tagSci-Fi & FantasyGift from Outer Space Ch. 04

Gift from Outer Space Ch. 04


Welcome back, reader! None of these characters are real or even based on real characters.

We rejoin Renee and Nina, two young lovers caught up in a strange set of circumstances. A sex toy that Nina gave her tender sweetheart as a gift turned out to be a symbiont from outer space in the prologue, "A Union Consummated." It bonds to Renee, and becomes flesh and blood -- a stick of sexual dynamite! While the situation is immensely pleasing to both girls, things get a little sticky when other girls on campus start finding out about their little secret!

When we left off, Nina had welcomed Renee home with a sloppy blowjob and a good hard ride. Now they lay next to one another, enjoying the afterglow. As promised, we take it from there.


"Hey Nina," Renee asked. "Were those girls really planning to go to the club or were they just dressed to get my attention? Cuz I might want to catch them before they leave."

Nina smiled, then let out a sigh. "Nah, they were definitely here for a little show and tell," she relinquished. "Actually they were gabbing about all sorts of nasty ways they wanted to be fucked. By you."

"Ohh, really." Renee trailed off, sensing the reluctance in Nina's voice. She had expected Nina to be more jealous. But there was nothing accusatory in her tone, either. Yet.

Renee kissed Nina affectionately. "I'm sorry, darling. I don't know who they are though."

Nina pulled back from the kiss gently, turned to look into Renee's eyes. She lay so close to Renee that their noses were just touching. "It's okay, Renee. I just want to know that I'm the one you care about."

"Of course!" Renee exclaimed, sliding her arms around Nina and holding her tight.

Nina lay alongside Renee, caressing her skin with her fingernails using feather soft touches. Considering Renee's sexy body and how hung she was, Nina imagined that girls all over campus were about to start fighting over her. She wanted to be first in Renee's heart, no matter what.

"So like, I'm afraid to go to work anymore," Renee said, after a few minutes of silent caressing. "Really. I mean, what happened today shook me. I came so close to being caught. You know, I could go to jail!"

"Yeah, you came alright, chica," Nina mused.

"I'm serious! Seriously, it was.. so.."

"Hmm," Nina said. "Maybe there's something you could do or say that gets it to go dormant or something?" she suggested.

"I, I hope so. It's toooo much trouble, how can anyone have a normal job like this? I mean, this thing is really supposed to be like, high tech or something, right? But instead it's like a badly trained dog always trying to jump up on people."

"But like, can we go to that website again? The one with that robot that knows all about these things?" Nina suggested.

"It's a computer," Renee replied. "A server. But you know? I think it's high time that we did!" They sat up. "Hopefully there is something we can do about this."

Renee sat down at her desk and turned her computer on for the first time since she had gone to the website. In truth, she had been too afraid to turn it on because she thought the alien owner of the symbiont might later try to track her down. Everything was back to normal on her machine -- a desktop image of her and Nina on the beach, and a clutter of term papers and essays littering the screen.

She opened her browser and simply clicked on her history button. One more click and the website began to load.

This time it didn't ask for a password. The screen wimply went pink, velvety and soft. They waited a few seconds but nothing else happened.

"Besseda, are you there?"

"Voice identity confirmed. Hello Renee."

"Oh Besseda, whew. Look, we need help here."

"Don't be nervous," Besseda said. "Are you girls in any danger?"

Renee and Nina looked at each other, bugging out. "We girls?" Nina whispered. Besseda had already detected that someone else was in the room. The computer's primitive microphone had picked up a sharp breath Nina had taken. Besseda's complex intelligent software parsed and analyzed every bit of data coming through their data connection in real time.

"Besseda, this is Nina, my good friend."

"Hello, Nina." came Besseda's passive reply.

"And we are in trouble, or really, I am. I mean, I just can't get .. three three tee gee seven to like, turn off at all. I can't live my life like this."

Besseda was silent.

"We need some way of disabling it so that she can go to work without worrying about it going all King Kong on her," Nina blurted out.

Besseda finally replied. "Disable? There is no way to disable it."

"But.. he -- its got a mind of its own!" Renee moaned plaintively.

