tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGF Kay and I got to Comic Con

GF Kay and I got to Comic Con


The two weeks after attending Kay's volleyball game were the most sex crazed of our relationship. Almost every morning and every evening we were having spontaneous sexual romps. In the kitchen, in the shower, in the living room, didn't matter. All one of us had to do was give a look or make a comment and we were at each other like a couple rabbits. Her last volleyball game of the season was the week after I went, I didn't attend that game but waited with anxious anticipation until she got home. We preceded to fuck for 3 hours straight as she told me in detail about the guys feeling her up during, before, and after the game.

I glanced up in a daze from bed to see her standing in front of the mirror. I admired her friendly face, blonde hair, her hourglass figure, her tight sides and trim waist, and of course her juicy round bouncy jiggling ass. It was almost mesmerizing watching it move back and forth in her thong panties. I continued to watch her as she walked, ass literally bouncing with each step, into the closet. She came out in her normal work outfit, a professional looking skirt, top, and jacket. That despite it's intention of being modest was betrayed that by the fact it struggled to do anything but cling to her fantastic rear. She looked over as she walked back in and saw I was awake.

"Hey there killer," she said smiling and purring as she walked over and gave me a kiss, "mmmm last night was fantastic" she whispered in my ear as she nibbled at it playfully.

"You were pretty good yourself," I said giving her butt a gentle squeeze. She yelped and smiled playfully slapping my hand away.

"Don't get me started!" she fake scolded, "I need to go to work, don't forget we have the comic-con this weekend so make sure you have clothes clean and we're ready to travel. I'm picking my costume up today." She said smiling and blowing me a kiss goodbye. I smiled, in that moment I recognized just how lucky of a guy I was.

I got to work like normal and sat at my desk. I was working hard to get through everything I had to so I could enjoy this weekend. Kay and I were both into sci fi and the super hero stuff, we always went to a comic-con at least every other year. I wasn't too flashy so didn't dress up too much but she tended to go over the top with her outfits. It was a busy day as always, around 1pm I got an e-mail from Kay's personal account with the title "Which do you think for this weekend?"

I opened the e-mail and saw 5 pictures attached of various outfits, the first 4 were pretty tame. One was samus, one a female hulk, a storm outfit, and a halo outfit...but the fifth was a Wonder Woman costume which caught my eye. It was a one piece looking outfit just like the one in the movie. A spaghetti strap top showing what looked to be a good amount of cleavage, and a skirt that showed a lot of leg. The view was only from the front but the skirt went in a V, coming lower in the center but then riding high on the hips. Then a set of 6 inch heels. It was fairly obvious it was meant to attract attention. I sat there suddenly getting turned on thinking of her in that Wonder Woman outfit. Knowing this new game we were playing thoughts started to go through my head about how much fun this weekend could be. In a moment of lust I quickly typed, "The Wonder Woman outfit...for sure!" and quickly hit send smiling to myself.

"Good choice" a voice behind me said

I spun around to see Greg standing there sipping a coffee and smiling.

"She'd look fantastic in that," he said smirking, "any special occasion?"

"Uh, we're just going to Comicon this weekend downtown," I said embarrassed that once again he was getting a view into our sex life.

"So I see everything is good between you two despite the other week?" he said smiling and sipping his coffee.

"Oh yeah, that was just her being drunk. She was just trying to not make a scene in public..."

"Ha! She didn't do a very good job of that, not that I'm complaining. You sure she isn't sleeping around or something? I mean if a guy touched my girl like that I'd be through the roof!"

"No! I trust her completely, she isn't doing anything. We don't keep anything from each other."

"Is that a fact?" he said smiling, "well good for you chief, anyway, I need you to run this downstairs." He handed me an envelope.

"Can't you take it down yourself?" I asked indignant.

"I could but that's why I have people underneath me, and as of my recent promotion that includes you, so chop chop" he said handing me the envelope.

I grunted and took it, walking away to him smiling still standing at my desk. I didn't look back as I walked away.

