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Girl's Night Out


"Honey, are you sure you don't want to come tonight?" called Gladys from the bathroom. She didn't wait for an answer because she knew what was coming. Instead, she peered into the mirror, concentrating on putting the finishing touches on her hair and make up. Once she was finished with that, Gladys pulled on a loose fitting blouse, and she purposely left about half the buttons undone. This was accompanied by a fairly short mini skirt, one that fit rather snugly around her bottom. It wasn't quite short enough to cause a scandal, and the tight fit highlighted Gladys' very fine butt. Her lacy panties left barely visible lines beneath her skirt, but they weren't all that obtrusive. She turned around in front of the mirror, admiring the view and then she eyed up her choice of footwear. Normally this outfit would have screamed out for some sexy stockings, maybe even a garter, but tonight Gladys had something different in mind. She pulled on a pair of thigh high leather boots to finish off her ensemble, and balanced precariously on their high heels. It was a killer look, and Gladys knew it. Moving around and dancing might not be so easy tonight, but she was sure to turn heads.

About the only head that wasn't turning was her husband Nick's. She came down the stairs, looking as sexy as all get out, and his attention didn't waver from the TV once. Too bad for him. While Gladys finished collecting her things to go out she asked again if he wanted to come with her. "Who are you going to see again?" he inquired.

"We're going to see Duane again," was her reply. Duane was a local musician, he had some talent an ardent following, Gladys and her friends among them. Nick had gone with her once, but that was evidently enough for him. The thought of spending the evening with his wife's friends wasn't all that appealing to Nick either, and he dismissively waved his hand.

"Go on, have a good time," he started. Nick finally turned his attention away from the television and faced Gladys. "Really, go on, I'll be fine. If I came along, you wouldn't be able to enjoy yourself, so go. You deserve it." Without waiting for a response, Nick turned back to the program that he had been watching.

"Oh, OK then," said Gladys as she headed for the door. "You don't have to wait up for me if you don't want to."

"Go!" Another wave from Nick, and she was gone. He waited for a few minutes after she made her exit, and once he was sure she hadn't forgotten anything, Nick turned the TV off and headed upstairs to change. If she was going to have another girl's night out, he'd be out looking for some fun too. In a fraction of the time that it had taken his wife to get ready, Nick was out the door.

Gladys was oblivious to her husband's subsequent departure, rather she was engrossed in making her way to the club her friends had all agreed to meet at. Duane was a hot ticket and she didn't want to miss anything. With any luck, their group would have already staked out a couple of tables by the stage, and her friends were probably already making a lot of noise. The parking lot was nearly full when she got there, but she eventually found a space and made her way inside. As she expected, the bar was packed, but she picked her way through the crowd and eventually found her friends. The interior was dark and smoky, plus with the music playing it was hard to be heard, but Gladys had a way of getting into the front of the crowd. At first, she and her friends stayed back, enjoying their drinks and watching the show. That was how it always started with them, but eventually they wanted to make themselves known. The stage was rather low, and they were letting everyone go as far up to it as they wanted, so that's where Gladys wound up.

Duane was singing at his best, and a lot of women were crowding up to the stage. That didn't deter Gladys. She pushed her way to the front, screaming and reaching out like the other girls around her. To her advantage, Duane seemed to recognize her, for she'd been out to see him several times. Besides, by this time of the night, Gladys' blouse was mostly unbuttoned, and the black lace of her bra was quite visible. It wasn't much of a bra for support, but it did showcase her breasts very nicely. She wasn't aware of it, but Duane was getting as much of a show from Gladys' exposed cleavage than she was from his set. His dancing abilities were quite alluring as well, and his gyrating hips could have been called scandalous in days gone by. This was all part of the complete package for Gladys, and when she was out here, enjoying herself with her friends, she had not a care in the world.

