Girl Scout Leader Training Ch. 01


"Ok Mindy! Put up or shut up!" she snapped at one of the ladies wearing a longer shirt.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!" The one called Mindy said. She was average height, a few inches shorter than I was, blond and a bit younger than the redhead. Reluctantly she dropped her pack and pulled her t-shirt off, exposing a nice pair of medium size tits, about the size of coconut halves, and they were clearly firm enough that they didn't need a bra for support. The most striking feature of her breasts were the larger than normal areola. They covered nearly a third of the front of her tits, and were topped with two striking nipples that appeared to be rock hard. She stuffed her shirt in her pack, doing her best to keep her back to me, and then pulled the pack back up on her body, latching the buckles.

"Girls." Beth said with the shake of her head as she moved off to follow the group.

"I guess." I said as the two started out down the trail in the lead. "Too bad all I can see is their backs." I mumbled to myself as I once again readjusted my hard dick in my shorts.

"I heard that!" Beth said with a smile as she turned around and walked backwards. "You can watch these!" She said as she pulled her shirt up over her tits, leaving them exposed and swinging around while she moved. She turned around to face away from me and slowed her walk until she was walking next to me. It was hard to walk and not watch her tits bouncing and swaying around. As much as I wanted to watch, I also didn't know how long I could handle this teasing.

"You better cover those up, or you're going to get sunburned." I said.

'Ohhh. That wouldn't be good." She said. Then she called out to the front of the group. "Mindy, why don't you and Deb find a spot to stop for a minute!"

"Sure thing." The redhead called back. They continued walking up the hill till we got to the top and then they all spread out to sit down.

"Mike brought out a good point. If we're going to walk around like this we're going to get sunburned."

"He's right!" The redhead said. "But I know how to solve that." She continued as she undid her pack and dropped it to the ground. She dug in the pack a moment and then straightened up and walked directly toward me. "I think he should put some sunscreen on me so I don't get burned." Then looking me right in the eye she asked me. "How bout it? Willing to spread some sunscreen on my back for me?"

"Do I have a choice?" I asked as I let my pack slide to the ground.

"Nope." She said handing the tube to me and turning her back to me while she pulled her red ponytail out of the way. I squired some of the lotion on her back and began rubbing it around while the other ladies dropped their packs to put sunscreen on their exposed parts. When her back was done Deb turned around to face me and put her hands on her head. "You might as well do my front too." She said with a huge smile.

I put more lotion on my hands and began rubbing it into her chest. I wasn't sure who was enjoying it more, her or me. I spent a long time working on her tits and stomach, and thought I was done having worked all the way down her stomach and even sliding my fingers into the top edge of her shorts to rub across the top of her ass and just brush her pussy hairs in front. "You might as well do my legs too." She said quietly, looking me square in the eye. There was no doubt she was seriously turned on, but then so was I. I dropped to my knees and she lifted one foot and rested it on my thigh so I could work the lotion into her leg. I slid my hands up her legs and thighs, eventually reaching the hem of her baggy shorts.

I probably should have stopped there, but my other head was doing the thinking, and I rubbed up the leg of her shorts until my fingertips were brushing against her panty covered pussy. I stroked her wet panty crotch several times before I withdrew my hand to do the other leg. She was breathing heavily and chewing her lip as I worked up the other leg, once again reaching her pussy. I teased her lips through the material and then slipped a finger under the elastic of the tiny panties, rubbing directly across her wet lips. I slid my hand around her inside her shorts and up on her firm ass and pulled the low top of her panties down as far as I could inside her shorts. This let me reach between the now bunched up material and her bare pussy to stroke her wet lips. She moaned quietly as I stoked her pussy. All the girls had to hear the quick "OH" she squeaked out as her body gave a tiny shudder. She abruptly pulled my hand from her shorts and practically ran off to the bushes while I stood up.

