tagMind ControlGift From A God Ch. 05

Gift From A God Ch. 05


Carlos’ voice crawled out of the phone, heavy with sleep.

"Carlos, its Steve. Sorry I'm calling so early, but I needed to ask you something."

"No problem man. What's up?"

"Are you and Brandon doing anything today?"

"Not that I'm aware of," he said. "Why?"

"Can you meet me at Gameworks this afternoon, about four?"

"Ummmm....yeah I think so. I'll check with Brandon when he wakes up. I'm broke right now though, so I can't be spending any money."

"Oh, hey man, don't worry about it. It's all on me tonight. Everything."

"Alright, cool. What's the occasion?"

"Nothing special, I just felt like going out."

"Cool. I'll see you later then."

"I'll already be there by the time you guys show up so just ask the guy at the door for me, he'll send you up to my table."

"Your table? Okay, we'll be there."

I hung up and finished getting ready. I had a lot to take care of before four.

I arrived at Gameworks at about three o'clock. It's located in a rather crappy mall called Arizona Mills right near the border of Tempe and Phoenix. There were definitely nicer places I could have chosen but Mills was sort of our designated meet-up place on the times I didn't pick them up when we got together. Neither Carlos nor Brandon had a car.

We had all gone to school together, each of us for graphic design, and graduated about the same time. We got together to hang around every week or so. They were probably the closest friends I had in Arizona and I definitely wasn't going to leave them out of my good fortune. When I have the means, I'm very good to my friends.

There wasn't much of a line this early in the afternoon so, after handing my keys to the valet guy and getting my ticket, I only had to wait behind a few people before I got to the front desk. I could have jumped ahead but why be rude. I was in no rush.

"Welcome to Gameworks, what can I get for you." "I'd like three game cards with one hundred dollars a piece on them. Also I'm having some items delivered to me here in," I looked at my watch, "About twenty minutes, could you see that they are brought to my table in the restaurant upstairs?"

He gave me a brisk nod as I slid him my debit card. "Absolutely, sir. I'll bring them up as soon as they arrive."

"Thanks. Also, some friends of mine are going to be asking for me, my name is Stephen. Could you send them upstairs when they arrive?"

He gave me an odd look but agreed. “Sure thing, I’ll send ‘em up.”

“I appreciate it, thanks.”

He processed the transaction, handed me my game cards and my debit card, all of which I placed in my wallet and put back in my pocket. I looked around, scanning the game floor, assessing the quality of the women there. Not just any would do for tonight, so it was important. I turned to my right and began to walk upstairs to the restaurant area.

Gameworks, for those of you who may not be familiar with it, is an arcade/restaurant/bar. The main arcade with video games galore, is all located downstairs. The restaurant and bar are located upstairs and the food isn't too bad considering its glorified mall food. Still it's a full bar. The first few times you're there its fun, after that it sort of gets a little boring. They don't bring in enough new games to keep it interesting. It's reportedly part owned by Steven Spielberg, but I don't know for sure, nor have I ever cared to find out.

I continued my way upstairs and around the corner until I came to the hostess booth. That's where I found Katie. Katie was 18 and looked every inch the blossoming, red-headed knock-out. The shimmering flames of her curling hair burned a lush swath of crimson the color of dragons' breath nearly to her waist. Living emeralds blazed out at me from creamy pale skin dotted lightly with cinnamon freckles. She smelled heavily of lavender and soft places. The curve of her nose, the line of her jaw, the epicurean fullness of her lips, everything about her was porcelain perfection. How she managed such fair skin in Phoenix I never understood.

Her body was covered in the standard Gameworks uniform; Black pants, dark blue short-sleeved polo shirt with a Gameworks logo over the left breast, and black shoes. Despite the unflattering uniform you could easily see the generous female curves of her body. I don't remember her cup size, but it was definitely a good hand full. She would do nicely.

She eyed me up and down, no doubt taking in my new clothes and the high shine of my shoes. I'd been doing some shopping. I could have gone for something flashy, something that screamed money, but I went instead for a more subdued look, preferring a high-quality pair of black slacks and a light blue silk shirt that seemed to float above my skin without actually touching it, Italian leather shoes and a simple but elegant watch with an alligator skin band.