Little did she realize at that moment her husband Nick was out having some fun of his own. Apparently he had taken to going out on his own whenever Gladys was doing something he wasn't particularly interested in. Thus the night found Nick at a somewhat seedy bar on the other side of town. Here the smoke was thicker than the place Gladys was at, and the music came from a battered old jukebox, but Nick was in his glory. He had found this place a few months back, and found that its one redeeming value was a crowd that was always willing to pony up and shoot pool. Gladys could never stand him gambling like that, even though he won more often than not, so tonight's set up was perfect as far as Nick was concerned. Besides, the assortment of women that were usually present sometimes offered a quick diversion, and Nick wasn't going to pass up on that either. As luck would have it, Nick hadn't found a pretty young thing to play up to this evening, but he did find a mark shooting stick. The man's name was Andy, and while he fancied himself a player, Nick had no trouble in relieving him of the majority of that week's pay. Nevertheless, the two of them were getting along great and they spent most of the night challenging each other.

Across town, Duane was finishing up his set, leaving quite a few of his fans eager to see his next performance. They were also excited because he traditionally found time to mingle with the crowd every time he played, and fate found him at the bar with Gladys in tow. She was quite ecstatic about the attention she was getting from him, and she ignored the icy stares of the competition as she monopolized Duane's time. It was hard for him to ignore her, of course, and the sexy outfit she wore served her well. Even without it Gladys was quite a catch, her ample bosom and shapely ass jiggled noticeably when she walked, and the drinks she had consumed amplified this. Besides, she was a regular to Duane's shows and he could hardly be blamed for spending a lot of time with the dark haired beauty. They shared a drink by the bar, and were really having a good time talking together. He was quite charmed by her presence, and on more than one occasion Gladys caught Duane's eyes wandering towards the open front of her blouse. She would squirm away a little, but as she relaxed again Duane was able to sneak another peek. It was more of a 'getting to know you' kind of session, for while they'd seen each other out, they never really had a chance to talk before this. She found out that he was trying to move beyond bar gigs, and had even recorded a CD for a local songwriter.

"Really?" asked Gladys. "Can I have one?"

"Sorry sweetie, I recorded it but it's not mine to give. But, you can come see me anytime you want." It was only a friendly suggestion, but it drew a laugh from Gladys. Both of them knew that Duane had more than one meaning. Despite that, they skirted around the issue as they talked some more, although Gladys was now a little less discreet in trying to hide her bosom from him.

Their laughter and talk was interrupted when Reed, one of Duane's band members came over. "Hey, everything's all packed up, you ready to go?" he asked, ignoring Gladys' presence.

"Huh? Yeah, sure thing buddy," replied Duane. He glared at Reed, annoyed by the interruption, but he knew it was getting close to the time when he'd have to leave. "Guess I do have to get going, Gladys," he started.

"That's too bad," came her reply. She leaned towards him and gave Duane a gently kiss on the lips, darting her tongue out at the last moment to lick his lips as she broke contact. The move surprised him, and he found himself staring into her cleavage as she asked one last time, "are you sure I can't grab a copy of that CD? I'd really like one."

"Really, baby, I can't," he explained. "Copyrights and all that." Duane looked around to see if anyone was watching. "Tell you what though...why don't you stop by my place some time, and I'll let you listen to it."

"Sounds good to me. Let's go." With that, Gladys hopped off her barstool, and latched onto Duane's arm. He shared a look with Reed, who shrugged back. It wasn't the first time they had ever left a bar with a hanger on, but Gladys' actions were truly puzzling. Duane wrote it off to her maybe having one too many to drink, and they all headed out to the parking lot together. Along the way, Duane decided to 'test the waters' by slipping an arm around Gladys. Much to his delight, she snuggled in closer to him, and didn't seem to mind at all when he lazily allowed a hand to brush against her ass. He glanced over at Reed again, shooting his pal a grin. Reed acknowledged with a nod even as he lifted a cell phone to his ear.

Gladys hopped into the back seat of the van Duane used to cart around all his stuff, squeezing herself into the middle so that she could lean forward and talk to Duane and Reed. They didn't mind the company, in fact they were glad to have her along. It was for their own reasons, of course, but Gladys didn't seem to notice any undue attention from them. She was just a bit tipsy, not so far gone as to have no control over what was going on, so she could be forgiven a few little lapses. One of these was how far she let her blouse hang open, for as she would lean forward to talk, both men got an eyeful of her black lace bra. It was skimpy enough by itself, and the way Glady's filled it was very alluring. During one lull in the conversation, Reed, who was in the passenger seat, noticed that even the rosy outline of her aureole and nipples were visible. That captured his attention, even more so than Duane. For his part, Duane had already angled his rear view mirror to get an upskirt view of Gladys. Again she obliged by sitting with her legs slightly spread, and her gorgeous thighs were framed very nicely by her leather boots. Occasionally he'd get a peek at her lacy panties, but the smooth taut skin of her thighs was what really drew his attention in. She was getting more and more flirty in her conversation with them, and this continued even after they'd made their way across town to Duane's place.

