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Girls Abducted


Steiner Solveig waited patiently in the basement of the two-story house on a remote patch of country sixty miles north of Pendleham, Alabama. It was one of the many properties he owned. The man was a Nordic Olympian, his athleticism unparalleled. Indeed, he had made a name for himself as the most jaw-dropping, talented winter sportsman on the planet. He stood nearly 6'6, his blonde hair harkening back to his vicious Viking ancestors. Cold, glacier-blue eyes regarded the world from an impassive, perfectly chiseled face. This house, this unassuming brick building, was one of Steiner's 'Dens' as he called them. A place to keep his toys and his victims...until he had no further use for them.

In the early hours of morning birds twittered their inane symphonies outside, but the stillness of the basement remained complete. He watched the young woman's sexy figure. Had been watching her for some time. Steiner wore a full, black body suit made out of a latex-like fabric of his own design. The same one he'd worn when kidnapping her. Easy to dispose of, it also shifted color to match the shades and hues of wherever he walked. Money and the right connections had bought him technology beyond the common man.

He sat on a simple stool. A plain mattress with white sheets lay beside him. Upon the mattress an unconscious brunette wearing only a pink panty and bra lay peacefully drugged. Her wrists were chained together to the headboard and her ankles connected with rope to the bedposts at the foot of the mattress. She looked so beautiful...so helpless, just lying there waiting for his touch.

Rummaging through her purse Steiner found a driver's license and a name. Kassandra A. Stark. The 'A' stood for Alexis. Steiner spoke the name, and how beautiful, even mellifluous it tasted on his tongue. The Nordic predator looked down at his captured girl. She was gorgeous, her dark brown hair spilling well past her shoulders, medium-sized breasts well-shaped on a body that was lithe and slender with smooth, nicely tanned skin. There would be so much to do when she awoke! Steiner glanced at the toolbox which perched on the workbench next to the sadistic workshop he kept in the corner of this, one of his larger 'Chambers of Torments'.

"What shall we do first, Sweetie?" he whispered, his hand gently caressing her cheek. Groggily her eyes opened and the once-vivacious girl groaned.

"Uhhh...what..." She blinked, trying to understand her surroundings. The 22-year-old woman first saw only a masked man in what appeared to be camouflaged fatigues. Her eyes flared sharply as she tried to scream. A gloved hand clamped over her lush lips.

"Ssshhh, Sweetie. There will be time enough to scream later, I promise you." He brandished a combat knife from its holster and slowly guided it to her neck. "Now, I'm going to remove my hand and hopefully, for your sake, you'll be such a well-behaved, quiet girl, yes?"

Steiner waited until he saw Kassandra's barely perceptible nod, the dawning of full comprehension in her pretty blue eyes.

He reveled in the meeting of their eyes and the delicious fear he saw in hers. As the hand came slowly away from her mouth the knife hovered over her chest. With slow, deliberate care Steiner cut one strap of the bra before slicing through the other. With a flick of the knife it was tossed to the cement floor to be forgotten. The girl's breasts stood out now, their nipples pert in the cool, damp air.

"Ohh my. Mmm. Look at you, sweet girl. Such gorgeous titties you have!" He leaned over her, his tongue slowly laving her left nipple. He felt her squirm underneath him, what little she could. His knife dipped low, the flat of the blade slipping underneath her panty, that cold edge of metal resting against her clitoris as she went absolutely still.

"Good girl. You move when I tell you to move. You are either my hot, little bitch or a dead one." He withdrew the knife and began to strip off every shred of clothing, until his nakedness stood out, sublimely planed muscles rippling across his shoulders, down his chest, and even accentuating the taut, raw power of his legs. Especially the legs.

"Do you like what you see, little slut?" He knelt across her, his cock gently resting in the valley between her breasts. She looked with amazement and frantic revulsion at the huge, hard, vein-engorged cock.

"What do you think of my cock, little bitch?" When she said nothing, merely gaping, he slapped her hard across the cheek and slashed his knife across her shoulder. Blood welled immediately where the shallow rend of skin appeared.

"Answer me!" he growled.

"It's big! Please don't hurt me!" Kassandra pleaded.

Slowly Steiner put down the knife. That toy had been overused. It was time to pick up another. He reached underneath the bed and drew out another toolbox. He fished out a pair of tweezers and gently squeezed her right nipple. Kassandra groaned, biting her lip.

