tagNonHumanGhostly Encounter Ch. 05

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 05


It seemed like forever until they came back. I had managed to find a way of relaxing enough and in a certain position so that the rolling pin wouldn't move too much, but it always seemed to know when I was comfortable and it would move slightly. I had got to the edge so many times and had to force myself to try and forget about it.

Edward was the first to survey my pussy, letting his hands run down my inner thighs and commenting on what a good girl I was by not climaxing.

"Mm you have been a good girl haven't you, you haven't cum yet but I bet your really wanting to now aren't you my little whore."

I just lay there waiting for what was going to happen next, nothing did for a minute or two, then all of a sudden a sharp slap hit me across my face.

"Answer me you slut," growled Edward.

"Yes I am, I want to cum," I replied almost in shock.

"I don't think that is a good enough answer do you Albert?"

I heard a mumble from the other side of the bed.

I lay and thought for a second and then replied a second time.

"Please Sir Edward and Sir Albert, please let me cum, for you both."

I felt them both get up from the bed "If you want to cum, then cum, we are not going to do anything to you, we are just going to stand here and watch you squirm and wriggle."

I was shocked at this, but I began to wiggle my ass and I could feel my intruder doing its work I wasn't far from the edge of an almighty climax when Edward pulled the rolling pin out of my ass with force, I would have thought it would have sent me over the edge, but it didn't.

"Now climax slut," Edward said with an evil laugh.

I had no idea how I would reach the point of climax without any thing inside of me, but then I remembered an excise I did after having my child, I clenched the walls of my pussy together and then relaxed, I did this over and over and to my and my Sir's amazement, I came hard.

Albert wasted no time, he was right on my pussy, licking and sucking up all my juices that came flowing out and again he let his tongue flick over my clit each time.

Edward had come to the top of the bed and was kissing me deeply again, he withdrew from the kiss and said with an excited voice "you make a really good sex slave you know that my little slut, I think we shall use you more and more in the next few weeks".

I had no idea what else they could do to me after today, but knowing Edward, he would soon come up with something.

After Albert had finished licking all my juices up from my pussy, they both sat back down on the bed, one either side of me and just ran their hands up and down my body, I started to relax a little and almost feel asleep. I was so tired after all their attentions on me that day, it had been more than I had had in a very long time. My husband was getting old and his sex drive had fallen so far, I was lucky if he paid me any sexual attention once a month. It felt like Edward had almost answered my wishes and had come to me just at the point where I thought I wasn't attractive any more.

I closed my eyes and let the feeling of fulfilment wash over me.

My pussy and ass were sore form the days events, my nipples felt like they had dropped off, the clips still on them.

I thought at last I could relax and finally be free of the restraints, nothing prepared me for what was to follow.

I felt another set of hands slowly and gently running up my legs, nothing like Edward or Albert's hand, these hands felt feminine.

Had they brought someone else with them this time, a woman?

Edward and Albert didn't say a word as the hands reached my pussy lips, a hand slowly cupped my pussy and was gently rubbing it as another hand reached underneath and worked circles on my ass.

I gasped in horror as the hands worked on me, a slim finger inserted into my ass and one into my pussy.

I heard the woman speak for the first time.

"Oh my, what have you done to this poor girl, she is so stretched and sore, don't worry my dear, I shall make everything better, you shall see."

She slowly moved her fingers in me, her lips met my pussy lips and she gently kissed them, like kissing a mouth, her tongue gently licked at my clit like she was French kissing my pussy, I felt a wave of warmth come over me as she inserted another finger into both holes, I let out a moan of pleasure, that's when she bit down on my clit, I cried out in unexpected pain.

"Just because I am pleasuring you now, doesn't mean you are aloud to make any sound or movements, just remember who you are and what you are."

My clit was throbbing, I thought she must have bitten it so hard and had drawn blood but she continued to lick and finger me, I felt yet another climax building, and once again, as I was on the edge, all pleasure stopped. She took out her fingers from my pussy and waved them underneath my nose, she then placed them onto my lips and pushed hard "Suck on my fingers you filthy whore, suck them and taste yourself".

I opened my mouth slightly and she pushed her fingers in so far, they made me gag.

That was the first time I had ever tasted myself, it was rather sweet and tasted a little like Cherries (I had eaten a whole batch of cherries the day before).

I sucked her fingers until all my taste had gone from them.

I felt both Edward and Albert's weight leave the bed, they where finally untying me.

At last I thought it was all over, until...

"get off the bed slut", Edward said pulling at my clip on my right nipple.

I stood up and nearly fell again, Edward held me up only by my nipple clips, I had 2 choices, either stand, or have my nipples pulled to such and extent that they would never feel the same again.

" Now get on top of Albert, easy now, he has a present for you."

I went to get on the bed facing the head, but was soon pushed and pulled around the other way, they wanted me to sit on his the wrong way around, Edward told me to put my legs on either side of Albert and to lower myself down slowly. I did as I was told and soon felt a large cock pushing at my pussy, I lowered myself down slowly onto Albert's cock, it must have been at least 2-3 inches around and at least 14 inches long, I felt full as soon as he entered me, my pussy only made it about halfway down when I stopped.