I was still sort of new to dressing really nice, but the guy at Saks said that it spoke of understated elegance. Like I didn't need to show off that I could afford the really pricey stuff. It seemed to be working so far. Katie certainly noticed.

{This guy is kind of cute. Ooo look at his eyes. I wonder what his hands feel like...}

I smiled inwardly. “You'll find out,” I said to myself.

"Hello," she said with practiced perkiness, "Just one today?"

"For now, but I'm expecting two other people." I looked her up and down slowly, letting her see me check her out and then met her eyes, studying her, until her cheeks burned scarlet and she looked away with a timid smile. Is there anything sexier then innocence? Well okay, it's a kind of tie between innocence and experience in a woman I guess.

"Ah. Would you um...prefer a booth or a table Mr…?" She gave me that shy smile again waiting to hear my name.

"Stephen. You can call me Stephen. Or Steve, that works too. And I'd like to sit in the closed off section over there that you keep reserved for parties. I'd like some privacy while I'm here." I motioned behind her, across the restaurant area to the other side where they had a partially walled in section with booths and a small bar.

Katie looked quickly behind her at the roped off section and then at me with disappointment. "I'm sorry, but that's for parties only, I can't seat you over there, I'd get in trouble. We have some areas back by the bar that are kind of private, will that be okay?"

"I'll tell you what Katie, I'll go have a seat over there and you can bring your manager out and we'll talk about it then."

"But...but..." She had a sort of panicked look on her face. She wanted to let me, but she knew she wasn't allowed.

*Relax sweetness. Go and get your boss and we'll get it sorted out.*

"Okay...I guess." She gave me an uncertain smile, handed me a menu, and told me she would be right back. She walked off to the left, and I walked to the right, across a walkway that crossed over the bottom floor and seated myself towards the back of the atrium where the shadows were deepest. It didn't take long.

A tall, good looking guy, with broad shoulders, a tan and a goatee walked into the entrance of the atrium, noticed me in the back, and approached the table. He gave me a look of restrained patience while he got ready to try and make me move. I saw Katie standing at the entrance, looking kind of nervous.

"Sir, I'm afraid you can't sit in this area unless you've reserved it at least 2 weeks in advance. I'm going to have to ask you to sit out in the main dining area; we have plenty of booths just like this one." I received more stern looks. I bet he practiced looking important in the mirror before he came into to work each day.

"But," I said with exaggerated casualness," I like it here, it's not so noisy, and it's more private. I'll be wanting a small amount of privacy this evening. So, I think I will be sitting here..." I looked at his gold name tag that said in small, black capital letters that yes, he was indeed a manager. "...Peter. I'd like to start with some mozzarella sticks if I could. And a lemonade." I sat back and pretended he wasn't there, while I scanned the menu acting like I was really interested in the happy hour specials. This was kind of fun.

Poor Peter. His mouth opened and closed a couple of times, amazed at my audacity. "Alright look buddy, I'm going to say it one more time, then I'm going to ask you to leave. You can't sit here unless you've made a reservation."

*Yes, I can.* I thought at him, looking up from the menu. He straightened up and blinked at me a few times. "I can sit here as long as I want, with whomever I want." I gave him a long look. "Right?"

"Yes. Sure you can. No problem at all. I'll be right out with those mozzarella sticks and your lemonade." He turned around and headed off to the kitchen. I noticed Katie standing there, mouth agape, astonished that I was still sitting. I'd almost forgotten about her.

"Oh and Peter," I said. "Katie has the rest of the shift off, with pay, alright?"

He glanced at Katie, who was blushing furiously, then back at me. "Sure, no problem. Katie, don't clock out, I'll sign off on your time sheet at the end of your shift." And he was gone to get my appetizers. I mentioned to Katie to come in and have a seat across from me. She gave a look around, then walked over to the booth and sat down.

"Hi," I said smiling at her.

"Hi." "I hope you don't mind, but I figured you might enjoy the rest of the day off."

"That was so awesome," she gushed. "How did you get him to let me off? And he even took your order! I about died when he said he was going to get them." she dropped her voice a little and glanced around. "He's such an asshole. Nobody likes him. Most of the time he just stands around giving orders, he never helps with anything. How'd you do that?"

"It's a secret. I could tell you but then I've have to kill you." I said, giving her a playful smile.