Beth walked over and moved close to me, her bare tits almost touching my chest. "I guess she got what she was looking for." She chuckled. "How about I put some lotion on you while you put some on me?" she asked as she waged a bottle of lotion in the air next to us. She rubbed my dick through my pants a few times before handing me the bottle and then she pulled her shirt the rest of the way off and tossed it on my pack. I squeezed a liberal amount of cream on her tits and then handed her the bottle. She squeezed some out on her hands and dropped the bottle at our feet.

"You can do this any time you want." She whispered as she began rubbing my chest with her cream covered hands, my hands already working the lotion around her tits and across her nipples. She worked around my shoulders and upper arms as well as my chest while I rubbed the cream into her large tits and across her stomach, letting my fingers slide under the waistband of her shorts. "Hmmmm that's nice." She cooed while she continued to rub the cream down my stomach. She returned the favor and slid a hand down into my shorts, unsnapping and unzipping them to give her hand more room.

"Just keep on going." She whispered as my fingers stroked inside the top of her shorts, brushing her hairs, her hand wrapping around my hard dick.

"You want me to do you right here?"

"Why not. I'm not bashful." She said with a giggle.

"I can tell." I whispered. "But I'm not sure this is the time or the place."

"Anyplace anytime you want to put this in a soft warm place, you're welcome to it." She panted as I unsnapped her shorts and slid my hand down into her panties, pushing the waistband down with my hand as I slid deeper between her legs.

Fortunately we were standing close enough together and her hands were covering things so that the other ladies couldn't see what we were doing, but there was no doubt at all what it was that we were doing. Beth's hands were slowly stroking my dick while I pushed my hand deeper into her shorts causing them to slide over her ass and down to her ankles, revealing the skimpiness of her panties. I had the front pushed down with the back of one hand as I pushed a finger up inside her, stroking my finger along her clit, while my other hand was busy massaging one of her tits.

"Oh god" she murmured as she rested her forehead on my chest her body spasmning and jerking as she tried to continue to jack me off while she struggled through her orgasm. The sensations and the teasing I had received all day finally released in jets of cum as I spurted shot after shot across her belly and tits.

"Wow." She said quietly as she released my softening dick, my cum running and dripping off her tits and stomach.

"oops." I said, suddenly feeling quite self conscious.

"I just got what they wished you were giving them." She said with a grin. I looked past her to see the ladies all lounging around, some looking a bit flushed while others pretended to look at the trees or plants. Mary, the one with the skirt was leaning back, idly stroking her bare pussy, almost as if she was encouraging me to look

"Well, if you two are done acting like teenagers in the back of a chevy, how about we get down the trail? Deb said as she walked out of the bushes and past us, a pair of white panties in her hand.

"Oh, I'm quite ready." Beth said. As she stepped out of her panties and used them to wipe my cum off her stomach.

"Aren't you going to put your clothes back on? I asked.

"What for? Everyone already saw me climax, what's the difference if they see my bare pussy." She asked as she stuffed her panties and shorts into the top pocket of her pack.

"I guess that's one way to look at it." I said as I finished putting my pants together pulled my pack on. Beth pulled her pack on after stuffing her clothes into it, and we headed down the trail with two women still bare chested and Beth completely nude. It didn't take me long following Beth's bare ass to have another raging hardon. In frustration I stopped behind a bush, being the last in line, and pulled my shorts and underwear off, pulling just my shorts back on. Maybe without the elastic band cutting into me it wouldn't hurt to walk, and being at the end of the line I don't think anyone noticed what I had done, with the exception of Beth, who made sure to be in a position to see my hard dick bouncing around as I pulled my shorts off and on.

"Any time you want." She said quietly as I stepped onto the trail and we hurried to catch the group.

