tagNovels and NovellasGhosts of the Past Ch. 08

Ghosts of the Past Ch. 08


Dawn Estevez's heart pounded all the way home. My God...my husband is about to fulfill the only fantasy that has ever driven me to distraction... She glanced out the back window of their car to see that Rick's partner with the L.A.P.D., Officer Larry Wilson, was still following them.

She'd always thought Larry was a nice guy... even after Rick had told her that he and Larry had fucked a few women together. To look at Larry, you'd never suspect he was the type. He looked like the All-American, clean-cut type. Blonde and blue-eyed with a charming, boyish grin... he was the complete opposite of her smoldering Latin lover, her husband Enrique.

By the time they pulled into the driveway at their house, she was fairly panting with excitement. She looked at Rick and saw the trepidation in his eyes. She frowned. "Rick... if this is going to cause problems between us or between you and Larry..."

Rick smiled slightly. "No, Angel... I trust you... but I am a little worried about Larry. Once he knows just how sexy and erotic you are, I hope he'll still be able to control himself around you!"

Dawn smiled. "Maybe now would be a good time to tell me how you expect me to conduct myself with Larry, so I don't do anything to upset you."

Rick sobered for a moment. "I want your focus to remain on me. Larry is here strictly for your pleasure and I will tell both you and he what you can do. He cannot touch you and you cannot touch him unless I give my permission. Sólo con mi permiso. ¿Entiendes?" he asked firmly with his hand cupping her cheek.

"Sí, mi amor... yo entiendo!" she whispered and was rewarded with a quick, hard kiss.


"Go ahead, partner... touch her breasts! I know you've been dying to ever since we undressed her!" Rick said silkily as Dawn stared at him nervously.

She was standing between the two men, facing her husband, staring into his eyes. Nervousness was slowly being replaced by desire. Her right hand was locked around Rick's hot, hard cock and she could feel Larry's long, slender cock wedged at her lower back and ass. She inhaled sharply when she felt a strange pair of hands slide up her abdomen to cup her full breasts.

Dawn gasped quietly when she felt Larry's cock twitch against her backside as his hands slowly and gently explored her breasts. She couldn't stop the moan that escaped her lips when her husband's partner lightly pinched her nipples with his thumbs and forefingers and rolled them gently. She involuntarily grasped Rick's cock tighter and pumped her hand back and forth.

Rick groaned softly. "Ohhhh... she must like what you're doing, partner. She's taking it out on my cock! Turn around, Angel. Doesn't she have the most beautiful nipples? Lean back on me, Angel, and let my partner get a good look at your beautiful breasts. Go ahead, Larry... I know you're dying to lick and suck my wife's nipples!"

Before he could even think about what he was doing, Larry Wilson bent down to lave his tongue on Dawn's breasts and then firmly sucked her nipples into his mouth. She moaned loudly and her back arched, forcing her pelvis against his. His cock was wedged between them, her soft pussy hair tickling his hard flesh. His dick twitched again and he felt a strange fluttering in the pit of his stomach... same as he'd felt once before several months ago... He was horny as hell... but his desire for his partner's wife was fast outweighing his lust for her.

Damn, Rick... I can't believe you're letting me go this far with your wife... It was one thing when we were pleasuring a strange woman that neither one of us had any claim on! But this is your wife... your sexy, erotic... angelic... wife...

Larry jerked suddenly and stood up straight, looking down at his slightly shorter partner. Rick's face was unreadable. But there were many emotions warring in his eyes. Love... desire... jealousy... lust... confusion... Then he looked at Dawn. Her eyes were closed but there was no mistaking the mask of pleasure on her face.

My heart is in danger here... but I don't care... I want to make love to this woman...

Rick stared at his partner's face. This isn't just about sex for you any more, is it partner? He saw the desire in Larry's eyes for his wife... He knew Larry's look of lust when he wanted to just fuck a woman... and that wasn't it... You want to make love to my wife...

"Partner... I have just one rule for you tonight. You can touch and kiss and take my wife's body any way you want... but you cannot kiss her lips. Only I am allowed to kiss my wife. Understood?"

Larry stared regretfully for a moment at Dawn's luscious lips, then he looked at his partner and nodded that he agreed. It was just as well...kissing was too intimate... he would surely lose his heart to her if he kissed her while making love to her...