"Oh come on! Pleeease. I've never seen him do anything anybody told him too. You just HAVE to tell me. Pretty please." she pouted.

She puffed out her juicy lips and batted her eyes and everything. I suddenly felt very sorry for her dad, knowing she probably pulled this routine on him all the time to get her way. No doubt it worked, because it was working on me.

"Okay but you can't tell anyone else. Can I trust you?" She nodded and I leaned in, signaling her to come in so I could whisper it to her. She flashed me a wicked little grin and leaned in close, so our faces were just inches apart. Her eyes were wide and glittering.

"Closer," I said.

She came in closer, sliding her face past mine, to where her her ear was about level with my nose. I inhaled the pure scent of her and whispered, "Magic," while I brushed her earlobe with the tip of my nose. I watched her shiver slightly.

"Whatever!" she exclaimed, giving me a gentle push and sitting back in her seat with a laugh. "Okay Harry Potter." I spread my hands and gave a shrug in the universal gesture of 'What are ya gonna do?' and just smiled at her.

"If you don't like my answers, you shouldn't ask me questions," I told her.

"Well not when you lie."

"But I'm not. It was magic,” I insisted.

"Okay then, prove it. Do some more magic." She arched her eyebrows and gave me a cute little 'I'm waiting' look.

"Really? You want me to do more? Well okay, I guess I could do that. You want me to do some magic on you?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Give me your hand," I told her.

She laid out her right hand on the table, palm down, and looked at me with amusement, curious now as to what I was going to do. I picked it up gently with my left hand and turned it over, palm up, and looked into her eyes. I used the moment to slip into her mind and get the general layout of things. It took only a few seconds to get control of what I wanted and I was ready to begin.

"Now are you ready to see some real magic?"

"Yep," she said. "Show me what ya got, Dumbledore."

"Alright, but you asked for it."

Still holding her hand, I brought my right hand to her wrist and with my index finger placed it on the delicate skin, feeling her pulse beating it's staccato rhythm. Once I made contact I unleashed a wave of sensations in her brain, all designed to get her hot. She let out a gasp of breath and threw her head back, arching her back, and started to tremble. Her pulse rate jumped dramatically.

"Oh...fuck!" she said, and that was followed by several pants. Her head came back down and her eyes opened, shock, amazement and sex running rampant over her features.

"More?" I asked her, grinning.

"Uh-huh," she panted. Her other hand was gripping the edge of the table and she had sunk down low in her seat.

I trailed my finger down her wrist to her palm using this as an indicator in how much the pleasure increased in her body. The farther I got down on her hand, the better she felt. By the time I got to the middle of her palm, she was letting out little moans and had started to writhe in the seat.

I made a little circle with my finger and she jerked slightly and bit her lip. She released her death grip on the table and brought it up to her tits and started to squeeze them through the shirt.


"Yes! Oh yes..OOooo. Don't stop." she panted, her fingers pinching on her nipple. "MMmmmmm. More please. Ohhhh my god."

Slowly I dragged my finger over the soft skin of her palm, watching her arousal manifest itself. Her body squirmed and her chest heaved with the force of her breathing. This had the most amazing effect on her tits, as the fabric of her shirt was already stretched tight when she arched her back. With each deep breath they were flattened against the confining materials. I couldn't wait to see her without the clothes on. But that was for later.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah. OOooooo yesssssss," she whimpered. I had just crossed over her palm and was starting to move slowly up the first section of her middle finger. Her other hand cupped her tit and was squeezing it firmly. She would start at the base, and as she squeezed she would slide her hand up to end at her nipple where she would pinch it as best she could through all the material.

As I got to the middle section of her finger she abandoned her tits and shoved her other hand down between her legs, grinding against her pussy. The booth was rocking with the force of her bucking body. I had to grip her wrist to hold her arm steady.

"Uh huh...Oh yes. That's so good! Oh my god! I'm gonna....I'm gonna... OOooo I'm gonna come!. Don't stop!"

I reached the tip of her finger and her mouth opened in a silent scream as her whole body tensed, back curving and head thrown back. She was walking the razors edge of her orgasm and I alone had the power to give it to her; to send her crashing into the abyss. I held her in there for a few seconds, watching her body quake and tremble.

