tagTransgender & CrossdressersGinger's Makeup Ch. 01

Ginger's Makeup Ch. 01


She was tall in her stilettos and the ankle was the only part of her legs I could see when the manger Mr. Thom introduced me around that late summer afternoon three months ago. After the first hour of watching her parade about delivering the guest's their cocktails I saw more of her leg since the sheath gown of sequins in soft red was split along the left, biased to expose Ginger's thigh well passed the knee.

Her smile cause me to dream of her over the next few evenings as I pedaled homeward. Ginger was only six years older than me but she was a centerfold alive in my small world. Work when she was at the Inn wasn't work. It was lust as I would track her, waiting for a glimpse of her moving and the flesh above her knee.

After a few weeks of working together my fantasies were cooled as we'd spent the late evenings talking as we re-ordered the dining room for the next day's activities. She spoke of her boyfriend and her girlfriends but not her family. My imagination moved elsewhere since I'd come to know her as a person rather than a moving sex object.

During my fourth week at the Inn she introduced another hostess. A woman named Thelma. To the staff she wasn't important but to me she was gracious and sexy. This friend of Ginger's captivated me. Thelma seemed drawn to me. I wasn't sure why but the friendship seem to develop quickly. She was a little older than Ginger and tall, especially with her high heels. Thelma wore her nearly black hair very short which was part of her charisma. It seemed unusual to me since all of the other women at the Inn and in my life wore their hair long. She was very attractive with beautiful eyes and high cheekbones but it was her scent that aroused me more than her beauty. Musky yet sweet would be how I'd describe it.

I asked Ginger about Thelma's scent and she laughed, "Ambre Gris, it's not common. I know how you feel. It drives me crazy. She's so sexy, huh?"

Her style was different than Ginger's but the two of them were fun to be with and for some reason I was to her as well. Sometime each evening Thelma would come up behind me and hold me, my butt snug against her mound, and she would cause me to stiffen. Her tease was welcome but private due to her sense of the activities away for us. No one ever saw her squeeze me, at least I thought so. Thelma had become my girl of lust.

We were in the Kitchen before the crowds formed one Saturday and the girls were talking of their gowns when I stepped in.

"Look Charles, do I look like I weight 130 pounds?" Thelma was gorgeous in her new gown but thought it made her look heavy.

I said rather casually, "I weight about 130 pounds. There is no way you do Thelma."

"No way Charles, you're only a hundred and thirty pounds! Ginger his hips are almost as wide as mine, right?"

Ginger came closer to us, "I'd say his are close and you two are about the same height, but in your sexy heels you tower over him."

Thelma smiled, "I have to work my look carefully otherwise I look like a boy. Shit, I guess I look like a boy!"

One of the cooks settled it, "Here's my tape."

Jon announced that, "Thelma has thirty-seven and a half inch hips and Charles is a thirty-five."

The head chef came near smiling, "Yes, I'd say Charles is too beautiful to be a boy. To bad we only need two hostesses."

He came near Ginger and held her waist, "Now, get this nonsense out of my Kitchen girls!"

This statement surprised me and I guess I looked wounded. Ginger came to me and whispered, "He's just jealous that we pay so much attention to our pretty boy."

One day Ginger arrived at the Inn but was a bit late. She was wearing another ankle length gown and holding her heels. Her stocking were torn. She stepped to the restroom and a moment later came out with her heels on.

"I removed my hose'. I hope I don't form a blister in these nearly four inch heels. My Camaro broken down Charles about a mile down the River Road. Can I get a lift home later from you?"

I had earned enough to buy a bucket of loose bolts and sheet metal that passed as a car.

"Alright Ginger but you've seen my banged up ride so don't expect a limo."

She hugged me, her breasts touching my chest and I almost shot a load. How would I get through this night? I hadn't had a sexual thought of her since Thelma had come to work at the Inn. Now she wanted my help and all I could do was lust after her. I felt like a heel. Her cleavage was all I could think of as I worked that shift.

When I drove along the narrow road after work to her place my mind was imagining all sorts of scenarios but nothing happened. Except her very sensual kiss goodbye. She actual pushed her tongue into my mouth! Then she turned and headed to the door as she spoke.

"You're my new best toyfriend Charlie. Thanks for the kiss," and she was gone.

My crotch was now damp. Did she say 'boyfriend'?

Later that week I saw Ginger and Thelma kissing passionately in the back empty dining room. I hadn't ever considered that these two women whom I knew so well might be lesbians. It crashed my fantasies. I moved quickly around the corner to avoid their seeing me.

Then I heard Thelma say, "I want to be with your toyfriend when she's ready."