It was another hour before we hit the camping spot I had chosen in the bottom of the valley. One reason I had chosen it was that it had a small stream to get water from. That included cooling off on a hot day. I gave them directions for where to set the tents up, and went to work on my own. It was still early afternoon when I finished setting my part of camp and walked around to help the others. Both Deb and Mindy were still naked from the waste up, and Beth was completely nude, making sure to bend over straight legged as much as possible for me to see. I would have loved to walk up behind her and stick my dick into that pussy right then. My better judgment and my desire not to cheat on my wife if I could avoid it, kept me from doing that. Once the tents were all set up I took them to the stream and explained about using the chemical purifier and the pump filter to get good drinking water. Then I suggested that I would return to camp and they could use the stream to cool off. Beth wanted me to stay, but I said that they deserved their privacy, even if she didn't feel bashful. I walked the short fifty feet or so through the brush to the camp and dug out my flip-flops and book. There are a few things I carry as far as luxuries. A good book is one. And with as horny as I was at that point, I figured a good fiction novel might get my mind off the probably naked bodies currently playing in the water.

After a few minutes of reading I tossed the book aside in frustration and closed my eyes for a short nap. I woke back up as the ladies returned, most of them in wet hair and various states of dress. Deb and Mindy were wearing only their wet panties, carrying their shorts and shoes. Mary, still wearing her micro skirt was holding her shirt over her tits with an arm while she tip-toed across the ground, avoiding the rocks. I got up and pulled on my light weight flip-flops and walked out of camp for my turn at the stream while the ladies got dressed and dried. I wandered down to the stream and dropped my shorts, tossing them aside as I waded into the water. It felt very nice to sink into the knee deep water. It wasn't very wide, maybe three feet at this point. There was a rock ledge that caused the spring floods to scour the hole out down to bedrock. That meant that even when there wasn't much flow, this little bowl was nearly always full.

I lay back and let the water relax me. I had been dreaming about bending Mary over and pushing that micro skirt up and fucking the daylights out of her, which was not an option, so I used my hand instead, stroking my hard dick in the water. I swore I heard a giggle as my cum lanced up in the air and landed in the water near me. Several shots of cum sailed into the air before I sank below the surface to allow the last few more feeble squirts to float away on the current. I stayed in the water until I had shrunk to normal size and then climbed out and pulled my shorts on, returning to camp to start working on dinner.

The ladies were dressed in a variety of outfits, from thigh length shirts to shorts and t-shirts. Deb was still exposing her tits for me, now wearing a pair of baggy shorts instead of the snug ones she had on before. Beth was still walking around naked and Mary had that damn micro skirt on. I had them bring the stoves they had gotten out for a class on how to work them.

I had given them a list of about six different brand and model single burner stoves for backpacking, and left it up to them to choose which they liked, or to borrow one from someone. We ended up with a variety, but only really two different types. I had them gather around while I knelt on the ground and explained how the two main types worked, and how to light and cook with them. Several of the ladies were either kneeling or squatting near me. Every time I looked over I could see Mary's pussy staring at me, her lips obviously wet and well spread as she squatted on her heels with her knees about a foot apart.

One of the surprises I did have was one of the younger ladies, I figured around twenty five, had put on a long shirt, but was apparently naked beneath. She was one of the more conservative of the group on the trail and in her dress. She started out kneeling on the ground and while I was talking, rocked back so she was squatting on her heels to give me more room. She seemed so intent on what I was doing , I wasn't sure that she realized as she squatted down with her knees together and her shirt bunched up around her waist, that I could easily see her pussy every time I bent down to work with the stove. I did my best not to stare at the three pussies that I had a clear view of while I instructed, not to mention two sets of good looking tits. If this kept up, before long I was going to have to go back into the bushes and relieve myself again.

Finally I turned them loose to cook their individual dinners, mostly made of dehydrated foods. My choice was a beef and noodles dish, to which I added a bit more flavoring. I sat cross legged on the ground while I ate, and watched the ladies make their food and sit and eat. It was a long ways till dark yet and dinner was done and we had plenty of time to sit around.

"So what do you do now?" Beth asked as she came over and sat down next to me.

"Well, on a normal trip I would read a book or we would sit around and swap stories and such. Sometimes I'll play solitaire or we would play some poker for fun."

"That sounds good." She said as she got up.

"What does?"

"Get your cards and come with me." She said as she walked over to the fire ring, which didn't have a fire yet."