Rick turned his wife in his arms so he could scoop her up and carry her to their bed. He waited while Larry pulled the bedspread and sheet back and then he leaned over and laid her on the middle of the bed. Both men lay down on either side of her. Rick leaned over his wife and kissed her deeply until she moaned in desire.

Larry reached out and caressed her breasts as he enviously watched his partner's wife passionately kissing her husband. Dawn arched and thrust her breasts toward his hand as she ardently kissed and clung to Rick. Did you react so to my touch or your husband's kiss...

She whimpered desperately and squirmed her hips. Larry watched as Rick trailed his left hand down his wife's flat abdomen to swirl his fingers in her dark brown curls before sliding them between her creamy thighs. Dawn immediately groaned deeply in her throat, spread her legs and thrust her hips against his hand.

Rick tore his lips away from hers to stare at her face. Her neck bent backward and her breasts arched upward as another loud moan escaped her lips. Rick looked over at his partner staring at his fingers delving into his wife's pussy. Rick reached up and took Larry's right hand from Dawn's breasts and moved it down until he curled his fingers into her soft, wet flesh and stroked her. Dawn moaned loudly and rolled her hips wantonly.

Larry couldn't hold back. He bent down and laved Dawn's right breast a few times, drew the hard peak into his mouth and fluttered his tongue on her lovely nipple. Rick circled her engorged clit with his middle finger and bent his head down to suck her left nipple between his lips and flutter his tongue on it.

Larry groaned when he felt her soft flesh convulse on his fingers. Dawn grasped the backs of both men's heads and cried out from an intense orgasm. Her hips rode their fingers while her husband and his partner sucked on her breasts. When her orgasm subsided, she released her grips on their hair.

Rick and Larry both lifted up to look at her face. Then they looked at each other and smiled.

"Damn, partner... that's the first time we've ever made a woman come in less than a minute!"

Rick grinned even wider. "That's my angel for you, partner! She's a very sensuous woman... very easy to please! If you want a real treat, now's the best time to taste her... while she's dripping from her orgasm! Go on, partner, take a taste of the sweetest pussy I've ever had!"

Larry sat up and moved down between Dawn's legs as she propped her feet up and spread wide open for him. He bit back a groan as he stared at the most inviting looking pussy he'd ever seen. Wet lips the color of pink rose petals surrounded by creamy flesh covered with soft, curly dark brown hair, dewy from their recent ministrations.

He bent down and inhaled her scent... sweet... intoxicating... and he could feel the heat radiating from her flesh. He exhaled heavily; his breath caressed the very core of her. She moaned softly and barely undulated her hips toward his mouth. Larry looked up and saw his partner staring at him with a mixture of lust and jealousy, but he nodded his head at him.

Larry snaked out his tongue and flicked her clit a few times as they stared each other down. Dawn moaned loudly and bucked her hips. Rick's eyelids lowered as his lust won out. Yeah, partner... you like watching me lick your wife's pretty pussy, huh? You told me I couldn't kiss her lips... but you didn't say I couldn't kiss these lips...

Larry closed his eyes and tilted his head to kiss Dawn's nether lips just like he would kiss her mouth. He softly nibbled both sets of her lips with his until she was whimpering and then he parted his lips and stroked his tongue into the sweet recesses. He swirled his tongue into her wet core and pretended that he was sparring with her soft tongue in an intimate, erotic kiss.

Dawn gave a guttural groan and grasped the head between her legs to thrust her flesh onto his velvety tongue as he invaded her deeply. She was on the verge of another climax. She exploded when she heard her husband's voice next to her ear.

"My partner likes your sweet pussy, Angel! He's tonguing you real good, isn't he? Lick her good, Larry. Lick up all my wife's sweet juices! There's plenty more to come!"

Between Dawn's screams, the throbbing of her flesh as it flowed with her sweet nectar and her husband's erotic encouragement, Larry Wilson suddenly found himself on the verge of an orgasm. He didn't want to just abandon Dawn in the middle of hers. He reached down with his right hand to grasp the base of his throbbing dick and squeeze just enough to stave off his impending orgasm.

Larry gradually withdrew from Dawn's dripping flesh. He lay still as he took several deep breaths and held onto his dick until the tingling in his balls receded. He looked up suddenly when he heard Rick chuckle. "It's not funny, partner! I very nearly lost it! Especially when you opened your mouth!"