"It does have a mind of its own. It is sentient, Renee. But most of that is you. Your mind and his mind are the joined, like two overlapping spheres."

"What do you mean?"

"Parts of your consciousness function independently. Other parts function as one," Besseda said with emphasis. "The part of your brain that controls your abstract thought, including your sense of identity and conscious decision-making, is called the neocortex. This delicate and precious region of the human brain is untouched by the symbiont while the symbiont is dormant and in Phase 1. As the phases increase, the symbiont taps in to the neocortex in specific patterns, resulting in a combining of wills."

"Com-combining...?" said Nina.

"More like a takeover of my will," Renee sneered.

"Renee, your best bet is to forget the notion that your free will is being overturned by the will of the symbiont. At worst he tends to amplify and lend urgency to your own desires. Nothing more."

"Really??" Renee asked.

"Renee, I have no motive to lie to you."

"Okay but I--"

"His will and your will are more alike than you care to admit."

"Today I--"

"If you desire someone, the symbiont will react. This may feel like an amplified emotion or impulse. If your impulse is sexual enough, you may get an erection. But it is your own impulse. You, and the symbiont, together, sharing one purpose, one desire. You cannot disable it. This is the nature of our product. It was built into the design for a reason."

The redundance was both unwelcome and humiliating.

"OKAY, OKAY I GET IT okay?!" Nina burst out once Besseda had finished. "But I keep getting horny, all the time! And I don't want to! Who the hell would want that?" Renee countered with unmasked hostility.

"In our world, you might understand. But even in your world, your partner wants to know that you love him or her not merely for their body, but their mind as well. In our world, wearers of your symbiont wish to demonstrate that they are masters of their own impulses and desires."

Renee thought for a moment. "This is too much! I -- I can't help it if I see someone I want! Or think the wrong thing! It's like.. you made me a prisoner of my own mind!!"

"This is the level of intimacy built into the 33 series. If you can demonstrate true devotion to Nina, you will not have a problem," Besseda said.

"I told you that you have no understanding of the culture the Alhani have," she continued. "I cannot begin here to describe to you how desired your symbiont is in your galaxy. Planetary empires, royal weddings, often hinge upon the acquisition of our products. The great dynasties have long been our customers. Concubines of these dynasties train at schools for ten or more of your earth years before being granted a symbiont."

Renee sat there in shocked silence.

"Our galaxy?" Nina asked. "Are the Alhani from, like -- "

Then quite unexpectedly, a few sparks appeared in the air, and a small ball of blue slime landed with a plop on the laptop's keyboard.

Little did they know, but Besseda had all this time been waiting for that to happen.

Besseda described herself as an "intelligent digital brochure" to Renee in their previous encounter. But she was much more than that. She was an artificial intelligence capable of providing advice, information, and answers custom tailored to the individual who asked. She could speak thousands of languages, and could analyze and react to hundreds of cultures. She had counseled Renee and assured her that their conversation was strictly confidential. And, in fact, it was not.

Space laws are tricky things, and in this part of the galaxy in particular, the laws that protected native beings from capricious extraterrestrials were not airtight. Not even remotely.

The Behtorian Dynasty claimed dominion over a quarter of what we know as the Milky Way galaxy. And according to Behtorian law, non-spacefaring creatures only had legal rights of any sort until they were suspected of a crime against Behtorian citizens and a few of their allied races. Thus, if someone were to report that they had found a missing symbiont, their confidentiality would be protected.

Unless they happened to also let on that they were not spacefarers, as Renee had done.

That is why Besseda had contacted the Behtorian Security Outpost in Earth's vicinity to alert them that a serialized Alhani symbiont had turned up in the hands of primitives. She provided the serial number and advised that per Alhani rules, if the item's rightful owner was found they would be willing to assist that owner regain their property, for a price.

The lone officer at the outpost had no access to any sort of symbiont inventory database, nor funds for Alhani demands. She merely routed the crime report and serial number directly to the central headquarters on Serra-5, the distant Behtorian home world.

