tagIncest/TabooGirls Can Wrestle Too

Girls Can Wrestle Too


"Come on! You're tired already? We have to be ready for the match on next week." Kate asked her twin sister who was huffing and puffing a few feet away.

"I ran track today, what do you want from me? I'll be ready before the match," Beth retorted, sitting on the brown carpet in her room.

"Just a little bit more, I feel energized."

"Run three miles for track and you won't be saying that anymore."

"Well, I feel like I could run four, maybe more."

Beth laughed at her sister Kate who was wearing an orange wrestling leotard.

"Seriously bitch!"

"Oh, you're going to call me bitch now?" Beth got to her feet even though she was extremely tired. She would use the last of her strength to tackle her thinner sister. "Alright, you had your chance to get out of this but it looks like I'm going to have to get ruff with you." Beth was flicking the straps to her own black leotard with her thumbs while making her humorous threat.

Kate grinned and motioned for Beth to come and get her. "Come get a piece of this pie, bitch!"

Beth screamed, "Don't call me bitch!" She charged for her blond sister, arms wide in a rushing motion.

Kate grew a little afraid and hoped she wouldn't get knocked into one of the drawers. She was glad she and her sister were the only ones in the house or their mother would be in Beth's room screaming about the noise.

Beth's arms closed and clamped around her sister's trim body and mashed it into her own voluptuous features.

Kate gasped, "Ahhhh, ha ha, I'll get out!" Kate squirmed in her sister's arms but Beth had a very tight hold.

"What are you saying now, huh?" Beth clamped another notch tighter and wheeled her sister around and threw her onto the floor.

Kate spun around like a small child on a merry go round and flopped to the floor with a heavy thud. "Uhhhhh, Oh, damn."

Beth didn't give her sister time to think; she jumped a foot in the air and landed on her petite sister below. Her stomach landed on her sister's and their bodies made an "X" on the floor, their feet to one another's head. "Had enough?"

Kate had been thrown and mashed but not beaten. "Keep dreaming!" She grabbed her sister's legs and forced Beth to turn around so that she was now on top. Kate got on her knees so that she was now sitting on her sisters chest and pulled Beth's legs upward. Beth's legs were in the air and Kate's head was in between her sister's shins, still her hands kept a firm grasp on Beth's ankles. Kate's crotch had slid down to Beth's neck. "I'm going to win!"

Beth tried to slide underneath her sister but all she managed to do was move in a more awkward position. Kate's crotch was on top of her mouth, taking away most of her breath. "Hummpphh, aaahhhhhhh!"

Kate could feel the dampness her sister's mouth was making on her. "Ohhhhh." The thin material didn't absorb much of Beth's spittle. "Mmmmm." Kate got too distracted and lost her tight grip. "Shit, I almost had you!"

Beth's knees wrapped around Kate's head and pulled her down. "Now I've got you!" Beth rolled over onto her sister, they were in a "69" now. Beth didn't say anything as she could feel her sister's mouth trying to breath through her. "If you squirm, I'll make it worse." Beth hoped her sister would make it worse.

Kate was stubborn; she tried to squeeze Beth's head in between her own thighs but Beth didn't seem to feel any pain.

"Okay, you asked for it!" Beth forced her lower body harder on her sister's face. Her head rocked back and she closed her eyes. "Ummmm" No longer was the leotard's crotch moist but it was wet from Kate's saliva.

Kate got a dirty idea of what her plump sister was doing. She wrapped her shins around Beth's head and Beth seemingly eager, went down on Kate. She began to relax as Beth nuzzled her mouth down between Kate's thighs. "Mmmmm, yeah, that feels good."

Beth got off her sister and turned around so that they were face to face.

Kate looked half asleep but really she was hornier than a dog. "What now? Let's keep doing… it."

Beth put her lovely thigh in between Kate's thighs and mashed it into her sister's crotch. Likewise, Kate's thigh was rubbing Beth's crotch, moving about and giving stimulation. Tit to tit Beth tongued Kate's ear and then said, "Wanna fuck?"

