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He sat at the bar, sipping on a rum and Coke. It was a long day. 'Surely, there has to be a better way to beat the cost of living' he thought to himself. Of course, when you're a low-level sales supervisor at a well-known insurance firm, you would think that as well. He looked at the television, which displayed the Cowboys vs. the Eagles. Good old "T.O." was up to no good as usual, talking smack on the sidelines, then missing passes once on the field. All he could do was chuckle to himself, thinking 'typical T.O.' as he took the last swallow of his drink. He figured he had enough, so he began to start his drive home for the night. He wasn't drunk, not even woozy. He was "relaxed," and the drive was only 6 blocks.

On the way home, he saw a prostitute standing at the corner of a major intersection, nonchalant. She was Caucasian, wearing tight black stretch pants and a small coat matching in color, with heeled boots that rode up to just below her knees. The silhouette of her body sexily stood out in front of a brightly lit store as she stood in the night. He felt a warmth come over him. "Not tonight baby, but it'll come," he said to himself. He wasn't a bad looking guy at all, but for some reason, didn't have the best luck with the ladies. As the old saying goes, "he knew how to pick 'em." So he was considering buying a prostitute in the very near future to get his kicks.

The light turned green, but at that very moment, he heard sirens. He looked around, but couldn't make out the direction from which they blared. Just as he pressed the gas to proceed through the intersection, there was a fast approaching roar, accompanied by the sirens, followed by an incredibly loud clash of impacting metal and shrapnel......


There was a bright light shining, fuzzy at first. He was awakening. He heard a P.A. system in the background. A nurse was checking his vitals, writing the results onto a clipboard. "Mr. Benefield, I'm glad you've come back to us" she said. "I don't know how it happened, but you survived."

"Survived what?"

"A week ago, you were involved in a horrible accident. A chemical tanker was stolen from a facility just outside of town by a deranged man, and the police pursued. Unfortunately, the chase ended when the truck hit you."

'That's the roaring I heard with the sirens' he thought to himself. The head shift doctor walked in moments later.

"Tony Benefield, Dr. Carrington. Boy, you are one hell of a fighter. I can't see how anyone could've made it through that."

"When will I be able to leave?"

"Don't worry, Tony, you'll be out of here very soon. We have to run some tests."


"Yes. You see, that chemical rig that hit you spilled it's payload; an experimental formula that was derived from a newly discovered isotope, which was created by accident. It was used on certain animals, vegetative humans. It was believed that the formula could induce mentally-controlled actions in other beings or objects, otherwise telekenesis."

"What the hell......"

"I know, Tony. But you know science today knows no bounds. They don't know for sure if the formula works, or what will result if it does work. That truck just arrived in town, and provided the only means of knowing a definite answer until it hit you and spilled the formula, destroying it. I'll see you later on with those test results."

The nurse remained to finish collecting stats. Tony stared at her, admiring her thick, Coke bottle frame through her uniform. She smiled at him, and began to walk out the door. Tony stared at her butt as she walked out, then had the thought of touching it. At that very moment......

"Ooh!" she exclaimed as she jumped in a startled manner. She looked back at him, and he laid there, completely oblivious.

"Are you okay?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, I think so. It seemed like something touched me. Weird. It's been a long night."

She continued to exit the room, at which point Tony thought about groping her bountiful breasts.

"Aaah!" yelped the nurse. She turned to Tony, hoping he was too sedated by now to notice. "Oh my God, I'm making a fool of myself."

Tony noticed that her nipples were now hard through her top. There was no draft in the room, and it's winter, so the heat is running, so there should be no reason for them to be erect. Then it dawned on him........'the formula from the truck!' he thought to himself. 'Telekenesis! Every time I have a sexual thought about a woman, it happens! This ought to be good......'


It's been a couple of weeks since Tony was released from the hospital. The tests didn't turn up any negative results because the chemical was undetectable by the hospital's analyzers, and Tony didn't show any side effects. Just as well, he "failed" to tell them about his new ability. With this lack of evidence, the whole theory about the chemical being a mind-controlling agent became a ruse to the hospital staff, so they released Tony on a clean bill of health.

