tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGinger Moves Overseas Ch. 12

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 12


After my experience on the cross I feel relief. I truly needed to be punished. Søren is right, I enjoyed being violated by Mikkel, Nicolaj and Henrik. Søren releases me from my bonds and lets me curl up on his soft leather couch under a cashmere blanket.

He disappears, leaving me with my thoughts. My pussy is plump and warm, idly I play with my wetness. Closing my eyes, I think about how fast Søren made me orgasm. "Why do I like my body being slapped and abused?"

"Ginger, put this on. I will allow you to sleep in my bed tonight. I am pleased with your.." Søren grins and holds out a short black nightie. I put it on and follow him to bed.

During the night I toss and turn, my nightie rides up my hips. I feel strange with my ass exposed, he's lying next to me and I know that at any moment he might decide he wants me. It turns me on, and I roll onto my stomach and spread my legs just in case. I thrust my ass up slowly, grinding, as if he were between my legs. I prop myself up on my elbows and reach under to pinch my nipples.

I pinch harder than usual, I seem to need this now. I gasp softly and hang my head. Then I feel his hands roughly grab my ass cheeks.

"What are you thinking about Ginger?" Søren demands.

"Nothing," I whisper and release my nipples. I am embarrassed he has caught me.

Søren runs his hands up my back and down my sides. My huge tits are bulging out the sides and he cups them in his large hands. He squeezes and plays with them, while running his hard cock between my ass cheeks.

"I know what you need, you insatiable slut. Now pull up your knees and spread your legs right now. It's time for another inspection."

I start to shake, "Please Søren, I can't take anymore tonight."

"Ginger, that is not for you to decide. Now get into position!"

He places a pillow under my hips so I am even more exposed for him. Pushing my thighs even wider, he commands, "Move your ass left to right, then up and down."

With a whimper I slightly move my hips, but that's not enough. He swings his huge hand up and slaps me squarely on my entire wet pussy.

"Owwwww, Søren, stop it!" I wail.

"Then do as I say, Ginger."

His voice is cold and brooks no argument. I undulate my hips in earnest, eager to avoid another slap.

"That's it, you are my little bitch in heat."

He pushes three fingers into me at once, and finger-fucks me hard. I cry out at the harsh intrusion, but he is merciless. My body responds, I am more than wet enough to accomodate him. He spanks my quivering ass while he fingers me, and I push my ass up towards him. That familiar feeling is here, I am desperate to please him.

I hear Søren breathing hard, suddenly he grabs my hips and plunges his cock in my waiting cunt.

"Do you know how hard you make me? This angers me that you affect my control. I have to fuck your little pussy now, and I don't like how I find it difficult to resist the temptation."

Søren fucks me hard, his hands dig into my flesh as he impales me, fucking up and into me, penetrating as deeply as possible. My face is pressed into the bed and I reach around, hook my hands behind my knees and pull them up higher. I am impossibly open to him.

Søren groans, "Oh, god, that's it, you are mine, open up my sexy slave. I am fucking your brains out, and there's nothing you can do about it."

He wraps one hand in my tangled tresses and pulls my head back, getting into a rhythm of thrusting and spanking my ass. I feel his anger, he hates losing control. I know better than to protest at his brutality, there is no stopping him. I am frightened, I have never been fucked with such vehemence and violence.

Søren slows his pace, rummaging around in the bedstand drawer. He pulls out a shiny silver dildo. It is a few inches in diameter. I hear him spit on it once, then the cold metal is probing my asshole.

"Plea..please don't, Søren, too dry, no it will hurt, too big," I sputter like child.

"Shut up, Ginger," his voice intones. He pulls out a soft rubber ball and shoves it in my mouth. "Keep sucking that, or this will not go well for you."

I bite down and brace myself as he shoves the cold metal rod up my ass. He shoves it in fast, it burns my skin inside and is icy at the same time. He picks up the pace again, fucking my hot dripping pussy and ramming my ass with the metal cock. It hurts like hell and I twist my hips, trying to dislodge it.