Reed had hung back a little, watching incredulously as Gladys sashayed her way up the stairs to Duane's place. Her sexy ass was wiggling very nicely from beneath that skirt, beckoning him to hurry up. Duane wasn't wasting any time. He led Gladys up the stairs, keeping just far enough ahead of her so that he could catch a glimpse of her gorgeous tits jiggling while she walked. For her part, Gladys was working her way as fast as she could, but her heels made her a bit unstable. Not to be deterred, she leaned on Duane for support and gestured at Reed to follow. Even though he was on his cell phone again, Reed took notice. No further invitation was needed, Reed followed her up the stairs and closed the door behind them. Once inside Duane's place, Gladys immediately insisted on hearing this new CD of his.

Duane led Gladys into the bedroom, waving a jewel case in front of her. Reed watched this display for a moment, then followed along. He listened to Duane rambling along about how great the sound system in there was, but it seemed as if Gladys was listening with rapt attention. She watched closely as Duane started the disc, and was pleasantly surprised by what she heard. Duane usually did covers of classic rock songs and stuff, which she and her friends usually went for. The music she was listening to now had more of a dance beat to it, and Gladys found herself liking it. The dance rhythms were quite catchy, and by the middle of the second song Gladys was moving along with it. Duane and Reed moved back a little, eyes fixated on the show she was putting on. Her blouse had loosened even more while she danced, and before she was even aware of it, Gladys' breasts were attracting a good deal of the men's attention. Despite this, Gladys continued her sexy gyrations to the catchy tune of Duane's songs for a little longer, before noticing the lean and hungry looks she was getting. Just then, the song she was dancing to ended, and there was a moment's pause. Duane and Reed traded a look, wondering if Gladys would continue now that she realized they were ogling her. She waited for a moment, until a new song started up, and continued moving her body to the beat.

Gladys' twirling body moved closer and closer to the guys as their eyes followed her every move. It was as if the music was now in control of her actions, for as she wheeled in close, Gladys pulled the loose ends of her blouse out of her skirt. Another twirl and she was pulling it off, leaving very little to their imagination. Her jiggling breasts were barely contained within her bra, and the movements of her body jiggled them just beyond the reach of her audience. They watched with their mouths agape, but Gladys broke the spell by laughing out loud as she continued performing for them. Her sensuous dance was evolving into a rather fast paced striptease, and she certainly wasn't being shy about it. Duane and Reed were mesmerized as she deposited the blouse on the floor before them. Shamelessly, Gladys continued, and the guys were treated to the sound of her skirt's zipper being slowly undone. She hesitated for a moment after she had unzipped, dancing in closer as she did. Just as the guys had their eyes fixated on her body, she noticed the two rather obvious bulges in their pants as she crept down on the floor in front of them. Her skirt had partially fallen by now, leaving only the thin lace of her sheer panties covering up her buns as she knelt down in front of her admirers. Gladys was still gyrating to the music as she reached her hands out towards Duane, undoing his zipper and freeing his cock.