He'd been thinking about all of the past women he'd desired to have, but either turned him down, were taken, or just plain trashed him. There was Lori. She was an average looking Caucasian, but very confident, which projected a lot more than she had to offer physically. She was a lower B-cup in the bosom department, and had a small, but cute ass; thin framed. She seemed innocent enough, which was contradicted by her braless approach to wearing shirts. Her nipples always protruded visibly through her attire, and she loved it. That's probably one of the first things that turned Tony on about her.

Then there was Carmen, a Hispanic who was very high maintenance and self-centered. She had fake boobs, and a soft ass. He bumped into it by "accident" once, and he liked the Jello jiggle. Tony didn't want her long-term, he only thought she'd provide some saucy excitement in the bedroom.

Then there was Caitlin, another attractive Caucasian. She was a little more well-rounded overall, but tended to have very high expectations out of the men she dated. So high even she couldn't reach them if she were a man. She was aggressive and knew what she wanted. This was a woman Tony truly wanted, possibly long-term, but she shot him down in the worst way. Not only did she reject him, she did it in front of her girlfriends, adding that he had a small dick. This was humiliating, but Tony got over it, kind of. So, the plan was somewhat laid out. Carmen would be easy because he works with her. But he'd have to come up with some way to come in contact with the other girls on the fly.

The next workday, Tony waited and timed Carmen's arrival perfectly. Carmen was a prima donna; the female version of Monk. She was the type that would pass up an elevator if more than two people were on it. Tony played this flaw to his advantage. After she passed up two elevator cars, Carmen finally got an empty one. Tony slid over to the elevator just as it was closing, much to Carmen's dismay. She stood there, agitated, as the elevator ascended.

"Doing okay this morning?" Tony asked.

"I guess," she puffed in an impatient manner.

"You look really nice today Carmen."

"I guess."

"Is that all you can say.......I guess?"

"Well, what do you want me to say?"

There was silence as the number to each corresponding floor lit up on the panel. They were on the 17th floor, but they worked on the 62nd.

"God! I wish this thing would hurry up!" As you could see, Carmen's diva attitude was kicking in. She couldn't wait to be in her own space.

"Wow, Carmen. You should relax," suggested Tony.

"Yeah right. How's that going to happen?"

Tony began to stare at the circuitry board of the elevator. Then suddenly, with some sparks, pops, and buzzes, the elevator came to a stop, answering Tony's thoughts. Carmen quickly became frustrated. "Fuck! This is just great!" She hit the emergency button, prompting the voice of a dispatcher. After whining to the dispatcher and ending the call, Carmen broke out her compact, inspecting her face and making touchups as she waited to be rescued. Suddenly, she dropped the compact and grabbed her left breast.

"My God, what is that?" she said to herself in shock, as an unknown stimulation commenced on her nipple. "Ahh-ahh." Then her right nipple. Tony was getting excited, seeing her nipples become erect through her blouse, right before his eyes. Embarrassed, Carmen looked over at him, trying to compose herself, but failing. What Tony didn't know is that Carmen thrived on breast stimulation. Her breasts and nipples were her babies. She fondled them every night and spoke to them like her pets as she'd masturbate herself to sleep. This unknown and unconsented stimulation was taking her unwillingly as Tony stood there in amazement at his power over her. She weakened and guided herself as she collapsed into the corner of the elevator, squirming in confused pleasure, giving a bewildered look to Tony.

"What are you doing to me?" she asked.

"It's okay, just relax sweetie." Tony said reassuringly.

"Stop it, you fucking pervert!" she protested.

Just then, something warm came over her clit. Tony was having intimate thoughts of licking her sweet spot. Carmen gasped. She tried to fight it, but it was too painfully good to resist. She'd succumbed to the stimulation, moaning, while curled up in the corner. She was grabbing her breasts as Tony's telepathic signals stimulated them. The invisible licking was becoming faster paced. Carmen melted, speaking Spanish gibberish, her brain losing consciousness, giving way to the approaching orgasm......

"Aaiiieeeeeeeee!" she cried. "Aaiee, aaiee, aaiee." She moved her hips in rhythm with each orgasmic pulse as Tony's thought-provoked nipple tweaking continued until the orgasm's pass. She grabbed her head as it throbbed from the concentration of assisting the orgasm's approach. A few moments passed, then Carmen finally broke her silence.

