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Gilmore Girls: Spring Break Pt. 01


Disclaimer: This story is based on characters from the TV show "Gilmore Girls" that belong to Amy Sherman Palladino and the CW. It is not meant as an infringement on their copyrights but rather for entertainment purposes. This story is entirely fictional and intended to be read by adults. If you don't like to read this kind of stuff than I suggest you just don't read it If you do have any feedback or suggestions for future chapters, please feel free to message me on the literotica at Lex33

Codes: exhib, solo, teasing, grope

* * *

It was Wednesday morning, a bit after dawn and the sun had yet to peek out in the morning sky. Lorelai Gilmore had been driving since 3 a.m. and was exhausted. She yawned as she looked at her watch and hummed along with the music on the car radio. Lorelai glanced at her rear-view mirror and saw her daughter Rory sulking in the backseat.

"You have enough room back there?" Lorelai asked, attempting to initiate a conversation.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Rory replied, crossing her legs and not really paying attention to what her mother was saying. Rory was seated in the back of Lorelai's jeep and Paris, her roommate from college, was lying next to her, fast asleep. Asleep, despite the fact that AC/DC was blaring on the car stereo because, as Lorelai had cheerfully reminded Rory "it's just not a Gilmore road trip without AC/DC "

"You know, I can wait you out," Lorelai said after awhile, focusing on the road. "I have plenty to keep myself busy, plenty I tell ya. Your silent treatment is not going to faze me."

"Okay." Rory stared blankly at the book in her lap. Lorelai frowned.

"Honey, you're going to have to talk to me at some point." Still no answer.

"It's not so bad, you know? Rory? Me coming on this trip ... it's not so bad. I'm your friend, it'll be fun..." Lorelai trailed off, seeing her words were having no effect on her daughter. Both Gilmores pouted, and wondered how they even found themselves in this situation in the first place.

* * *

"Hmm..." Lorelai said, and by the tone of her voice Rory could immediately tell her mom was thinking something bad. Rory had just informed Lorelai that she and her roommate Paris Gellar were going to Florida for Spring Break. Rory had been cooped up at Yale and with the recent string of terrible weather, Paris had suggested they spend Spring Break in Florida to relax and unwind.


"Well," Loreali finally said, "I'm not sure you going on this Spring Break trip is the best idea."

"What? Why not?" Rory said defensively, "I'm just going for the sun and to read, nothing more ..."

"I know honey, I do," Lorelai replied, "but I'm worried about what could happen whilst in Florida. On Spring Break. With drunk girls and horny guys ... not really the best combination. It's just it's always the good kids who've never had a drink that take one sip of Kahlua and fall out of a window."

"You're afraid I'm going to fall out a window?"

"No," Lorelai smiled, "but believe it or not, I am a bit older than you and a little wiser and I just think sometimes how different my life has been because I had you at such an early age. I don't want you to make the same mistakes, you have Yale and this amazing future ahead of you. I don't want you to screw that up because you got drunk and knocked up in Florida -"

"Mom " Rory scowled, "I'm not going to do any of that I'm responsible and smart and I don't need you to worry about me. I'm not going to make the same mistakes you did, I really do know better. I can handle myself and I certainly don't need your permission to go on Spring Break."

"Whoa, kid, calm down," Lorelai said, waving her arms. "I'm not saying you shouldn't go on Spring Break."

"You're not?"

"No," Lorelai continued, "I think you should go. In fact, I think it would be really fun."

"But?" Rory wondered what the catch was.

"But what do you think about me coming along with you on your little trip?" Lorelai said casually.

"You?" Rory said, with an expression that had a mixture of shock and revulsion.

"Well, you don't have to look too excited," Lorelai replied, a little hurt at her daughter's reaction.

"Well ... it'd just be a little strange if my mother came along with me ... on Spring Break," Rory explained in a gentle voice. She didn't want to hurt her mother's feelings. "You can understand that, right?"

"But you're not bringing your mother," Lorelai insisted, "you're bringing your friend. You're best friend. You're best friend that happens to be over 21. I mean, I can get us into clubs and buy us drinks and you won't even have to get any fake IDs."

"I told you I'm not going to be drinking," Rory pouted, rolling her eyes at her mother.

"Rory, you're going on Spring Break," Lorelai said flatly. "There's going to be drinks and you're gonna be drinking them. Believe me."