"Big? Is that all you can say of it? This hard, magnificent cock lies between your lush, gorgeous breasts, ready to fuck that tight, velvety cunt of yours, and this is all the eloquence I get?" he cried.

"No...it's magnificent, yes," she sputtered. Steiner enjoyed the look of confusion that crossed over her face as she tried to anticipate what he wanted her to say. "Is it magnificent enough to fuck you with? Call me Master when you answer me."

She looked down at it for a long moment before nodding, knowing that this was what he wished. "Yes Master."

"I'm glad we agree," he said pleasantly. In saying, so Steiner cut away the panty and relegated it to a similar oblivion. He looked down, admiring the thatch of her sex. The pubic hair was like a soft down against his fingers when he cupped her there. He felt her stiffen underneath his touch and it made his dick even harder.

"Without your ankles tied and your wrists chained, would you still fuck me Kassandra? Hmm?"

He watched the conflict of emotions flash over the brunette's beautiful face. There was what she thought she had to say and there was what she truly felt. "I...I would do whatever you want," she finished lamely.

He shook his head. "I don't think you're being truthful with me, slut. That demands a good punishment." He slowly began to thrust between her tits, cupping the outer curves of her breasts with both hands and pressing them firmly against his sliding cock.

The Nordic killer and rapist gently shoved his penis back and forth, lunging with his whole body, as the helpless girl felt the warm cock slide against her chest. He did this for several minutes until it had grown slimy with all the pre-cum, the burgeoning desire of his loins making his need seem like a living flame.

"Oh Sweetie...yes...oh you're doing so well!" The faster he plunged his cock between Kassandra's breasts the more he frightened the helpless brunette captive. Kassandra squirmed underneath him in futile resistance. She shook her head and dared to plead.

"No...please just let me go! I won't tell anyone!"

As Kassandra said those words Steiner was reaching back with one hand, gently rubbing his fingers against her clit. She was still mostly dry down there, and that was something that just wouldn't be tolerated. He used his highly refined sense of touch to gently stoke something unwanted in the girl's sensitive sex. She squirmed harder underneath him. Her breathing grew ragged, intermingled from not just fear but now something else, something more nuanced.

"Will you tell anyone how I made you cum, little bitch? Hm? Or will that be our little secret? When I kill you I wonder if you will think that me permitting you this orgasm was a mercy."

As he said those awful words Steiner moved to the foot of the bed and knelt on the floor. His mouth found the brunette's pussy and dove in, his tongue swirling into the hot, moistening folds. She squirmed even more insistently now, but she might as well have laid still for all the good it did her.

Steiner's tongue plunged into her heat. His arms looped underneath her thighs, his hands gripping her hips. He held her fast and thrust her body to meet his furious licks. Then he slowed, focusing more on the sensual, involuntary response of the feminine sex in his care. She begged for him to stop. It was a constant, whispering plea without promise of ever ending. Meanwhile the wet, squelching promise of orgasm gave her away.

The pale killer-rapist was spurred to even greater zeal as her pussy bucked against his face. She couldn't help it. Her whole body shuddered as he captured her clitoral nub between his teeth and squeezed. Then he slurped her clit hard, coiling his tongue against it before giving it another series of strong strokes and flicks. He finished this newest round of tongue-licking and clit sucking with a sudden plunge of two fingers deep into the girl's snatch. In and out his fingers stabbed into her depths.

This seemed to send Kassandra over the edge. She cried out loudly, her fluid spurting into Steiner's mouth. The killer-rapist smacked his chops as he rose up. He took a candle and found a matchbox on the workbench.

He glanced over at the girl's dazed, horror-stricken face.

"Let me guess, slut. You can't believe I just made you cum? The rapist serial killer who has you helpless in his basement just made you cum. Miracles do happen, do they not?" As he said these obscene things Steiner lit the candle and then gently tilted it above the gorgeous brunette's smooth, hairless belly.

Kassandra moaned as the hot wax spattered against her unprotected skin. More spatters of wax soon encased her breasts and fell across her ribs. Afterward Steiner blew out the candle and knelt between her forcibly spread-eagled legs.

"Now that you've received proper adornments your cunt is worthy of being fucked. Are you ready to be fucked by a big, angry cock, Sweetie?" Kassandra frantically shook her head no.

"Please, you don't have to do this!"

