tagTransgender & CrossdressersGirl with Something Extra Ch. 08

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 08


Dear readers, tis I, your ever so humble omniscient narrator, with the latest news and events in the life of the girl with something extra.

As the regular readers of Daisy's story know, she was born in a male body that started to develop feminine characteristics when she was fourteen. With the assistance of HRT, she turned into a fine looking transgender woman. A few months ago she completed her transition by having SRS, and now she's taken what she considered to be the final step in becoming a total woman.

And so after much thought and careful consideration, I decided that Daisy should be the one to write the story of the recent big event in her life.

Daisy, my editing App is all yours.


Hello everyone, this is Daisy. I know all of you would rather read a story from the omniscient narrator, but he asked me to write this chapter for him. He said I should be the one to tell y'all about the very special occurrence in my life recently.

I told him I really didn't think I could do it as well as he could. I mean, after all he's the one who knows what everyone is thinking, as well as what they're doing. I can only say what happened to me.

When I asked him where should I start, and what shall I say, he said, "Describe how weird and wonderful, and erotic it is to have sex now that you have a vagina."

That sounded simple enough to me if that's all I'd have to do, and so I told him, "I could do that. Maybe I could write a few paragraphs, but don't expect some masterpiece. It's not as if this was my job or something."

And so, without further adieu, here is the story of how I lost my vaginal virginity.


Um, well I've been mostly healed from my surgery for a few weeks now, and I got back in the game so to speak. To be precise, I've started fucking using my vagina.

Before my surgery I was worried that I wouldn't desire sex or enjoy it now that I have a pussy, as much as I did when I had my balls and my penis.

Well so far I still want sex as often as always, but the thing I love most is I feel more girly, and my confidence is off the charts. I'm wearing any and everything that I have in my closet, and I'm going everywhere. Which leads me to, um, the very special experience I've had lately.

It happened last week. I'd walked around for a couple of days with an erect vagina. That's the best way to describe how it feels when I'm aroused.

I was also leaking so much pre-cum until my pussy was as wet as a CIS woman's would have been. Finally my desire for sex overpowered my fear of being fucked in my new pussy, and so I called my friend with benefits named Smitty, around ten o'clock in the evening. I made a booty call, yes I did. It was my first one ever.

As soon as he said he was coming over, I showered and tidied up my business, but I left enough pubic hair down there to help hide the scars from my surgery. I finished up by squirting myself with after shower spray, and then I smeared lotion all over me.

When I checked myself out in the mirror I really liked what I saw. My tallish body though not perfect, was shapely enough. My natural c-cup titties hang just a little, and my hips and ass were nice and round. I looked good and I smelled nice, and my confidence was at an all time high. And so I didn't give a second thought to answering the doorbell, wearing only a short satin nightie, and a pair of bedroom slippers.

As soon as he was inside the front door, I put both my arms around his neck and tried to choke him with my tongue. I'm getting a bad habit of doing that when he comes over, but he's just so irresistible.

When he put his big strong arms around me I melted into him. I pressed my breasts against his chest and straddled his leg, and then I did something I've always dreamed of doing. I ground my pussy on his hard dick, and dry-humped him like a bitch in heat.

When I felt his strong smooth hands cup my ass, I groaned into his mouth. Then he started to move his hips in rhythm with mine, and it felt so good my knees began to buckle. That was when we finally broke the kiss and smiled at each other. After that, I locked the door and led him to my bedroom.

I had the lights down low, but bright enough so when we got around to fucking, I'd see what I was getting, and I could watch him get mine.

But before we got down to doing that, I sat on the side of the bed, and had him stand between my legs. I wanted to slowly undress him, and enjoy the work of art that he is. His upper body looked amazing, with those toned arms, broad shoulders, and completely smooth hairless chest. I took my time caressing and squeezing all around it, before I licked and sucked his nipples one by one until they were hard.