Rick chuckled again and said, "Well, don't feel bad, partner. I nearly lost it, too, watching the pleasure on my sweet angel's face. Angel, I think poor Larry is going to have to come at least once before we can double-team you or he won't be able to make it last very long! So, how do you want to handle this?"

Dawn looked at Rick. "It's your decision. You decide how you want things to... go down." I'd really like to suck his cock...

Rick grinned slyly at his wife. I know what you want, Angel... "Larry... when was the last time you had a blowjob... a good one?"

Larry's eyebrows went up as he remembered watching the way Dawn had sucked Rick off in the coatroom earlier. "It's been a while, partner."

Rick looked down at Dawn and asked her seductively, "Angel... would like to suck my partner's cock while I take your sweet pussy from behind?"

A radiant smile curled Dawn's lips as she slowly nodded her head. She pulled Rick down for a quick, deep kiss and then sat up and moved onto her knees next to Larry as he lay across the foot of the bed. She examined his cock for a moment, marveling at the differences between his and her husband's.

Larry's cock was about an inch or so longer than Rick's six inches. But where Rick had a thick, dark mocha-colored shaft with a bulbous head, Larry's shaft was slender and reddish pink in color with a purplish flared tip. She reached out to tentatively stroke him and jumped when his cock twitched as he hissed through his teeth.

"It's OK, Angel... bend over and show my partner how good you are! Wrap your luscious lips around him and suck him good. You heard what he said, Angel... he hasn't had a good blowjob in a while! This will be a real treat for him!"

Larry moaned deeply. Dawn leaned down and swirled her tongue on his cockhead and then sucked a good portion of his shaft into her mouth, laving him with her tongue. She lollipopped his entire shaft until it was wet and then sucked him all the way into her mouth and throat. "Oh, God!" he groaned deeply as he strained to thrust his hips upward to meet her talented mouth.

Dawn backed off and moaned when Rick slowly slid his cock inside her from behind. "Does this feel good, Angel? Yes, it does. Show my partner how good my cock feels inside you, baby."

Dawn moaned even deeper as she slowly sucked Larry's cock all the way again. She also reached down with her left hand and massaged and slightly squeezed his balls. Larry's moan echoed hers as his hands clutched at the bed sheet next to his thighs.

"She's good, isn't she, partner? My wife is very talented when it comes to sex. That's why she deserves this one night of pure pleasure. Suck him, Angel. Suck his cock and make him come so we can work up to fulfilling your fantasy of being fucked by both of us! That's it, Angel, do him good! Don't hold back, Lar... I'm about to come, too. Watching my wife suck you while I fuck her is making me lose control! Ah, FUCK... suck him hard, Angel! Make him come!"

Larry yelled loudly, "Aaaaaaahhh...!!!" as his hips bucked a couple times. Dawn kept her lips wrapped around his cock as he erupted into her mouth. She groaned loudly as an intense orgasm ripped through her when Rick slammed into her as he came forcefully. She finally released Larry's cock and all three of them moaned in unison.

Dawn and Rick collapsed onto the bed next to Larry, Dawn still between them. Larry lifted up on his left elbow to look at her. His eyes traveled slowly down her body. Her face was plastered with a mixture of pleasure, satisfaction and still rampant need. Her breasts heaved and her soft, still flat abdomen moved as she dragged in deep breaths. Her pussy was drenched and her thighs were smeared. You are a sex goddess... An angelic sex goddess... I need to make love to you...

I see the need in your eyes, partner... Rick turned on his side toward his wife and nuzzled his lips on her ear. "Angel... look at Lar." She opened her eyes and glanced at him and then looked at his partner. "He wants to make love to you, Angel. Larry's never made love to a woman before. You're the first woman that he doesn't want to just fuck..."

Dawn looked back at her husband in confusion. "I can't make love to him... I love only you! You're the only man I can make love to!"

Rick's eyes burned at his wife. "I know, my Angel. That's why I'm going to lie right here beside you so you can pretend you're making love to me... OK?" She frowned hesitantly. "It's OK, Angel... I know this could get confusing for you, but this night is all about your pleasure. If Larry gives you pleasure while he's making love to you, it's OK for you to respond. It'll be the only way he'll finally understand what he's been missing out on! So, come on, partner... find out what it's like to really love a woman!" he said softly as he looked at his trusted friend.