"What did I say you were to call me?" Steiner roared. He positioned his bulbous cockhead at the entrance to her pussy and glared at her.

"No Master! Please! I didn't mean to! I'll call you whatever you want! You can cum all over my breasts! Just please don't fuck me!"

Steiner watched with delicious, sadistic glee, as his cock slowly sank all the way in...as it dawned on her that her rape was beginning.

"Ohhh...such a tight, young pussy. Mmm...Oh Kassandra, you really do feel me, don't you?"

As Steiner established a rhythm he thought about all the other fun games that they might play before he tired of her cute ass.

Kassandra's tear-streaked head thrashed back and forth until his hand clenched tightly around her neck to hold her still. She gasped for air as his penis slammed into her snatch. Her terrified eyes made his dick stiffen inside her. His free hand grabbed the tweezers and squeezed her left nipple until she had no choice but to scream.

"OW! You're hurting me!" she bawled. As she said this his cock drove in deep, ricocheting off the walls of her pussy. He thrust his penis in, lunge after lunge, quickening his pace until his worm of flesh was like a constantly stabbing machine.

He dropped the tweezers and cupped her well-sculpted ass as the fucking continued at its frenzied pace. She looked up at him with tear-streaked eyes, her grunts mingling with his own.

"Are you going to thank me for giving you such a good, hard fucking bitch? Hmm? As he said this he leaned over, licking the side of her neck.

"Please Master! Thank you for the good fucking! Now please take it out!" she moaned, trying to both please her rapist's strange sensibilities and get him to do what she wanted.

Sadly for her, it didn't work. Kassandra couldn't believe the fullness of this sadistic bastard's cock filling and stretching her tight twat. She could hardly stand it. Her panting and the wet suction of her pussy accepting a raping cock filled the basement. At last she felt him straining hardest inside her. She knew he was about to cum. She despaired that it would not be long in coming, not now.

Oh god...what if he gets me pregnant? Please no! Those irrational thoughts swung through her frantic brain even as he cupped her wax-spattered breasts, squeezing her supple tits with brutal force as she screamed and he orgasmed. The release of hot goo warmed up her insides, and she felt the sticky jism sweep into her intimate core. Oh god please no! This can't be happening! Don't let me have this freak's baby!

Steiner withdrew, his now flaccid cock covered in the gorgeous brunette's juices. He gently cupped her face. Then he softly caressed her clit and inserted his right forefinger and index finger into her tainted pussy. "Now this is what a pussy should be. Fucked and filled with my hot, nasty cum. You're mine bitch, and I plan to have fun with you before I kill you. The longer you make my cock hard and happy, the longer you get to breathe. Understand?"

Her heart hammering in her ribcage, Kassandra nodded. The brunette hottie watched with trepidation as Steiner drew out a bottle of some strong-smelling gel and began rubbing it up and down his cock. Soon it grew hard and erect, springing to life like a chia pet. Kassandra bit her lip.

"See Sweetie? I like you a lot. With my magic medicine here I can become hard for you again and again. We can do this all night. Beg for it bitch. Go ahead. It might please me."

Kassandra could hardly feel her hands, the flow of blood at her wrists had become so strangled by the bracelets chaining them to the headboard. Now, to her total surprise, Steiner undid the bracelets just long enough to re-shackle her hands in front of her. He then painstakingly untied one ankle and had her loop one leg over his buttocks as he prepared to enter her. The cute brunette found her hands pressed against the iron-hard abdominals of her rapist as he positioned his cock once more at her glory hole.

"I thought a change of position might be nice, but don't get any silly ideas, bitch." She suddenly realized that his other hand had retrieved the combat knife. He had her lie still, the knife pressed against her throat as he slowly plunged his cock all the way in. Kassandra realized that he seemed to do it gradually not to ease the transition or spare her physical discomfort but more to relish in the emotional torture he was inflicting,. The dark-haired beauty had to just lay there, her hands braced against her rapist's deeply plunging body, as his cock threaded her slick, velvety snatch.

Steiner's free hand cupped her right breast while his dominant hand held the knife to her throat. Kassandra began to feel Steiner's scrotum slapping against her thighs with the violence of each thrust as his pace began to quicken. Soon her wet pussy was filled with another dose of swimming sperm. Steiner pressed the flat of the blade against her throat as he orgasmed.