"Believe you?" Rory said incredulously, "You've never even been on Spring Break and already you've got me drunk and pregnant with a third Lorelai "

"You're right," Lorelai said sincerely, "That is unfair. I haven't been on Spring Break. Maybe because I was too busy raising a kid at 16 and trying to start a career that I didn't get to do body shots or wet t-shirt contests. But just because I'm older now doesn't mean I don't regret missing out on all of those things."

"So it's not about me being too young," Rory seethed, "it's about you wanting to live out your adolescent Spring Break fantasies at 36?"

"Look, why is this such a big deal?" Lorelai asked, "we've always done everything together. We're a team -

"This is different," Rory interrupted.

"Why?" Lorelai said, wanting to understand her daughter's refusal to let her come on the trip.

"It just is," Rory shot back and gave her mother a you-just-wouldn't-understand look. The type of look Lorelai recognized because she had often given it to her mother but couldn't fathom that Rory was giving it to her.

"Look Rory," Lorelai said firmly, "I don't do this often but I'm going to have to play the Mom card. So here's the deal: either I come with you on this trip or you can't go to Florida. Period."

The two were silent for a few moments, each considering their options and neither willing to budge. Finally Rory spoke.

"You're really not going to let this go?" Rory asked. Lorelai shook her head.

"Fine ... whatever ... you can come," Rory sighed, looking down. Lorelai squealed and gave Rory an excited hug.

"Listen Rory," Lorelai smiled, "I promise we'll have so much fun, you'll love it "

"What's not to love?" Rory groaned, "I'm going on Spring Break ... with my mother."

"Nooooo Rory, you've got it all wrong " Lorelai protested, shaking her head. She held up her hand. "I, Lorelai Gilmore, promise to not be a nosy, over-protective mother to my beautiful daughter Rory. Instead, I will be her partner in crime, seducing her to all the wildness that is Spring Break."

"Right," Rory said sarcastically, "It's going to be a blast."

"Look Rory," Lorelai said seriously, "I promise that on this trip I won't be your mother, I'll just be one of the girls, one of your friends. Okay?"

"Fine," Rory said.

"Now get excited," Lorelai grinned, throwing up her hands "Spring Break - woo hoo "

"Woo. hoo." Rory said in a low, dejected tone. Lorelai didn't detect her lack of enthusiasm because she was too excited.

"I'm gonna go pack," Lorelai beamed, kissing Rory on the cheek before rushing up the stairs.

"Well," Rory thought, rubbing her head, "this should be interesting."

* * *

So the Gilmore Girls had set off for Florida and had been traveling for the past few hours. They had left Stars Hollow early in the morning to beat traffic and almost immediately, Paris had fallen asleep next to Rory and left mother and daughter in an awkward silence. The only sounds were the hum of the road and the car radio. The two women were engaged in a rare fight. So rare because they were often mistaken for sisters and considered each other best friends.

Rory and Lorelai were alike in many ways. Both shared similar features - the same fair skin, dark hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and surprisingly slim bodies despite the massive amount of cheeseburgers, pizza, and takeout Chinese food they consumed on a daily basis. However, while Rory was more shy and quiet, Lorelai had always been more outspoken and brash. Their recent rift had made the car ride tense and Rory spent much of the trip thus far reading her book while Lorelai drove.

It was a bit after dawn when Lorelai pulled off the interstate, into a rest stop area that had a McDonalds and a gas station. Rory looked up as her mother parked the Jeep and Lorelai turned to face her daughter.

"I know we're doing the whole not talking thing and I'm all for it," Lorelai said in a serious voice, "I mean, I'm digging the whole Cold War thing we've got going. But we really need to eat some food and drink lots of coffee and maybe even try one of those McGriddles things the kids are so crazy about these days and also fill up the car with gas sooo wake up Paris and let's try to have a nice meal."

Rory almost broke into a grin and allowed herself to indulge in the witty banter that usually came so easily between the Gilmores. Instead, she simply tapped and then shook Paris to wake her up.

"Die," Paris grumbled as she was awakened from her slumber and stumbled out of the car. Rory followed her out as Lorelai sat for a second.

Lorelai sighed, thinking she had almost had Rory, and said to herself, "I have to make Rory see I'm just one of the girls" as she followed them out of the car.

* * *

"Oh my God " Rory said silently.