"You sick bastard! I don't know how you did that, but you're going to regret it, " she said in a winded voice, still holding her head.

"What are you talking about, I didn't even touch you."

"Don't play games with me you fucking pervert!"

"Is everything alright in there?" a voice from the elevator speaker inquired.

"Yes, everything's fine," Tony replied. Then, the elevator began to move. Carmen tried to recompose herself before the doors opened. They'd only made it halfway to their floor. Upon being rescued, she stormed out of the elevator, telling the first person she saw about her "assault."

"He sexually assaulted me! Somebody call the police and have him arrested for sexual assault!"

The stander-by, looking confused, since Carmen looked practically unfrazzled and untouched, asked, "Is this true, sir?"

"I didn't touch her," Tony replied. All eyes were now on Carmen, now becoming more nervous.

"Well, did he?" asked the man.

"Well no, but......"

"You've been through a traumatic experience. Maybe you should come with us to our break room and sit down until you're calm. Maybe that'll help."

As Carmen protested while being escorted away, Tony smirked, patting himself on the back in his head. He then swished away to the restroom down the hall to masturbate. That whole incident almost made him explode.


It's now the end of the work week; Thursday. Tony decided that he'd go to the gym to "workout." Actually, he was hoping to run into Lori there. Besides, that's where they'd met, so he was pretty confident that she'd be there. She was adamant about staying slimmed down. When he entered, it was the usual scene -- nearly every treadmill, stair climber, elliptical, or exercise bike was occupied, everyone staring at the television in front of them as they walked, pedaled, or jogged in rhythm to what was in their headphones. The resident "gym rat" was off in the distant corner grunting aloud as he maxed out on his heavy set, with some small, skinny onlookers watching in awe.

Tony scanned the two rows of treadmills for Lori, but didn't see her initially. But then, something caught his eye. It looked like her, but her hair was longer and darker. 'It's her,' he said in his mind. It'd been a few months since he'd last seen her, since he'd laid off the gym to avoid her. She was in a zone, the total isolation within the subconscious that people go into when they concentrate on their workouts.

Tony got on a treadmill behind her, diagonally to the right. He inspected her slim, toned body. Slight jiggles radiated from her small ass through her skin-tight stretch pants as she walked briskly. A small patch of sweat ran down the center of her back through a small t-shirt she was wearing. She walked diligently as if she were on a personal pilgrimage to an unknown destination in her mind. Tony kept staring, nearly salivating. He could see the small cone-shape of her B-cups poking through the front of her shirt. It had him, she wore no bra as usual.

He envisioned licking the Skittle-sized nipple of her small boob. And just then, she felt a familiar, but inexplicable sensation on her breast, cracking the force field of her "workout zone." Catching her by surprise, her first reaction was to grab it. She looked around to see if anyone caught her grabbing her chest, seemingly for no reason. She kept walking as if nothing was wrong. Again, this time both nipples were being manipulated. Tony's favorite thought of tweaking both nipples was occurring, distracting Lori once again. Sensing that something wasn't right, she attempted to hit the "stop" button on the treadmill, her intent to go to the locker room to inspect her miniature bosom to see if some sort of irritation was developing. But she knew better. The sensation felt too good to be "irritating," but where the hell was it coming from? Just as she reached to touch the "stop" button, Tony's thought waves sent pulses of energy to Lori's clit.

Ironically, after hitting the stop button to prevent falling, this clit stimulation caused Lori to stumble before the conveyor belt on the treadmill stopped moving. She fell onto the floor, twisting and coiling in agonizing pleasure. Nearby gym members approached her to help her up.

"NO! Leave me alone! I'm okay! It feels so good!" she gasped.

"What?" a confused member replied.

Tony's manipulation continued. The more he concentrated, the more she rolled around in place on the floor, nearing climax.

"What's wrong with her?" someone asked. Tony continued on the treadmill, enjoying his antics.

"Oh God! Oh God! I'm cumming! I don't know how the fuck it's happening, but I'm cumming! My God!" Lori exclaimed in ecstasy. Her screams got the attention of everyone in the gym.

"This woman's nuts!" someone commented. As she came down from her erotic high, Lori looked around. Dozens of eyes stared upon her, many shaking their heads in either confusion or disgust, some in perverted amazement.