I couldn't stay up there too long, because there was something down south that I wanted to checkout. He was standing still and enjoying the things I was doing to him. I kissed my way down to the light dusting of hair just below his navel, I felt his body shudder when I undid his trousers, and set his hard dick free. It bounced and throbbed the way a good strong hard-on should, and I couldn't hold back a smile, as I admired it.

At that point I was feeling so powerful and in control until I decided to show him how much of a boss I was, by saying to him, "I bet I know what you're thinking right now."

His only reaction was a half smile with one side of his mouth that was more like a smirk. I knew he wanted some pussy, but he was expecting another blowjob, because that's all I'd ever given him.

I didn't say anything else right then, as I began to play with his nuts, rolling them around in my hand and lightly squishing them. I pulled on them, and fondled them like I'd found a new toy.

At the very same time, I was jacking his dick off with my other hand, while looking up at him. I had a nice rhythm going, and I knew he was feeling good. I had learned what he likes, and so when he reached for my face, I knew he wanted me to suck his dick.

By that time we were close to the point where I'd have to make my final decision. I went ahead and put the head of it in my mouth, and gave it a good working over. I licked and sucked it for about a minute, but when I began to taste his pre-cum, I took it out of my mouth before he shot-off.

When I looked at him and saw the question in his eyes, I gave him my best seductive look, and then I pulled him onto the bed with me.

He was lying there looking at me, and I could tell he was impressed with the way I'd worked him, and that encouraged me to take it to the next level, so I looked into his eyes and said, "Did you like that big daddy?"

All I got out of him was a grunt when he said, "Mmhmm," and my clit got hard again. I snuggled up to him, and he put those big strong arms of his around me. I could feel his heart beating and hear his breathing. I just laid my head on his chest while I let my fingers do the talking.

I laid hands on him, and I really liked the way his body felt, with his soft skin on top of hard muscles. I was ready to feel his weight on me, and to test-drive my new vagina, and so I kissed my way from his chest to his earlobe before I cooed into his ear, "Big Daddy, please give momma what she needs?"

Smitty didn't need me to ask him twice, and he took control of the situation. I giggled when he rolled me on my back and laid his thick muscular thighs across my lower body. He had an arm around my shoulders, and his other hand was playing with my breasts. I closed my eyes, and drifted into another world. When I felt his soft thick lips on mine, I opened my mouth and let him do whatever he wanted to me.

Our kisses were wet and sloppy. There were no dueling tongues, or battles being waged in our mouths, I was submissive. He didn't know it, but he was about to take my virginity, and in my mind I was giving myself to him completely. I was moaning and squirming because the things he was doing were feeling so good to me, and because I wanted to encourage him to take me higher.

The more I carried on when he touched or kissed my body the more he did it. After I'd had all the foreplay and attention I wanted, I begged him to fuck me.

But when he climbed between my legs and was about to put it in, I had a moment of panic. I started telling him over and over to go slow and take it easy. What I didn't know was, by that time I'd leaked so much pre-cum, my pussy was sopping wet, and extended to its full length. To my great relief when he stuck his dick in there, it really didn't hurt at all, and after we'd fucked for a while he was able to push is nearly seven inches balls deep.

Oops, I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's go back to how it felt when he first entered me. It was the strangest mixture of sensations I'd ever felt. He was literally sticking his dick into my penis, and as his dick slid in and out I could feel every inch of it rubbing what was now my inner walls. The sensations weren't as intense as they'd been when it was still my dick, but it still felt good physically.

But when he was thrusting and withdrawing the emotional satisfaction of his dick entering my pussy, stretching me, and filling me was other worldly. I was finally able to give a man some pussy, just like a CIS woman does, and I just couldn't hold back my tears.

At that point I needed to be close to him, so I put my hands on his shoulders and pulled him down so his weight was on me. Then I wrapped my arms around his neck, and draped my legs behind his thighs. With us in that position we had full-body contact and I could throw my pussy back at him every time he thrust into me.

He was fucking me steady with his good sized dick, and I was milking him with my pussy. The entire time we were fucking I was saying to him, "Tear it up baby, Goddamnit tear it up. Fuck my pussy baby. Fuck me. Oh my god, baby it feels so good to me. I love your big dick baby; you sure know what you're doing."