Kate replied, "Fuck me bitch. Oh yeah, fuck me." Kate used her hands to grab handfuls of her sister's ass. "I'm going to buy a strap-on so I can fuck you in the ass, you whore."

Beth orgasmed to the thought of getting ass fucked by her sister. "Ahhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhh, you better, I want it so bad! Beth convulsed the last rounds of her humps. "Ohhhhh, you'd better do me in the ass!" She started liking Kate's face, especially the mouth.

Kate equally, tried to lick back as much as she could. She sucked in her sister's tounge into her mouth and kept sucking it as if it were the most delicious thing in the world.

Beth became limp and spent of energy but Kate kept humping her sister's leg and sucking her sister's tongue. "This is soooo goood. Mmmmmm."

Beth slowly returned to her senses; the shame and disgust began to wave over her and she immediately started pulling away.

"Where are you going?" Kate was still wearing her hornier than hell face.

"I forgot, mom's going to be here soon."

"But she's not here now. Kate had stood up and walked over to Beth who was going towards the door. She grabbed Beth's chest from behind and was humping Beth's very round bottom and making it all wet from her crotch.


A car pulled up to the driveway and the girls knew it was their mother Claudia. Beth left to meet her mother outside and Kate stayed behind.

Claudia stepped out of her car carrying her brief case and met her daughter outside. "Hey, I see you've been wrestling with your sister. Who won this time?"

Beth looked uneasy after being reminded about her wrestling match a little while ago. "Draw, what are we going to eat?"

"I don't know yet, I have to change before I start cooking, just give me a second to relax. Are you really that hungry?"

"No, not really? Beth wasn't hungry at all; the only reason she had asked was because she couldn't think of anything else to say. She was still in shock from what had happened in her room a few moments ago.

The two women strolled into the house, Claudia walking towards her room to change. "What about your sister, is she hungry?" Before Beth could answer Claudia called out, "Kate? Are you hungry?"

"Hi mom!" Kate appeared in Claudia's room, still wearing the orange leotard with an obvious wet spot on her crotch.

"What happened to you?" Claudia asked.

Kate looked down between her thighs to where her mother and sister were looking. A moment passed and she said, "I spilled some water."

"Oh," Claudia replied in a queer voice. "Are you hungry?"

"Hmmm, starving," Kate said, looking at her sister with hungry eyes.

Claudia had begun to undress in front of the two pretty girls, she herself not being a blond (black hair) but still also a pretty girl. "What should we eat?" She turned toward the closet and slipped off her Khaki skirt and revealed the white nylons underneath.

"I'll eat whatever," Kate made an emphasis on the word "whatever". She looked over at Beth who was looking back nervously and licked her lips and then turned to her mother.

Beth made an angry face at her sister and worded the word "No" with her mouth.

Claudia bent over and slid her nylons down her legs. "Mom, hurry up, I'm hungry. Kate ran over and bent over her mother and undid Claudia's braw strap from the front. Claudia thought she felt Kate make a soft grind against her backside and was repulsed by the idea and thought it a mistake. "Don't rush me," Claudia said while brushing Kate away. Kate pretended to be hurt and then made for her mother's panties. "No! I'm not going to change those!" Kate laughed and said, "I know, just kidding. Now hurry up and make some food, huh?"

"Alright, Alright, I'll make you something, you act as if you're starving." Claudia quickly put on a black pair of spandex shorts and green spandex blouse ,mid-drift (low cut, only going down to about the ribs). She left the room to make their food. Beth had been standing near the door to her mother's room the whole time in semi-horror as her sister made advances upon their mother. Kate walked by and slapped her sister on the ass. "See you later, sexy."