As they exited the car, Rory got her first real chance to see what Lorelai was wearing and her eyes widened in shock. They had left so early in the morning when Rory had been groggy and then she had ignored Lorelai for the duration of their car ride. It wasn't until this moment that Rory really had an up-close view of her mother, who was dressed like a complete whore

She might have been 36 years old but Lorelai Gilmore still had the body of a teenager. Lorelai had shoulder length, curly black hair and wore a skimpy black bikini top that barely covered her enormous breasts, exposing lots of cleavage in the process. Her flat tummy was left bare and she wore a pair of tight daisy dukes that hugged her firm ass nicely. Her fit, smooth legs were left uncovered and a pair of white flip flops completed the ensemble and displayed her sexy feet. All in all, Lorelai looked like a certifiable milf who was ready to get wild on Spring Break.

"Um, don't you think you should maybe cover up a little?" Rory asked pointedly, staring at Lorelai's skimpy attire as they were leaving the parking lot. Rory was mortified at the realization that her mother had even dressed the part of a Spring Break slut.

"Not really ... why?" Lorelai replied casually as they walked towards McDonalds.

"Don't you feel a little.. I don't know.. exposed?" Rory asked, trying not to stare at Lorelai's wide-open cleavage.

"Rory, seriously, we're going into McDonald's " Lorelai replied defensively, "No one is going to care what I'm wearing And if anyone does think it's too scandalous then I promise I'll be a good girl and only charge $1 for the lap dances. Hey, we could even make it part of the Dollar Menu How does that sound Ms. Gilmore?" Paris laughed as Lorelai broke into a sarcastic grin.

For her part, Lorelai welcomed the opportunity to ditch the stuffy business suits she was forced to wear while working at the Inn for something skimpier and more revealing. Even at work, Lorelai made it a point to take off her jacket and unbutton her top a bit which always seemed to please the male guests at the Inn. Whenever she wasn't working, Lorelai would often wear lower-cut tops and tight jeans that proudly showed off her sexy body which didn't always sit well with her daughter.

"Whatever," Rory mumbled bitterly as the trio walked into McDonalds.

* * *

The three women were in line waiting for their food and Rory was annoyed. Not only was her mother pissing her off but the two boys behind her in line were as well. They couldn't have been older than high school freshmen but they had been eyeing the girls since they walked in. Paris had threatened them bodily harm to ward them off but Rory was trying politely to ignore them. They continued leering at her though and one of them pushed against her back.

"Hey girl," he said, with a cocky grin putting his hands on her shoulder. Rory ignored the tingle his action sent down her spine to take him to task.

"Hey girl?" Rory snorted, shrugging his hands off. "That's your clever pick-up line? Really?" She didn't know if she was more disgusted from the line or the fact that he had pressed his body against hers.

He scowled as his friend laughed beside him. Rory grinned for the first time that day thinking "these losers won't be bothering me anymore." However, her admirer had quickly looked past Rory and was now staring at Lorelai. Her back was to him and he could readily see she was wearing a flimsy bikini top and admired her curvy ass in the shredded pair of daisy dukes.

"Whatever," he said, keeping his gaze on Lorelai and licking his lips, "your sister's the one that's really fucking hot " His buddy snickered and high-fived him as Rory face turned crimson. She felt a twinge of jealousy that he thought Lorelai was more attractive than her. Rory was wearing a green tank top and jeans and fumed under her breath, "Just because I don't dress like a slut " Rory turned around and shot them both nasty looks this time.

"That's not my sister," she said sternly, "that's my mother, you jerks "

This revelation only turned the guys on more as the friend yelped "She's a milf " and they both shared a loud laugh. Rory scowled in frustration and turned around. Paris was trying hard not to laugh but Rory noticed a trace of a smirk on Lorelai's face. Lorelai had heard the whole exchange but said nothing to her daughter as they got their food and went to sit down.

* * *

As they were eating, they began talking and the conversation steered towards all the fun stuff they were going to do on the trip.

"So I was thinking," Lorelai said as she skillfully put syrup on her hot cakes, "we should do shots when we get down there."

"Shots?" Paris replied, as she bit into her Egg McMuffin. "Is that what people usually do on Spring Break?" Paris was normally reserved but had determined when she got into Yale that she would make it a point to have the full college experience if only to say that she had done it all. She had suggested to Rory that they go to Florida for the warmer weather but had other naughtier ideas as well.

"Yeah," Lorelai nodded, between bites of her hot cakes, "doing shots, wet t-shirt contests, all that stuff is what Spring Break is all about."

"Oh right," Paris said. "Okay." Rory was watching all this and shook her head. She was still giving Lorelai the silent treatment and thought how her mother was trying too hard to be cool.