That night when I got home Kay greeted me with a smile, kiss, and promptly dropped to her knees and gave me the best blowjob I'd had in months. She told me she put the Wonder Woman outfit as an option in case I was thinking, like her, that the weekend might give us an opportunity to explore this new fantasy we had with anonymity of costumes to assist. But she refused to try the outfit on for me, saying it'd be a surprise when we got there.

The rest of the week flew by and Friday came, we drove downtown and got a hotel room. We went to bed early that night since it was going to be a long day Saturday. Saturday morning we got ready, me wearing a star wars t-shirt, jeans, and a backpack. I was looking over the layout of the conference waiting for Kay to come out of the bathroom. When the door open I instantly got a hard on. The costume was definitely more revealing than even in the picture. The skirt was shorter on her than the girl in the picture, it covered everything but the sides went so high it washing showing most of her thighs. She had a suggestive look as she walked out, then slowly spun around. My jaw hit the floor as the back instead of being a solid piece of material were individual pieces of material that were suppose to cover her ass. I say suppose because due to her large rear the bottom of the material barely came to the bottom of her round cheeks, just showing a hint of the crease between her thighs and buns. She then playfully lifted the skirt to show a pair of panties that weren't exactly a thong, but 90% there, with most of her ass laid bare.

"What do you think? Are you mad? I don't have to wear it" she said looking back with a mix of concern but anticipation

"I think you look fucking hot babe...I mean. You're going to attract attention for sure... are you okay with it?"

"I'm nervous but, yeah I think so, we just stick to the rules right? Just flirting and touching, no sex, no numbers...just that" she said looking to me for confirmation

"That's right" I said still staring at her ass, I got up and reached out almost absentmindedly to squeeze it. She quickly spun around

"No! Babe, if we're going to play no one is going to flirt with me with my bf right there. Just play like you're my friend or cousin for the day...then I'll take care of you tonight." She said coyly as she walked up and put her hands on my chest kissing me passionately.

"...you got it" I said unable to deny her and excited for the day ahead.

Keeping my hands off of her even on the elevator was tough, with her giggling and successfully playing defense as I tried to cop a feel. When the elevator opened she looked at me and said, "here we go" and walked out. The right side of the skirt bounced, then the left side bounced, then the right. As her ass bounced the skirt lifted up and down showing just that hint of each cheek underneath. We entered the main area, I was barely even paying attention to the conference my eyes were always near her seeing what was happening. As we walked around the first few hours I saw just about every guy do a double take as she walked past. A few guys pointed at her when she couldn't see and whispered to their buddies a few things. I watched as she bent over to read something at one of the stations exposing the bottom of her ass and a group of guys watching from a far clearly watching her, the one making a slapping motion with his hand to his buddy. I walked over to her, "you have some admirers over there." I said smiling, she casually glanced back.

"Think they like what they see?" she winked at me.

"Excuse me," we both turned around, it was the group of guys we had just seen, "can we get a picture?" he said addressing her.

"Oh sure, excuse me sir can you take our picture?" she asked me acting like we didn't know each other.

"Oh, uh sure" I said taking the guy's camera.

There were three to one side of her and two to the other. I could see the two guys beside her put their arms around her waist. They did various poses laughing and having a good time, their hands definitely got low on her back a few times and the one may barely at the top of her ass but nothing very inappropriate. After they left she walked close to me.

"Maybe I'm not as irresistible as we thought" she said giving a little pouty face.

"Nah, they're just nervous, trust me if they knew it was okay they'd cop a feel." I said giving her a wink.

We continued to explore, during the day a dozen or so people, guys and girls asked to get a picture with her. All didn't do anything very inappropriate, one guy dressed as Thor had his hand on her hip more than her waist, and she said one little chubby guy brushed his hand across her butt after they took a photo. I could tell she was a little disappointed, maybe not feeling as attractive as this morning.