"Um, I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me," she said, embarrassed. "Excuse me." She darted out of the gym. Tony, finished with his "workout," stopped the treadmill and strolled out casually with the same smirk he sported during the Carmen incident.


"IT'S THE WEEKEND BABY!!" Tony said aloud to himself. He felt great. Leaving a night club, he started home, parting ways with some buddies he met there. He had a ball on the dance floor, groping and molesting, in his mind, whatever woman he thought was attractive. Who could resist, with all the fine ladies shaking their asses, body parts jiggling and grinding. It was a playground to Tony. But that was done with, and on his mind, he wanted to conquer one more woman: Caitlin.

"That bitch said I had a small dick. I'll show you a small dick," he mumble to himself as he drove the familiar route through town. He drove through a neighborhood, and pulled up to a house at the corner. "Hmmm, I see we have company," he mumbled. He saw shadows in the closed curtains of the window. But getting into the place would be difficult. Caitlin was a cop, and didn't take much shit from anyone. Part of the reason she might have become a cop was to be in control. She had the idea that driving her police car home every night would intimidate the surrounding neighbors. Her police car being parked out front was a good way for Tony to identify the house; it'd been awhile since he'd last visited there with friends before he was shot down by Caitlin.

Tony walked up to the door. There was music playing rather loudly, but not audible from the street. He then heard a loud smack. Tony was somewhat surprised at first, but then figured, whoever is fucking Caitlin is probably the one being smacked. She's aggressive that way. There were a few thumps and rumbles emitting from inside, followed by a sadistic moan. This turned Tony on beyond belief; the possibility of such an aggressive bitch being pile driven.

Tony had no idea what he was about to do, but he was going to do it. With his newfound power, he had pretty good confidence that he'd get away with it. Using the loud music as his cover, he went around back and kicked his way in. All the noise from the bedroom provided the perfect barrier. He went towards the bedroom, then paused. He took a deep breath, then opened the door. He couldn't believe what he saw. There she was, sprawled out across a huge round bed, long ropes extending from her limbs, now untied, to grounding bars on either side of the bed. She was blindfolded, wearing a ripped up blue shirt with prison numbers written on it, presumably bought at a novelty store, her nipples exposed through the tears, covered in what looked like candle wax. She wore a blue thong, not very fancy, given the "situation." Standing over her was a gorgeous brunette, wearing one of Caitlin's old police uniforms, but modified. The sleeves were cut off, and holes cut into the chest, allowing her beautifully rounded, perky tits to hang through, one of which had a police badge pasty placed onto it just about her sand dollar sized areola. She couldn't have been larger than a high C-cup. She also wore some cut off police pants, cut so high it looked like a miniature skirt; no pant legs were left, only frayed edges. The bottom crease of her ass could be seen from behind without her bending over. She wore black, shiny leather boots to complete the ensemble. In one hand she held a police baton, and in the other, a whip.

"What is it?" Caitlin asked her aggressor. Her dominate partner couldn't answer, she only stared at Tony. There was a weird chemistry between the two of them, like they could sense each other's thoughts.

"Debbie, what is it? What's wrong?"

She didn't answer. Now becoming agitated, Caitlin pulled off her blindfold and flung it to the side, to see Tony and Debbie eyeing each other.

"You son of a bitch! You're trespassing!"

"No, it's breaking and entering."

Caitlin grabbed the baton out of Debbie's hand and started towards Tony. Then Tony worked his magic, unleashing all the dirty thoughts he had towards Caitlin. She then dropped her baton.

"Fuck! What's happening? Ahhh, shit!"

Debbie looked on in amazement. Tony was telepathically raping and molesting Caitlin, getting every ounce of retribution he could milk out of her for her treatment towards him, without touching her.

"I can't ......mmmmm.......I can't........fuck!" Caitlin struggled to resist her weakness for sexual stimulation, but it was just too good to bear. In addition to the "torture" she was receiving from Debbie before Tony's arrival, this phantom stimulation took her for a loop, and she was fast approaching what would be a mind shattering orgasm. Her knees began to buckle and weaken, and she caught her fall as she crouched near the bed, curling up and writhing in disoriented bliss. She began grabbing and rubbing all over herself, as if she were holding someone while they provoked what she felt, her nipples standing at attention through the wax and the hair around her pussy now glistening.

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