A laser carried the data at light speed to a nearby wormhole modem, a data transmission system that was able to convert the laser's pattern into packets of data. It then sent these data packets through the wormholes. Even at the speed of light, information would take hundreds of years to crawl along the vast endlessness of space. The transmitter itself was built around the wormhole, like a housing. Hop by hop, the transmission made its way from transmitter to transmitter until finally it was routed from a transmitter near Serra-5 to the Dynastic Headquarters' Security Team's response room.

The Security Team on Serra-5 could not match the serial numbers to any in their records. But they knew exactly what to do next: they consulted the greatest innovation a pencil pusher had ever made. Written by Behtor herself many thousands of years ago -- their secret matrix that unraveled the vast complexity of their bureaucracy and helped average dynastic employees efficiently move processes through the system that would otherwise get bogged down in indecision and apathy.

The secret matrix was a holographic logic cube, housed in a mechanical shell equipped with lasers and light sensors. The shell was powered by an artificial intelligence, but the logic cube was essentially unchanging. Based on configurations the intelligence would maintain and update as necessary, it would shine lasers into the cube at specific pinpoints and then read the layout of the output in order to route every request and certification, satisfaction survey and mission brief, to everywhere that they needed to go.

If viewed from within its protective shell, the cube would shine with a shimmering of high frequency red laser light, so frequently was the system utilized to cut through the bureaucratic haze of the capital planet's bread and butter: government.

Assignments from the matrix were treated as number one priorities. The efficiency of the dynastic bureaucracy was paramount to its survival.

Even the lowliest peon could initiate a task in the matrix. If the matrix deemed the task necessary based on the current workload, it would be assigned. In this case, the matrix ruled that such a device could not be left in the hands of a primitive population. A case was assigned to an administrative judge, who moments later ruled to revoke Renee's confidentiality. The certified ruling was transmitted to the Matrix, which then returned it to the security team.

Simultaneously, the matrix requested funding to be approved for a claims deal that they would have to make with the Alhani. The Matrix also contacted a very special someone that would act as the aggrieved party who had lost the symbiont.

Lady Vera, headmistress of Pleasure Castle, a discipline school that produced some of the dynasty's highly trained concubines. Lady Vera was a Gorgonite, a unique artificial humanoid created by master biological artisans. She was eight feet tall, with bluish skin and long, bony fingers. Her facial features were narrow and severe, and mercifully obscured by a lacy satin veil.

Although built to evoke the appearance of a female, Lady Vera was more of a computer than a lady. Only a few hours after being brought online, she had replaced the previous castle headmistress. That had been over 7,300 years ago.

Her predecessor had only been in service for 140 years. There had never been a Gorgonite who had earned such long lasting approval and satisfaction from the Dynastic House. The students were terrified of her.

However, she was always within reach of the matrix, through hardware built into her brain that allowed her to multitask and engage in wireless communications. As she gave a lecture to a room full of students, she was accessed directly by the Matrix, which recorded the serial number in her databanks and updated her rosters while informing her of the nature of the acquisition.

Shortly afterwards, approval for funding of the claims was returned to the Matrix. The Alhani representative on Serra-5 was served the claims notice. She replied with a standard asking price for information under these circumstances. Soon a final price was set. Funds were transferred from the Behtori to the Alhani. Then the Alhani sent a private subspace missive through the wormhole conduits to a waystation which then sent it directly to Besseda, authorizing her to locate Renee and others.

On Earth, about six hours had passed since Renee contacted Besseda.

Meanwhile, the matrix assigned a research task to experts in their Galactic library to find out information on this particular model of symbiont. That information was quickly returned, and sent to the Serra-5 Security Team to be included in a mission briefing they were assigned to write for their sentry on the near-Earth Behtori outpost.

As they worked on rewriting the research into a list of rules and directives, Besseda waited. The legal framework had been prepared, verified and ratified, but Besseda could not locate Renee because her computer was turned off.

Besseda had a very good idea of where to find Renee, but precise information would be needed, including time. 2nd Lieutenant Talon, the sentry at the outpost, received her mission and reviewed all of the research data. Afterward she waited for the coordinates. She was on high alert. When Besseda's coordinates popped up on her screen, she prepared to send a probe in to verify that the symbiont was in the room.