"Ladies, let's gather around." She called as I dug the pack of cards from my pack. They all came over and sat down cross legged around the fire. "This is a game we play with the girls sometimes. It's a good ice breaker and a way to get to know each other." Beth said as she patted the ground next to her. I sat down and handed her the cards. "The way this works.." she said to me, being the only one that apparently was in the dark. "is we pass the deck around, and everyone draws a card. The high card gets to ask the low card a question."

"What kind of question?" I asked, not sure if I liked where this was going.

"You know. What's your favorite color, how old are you, that kind of thing." She said with a smile.

"Ok." I said somewhat relieved. "What if the person didn't want to answer or didn't tell the truth."

"You you have to tell the truth!" one of the ladies said. "If you don't then the rest of the group gets to pick a penance for you to do."

"A penance?"

"Sure" Mary said. "Like having to run around camp three times or something silly like that."

Leave it to women to find a way to make women talk and do silly shit. This game certainly had the potential to get out of hand if the leaders didn't keep a tight reign on it.

The deck went around and Mary asked Beth how old she was. Beth blushes and said forty-two, which surprised me. I would have figured her for a number of years less than that. The deck went around again, putting the card you had back in and pulling another. This time I got to ask the lady in the long shirt a question. I chose something simple, how many times had she camped out. I was surprised to hear this was only her third time.

The game continued with all sorts of questions, favorite foods and such. Things got a bit more interesting when Mary asked Beth what her favorite kind of underwear was. Beth replied simply "none", to which the whole bunch giggled and someone said, "surprise surprise surprise!" The next round Mary was asked by Deb what her favorite sex position was, and she looked at the setting sun and said. "on top. I love to ride on top of a big dick." I felt myself blush as all the ladies looked at me instead of Mary.

I had to wonder if they were picturing her or themselves riding on me. As I had feared the questions took a turn for the more risqué as they started asking things like how long does it take to cum, do they like to give head, does their husband lick their pussy and such. I was pretty lucky at not drawing a low card for quite a while, but eventually it had to happen, and it did. Deb had high and there was cheering when it was determined that I would finally get asked a question.

"If you could fuck any of us right now, who would it be? And why?" she asked from across the fire pit.

"That's two questions." I said

"So answer the first one." Beth chimed in.

I looked around the circle and finally said. "Mary." Who immediately had a shocked look on her face. The rest of the women whistled at her or cat called, generally giving her a hard time. When things quieted down she asked why? I looked around, knowing that if I didn't answer now it would be the next question I got. "Simple. She's been flashing me that pussy all day. How could I not want to stuff my dick into it?" to which the cheering erupted again. Several more questions were tossed at me which I simply ignored as part of the game.

The deck went around several times again before Mary got asked by Beth if she though about my dick all day long. She blushed and simply said yes, with no elaboration, to which everyone wanted more details. She finally blurted out that she doesn't ever wear underwear and it wasn't her fault I had such a big dick, after which she covered her face with her hands in embarrassment. The card went around again, this time I ended up with a 3 and a Mindy held an ace, as did Brenda, a thirty-five year old divorcee with a 32 B bust and preferred thong panties. The rules were that a tie of the high card meant that they had to decide on one question. They huddled to the side and finally came back to sit down. Mindy looked straight at me across the fire pit and asked. "How long is your dick?"

To say the least I was surprised. What was worse, I really didn't have an answer. "I'm not sure." I replied honestly. This did not satisfy the ladies in the least. They were sure I was lying or refusing to answer, either one would mean that I had to do penance.

It was quickly decided that the answer was to have Mindy and Brenda measure me, proving both penance and an answer. I objected but was quickly overruled. One of the ladies scurried for a small tape measure she had in her pack and soon came back with a small cloth tape. I stood up and dropped my shorts to lot of cheering and whistling, while Brenda grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times "just to make sure it was good and hard." As if it wasn't. The two made and elaborate show of measuring me, finally announcing that I was an even eight inches long and four inches around. Brenda took the opportunity to stroke me several more times for the benefit of the rest of the group before I was allowed to pull my shorts back up and sit down again. There would certainly be paybacks for this one.

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