I scream behind the rubber ball, but keep my teeth clamped on it for dear life.

"This is what happens when you are too sexy. You and your hot fuckable body need to be tamed."

Søren tenses up and shoves the dildo in me deep. He makes no sound at all, but I feel him spurting hot inside me. Exhausted, I just lay there and push the ball out past my lips. He pulls out and smacks my ass once, then stomps off to the shower. I watch the rubber ball as it rolls across the carpet.

Carefully I pull out the metal dildo and sigh with relief. Curling up, I cry myself to sleep.


As I shower, I feel my anger waning. I needed to violate Ginger. I know I was too rough. "That is regretful, but I need to regain control. I have never let a woman affect me this way."

I towel off and look in the bed, she is in a fetal position, her cheeks wet with tears.

"Wake up, Ginger, I have something to say."

She opens one eye and looks at me balefully.

"Tomorrow night we are dining at the home of the school Provost. Mikkel has lodged a formal complaint against you. I persuaded the Provost to hear your side of the story. You may relax during the day, I have made an appointment for you at a day spa. Your outfit is hanging in the closet. I expect you to follow ALL of my instructions. Do you understand?"

Ginger raises her eyebrows at my speech and wrinkles her cute little nose. "What if I don't feel like going?"

I take a step towards her and she squirms away. "Yes, I understand."


I spend the day at the expensive spa Søren has chosen. I expected a massage and manicure, but these Danes are nothing if not thorough. This large matronly woman used a laser on me and removed all of my body hair. She informed me it was permanent. I stroke between my legs, my pussy will be bare like this forever.

"Now what the hell kind of outfit has he chosen for me?" I think to myself. I open the closet with trepidation. Søren has impeccable taste. In deep burgundy silk, my dress has a loose halter top, and a long sweeping skirt. I slip it on, it's impossible to wear a bra with this. The fabric plunges between my breasts, but the material isn't tight. If I don't move too fast my breasts will stay hidden.

I twirl around, I look pretty damned good. I slip on the pretty matching heels. "Interesting, the long straps wind up around my slim ankles and calves." There is a string of diamonds on the hanger, but the clasp is foreign to me. I look up in the mirror and Søren is standing in the doorway, arms crossed. He strides over.

"I will show you," he says.

Søren reaches in my top and clamps one end to my nipple. I hiss through my teeth. He strings it through the back and around my side and clamps the other. I turn around, the string of sparkling diamonds hangs across the middle of my bare back. The thin silk in front reveals the hard metal clasps on my now burning nipples.

I stem the tears that threaten to overflow. He drapes a short black fur on my shoulders and ushers me to the waiting car.

We arrive at the home of the Provost, Andris Knudsen. His wife, Ajatsa, greets me icily. Apparently she has already heard Mikkel's story. "Damn, but she's ugly." She stares at me with myopic eyes. The years have not been kind to Fru Knudsen. I am transfixed by the stubbly gray hairs poking out from underneath her chin. "She needs to get to that spa for some laser removal." I giggle a bit out loud.

"Is there something amusing about me, Miss Ginger?" Ajatsa glares at me.

"Oh, nothing, sorry. My mind was wandering."

Søren's hand grips my upper arm and he steers me into the dining room. We sit at a long, polished walnut table. The food is served efficiently, everything is delicious. Two other academic couples are with us, two of them board members. I feel all eyes upon me.

Andris starts off. "Miss Ginger, serious allegations have been brought to light. Mikkel claims you physically assaulted him without provocation. Would you care to explain?"

Choking on my wine I squeak out, "Without provocation?"

Under the table Søren squeezes my upper thigh. "I am sure this is all a misunderstanding. Mikkel startled me, and I mistook him for an attacker. I merely lashed out quickly without realizing it was him. I deeply apologize. I have trained for many years in self-defense, and it was a reflex."