"Paris, would you tell my mother that we're not going to Florida to do shots or wet t-shit contests but to just lounge in the sun and relax?" Rory said coldly.

"And will you tell my daughter that I'm right here and have no desire to get into a petty fight?" Lorelai smiled before shooting Rory a dirty look.

"You two better work this out," Paris said forcefully, as she buttered her biscuit, "because I'm not going to play peacemaker or referee. You guys are not ruining my Spring Break experience."

All three females were silent for a moment until Rory finally said "Sorry."

"Me too," nodded Lorelai, "I'll try not to get in your girls way ... I just think this trip can be really fun and that there are actual, you know, benefits to me coming along."

"Such as?" Paris asked as she munched on her biscuit.

"Well, like I told Rory," Lorelai said excitedly, "I can get us alcohol and into clubs and you guys won't need any fake ID's. I'm also generously footing the bill for our hotel down there. And I can steer us into and out of trouble so we don't end up on Girls Gone Wild ... unless of course we want to," she joked with a naughty grin.

"Wow, that sounds great," Paris said genuinely. She didn't mind at all that Lorelai was coming on the trip because she had always felt Lorelai was a hip, sexy parent. Not at all like her dysfunctional, divorced parental unit. Additionally, she liked the advantages Lorelai brought to the table. "Doesn't that sound great Rory?" Paris said, shooting Rory a look.

"Oh it sounds swell," Rory responded with a big, fake smile, "You're the best, mom "

"Ha ha," Lorelai said, getting pissed at her daughter's attitude. "And try to call me Lorelai, not 'mom' while we're on the trip." Rory rolled her eyes at her mother's suggestion.

"What about boys?" Paris blurted out suddenly to avoid another mother-daughter fight.

"Boys?" Rory said puzzled. "Since when have you ever been interested in boys?"

"What? I'll admit I have not had too many lovers but I've always enjoyed men for the one thing they're good at..." Paris said, as she slurped on some of her orange juice.

"Which is?" Rory questioned, somewhat afraid to ask.

"Sex." Paris said bluntly as she put her juice down and wiped her mouth. Rory almost choked on her iced coffee but Lorelai grinned.

"Exactly," Lorelai agreed, flipping some fries in her mouth, "and you know there are going to be some hot college studs down there on Spring Break just itching for some action..."

"Yup," Paris said, brushing her short blonde hair out of her eyes, "some hot, young studs with big, hard -"

"PARIS " Rory squealed, closing her eyes and waving her hands, "I beg you don't finish that sentence. Please This is a family restaurant " She couldn't believe that her mother and roommate were talking this dirty, especially at McDonalds

"That's the good thing about young guys," Lorelai smiled, ignoring Rory's protests, "they're always packing and they can stay hard for hours..."

"Oh yeah," Paris agreed, "I haven't been laid in awhile but I'm sure I'll be correcting that little problem on this trip. With a couple of hot college studs ..."

"Their tight, hard bodies," Lorelai gushed

"Their sweaty, muscular chests," Paris continued, licking her lips

"Hmmm this is going to be a fun trip," Lorelai grinned, her eyes twinkling as she bit into her biscuit.

Rory's eyes bulged at their raunchy conversation and couldn't believe the crude language they were using.

"I-I'm going to ... get more ... yeah," Rory said quickly, leaving the table to get more food while Lorelai and Paris continued to giggle and talk about all the hot guys they were going to see in Florida. Rory shook her head and settled on a sausage McMuffin at the register. As she walked back, she could see her mom and Paris laughing and talking and heard Lorelai say, "Go ahead, ask Rory" as she sat down. "Ask me what?" Rory said, as she unwrapped her muffin.

"Are my breasts big?" Paris said, staring down at her chest as she asked Rory.

"What? " Rory replied, wondering if she had been transplanted into the Twilight Zone and that Rod Sterling was going to pop out and tell her any minute now that she was in a different dimension.

"I mean I know they're big," Paris continued, cupping her big boobs, "but are they as big as Lorelai's?" Paris had her short blonde hair in a pony tail and was dressed conservatively in a yellow tank top and khakis, but even in those clothes it was apparent to Rory and the whole world how impressive Paris's rack was.

"Well.. I mean.. I guess so," Rory replied uncomfortably, trying not to stare at her roomie's large boobs.

"They're definitely bigger than mine," Lorelai commented to Rory with a sly grin, "and I'm a 36 DD-cup as you know."

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