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Ghost Romp


I was just sitting in my dorm room just thinking about things like my ex, my family, school and all the other bull shit a 19 year freshman thinks about in college. I lay on my purple quilted twin bed with the soft quilted padding listening to Panic at the Disco's New Perspective. "Let's fast forward to when u go down on me". I'm a sexy looking 5ft 8 African American woman with Double Ds and wide hips that make every man swoon as I walk by. It was unbelievable that I did not have a date this hallow eve." Why is it that I'm always dateless on holidays," I say as I screamed to the white cement ceiling of my dorm room.

My roommate was going to be gone for the weekend because she was staying with her boyfriend's. Tonight they were going to the campus Halloween party dressed as salt and pepper. Not the singing group which would have been way better but they were going to be dressed as salt and pepper shakers. Lame isn't it? Don't get me wrong though, I love my roommate to death and by the looks of it men do to. She is Caucasian with long blonde hair, double d tits and also very pretty, smart and also popular. If she had black hair she would give Megan Fox a run for her money. But her boyfriend was one of the sexiest guys I ever met. He had gorgeous blue eyes, a nice muscular body, wavy dark hair and this sexy ass deep voice. Many nights when my roommate was sleep or alone I would stoke my clit vigoursly imagining he was pounding my ass from the back doggy style and him eating me out. Whatever my nasty mind imagined that would bring me to orgasm. I love those two dearly but when they started talking baby talk and ogling each other I was gone. I will not sit there and watch those two dummies, so I silently left the room unnoticed.

Sighing, I think back to what my roommate told me three hours ago. Jen make sure u light a red candle and put it on your nightstand. Why the hell for? Don't tell me you haven't heard the story of Cameron Michaels? Don't tell me this is a ghost story I should hauntingly be aware of? Just listen. Ok go ahead. 5 years ago on Halloween this insanely hot guy that was the star player on the tennis team got into an accident on Halloween night. He was speeding on the highway about to go to this off campus Halloween party when he collided with this drunk driver and he died instantly from the impact. Rumor has it, he was going to propose to his lover, others say he was going to pick up a package of ecstasy and bring it to the party. To this day no one knows the real reason why he was speeding.

Ok so how does this red candle tradition come in to play? They say on Halloween night he comes into a beautiful girl's room, makes love to her and leaves. It's not necessarily a bad thing but I wish he would pay me a visit. Girls leave their candle lit so he will actually come to their room. The red candle symbolizes the night he died. See you, I'm off. As she leaves I think how it would be nice if I had someone to actually fuck right now because I am quite horny now. I take a shower with my favorite body wash from Victoria secret and soap up my body quite nicely. I open my legs and start caressing the outer lips of my clit. Mmmm. This feels so good. I imagine my hot history professor and how bad I want to seduce him. I rub faster and harder applying more pleasure as I get more aroused. FUUUUUUUCK! I screamed as I creamed in my hand. My pussy juice mixing with the soap of my bubble bath. I towel dry and find a pair of jeans and a low cut purple blouse that shows off my Double Ds. My clock said 8:00 pm. Might as well walk to Walgreens and pick up some snacks. Especially my favorite candy corn.

I make the short walk down the street through the crisp cold October wind. I see a red candle on a table display so I grabbed one along with my snacks and make my way to the cashier. She ran my purchase up and then I was walking back to my dorm room again. When I get to my room I put in the first twilight movie and start eating my popcorn balls and candy corn. Then I suddenly fell asleep... I wake up and my clock says 2:00 am. I try to fall back asleep but then I feel this cold chill rip through the air. The red candle suddenly goes out. I try to get comfortable and next I feel something graze my chest. Then my covers pull themselves up so I looked back and I looked up and saw this hot sexy stranger leaning over my bed. Most people would scream their asses off but for some reason I didn't feel the need to. He is white and looks 5ft 10 and has these gorgeous brown eyes that look like that they can see right through me. I sit up in my bed and ask well are you going to just stare at me all night or are we going to fuck?

As I lift my camisole above my head he looks at my cleavage then reaches behind my back and removes the bra hook. He tosses my bra onto the floor and suddenly puts my left nipple in his mouth. MMmmm. AAaaaah. I moan as he swirls my nipple in his mouth. He sucks rapidly and bites it teasing me wonderfully. I can feel my thong getting soaked with my juices. He senses my need and pulls off my pj pants but leaves my thong on. He puts my right nipple in his mouth and pinches my left one. OOOh fuck. I can feel my thong get even wetter.. He trails kisses down my stomach and stops till he gets to my thong. He massages my clit through the thin fabric making me moan even more. AaaaaaaaH fuck. Oh fuck fuck me please put a finger in babe, I said. He smiles up at me and moves my thong a little and stuffs three fingers inside my pussy. Oh YES!!! OH YES! Fuck yes! I screamed as he thrust his fingers in and out of my pussy. I'm bout to cum on his fingers but he suddenly removes them. He takes off his pants and boxers and I see this 12 inch dick pop out. It's hard and throbbing. I take it in my mouth and start bobbing back and forth using my tongue and the back of my throat.

I swirl his hard length around on my tongue. Mmm he moans as I look up at him and he is looking up with his eyes closed. I play with his balls then I suck on them for a little bit. I put his dick in again as my full lips accept him in to my warm awaiting mouth. I continue my sweet torture then I sense he is about to come so I take his dick out and get off my bed. Then I lean forward down so he can take me doggy style. He thrusts his hard pole into my pussy and thrusts hard pounding me in to a pulp. Oh God, Oh Shit. Don't stop. So he continued his assault on me going harder and faster... I'm bout to cum again but then he thrusts his dick into my butt. FUUUUUUCK I screamed as he assaults my second hole. While he is pounding me he massages my clit and fingers me super good. My juice over flows and over his hands. He takes it out again... And then proceeds to screw me in the missionary position. We both begin to match each other's rhythm as both of us are reaching ecstasy...

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmn!, I holler. He takes it out and pumps his cum all over my body. The first spray hits my lips and I lick at it eagerly. The second spray gets on my tits. Then it hits my stomach and lastly my legs. It was unbelievably the best fuck I ever had. I taste my pussy juices and let him suck off the rest that's on my fingers. He gets in bed with me and then we both fall asleep. The next morning I wake up and remembered the romp from last night and I look and he is nowhere in sight., I look disappointed but then I see next to the candle a note... See u next Halloween—Cameron Michaels...

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