Duane was quite hard from watching the sexy brunette dancing in front of him, and just as he had dared to hope, she was now kneeling in front of him. By glancing down, Duane could see deep into the luscious valley of her cleavage. Gladys' nipples were hard by now, and they poked through the sheer lace of her bra visibly. He let his eyes wander down the rest of her body, but before he could register more, the warm, wet feeling of her mouth on his cock commanded all of Duane's attention. Gladys eyes locked onto his as he watched her slowly sucking down on his shaft, then bringing her pouty lips all the way back to the tip. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, smiling up at Duane and motioning Reed to come closer as she went down on Duane again. She sucked up and down on him repeatedly, pumping his cock into her mouth over and over before wrapping her hand around his shaft to stroke him in even more. Gladys savored the taste of his manhood even while she used her free hand to struggle with Reed's zipper, finally freeing his cock as well. Both men watched as she started to alternate between cocks, giving each of them a few long sucks before giving the other a turn. Her hands kept busy, stroking them both at once, all while sloppily blowing them. Reed's wandering hands had freed her tits from her bra, and those gorgeous globes rested on top of the tight lace band. The guys were squeezing them when they could, paying extra special attention to her nipples which made Gladys even hotter while she kept sucking them. They were relentlessly thrusting their dicks at her, jockeying for a quick slide between her red lips. If they couldn't get that, Duane and Reed satisfied themselves by rubbing their saliva coated shafts through Gladys' fingers and all over her face.

It was clear that she was getting into this, and as she pulled Duane's cock from her mouth again to give Reed a few sucks, he leaned forward over her back to caress her buns while she sucked. Even though the angle was bad, Gladys rubbed her ass against his hand, prompting Duane to slide on back there. She had a gorgeous derriere, and watching her propped up on her hands and knees while she blew Reed was simply an amazing sight. Gladys felt Duane's hands caressing her bottom, and he was even bold enough now to run a finger over her pussy while she grinded against him. Taking a moment to pause, she started stroking Reed's cock even faster, and was somehow able to maneuver the three of them over to the bed. Once there, she lay across it with Reed on one side and Duane behind her. Her beautiful breasts were fully exposed, although Gladys hadn't bothered to finish stripping off her bra. Besides, the tight band pushed her breasts up into an almost unreal cleavage that the guys went nuts for. She had shed her panties in the process as well, leaving her thigh high boots as her only remaining clothing. The guys hastily got into their positions as soon as she had stripped. Gladys was balanced precariously on those heels, face down on the bed with Reed's cock sliding into her mouth and Duane finally letting his cock enter her cunt from behind.

Gladys moaned out loud when she felt his hard cock sliding between her swollen pussy lips. She was so hot and wet by now that Duane eased himself inside her effortlessly, but it felt wonderful nonetheless. He braced himself against her by grasping her hips with his strong hands as he thrust, burying his cock deep inside her. Duane pulled out just as deliberately, getting a feel for Gladys' hot pussy before sliding into her once again. She savored his strokes just as much as he did, hanging her head down for a moment before opening her eyes and returning her mouth to Reed's waiting cock. He eagerly pushed his cock towards her lips, brushing them lightly with the tip. Gladys parted them in response, running her tongue out over Reed's shaft as she did. Duane's thrusts were bumping her forward though, and in no time at all she had both men's cocks inside her. They were both thrusting hard, but weren't so rough as to be hurting her. Gladys was doing all she could to keep Reed's cock in her mouth each time Duane slammed his cock into her. She soon found that stroking his shaft while she sucked helped, and allowed her to concentrate more on how wonderfully Duane was taking her.

His strong hands grasped her ass cheeks as he relentlessly thrust his cock in and out of Gladys' waiting pussy. She had always looked wonderfully sexy from behind, but this was even better. Her buns were soft to the touch yet quite firm in Duane's hands. He held them tightly, squeezing his fingers into her hard while he fucked her hot pussy. Between Duane's thrusts and his firm grip, it was almost like he was pulling Gladys onto his cock with each successive thrust. Her butt tended to jiggle every time Duane's cock rammed home, and his motions were causing her tits to sway as well. Gladys' sensitive nipples were rubbing against the bed sheets too, sending her sensations she couldn't begin to believe. As a result, her pussy was very wet and slippery as Duane continued to fuck her. Stroke after glorious stroke her fucked her, bouncing her body around on the bed as he pounded his cock deep inside of her. Her pussy was so very wet from everything they'd done so far, and it was so inviting to Duane's cock. Gladys was clenching her snatch against his shaft, tightening her fuck hole even as his cock rammed deeper and deeper. Each time Duane pulled himself out of her he could see her slick juices coating his shaft and he kept on plunging in for more and more. The very sight of Gladys in such a submissive position would have been enough by itself to drive Duane wild, but tonight he had the added treat of watching her sucking his friend off at the same time.

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