" I teased her, slowly running my hands along my veiny shaft to maintain its rock-hardness.

"Because..." she hesitated. "Because you have the biggest godamm cock I've ever seen in my life. You put my husband to shame, I need you to make me feel like a woman again!" she blurted out.

Satisfied with her answer, I gently pulled her up with one hand, lifted her right leg above my muscular left forearm, then rubbed my aching pussy-wrecker on her puffy labia, teasing her some more until she begged me to put it in.

"Once I stick my giant teenage meat in you Mrs Jones, there is no coming back! You will never feel your husband's pencil-dick again and your pussy will belong to me!" I snarled, slapping my angry helmet against her pussy mound.

"I don't care, just fuck me Timmy, claim my pussy please!"

Her words of total submission excited me tremendously and caused my dick to engorge instantly with ounces of blood. Now hard as titanium, I was ready to impale my newly-converted cock slave and take her to heavenly bliss. Slowly, I pushed my helmet past her dripping cuntlips, until the full head was lodged inside, tightly wrapped by her distended pussy walls. At that stage, Faye yelled uncontrollably and I felt her squirting around my cock, her slimy womanly juices exploding onto my thickly-chorded thighs. Turning round, I noticed that Gwen had turned the lights on in her bedroom. Desperate to let her watch me ravish her bosomly mother, I lunged forward, bringing Mrs Jones to yet another mind-boggling orgasm. I pummelled her innards over and over again with ten inches of mega-cock while I observed the curvy shadow of Gwen walking up to her bedroom curtains.

"Oh, fuck me harder, take me Timmy! OMG, it's so fucking big!" she kept repeating while I ravished her cunt over and over again. I saw Gwen open the curtains and turned my head back, pretending I hadn't seen her. I lifted Faye up in my powerful arms and turned to face Gwen so that she would see her mother fiercely bouncing up and down on my log, yelling profanities from the sheer pleasure my pussy-wrecker was giving her. I made sure to let my biceps bulge obscenely as I used Faye's body like a rag doll, lifting her up a full twelve inches before letting her body fall back on my unbending rod time and time again.

"That's it Mrs Jones, you're taking a foot of the biggest, hardest cock in the world!" I said loudly, my manly voice easily carrying across Gwen's closed windows.

"Yes, YES, You're such a bull STUD!" yelled Mrs Jones in reply. Again, I was certain her daughter must have heard her and I redoubled my efforts, trying to fit even more inches up her pulverized and quivering pussy. I felt the back of her womb and she yelped in surprise and pain but soon enough, she begged for more, asking me to fuck her harder and harder. And that I did. I don't think I ever took a woman so violently than on this occasion. Faye's huge tits were swaying left and right, her whole body was trembling with each powerful thrust of my virile teenage cock. Every now and then, her pussy would squirt an unbelievable amount of cuntjuices all over my lower abdomen. For several minutes, I rammed my tireless dong without pause up her hungry snatch while I supported her body by the waist with my gripping hands.

"Mum, what on Earth are you doing? That's....just disgusting! What would dad say?" asked Gwen incredulously as she stood, arms crossed in her backyard in front of her naked mother stuffed with a foot of teenage monster cock. This took Faye by surprise, as she had not heard nor seen her daughter approaching us, her eyes semi-closed with bliss and her deep moans covering any other possible noise. For a moment, she stopped moaning, trying to compose herself. But I continued ploughing my demanding dong up her love canal and soon, a loud breath of pleasure escaped from her mouth.

"Forgive me Gwen, but Timmy's cock is just ssso good, I could not help myself!" she gave as an answer to her daughter's indignation. In order to really show the extent of her mother's orgasmic bliss, I slightly bent backwards and lifted Faye up, revealing ten inches of juice-coated ,forearm-thick cock to a bewildered Gwen. "See, Timmy is just hung like a stallion and he knows...shit SSSSO to fuck a woman properly... I am feeling like a woman for, oooh, the first time in my life, AAAH!" she finished, as her pussy squirted once more, splashing warm womanly slosh on the grass in front of her daughter standing five feet away.

"Why don't you give it a try Gwen, before you get married and never have the chance of experiencing a real man's cock?" I asked her boldly.

"WHAT? Who the fuck do you think you are Timmy? My man big for starters and...he..." her voice trailed off as I removed my entire cock from Faye's dilated pussy, letting her admire the whole length and girth of it, dripping with her mother's juices.

"Yeah? As big as this?" I continued, straining the muscles at the base of my cock and letting it stand as high and mighty as humanly possible, reaching all the way to her mother's shoulder.

", of course, but..." she replied meekly.

"Does he come as much as this?" I cut her as my dick quivered, ready for release. Suddenly, a giant pellet of thick sperm exploded form my tip, painting white Faye's hair and back. A second urgent rope, even larger than the first one flew past my head but left a massive trail of goo once again on Faye.

"Stop it Timmy, that's just...gross! OMG, there's so much of it!" she blurted as further wads erupted in quick succession, covering her mother's back almost entirely with unending streams of goo. I quickly dropped a semi-conscious Faye to the ground and continued plastering her body with voluminous salvo after voluminous salvo of my potent juice.

"Fuck, how do you do that?" inquired a mesmerized Gwen, while her mother was being showered with scalding teenage spunk.