"Pleeeease...Steve...." Her breathing was coming in tormented pants. Her eyes met mine, begging. I released her. I kept her from crying out, we were in a public place after all, but she made lots of small noises. Whimpers and little cries as her body was overwhelmed with orgasmic tremors. From under the table came the undeniable scent of pussy. My dick was raging in my pants, but I controlled myself.

I let go of her hand and it was like watching a puppet whose strings had been cut. Her whole body slumped forward in exhaustion and her head rested on the table, hands laying limp at their sides. Of course that's when Peter showed up with my lemonade and mozzarella sticks.

He approached the table, eyeing Katie curiously and set my plate and drink down.

"Is she okay?"

"I think so. She was exhausted. Why do you work her so hard? Do you treat all your employees this way, or just her? She was about ready to collapse when I asked her to sit down. What the hell do you do to your people here Peter?"

He looked at me with shock. "But I...She...I didn't do anything." He looked from me, to her, totally bewildered. And of course he had nothing to do with it, I was just fucking with him.

"I swear I didn't do anything. She's only been here since twelve. Katie can I get you some water, do you need me to call someone?"

"I think you've done enough Peter. Bring her some water, and then just leave her alone. And send us a real waitress." I gave him a glare as he scrambled out of the atrium.

Katie sat herself up with a grin. "That was kind of mean."

"Yeah, but you said yourself he's an ass. It'll do him good to be humbled every once in awhile."

"Probably." She shifted in her seat, looking a little nervous now. "You can really do magic, huh."

"Something like that," I said. "What did you think?"

I'd already smoothed out any rough patches with her, by giving her instructions not to be shocked or scared or to freak out on me. I didn't want her going nuts like Kristel did. She was very accepting of the situation.

She blushed again. "I've never had an orgasm before. That was my first time. It was fucking awesome." She giggled.

"Really? Are you a virgin?"

"No, but I've never been able to do that with my boyfriend."

"Oh, so you have a boyfriend huh. That's to bad." I gave her a disappointed look. "I guess that means you won't come out with me later."

"Well...we aren't really that close," she said quickly. "I've only been going out with him about a month. I could still go out with you. Will we..." she hesitated for a second. "Will we be doing more of..of what we just did?"

"We'll be doing more then that, " I told her, smiling.

Her smile withered away to a look of disappointment. "Oh but I don't have anything to wear. I came to work in this and I...well I need some new underwear." She shifted in her seat with a smile. "These are a little ruined at the moment, thank you very much!"

"Hmmm. I think we can take care of that." I pulled out my wallet and fished out about 200 dollars.

"Take this and do some shopping. Anything you want. Don't be gone too long though, I don't plan on being here all night."

"Okay! Great!" She took the money with a smile. "I'll be back" She sprung up out of the booth and walked away with a spring in her step.

I sat back in the booth and started munching on my mozzeralla sticks, extremely pleased with myself. A waitress came in with the water and set it down, asking if I needed anything else. I told her I was fine at the moment and thanked her and she left. I picked up another mozzeralla stick, dipped it, and was preparing to eat it when my hand went crazy. It started trembling so violently that all of the sauce was flung off and then it just sat there wiggling like a wet noodle.

“What the fuc–”

Before I could even finish the mozzeralla stick attacked me. My hand came up to my face and proceeded to slap me with the cheese. I grabbed my wrist with my other hand trying to pull it away, but it was no use, my right hand tried to jam it up my nose. That’s not where cheese belongs.

I wrestled my hand down to the seat of the booth and kneeled on my wrist, holding it down, and tried to figure out what the hell was going on. I had no control over my whole right arm. You have no idea how fucking strange that feels. I think part of it has to do with the fact that we are just so used to our body doing what we tell it. It’s one of those ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ things. Meanwhile, apparently realizing it couldn’t hit me in the face with fried cheese anymore, it tossed it at me ineffectually and proceeded to pinch at my leg and try squirm free.

“Christ! Fuckin...stop!” I yelled. My hand looked at me. I swear to god, it looked at me, and then fell limp against the seat. I was panting, and just sat there for a moment, waiting for it to start again. I wiggled my fingers, it worked like it was supposed to, so I slowly got off my arm and flexed it, testing it out. I brought it slowly up to the table and set it there and tried to catch my breath. It started to wiggle again, flopping across the table, and I smacked it hard and held it down and it stopped. Suddenly I heard laughing.

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