As it turned to late afternoon people had started drinking, and becoming a little looser. Kay got a few wolf whistles when she passed and she decided to flirt a little heavier, giving a Hulk's arms generous squeezes when they were chatting. As she was chatting with the hulk 6 other guys came over and joined the convo. I wasn't involved but stood close. They were all dressed as various characters, one dressed as Superman stood particularly close to her, sometimes putting his hand on her back as they chatted, with her grabbing his arm every now and then. One of them took out a camera and asked someone to take a few pictures. They all lined up in two rows, the first kneeling in front, Kay in the center of the second row with two guys on each side putting their arms around each other. When she put her arm around Super man Kay purposefully gave his butt a little squeeze. He shot her a coy look, as they took pictures he moved his hand so it rested on the top of her ass over her skirt. They kept having different people in the group ask for pictures with their camera, as they did Superman's hand lowered to the center of Kay's round rump, gently rubbing her ass as they took pictures. Her skirt would raise and lower as his hand did exposing a little of her right cheek. After the pictures were taken Superman gestured toward a bar area they had setup nearby. She nodded smiling and gesturing toward me, with Superman's hand still planted on the center of her firm backside. She turned to walk toward me, all 6 guys promptly turned to watch her walk away clearly checking her out.

"Hey babe," she said reaching me giving me a sexy smile, "did you see that?"

"I did, looks like you have an admirer"

"Yeah, I took your advice, just showed him it was okay. He has a cute butt anyway, " she playfully said teasing me, "he asked if I wanted to go to that bar with them, I asked if my friend could come. You want to come over?"

"Sure, let me buy this shirt and I'll be right over" I was anxious with anticipation

"I love you," she said giving my arm a subtle squeeze as the guys were still watching. She turned to walk toward them, I took the opportunity to admire her ass yet again. As I waited for the clerk to run my transaction I saw her standing with them waiting in line to enter the bar. As they stood there I noticed someone in a full Batman costume walk behind them. My dick harded a little as I saw him reach under and give her tush a little pinch right where the bottom of her cheek was hanging out, then he kept walking. She jumped pretty high and whirled her head around seeing the guy walking away. He just kept walking away. Superman than grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bar.

I walked over and found them standing at a table, it was pretty crowded, there was a spot directly across from Kay so I stood there. She introduced me around the group as her friend from college. The guys seemed nice enough, I chatted with the other 5 while Superman continued to flirt with Kay. He was saying something to her to make her laugh but was keeping his hands to himself. Suddenly I saw her stiffen and her eyes darted to me. I looked behind her and the Batman guy had just walked behind her again. Superman asked if anything was wrong, to which she responded no.

They went back to talking, I saw Batman coming back from the bar where he just was, he again tried to squeeze past our table, walking behind Kay, he seemed to pause of a second behind her and her eyes got big again, darting to me again. Then he continued on. A few minutes passed and I saw him coming back again. I excused myself saying I had to go to the bathroom. I walked to an angle where I could see behind Kay.

As she talked to Superman and Batman passed behind her I saw Batman run his hand over her ass then press his crotch gently between her cheeks before continuing to walk on. Now she was getting attention...

When I got back from the bathroom she was standing by herself.

"What happened?" I asked her

"Superman tried to get me to go to his room, when I said no he got upset and left. But babe, have you seen that Batman guy around?"

"Yeah, I saw him give your tush a little pinch earlier,"

"yeah, well he's been walking behind him every few minutes since we got here. He keeps pressing his crotch into my ass and running his hands over it every time he passes. He keeps getting more overt too." Just as she said this he came around the corner and went to squeeze behind her. She saw out of the corner of her eye, and bit her lip at me in anticipation. She stiffened some when he was behind her, then jerked forward a little and let out a little moan. Her mouth dropped in shock and she looked toward him as he passed. He just smirked and kept walking.

"Babe, he just like, thrust his crotch into my ass when he passed"

That feeling of getting turned on but jealous at the same time returned to me.

"Oh...he must like you," I said trying not to show my anxiousness

We stood there and talked for a few minutes, with her complaining about how pissed the Superman guy was for awhile. When I saw him coming out of the corner of my eye toward the bar. I whispered to her he was coming. She looked back as he was walking up, she bent over the table slightly toward me and stuck her butt out some. Then looked at me and winked. I couldn't see everything because the table was a little high but I clearly saw him run his hand over her bum then put a hand on each hip and position himself behind her. She jerked again probably from another thrust, she gasped a little and stood up straight as he still held her hips. He whispered something in her ear to which she smiled and responded, "sure."