"Fuck yeah! Shit, there's more coming!" I kept repeating as my orgasm would not subside, despite the already superhuman volume of gunk I had ejaculated. I came all over Faye, covering her tits in an inch-thick layer of my cream, exploding over and over again until her face was a dripping white mess, huge strands yo-yoing from her chin as she fed handful after handful of cum to her mouth. Meanwhile, Gwen was petrified but her eyes were glued to the spectacular display my potent cum-cannon was delivering. Finally, after twenty mighty blasts, I spurted one final stream directly into Faye's mouth who gulped it down immediately, showing me her clean tongue, before saying:

"Timmy, you just came more than my hubby comes in a year and you fucked me raw. I can't take it anymore. Have your way with my daughter, I want her to know what it feels like before she marries that lousy fuck!"

"MUM! Don't' say that! I am not fucking Ti..." she did not manage to finish her sentence as I took her wrists in one mighty grip and fondled her breasts hungrily with my spare hand. My cock lurched with renewed vigour, vomiting after-dregs of come on her dress as I held her tight. She struggled a bit, trying to stop me but she was no match for my strength and I quickly tore her dress in one swift motion. I could see her panties were soaking wet, so despite her begging I lowered my cockhead and used it to push her panties aside while lunging forward.

"Stop it, Timmy, please, don't rape me!" she cried while I brutally pounded her pussy with half of my cock. "You're too big, you're tearing me in half!"

"That's the idea Gwen, and then you'll beg for more!" I retorted angrily as I pushed my dong further into the deep recesses of her aching cunt. Over and over again I deflowered her inner sanctum, claiming her as mine, pummelling her insides with every mighty thrust. Faye had meanwhile recovered and encouraged me to fuck her daughter harder and deeper. I obliged, never letting steam, plunging and re-plunging as fast as I could inside her daughter's quivering pussy. Gwen's screams became quieter and quieter and were slowly replaced by moans. Soon, they became moans of pleasure as I felt her spasming cunt lubricate my dong, until finally, just like her mother, Gwen squirted like a firehose. "That's it Gwen, what took you so long?" I laughed as her juices dripped in thick streams from her orgasming beaver.

"Shit, it's so good! Fuck you bastard, just keep fucking me, I can't take it anymore!" she babbled incomprehensively. While I continued pounding her senseless, I held her waist and turned her body around my pole so that she would be facing me, suspended horizontally in mid-air. Then I hammered away at an increasing pace, destroying her cunt with my bludgeon, knowing that her future husband would be unable to even feel her pussywalls after me. After several more squirting orgasms from her, I pulled out and proceeded to fuck Gwen doggy-style on the lawn.

"Yeah, fuck her good Timmy, stick your pud as far as you can inside her!" grunted Faye, while she kneaded her large breasts and frigged herself to oblivion, watching her daughter get the pounding of her life.

By that time, almost a full foot of my behemoth was pummelling away inside Gwen's tunnel, filthy froth covering her mound and asshole. I held her firm teenage bosom, caressing her sensuously while I furiously impaled her with my telephone-pole sized cock over and over again.

"Please fuck me again!" moaned Faye.

"No, come in me, Timmy!" retorted Gwen. The two buxom beauties were fighting over my cock and it made me glow with virile power.

"Faye, come over here and I'll plaster both your faces with my teenage cream!" I bellowed as I felt my third climax in a row approaching. The huge-titted mother staggered towards us and I removed my red-angry knob from Gwen's pussy with a loud plop. I immediately two-fisted my immense rod, precum splashing everywhere on Gwen's back and then her tits as she turned round, placing her heavenly face next to her mother's, mouth open and tongue pulled out in anxious anticipation of my cum deluge.

"Damn! YEAH!" I roared as the first scalding jet burst forth, loudly splashing on Gwen's neck. I angled my cock sideways so the same very wad would continue its journey on Faye's upturned tits. Then, I screamed in ecstasy as a second powerful wad exploded angrily, and still, it was so plentiful that it covered both my mother and daughter's faces. The next sprays were similarly voluminous and again, I alternated between the two cum-sluts. Soon, their faces were painted white with my sticky cream, their mouths overfilling, their eye lashes glued with extra-thick teenage spunk. Finally, they took matters into their own hands so to speak, manhandling my erupting dong with their tiny hands, fighting to receive as much cum as possible onto their already glazed countenances. One wad exploded just when my rod was aimed too high and it travelled easily ten feet away in a continuous stream, landing on the tiled patio, leaving a pool of semen the size of a dinner plate.

"Shit, there's so much come and it's your third load in a row!" beamed Faye, unable to understand how I could produce such a voluminous amount of baby juice. She squeezed my nuts as if to check their capacity and a huge missile of sperm rocketed out of my tip, plastering her big mammaries with an ounce of boycream. Again, she squeezed hard, coaxing further jets of red-hot gunk. Eventually, my giant gonads were empty and my oversized cum-cannon could muster no further eruptions. Still, there was several times the amount a normal man comes in a whole day left in my spermtube for Gwen to squeeze out by gently tugging on my deflating cock from the base to the tip, where several grape-sized dollops of warm sperm accumulated for over a minute before I was totally drained.

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