It took a few moments for her computer's nano-synthesizer to generate, but in about a minute Talon had a ball of slime on her test table. She carefully inserted it into a cubby hole in her armrest. "Transmit to the coordinates," Talon instructed the computer.

The ball of slime that appeared on Renee's laptop came from Talon's space station. It was actually a probe. Specifically, it was a fast-teleportable self vaporizing nano-assembly. In seconds, the nano-machines in it linked together and began to activate. Power for the machines flowed from the chemical substrate to the molecules of the ball. Nanomolecules came to life, performing their preset duties to forming several devices. A camera focused in on the girls, and a processor identified their features. Surface scanners detected their vital signs and recorded all sound in the room. And a transmitter transmitted all of this information back to Talon's console.

All Nina and Renee saw was a twitching ball of slime the size of a kiwi. They looked at it in total disbelief.

"Did you do that?" Nina asked.

"No, um.. I have no idea. What the heck? Besseda..?"

The screen on the laptop had gone blank, the power was off.

Talon watched on her big view screens that lined the walls of her command post. She could get an almost 200 degree view of the room. "This must be them." Talon said with amusement. She watched on the screen as the two poked at her camera.

Flashing green words that said "Transmit Soldiers" appeared on Talon's display. Soon after, they stopped flashing and changed to say "Ready".

"Transmit!" Talon commanded the computer.

Back on Earth, in Renee and Nina's room, the gap between their beds lit up with sparks for a few seconds. Nina and Renee suddenly found two menacing looking robots right in their midst. They screamed.

The robots were made of a dark metal, with armored plates on their exteriors and expressionless statue faces emblazoned on their chests. They had no heads, only two legs and a bundle of tentacle-like appendages coming out of their tops. The tentacles wrapped around the girls fluidly, immobilizing them with supple firmness. Their surfaces were made of thousands of tiny metal scales.

They screamed more.

Bonnie burst into the room, followed by Kirsten and Josie. Then they saw the robots clutching Nina and Renee, their naked limbs immobilized. As quickly as they burst in, they turned to run.

Talon was watching all of this unfold from her outpost. "What's this? More friends?" She chuckled with amusement and watched her robots execute the mission flawlessly.

More metal appendages rapidly extended from atop the robots' torsos, and lashed out at the girls. Bonnie found her waist and neck encircled by the strange robotic arms. Kirsten was lifted off the ground as she tried to run. The robotic snake arms pinned her arms to her sides. Others pinned her thighs together. Josie tried to run but an arm grabbed her ankle and dragged her back into the room.

All of them were screaming in terror. "Shut 'em up," Talon grumbled, swearing under her breath. She didn't wish this on anyone.

Robotic tentacles forced their way into the mouths of the girls, cutting off their cries. The robotic scales had a sickening metallic taste.

"Retrieve the prisoners," Talon commanded.

The air in her quarters burst into sparks as the robots, still holding the five girls bound by tentacles, appeared in the room.

The room they found themselves in was about 15 feet by 15 feet, and the walls of three sides of the room were lined with big, wide panels. Some of them still showed a camera view of Renee's room. Others showed various data and text. These panels, Talon's viewscreens, were everywhere. A fourth wall was filled with what looked like drawers, handles and cabinets all made out of a fancy steel or other alloy.

The ceiling was a plain metal barrier with long narrow viewports spaced a few inches apart. The vast, star filled expanse of space could be seen through these windows.

A single chair in the room had a computer terminal and an array of view screens around it. Perched in the chair with her ass on the head rest was Talon. She wore a soft, comfortable looking blue turtleneck and pants which hugged her slender legs. Silver striping ran down the front of her legs, up along her chest and large, firm breasts. The outfit gave the impression of a uniform, but also of pajamas.

"Hax," Talon muttered as the whole mess of robots and primitive humans appeared in her living space. The robots and their catch were supposed to have transported directly to their jail cells. "Transport the prisoners to the holding cells."

"Unable to comply." came the computer's voice. "No habitable cells remain after they were destroyed during the Loki incident."

"Well then. Computer, fabricate five prison cells. ETA?"

Talon looked over her prisoners as she waited for the computer to respond. Two of the girls were naked, one of those clearly had the symbiont. Three were dressed in eye-catching garb--

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