Andris is staring at my chest, I am sure he is wondering if I have nipple piercings. I look down, the clamps are jutting out through the silk. I feel my skin turn hot, these conservative Danes must think I am a world-class stupid slut.

"Please excuse me a moment." Fighting back tears I run upstairs to the bathroom. I don't want them to hear me crying. I fix my makeup as best as I can and smooth down my dress. I turn on the taps to rinse my hands and the nozzle is old and sprays cold water all over my front.

This is just perfect. The silk clings to my body from my tits down to mid-thigh. "So much for my elegant outfit." The door opens, I don't even look up. I am sure it is Søren, here to criticize my behavior.

I am surprised to see Andris. He leers at my body hungrily. He locks the door behind him and pulls open my top.

"I have been dying to see what you're hiding in here. What magnificient tits, my dick has been hard since the moment you came in."

Andris is not bad-looking for an older man. He keeps in shape and has a strong jaw and penetrating dark eyes. He tugs on my clamps and is rewarded with me squealing.

"Søren is busy with my guests, so he can't save you now," Andris threatens me.

"Andris, what do you think you're doing? Get out of here, now! Søren will find out and make us both sorry."

He steps behind me, making me face the mirror. My tits are completely out of the silk sheath, and he is squeezing my big round breasts. They are warm and soft, it turns me on to see him groping me, his hard cock pushed up against my round ass. Andris pulls on the clamps and swings my tits around with them.

"Now listen here, little girl. I have the power to send you back home in disgrace. I can have you arrested and thrown in jail if I like. No one here will believe your little story." Andris is leaning down, nibbling on my ear while he talks. Of course, being the slut I am, I am getting wet, but I don't want him to know that.

He unbuckles his belt and drops his pants, peeling my wet skirt up over my hips. I truly regret not wearing panties.

"Oh my god, you hot little slut. I am going to own that cunt."

Andris stabs at my hot pussy with his stiff cock. "My wife is a dried-up old prune. I just love young hot pussy. Now don't make too much noise, dear."

I put my hands up on the mirror and lift one leg onto the vanity top. He pushes into me lustily and rubs my hot clit while he fucks me. I am still horny from Søren leaving me high and dry last night, and soon I start moaning against my will.

My huge tits with their elongated nipples are jiggling everywhere, it is so erotic to watch myself getting fucked in the mirror. Andris is sucking on my neck and grunting while he pounds my dripping tight cunt.

"Andris! Where are you? We need more ice!" His wife Ajatsa's shrill voice floats up the stairs.

Andris growls, "Fuck, that stupid bitch is always complaining about something!" but he does not stop fucking me.

"There is no way I am missing out on this sweet piece of ass. By the way, Miss Ginger, I have big plans for you. You will have a new role at the school."

Andris demands, "Get up on the counter and on your knees. Now spread your legs so we can see that pretty pink pussy in the mirror."

I scramble up there quickly. Andris pulls me down so my legs are folded up and I am sitting on my ankles. He reaches around and rubs my wet, swollen clit. I can see his cock poking between my lips, sliding back and forth.

"Andris, stop this, Søren is going to go ballistic when he finds out!" I pant and groan as I watch him rub my clit.

"Miss Ginger, I know he's been fucking you, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that. Who could resist your hot little body?"

He spears my pussy with his stiff cock again and rubs my clit hard.

"Cum for me, cum for Daddy, all over my dick. Do it now!"

The sight is just too much for me, my skin is flushed hot. I look down, then up at the mirror. To hell with Søren, and I let go, my juice squirting all over Andris and dripping on the sink countertop.

Andris pumps me a few more times, then unloads his cum all over my back and my sodden silk dress.

"Mmm, babe that was hot." Andris smacks my ass.

He fingers my pussy and proclaims, "It's so hot in here, Miss Ginger. From now on you will be my personal secretary at the school. I am firing the young girl I have now, she is nothing compared to a woman like you."

All I can do is pant and moan softly. I realize I am fucked, I have no choice. But how is this going to go over with Søren?

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