Larry looked at her. She saw the desperate desire in his eyes... the same desire she was used to seeing in her husband's eyes. And yet his eyes were so different from Rick's deep, dark orbs... Larry's ocean blue eyes swam with passion and desire in their depths. Dawn's heart constricted with empathy. Oh, Larry... don't fall in love with me... my heart belongs only to my husband...

Her heart lurched when he whispered hoarsely, "Do you think you could pretend, Dawn... just once... pretend that you love me?"

Larry frowned slightly after he said that. I've heard that before...

Dawn swallowed hard and looked at her husband. Rick nodded and then leaned down to kiss her left shoulder. He whispered, "Go ahead, Angel... love both of us... just for tonight..." He lifted his head and stared at his wife. Yes, my love... kiss him and let him see how it feels to be loved...

Dawn reached up and pulled her husband down to kiss him deeply for a moment until he pulled back slowly and then nudged her toward his best friend and partner. She looked at Larry Wilson again and was suddenly nervous at what she saw. There was love that looked every bit as real and deep as what she saw in her husband's eyes.

Larry watched as if in a trance as she reached over and put her hand on his cheek and urged him to lean down and kiss her. Ever so slowly, he moved toward her until she was all he could see. He stopped a heartbeat away from touching his lips to hers. He stared into her wondering hazel eyes until she closed them and lifted her soft lips to his. His eyes fell closed as she gently explored his mouth with hers.

He never knew a kiss could be so sweet... so loving. He had always kissed women in a way that left them in no doubt of what he wanted from them. And it certainly wasn't love... Love didn't last. His mother had proven that to him when she up and ran out on his father and him and his two younger brothers after fifteen years of marriage.

All because she had ended up falling in love with his father's best friend because he was always there... and always flirting with her. Larry had never flirted with Dawn. She was off-limits... she was his best friend and police partner's wife. And he'd never really found her that alluring... until he saw her through Rick's eyes.

Sweet surrender... her lips were coaxing him to surrender to his heart. I know I've felt a kiss like this before... I just can't remember when... or who... I was too afraid before, but now... A deep groan rose from the depths of his soul as he parted her lips and begged for her soul to join with his... even though he knew she wouldn't. Her soul belonged to Rick.

Even so, she still kissed him back with all the tender passion that she was capable of with her husband right next to them... watching. Larry suddenly broke the kiss and lifted his face to stare at his best friend as he panted nervously from strong emotions that he could no longer control.

Rick looked at him with compassion. "It's OK, Lar... as long as you remember it's only for tonight. Love her, Lar. She's so easy to love..."

She'd be so easy to love... He'd thought that about some woman not too long ago... he just couldn't remember who...

Larry Wilson half groaned and half sobbed as he surrendered to his heart. He grabbed Dawn with both of his hands and hauled her body sideways against his as he wrapped his arms around her back. He crushed his mouth to hers in a deep kiss of desperation. Her body yielded against his. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her left leg slid over his right thigh, pressing their crotches together.

His cock was already hard and aching again and was trapped between them. He moaned in surprise when he felt her wriggling and adjusting her hips so that his cock slipped between her thighs. He lifted his head to look at her again. She stared at him with, what looked like passion and desire... he could almost pretend it was love... It was close enough. He rolled her onto her back as he moved over top of her.

Rick moved up to the head of the bed and leaned back to watch. Dawn glanced at him nervously. His eyes just burned at her. It's OK, Angel... I know your heart belongs only to me. But Larry needs this... he needs you... and I owe him that... I owe him my life...

Dawn closed her eyes briefly. I can do this... just pretend Larry is Rick... She looked at the man poised above her. She morphed his desperate blue eyes into her husband's dark, passionate gaze. His blonde hair was dyed a rich, dark brown. She was staring into the face of the man who owned her heart and soul. She pulled his face down to kiss him tenderly as his cock pressed against her, begging for entrance. She spread her thighs and welcomed him.

Heaven... Larry groaned deeply as he slowly thrust his tongue and his cock into the angel beneath him. Rick told me he felt like he was in heaven inside his wife... Now I know what he meant... She was a woman to be cherished and loved. She'd given her heart and soul only to the man she loved... and now she was sharing them with him because her husband asked her to. She is an angel... and she doesn't deserve to be used this way... He sighed. There goes my heart...

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