Edward pushed me down by my shoulders and I felt myself going further onto this massive beast, I tried to lift myself off it, but I was soon met with a slap around the face and pushed down harder. I had finally made it all the way onto this impaler, I thought that I would burst with the fullness, but as I got used to his size, he started to pump his his, causing me to go into convulsions as soon as he started, my whole body jerked wildly as I came, I pushed myself down harder onto his cock as I climaxed.

I was told to take his cock out of my pussy and slowly sit back down with it pushed against my ass, once I was there, I was to lean backward against Albert's chest.

I did as I was told and slowly raised and lowered myself again, this time his beast of a member pressed against my ass, it entered with ease to my surprise.

I slowly laid back and wiggled a little just to get used to his size in my ass. I felt Edward move onto the bed and he rubbed his cock against my pussy lips, slowly letting it run across my clit he then put it to the entrance of my pussy and started pushing, I thought that there was no way he would get in me as well, but he got the head of his cock into me, then leant forward and grabbed my shoulders.

With that he pulled himself into me hard and fast, I let out a scream in pain, there was no pleasure this time. He didn't stop, he just kept plunging deeper and deeper into me, Albert was still, but the sheer size of him in my ass hurt like hell as Edward didn't quit is torture on my pussy for a second.

Thrust after thrust came, faster and harder now, he stopped for a second, only to take off my blindfold. "I want to see your eyes while I pump your sweet pussy, I want to see the tears in your eyes, I want to see that pleading", he said as he ripped off the blindfold and looked into my eyes as they where blinking getting used to the sudden shock of the light.

I looked up at him, the expression on his face one of which I had never seen before, it was evil.

He once again grabbed my shoulders and started to thrust in and out of me, the tears in my eyes growing more and more, my screams now muffled by Albert's hand, his other was squeezing my breast hard.

I said the safety word "Cream", but neither of them heard me from the muffles under Albert's hand, I didn't want this any more, I kept saying the word over and over again, but they where too carried away with what they where doing.

Albert was now slowly moving his hips, causing his huge cock to move in my ass, I screamed at the top of my lungs "Cream", this time they heard me and stopped.

"I promise you, its nearly over," Said Edward out of breath, "I am almost to the edge, I am not going to take any notice of your cries at the moment, I am sure you want this over as quickly as it came be"

"No, I want it over now, I said the word, you have to stop"

I was ignored, Albert placed his hand over my mouth once more and Edward continued thrusting, his pressure harder and faster than before. I screamed under Albert's hand "Oh God, please help me."

Edward just laughed and looked down at me and said while he was cuming "There is no God."

I saw his eyes turn red when he said this, he opened his mouth and laughed evilly, there where teeth as sharp as razor's, I looked down at Albert's hand on my breast and it was scaled, like an alligator, but it was red, I turned my head a little and saw that he was not a ghost of human at all, but a demon.

I saw the woman at the end of the bed, she looked normal, until she turned around, she had snake skin all over her back.

She looked at me with a huge smile and introduced herself "I am Lilith, First wife of Adam, now betrothed to Lucifer. So you see, we know there is no God of whom you speak, your thoughts are evil and you shall come with us down to hell and be there for all eternity, with us. You will be our play toy, nothing you say or do will ever stop our attentions on you. You will endure us for ever. But we are not ready for you yet, you need to learn respect for your Master's and others that wish to use you in the same way we have today. I am sure you will soon learn the lessons that you shall be taught. We have already decided how you will die, you will die by the means of sexual play, that will bring you to us ready and in he right frame of mind for your endless torture with us. There are many of us, so you will never be left alone for a second, sometimes you many just have one with you, but there could be as many as a hundred trying to taste you, lick you, fuck you with anything they like. You will hate some of it, but there will be much pleasure of you and for you. You will have no chance to rest or relax, as in one way or another, you will have something in you, be it in you mouth, your pussy or your ass."

I cried aloud for the longest time, I couldn't believe this was happening.

I heard my name being called over and over again, and I was being shaken by something, the evil laughs where slowly disappearing now and I awoke to Edward holding me in his arm's. The rolling pin still in my ass, my arms now untied but my legs still in place. I had fallen asleep and had dreamt it all.

I told Edward of the dream and he took my blind fold off so that I may look into his eyes and so that I may see Albert. "You see my sweet, I am no demon, and Albert is not one either, he was just burnt in a fire and is appearance is not one that I would have wanted you to see."

Albert slowly reached down and gently took the rolling pin out of its place, I looked down at him and slowly moved my hand over his burnt flesh, "Does it hurt?" I asked softly.

"Not any more, but I am too ashamed to show my face to pretty young girls like you, I am frightened that they will scream," he replied with a lisp and a whistle now and again.

I sat up straight and pulled him closer, I fixed my lips on what remained of his and kissed him.

"I think you look just fine Albert, don't be ashamed of who you are," I said with a smile.

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