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Girlfriends versus Fuck Buddies


Please comment. I think that it would be great to hear feedback on this. If you ask me, fuck buddies won this competition, if you want to call it that.


-FBs, milk your dick after you cum inside them and massage your balls. Then they ask if you want to cum more, even though they clearly drained you

-GFs, have ex boyfriends that still want them so they want to pretend like they want to fight you for her, when really, they want you to beat them up so that you go to jail and they can have her for one more night then give her back to your over aggressive ass.

-FBs, take instructions for sex with you like they are the gospel according to becoming a great fuck buddy, love to be dominated and be submissive, don't complain about you going all night and wanting to get as many orgasms as you want.

-FBs, let you have other partners, including girlfriends, whether they know about those other people or not, they do not get angry about it. Rather, if you are treating them bad though, they do have a tendency to stop answering your phone calls and telling you that they don't want anything to do with you anymore when next it is that they see you.

-FBs, answer your phone calls whenever you call, set up meets whenever you want, don't care how much you have had to drink when you arrive or how wasted you are.

-GFs, buy you whatever you want that is within their budget, pay you back if you buy it before they can, dress up to be your arm candy whenever you want to go out on the town, cheat only when they feel that they are being cheated (not just when they see a guy that looks better than you).

-FBs, let you watch porn and will imitate the things that they see you would like to try without judging you to your face or when the relationship is over.

-FBs, turn into great GFs but GFs don't turn into great FBs.

-GFs, complain when you can't sleep and need to get an orgasmic release to drop asleep, don't like having sex for the entire day, and expect equality when you get that threesome that you have been asking for, with her being able to have an extra dick for every time you get an extra pussy.

-FBs, wake up before you to put on their make-up, brush their teeth, wash their face, and basic primping to ensure that when you wake up that you want to spend the entire day with them or at least the rest of the morning, chilling or otherwise (for example, fucking or "doing-sex")

-GFs, watch the sports games with you on your lap, giving you lap dances whenever your hard-on goes down but unfortunately, forgot everything you told her last time about the teams that you are watching and the basics of the sport too, so bombard you with questions that you know you must answer to keep her happy, horny, and willing to blow you at half-time and if your team wins.

-FBs, for the most part are campaigning to be your GF, so they laugh at all your jokes, agree with everything you say, never get upset at you and are patient with you deciding whether or not to take it to the next level.

-GFs, for the most part are campaigning to be your wife, so they will show you how great of a girl they are but your window for popping the question is closing from the second that you make it exclusive, or that you go steady, yet, they need you to reciprocate that campaign with a campaign of your own by providing protection (through jealousy and defending her somewhat), provisions (through having money or ambition to make money), and other things like consideration for her feelings a sense of humor, etc.

-FBs, only tell their friends good things about you, in hopes that you never have sex with them and are like the GFs of your dreams, who say a do freaky shit all the time to get you off whenever you communicate interest in such things.

-GFs, expect you to think and say only good things about them even though they have had more partners than you, a boyfriend every time they lose one, a slutty past and more bad stuff like gangster or military exes who are due home any minute with a bad temper, looking for a reason to kill someone to prove their love. GFs have baggage that you need to understand to move forward but she will not let you understand that baggage because she knows this, so she selfishly keeps it from you so that she doesn't have to leave you. GFs never tell you everything, sooner or later, you will never know everything, and some things, she will take to her grave.

That isn't all of the differences between girlfriends and fuck buddies. However, there may be more of what I learned through my experience with women in future texts.

So far, who would you choose? I think that fuck buddies are better than girlfriends. Despite not getting as much money out of them, you have more time to get it together and more sex. If you have a job, then you don't need her money, but nothing beats clean sex that you can have anytime and as much as you want.

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