May be it was my imagination, or perhaps it was wishful thinking, but it sure seemed to me, that his dick got bigger, and bigger the more I praised and worshiped him.

One thing I'm sure of is he filled me up completely. After I'd let him fuck me as long as I could take it, I told him I was ready to feel him shoot-off in me, and he came a few seconds later.

As soon as he was done, I hopped out of bed and went in the bathroom to get a washcloth for him. I let the water get nice and hot, and then I cleaned his dick before putting it in my mouth one last time.


The end.


After I read my story I was proud of myself, but when I asked Mr. Omniscient Narrator how I'd done, he responded saying, "Bravo Daisy, bravo!" You've done a good job so far, but erm, didn't you do it more than once?"

I was somewhat taken aback, but then I remembered that he knows everything. That didn't stop me from teasing him though, and so I said, "Excuse me Mr. Narrator, but that question makes you sound like a perv."

But I knew he had me by the short hairs, and when he said, "Pervy, or no, you didn't answer my question, and you know, that I know, you're holding out on us."

Of course he was right, but I couldn't give him the satisfaction of giving in to him, so I pretended to be annoyed, and said, "Boy if you don't stop messing with me I'm going to do something bad to you. I only agreed to tell them about my first time having sex with my vagina.

If you want them to know everything about me, why don't you tell them yourself?"

I thought I'd made a good point, but instead of backing off, he taunted me saying, "Meow! Aren't we catty all of a sudden?"

At that point I could see that there was no winning a debate with him, so I said, "OK, Mr. Narrator I'll do it, but afterwards I'm so done with you. Please lose my number. Pervert."

Of course he knew I wasn't serious about that, and he laughed it off before he said, "Thank you gorgeous, the people thank you too."


OK, so the not so humble narrator is right, our sexy time didn't end with my last quick lick of Smitty's dick. Here's the rest of the story, as a famous man once said.

I ended my story where I did, because he didn't get any more pussy. I thought I was supposed to be bragging on my new vagina, not talking about how much I love getting fucked in my bottom.

But now that you've brought it up Mr. Narrator, I'll quickly tell y'all what happened. Once I got his private parts nice and clean, and my own self tended to, I was the little spoon when I fell asleep in Smitty's arms. When we woke up a few hours later, my cute round ass was nestled nice and cozy against his morning wood.

When I felt Smitty's dick begin to throb, and he started to grind it against me, I felt that familiar tingling in my pucker I always get when it wants to be plugged. My booty-hole was clenching before relaxing, over and over again. She'd wanted to be busted wide open as soon as she felt Smitty's hard dick lying against her and throbbing.

I started moving my ass as he was thrusting his hips and dick against it. Moments later, I felt his finger slide between my asscheeks and press into my rosebud. I made him stop long enough for me to get a tube of lube out of my nightstand.

Moments later, when he pressed his slippery finger on my backdoor, I pushed down on it as hard as I could, and it slid in all the way to the third knuckle. I almost lost control, because it felt so good to me. I hadn't cum when he fucked my pussy, but I knew I'd bust a nut if he fucked my asshole, so I offered him some.

We stayed in the spoon position when we did it. I prefer that way for two reasons, not only is it more comfortable, but my prostate gets more direct stimulation. He held me tight as he pumped his dick in and out of my bunghole slow and easy, as I laid there passively. He was squeezing my breasts and caressing my body, and I started rubbing him.

It only took a few minutes to get me near my peak. I turned my head to kiss him and then I asked him to give it to me harder and faster. When he began to hammer me, in less than a minute I told him I was cuming, and within seconds he was cuming too.

Let me tell y'all something, after the night I spent with Smitty, now I know I love being fucked In all my holes, and I have a feeling I'm going to be easy pussy. Just make me feel pretty and desirable and I'm yours. Oh lord, I feel so slutty for saying that.


So Mr. Narrator, that's the whole story.

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