Ginger swore, "Fuck you if I'll allow that to happen." She giggled and continued, "We'll find a reason to share the new girlfriend don't worry."

The next week she asked for another ride since her car was in the shop. Thelma had suggested that she could drop her off. They stood quite close, their hips nearly touching.

"Thanks Thelma but I'm having Charles help me tonight. You can help me some other time."

This time when we arrived at her apartment she asked me to come in for a drink and a joint.

Sitting alone with her was too much for now I could see her beauty relaxed and only for my eyes and imagination. Her apartment was simple but clearly a feminine home. The smoke now filled the room and the music was sensual. I was enjoying being this close to this beautiful woman.

"Can I use the bathroom Ginger?"

"Sure just through there."

I closed the door before lighting the room and was surprised to see in the comfortable bath stuff everywhere. This was the workroom necessary to put this beauty together each afternoon. Her bathtub was draped with drying lingerie and true stockings. Her large counter covered with makeup and lotions and the room opened into her dressing room and bedroom beyond. I paused as I reviewed the sheer hose, my fingers touch the material. I stepped to the doorway and saw the many dresses, work gowns and so many pairs of heels in different styles and heights. Beyond I saw a large dresser, the upper drawer open and the collection of colors and fabrics. A cream-colored bra and panty were hanging off the drawer pulls.

I moved to the counter and sat on the small stool as I studied the multitude of colors and brushes and the scent of the various products. When I paused I looked up and to the right toward the dressing room. Ginger stood looking at me over her shoulder as she dropped the blue sequined gown off of her body and it fell to the floor. Her lingerie was lightly confining her sexy body and I looked first to her tight thong and then down her legs.

"I needed to get out of this wrap. It's so tight. Can you imagine it Charlie?"

I was lost; she wasn't wearing a bra and her large breasts were filling my eyes. Her deep colored areolas and taut nipples caught my attention. I was staring at her body and then I looked to the mirror just beside her and saw the cleft of her bottom where the thin material of her thong disappeared.

"You haven't seen a woman this undress huh? Well don't fret my new toyfriend. I've got you right where I want you."

She turned, still in the three and a half inch satin blue heels and the gartered hose', and walked into the bedroom. I watched her beautiful motion and didn't hear her speaking for I was so overwhelmed by her body. As she approached again speaking I was transfixed watching her breasts move.

"I said get into the shower with that cream on the little shelf and the razor." She had re-entered the bath and was standing only twenty inches away while I was seated. She looked down to my face, bent slightly and kissed me deeply. I reached for her bottom and held Ginger close.

"I want you to be my lover tonight and 'Charlie' is such cute name for a girlfriend. Get naked and start shaving sweetie."

She moved close and kissing me again as she pulled me to stand and reached to run the shower.

"Should I remove these old rags Charlie? You'll need some help with your back and your groin so I'll stay. Come on girl! Your legs will require the most work."

She was confusing me. I was to get into the shower and shave? My back and legs? Her girlfriend? Cute?

I realized that I could get laid by Ginger tonight. I was going to sleep with her but she wanted me to do what? It finally dawned on me. She wanted me to be smooth, "Why do I need to shave Ginger?"

"Because girl's are smooth Charlie. I want my lover smooth and sexy so we start with the razor." She had reached for my belt and now my pants hit the floor. "See, the legs Charlie, Now!"

I considered where I was and what she wanted of me.

So began our evening. I acquiesced to her intent and within fifteen minutes she was doing my face and shaping my nails. Thirty minutes later I was being shown how to roll a hose' and clip on a suspender belt clasp.

I didn't pause to comprehend where I was headed with Ginger. I just followed and said very little. An hour after arriving she slipped into the shower while I stood near the mirror, "Well how do you feel about your new face and body Charlie?"

I was still in the bath as she talked over the sound of the running water, "I knew when I met you I was correct. You aren't a boy Charlie. You're my girl. I want you to stay tonight and make love with me. Do you think you can handle that?"

I looked into the mirror. There was little evidence of Charles, the boy I had been just before stepping into Ginger's bathroom. She had helped me with the earrings, the bracelets, and the bra, which was filled with the very real feeling silicone forms. The heels weren't as much of a problem as they were lower then three inches as they were. My waist was drawn tight with a waist cincher that held the sheer hose.

"I'll help you into one of the gowns in just a minute but I wanted you to take in what you are Charlie. I wanted you to see you as I see you. With some skill your hair is styled similar to Thelma's which I find very sexy. Can you understand how wet my pussy is?"

I said just two words, "I'm Charlie."

To be continued.

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