She then gulped down her drink and told me, "I'll see ya in a bit." As he still held her, then turned to walk toward the bar. I watched after them, his arm moving around her waist, hand on her hip, still whispering something in her ear. He then brought his hand down just under the bottom of her skirt and clearly squeezed her bare ass cheek as they walked. I was in full jealous and turned on mode now as he felt up her bare booty. When she didn't protest he started rubbing her left ass cheek under her skirt causing it to raise up so I could clearly watch him dig his fingers into her meaty ass flesh. Her hips were swinging exaggerated egging him on, he stopped groping her ass when they got to the bar only to give her a playful swat on the rear and position himself behind her as she bent over a tad to order something from the bartender.

I saw him stand behind her holding her around her waist after he raised her skirt so her bare ass was pressing against his spandex Batman costume. Her ass cheeks spread at the sides as he pressed his crotch into her. They stood there like that and did two shots each before walking toward the dance floor.

They danced for almost a half hour straight, starting off they were separated some dancing to the fast pace music. Then as time went on they got closer and closer, soon she was straddling his thigh as he pulled her into him by palming her ass. Then a slow song would come on, her skirt would be bunched up at her waist as he cupped her bum playing with it the whole time while he whispered and kissed her neck. As they danced she'd look over at me and smile seeing me watching, then she turned and stuck her ass into his groin and began grinding into him. They danced like that forever with his hands around her pulling her in, he was so hard you could see his erection through the spandex as his fairly large dock was nestled between her ass which massaged it as they grinded to the beat.

Finally they began to walk off the dance floor but instead of coming back they walked over to a series of chairs near a dark corner. I watched from afar getting nervous as he sat down first and then she sat on his lap instead of on the chair beside him. She seemed to be shaking her head no and they were talking a lot. Then he seemed to suggest something different, she glanced my way looking nervous but then nodded yes. He smiled, he settled in and then lifted her skirt from behind, she sat square on his lap arching her back so her ass on full display then she began moving back and forth as he pushed on either side of her large globes of ass. I wasn't sure what was going on but she looked nervous, they kept this up for 5 minutes straight then he flung his head back and patted her hip smiling. They then talked for a bit then got up and walked toward me.

I stiffened as I was nervous about what just happened but tried to hide my erection at the same time. When they walked up they stood across the table from me.

"Hey cuz!" she said clearly letting me know that's who I was suppose to be, "you know Batman. We were just dancing some sorry was gone so long..."

"Yeah sorry mate," Batman spoke, in what almost sounded like a forced Australian accent like he was trying to change his voice, "but once I got my hands on this..." *SMACK* he smacked her ass so hard I could see her skin ripple even from the front, "amazing ass I couldn't take my hands off it." I could see her skirt material moving around as he undoubtedly rubbed her backside. She had jumped when he spanked her but allowed him to grope her as I stood, flashing a brief smile as he complimented her assets.

"Why don't we go up to my place...we can do that last little bit again, clothes off..." Batman said to her in a whisper but just loud enough so I could hear and kissed her neck. She recoiled a tad at the kisses and the statement.

"No, I told you I have a boyfriend...in fact I think we should be going. Don't you?" she said looking at me as she tried fending him off.

"Um, yeah yeah we probably should" I barely was able to get out as I watched him kiss her neck and shoulders as he felt her body

"Ohhhh...that's too bad, here I'll walk you to the elevators." Batman said sliding his arm around her and lead her away.

I followed them out of the bar as he had his arm around her still chatting away as his hand took a firm grip on her asscheek as it jumped and jiggled with each step.

At the elevator she turned and gave him a long hug kissing his cheek and giggling as he tried to turn his head to kiss her on the lips.

"My boyfriend wouldn't like it if I kissed you!" she said giggling and playfully swatting his chest

"He probably wouldn't like where my hands are either but that doesn't seem to bother you..." he said trying to kiss her again, the comment was accentuated as he cupped each ass cheek in his hand and squeezed it's juicy flesh as hard as he could as she squealed.

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