After eating their meal and retiring to sleep, all the girls lay in their beds and thought to themselves. Kate was waiting, still in her orange leotard, for some time to pass to sneak up on Beth and surprise her with a little tongue action. Beth was lying in bed trying to fight her recurring urges. Her horniness fought down some of her shame and reason. Still, she lay in bed trying to forget what had happened earlier. Claudia lay in bed for a short time but not for long, wondering about what man she would end up with, she had none at the present.

Some time went by; Beth and Claudia feel asleep. Kate was in her room fighting off the urge to masturbate so as to keep her sexual energy for her sister. She crept out of bed and down the dark hall to Beth's room and opened the door. She could see Beth lying in bed, covered by the sheets. Slowly, she walked over to the bedside and pulled the covers off her sleeping sister. Beth was wearing, blue sweat shorts and a T-shirt. Tirelessly, over time, Kate pulled her sister's sweats and panties down to mid-thigh. Kate was sweaty, a little nervous, and super horny.

She climbed onto the bed on elbows and knees and lowered her tongue to her sister's vagina. She licked her sister's G-spot for not more than ten seconds before Beth woke up. Beth stirred and writhed under her sister. She had woken up but she felt as if she were in a wet dream. "Kate?" Her eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark. She didn't care if the woman was her mother; she felt wonderful! She wanted more of what she was getting. She scooped her sister's head into her hands and pulled Kate's mouth and tongue further in her. Kate stopped, "You finish me off first this time."

"What?" Beth didn't care; she just wanted to stop her horniness. She grabbed Kate by the hair and pulled Kate's crotch closer to her mouth. "Yeah baby, that's it," Cooed Kate. On hands and knees Kate climbed over her sister until her vagina was rubbing against Beth's mouth. It felt so good she came immediately. She started rocking against her sister. Neither of the horny teenagers paid any attention to the headboard hitting the wall. They were both in ecstasy. Claudia awoke to a bumping sound from the next room, Beth's room. "She's having sex!" Claudia thought. "I hope he's wearing protection."

Claudia snuck out of bed and walked over to Beth's room. The door was wide open and Claudia had a perfect view of everything. At first, Claudia thought she saw Beth being eaten out by a guy but then she recognized the orgasming girl to be Kate! Who's eating her out then? Who ever it was had their hands on Kate's ass, forcing her closer to their mouth. As Claudia's eyes focused to the dark, she saw breast on the person beneath Kate.

Instantly, she recognized the shapely body as Beth's. Claudia ran back to her room in confusion and shut the door. Meanwhile, Kate finished with her sister and now Beth wanted to be eaten. They traded places and then the headboard started knocking again. Claudia sat in bed and didn't know what to think. "How could they do that?" Claudia asked the empty room.

"They're sisters!" The thumps were louder and she covered her ears. "I have to make them stop but I can't just go in there and let them know that I caught them!" Claudia reasoned. She would think and think but wouldn't come up with anything solid for the time being. Meanwhile, she listened to her daughter's having sex in the next room.

Beth started to moan and Kate didn't care, she almost hoped her mother would come in and catch them in the act. Maybe then she would seduce her mother. After all she figured, if she could have those feelings, why couldn't her mother? Kate's short fingernails buried in Beth's upper thighs, adding to Beth's sensations. "Ummpphhh, Kate, let's do this all the time!" Beth squirmed more and more until the height of her frenzy climaxed. "Oohhhhhhhhh, mommmmm, come here so we can fuck you!"

Kate grabbed onto Beth's ass and slid her tongue into her sister as far as it would go. "Ahhhhhhh, I love it, Ohhhh," Beth was tearing in satisfaction and slowing her grind. She could feel her sister's hands pressing onto her sweaty ass. "Oh shit, that's good. Mmmmmm, yeah." To Claudia's ghastly surprise she could barely hear what sounded like a whore's desperate need to get fucked. She heard Beth scream out for her to join them for sex! "What could they be doing that would make them forget about incest?" Claudia thought. "What could feel that good that they would abandon their cares?" She wondered.

To Be Continued...

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