His twitching manhood took several long seconds to spend itself inside her. Even as he satisfied himself the brutal killer-rapist collapsed across her, pinning the slender girl to the bed. Kassandra had to breathe with great effort under the man's crushing weight. His vile mouth whispered into her ear.

"Two fucks in one morning...you are one lucky little bitch. Sometimes I tire of my toys after one good pussy-rape. You though, I may keep around." He lifted himself off of her and took a lurching step backward, the knife still in his hand. He stopped, poised, alert and intent.

She had rolled sideways, stretched out like a cat, trying to support her weight with her chained wrists, looking at him with fearful eyes even as he clearly saw that she had contemplated the idea of making a move at him.

Slowly a grin spread across Steiner's face. "You really thought you could be quicker than I? I like it. You show some spirit. I see I have not yet fully broken you."

He slowly approached, wary, and instructed her to turn onto her side. He crawled into place behind her, wrapping a huge arm around her in an obscene rapist-to-captive embrace.

"Sleep now, sweet girl. There will be plenty of surprises to await you after lunchtime." He dozed off within minutes, and the poor girl was left to wonder at her options. The naked rapist's cock pressed hard and firm against her tailbone. His one hand cupped her left breast gently while she felt the even rise and fall of his chest against her back.

Do I try to escape? But how? she thought. Her one ankle was still bond with rope to the corner bedpost and her wrists were cuffed tight. She hadn't seen a key to unlock them. On the other side of the rapist lay the knife. It was on the bed sheets, and she might reach it, if only she could squirm out of his grip without him noticing. The young brunette waited for what seemed an eternity, an eternity that probably lasted closer to twenty minutes. At that point she began, delicately, to inch free of his grasp. Suddenly a hand tightened around her breast until she groaned. She felt a hiss of hot breath near her ear.

"Did I say naptime was over bitch? Lie still. Just for that you get a special treat."

"Please Master! I'm sorry. I won't do it again!" Kassandra begged. She watched with wide-eyed fear as the blonde giant pulled a chest from underneath the bed and took out a triangular, purple item with a spongy point. He carefully spread lube all over it and then crawled behind her once more.

"This, little bitch, is a butt plug." Kassandra had time to gasp and bite her lip as he forced it in tight. The fullness of it was like a violation she couldn't have imagined. She breathed in rapid succession as he then plunged his re-invigorated cock into her pussy and began thrusting gently at her core.

"A little double penetration may teach you to do what I tell you, yes?"

Tears glistened on Kassandra's cheeks, streaming down her beautiful face.

"Yes Master! I've learned my lesson. Oh god, take it out. Please!" But Steiner clasped his hand on her neck. He enjoyed the constant gasps that came from her throat as he brutally fucked her. He then flipped on the vibrating feature in the battery-powered butt plug. As it began to purr in Kassandra's tight ass, the brunette squirmed and moaned.

"Please! No more!" she squealed. Steiner's hand held her abdomen, pressing her body tightly to him for better penetration. He reveled in the girl's struggle, the remaining fight in her. It lasted a few minutes longer, but at last Kassandra surrendered to the constant friction of the penis in her cunt and the butt plug buzzing away in her ass. The aching sensations that now gripped both intimate parts of her body seemed to rob her of any thoughts beyond her body's need for relief.

With a sickening understanding Kassandra eventually realized that the pain was subsiding. Something else was replacing it; not quite pleasure, but definitely not pain. She moaned as he playfully bit at her ear lobe and pinched her nipples to hard, little buds.

"Ohhh, you feel me, don't you? A big, hard cock is what you want all day every day, isn't it?" She tried to shake her head no, but she knew how useless that would be. He had all the power. To deny that now would only anger him, and Kassandra wasn't stupid.

"Please..." she groaned. It was all too much. The double-penetration sent waves of sensation up and through her core.

"Please what, bitch? Ask for mercy."

"Please...have mercy," she sighed, and in that moment, to Kassandra's amazement, Steiner managed to cum in her for a third consecutive time. The extra jism spilled out, dripping down onto Steiner's pubic muff and making the sheets below sticky and pungent.

"Get some sleep, cunt. I'll take the plug out after naptime is over if you behave." Kassandra sighed, trying to dispel the distracting sensations of the plug whirring away in her tight bottom. What followed were an agonizing several hours where all she could do was lie there impotently and feel the avalanche of sensation. When would this nightmare end?

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