Girl's Night Out


By Brett Lynn with BrownCuriousity

"Damn, I'm running late."

Liyah looked at the time on her cell phone with a bit of disgust, then lifted her trucker cap and smoothed down her long, straight jet-black hair. Adjusting the hat and accompanying sunglasses to her comfort, she slipped her cell back in her purse and walked up the last step of the Astor Place train stop. She dressed casually, yet trendy as would befit both her looks and the neighborhood. Her baby t-shirt looked even smaller than it was with her long, lean torso, and the fact she had D-cup breasts would have made her shirt seem downright slutty on an extrovert. In actuality, Liyah was shy and reserved. She just didn't mind the extra bit of attention she received nowadays. Always considered somewhat of an "ugly duckling" during the teen years, she was enjoying her new found beauty.

In a concession to the warm weather, she wore a pair of short shorts on her narrow hips that showed off her long caramel legs as she walked over to the restaurant. She was careful not to wear them too short, lest people get to know her *too* well.

Glancing up through her shades, she noticed the place coming up ahead. It was a regular spot for her and her friend Nikki for their regular hangout sessions. Walking across the street to her destination, she brushed off the attention paid to her legs and glided into the restaurant.

"Hello, how are you doing today?" the greeter asked with a pleasant smile.

"Oh, nothing," Liyah said. "Do you perchance know if someone named Nicole has arrived yet? I'm supposed to meet her here."

"No, I don't think so." The greeter shrugged.

"Oh, ok. Could you get me a table for two, and guide her over here when she does?"

"Sure, ma'am. Just a moment."

"Figures she'd be late," she muttered to herself as the greeter guided her over to a table for two by the front. "At least I'll be able to see her coming from this spot."

She sat down in the chair pulled out for her, crossed her long legs and doffed her hat and sunglasses. Ordering a Corona with lime as she waited, she thought about how close they were growing up. Nicole, or "Nikki" always had this habit of being the wild one while Liyah was always the quiet one. Nonetheless, since they met each other back when they were eight in grade school, they were like siblings. Back then when Liyah was Omar, they were like Brother and Sister. "Now we're BOTH sisters," Liyah thought with a smirk.

Batting her almond-shaped eyes that were reflective of her Jamaican -Chinese roots, she looked out across the street to see Nikki coming, scrambling across the street. "Oh, there she is," Liyah said to no one as her beer arrived. "I hope she at least remembered her money."

Nikki walked into the restaurant fluffing her voluminous curly fro. Her large brown eyes sparkled as she looked for her friend. Her big silver earrings brushed against her shoulders as she turned her head to and fro looking for Liyah. "Bitch had BETTER be here..." Nikki had to admit that she really didn't know what to look for. It had been a few years since the last time she saw her childhood friend, and back then Liyah was Omar. She had only seen pictures of her friend as a girl but she knew pictures weren't always true to life. Nikki was the type to play things fast and loose with no worries, but she had to admit she was kind of nervous when she spotted the small-framed long haired beauty sitting close to the front of the restaurant. She adjusted her tight red wifebeater fully aware that the puffy nipples of her breasts (the size of large oranges) were protruding and straining against the fabric. Her obscenely short denim skirt did nothing to hide her thick thighs as they hugged her round honey complexioned ass. She walked over gingerly in her 80's style red pumps as her various bangles and jewelry jangled.

She stood behind Liyah and cleared her throat. Immediately her friend turned around and beamed. Nikki couldn't believe it. He...uh, she was downright beautiful. Her old friend Omar had always been the skinny kid and he hated it, but his small frame looked so natural as a woman. Long legs and torso, striking features. Liyah could be a model. Liyah stood up and hugged her friend tightly, "It's about time!"

"Oh please," Nikki said when they broke apart, "You know you probably just got here your damned self...look at you..." Nikki said holding her friend's arm up and away from her body to spin her around, "Is that why you call yourself 'Liyah'? Because you look like Aaliyah?" He reminded Nikki of like late singer Aaliyah in her prime, only Liyah had huge breasts, which had to be a strain on her nearly tiny frame. The pictures she saw of her friend did not do any justice. They must've been taken in the very beginning stages of Liyah's transformation.

Liyah shrugged as she sat down, "I took the hint from everyone who kept telling me I looked like why not?"

Nikki laughed as she took a roll from off of the table, "Omar...I mean *Liyah*..." she smiled, "This is crazy. I can't believe this..." she beamed. "You're gorgeous..."

"And look at you?" Liyah said blushing, "I see you went natural. I like you with big curly hair anyway."

Nikki played with her metal studded leather wristband, "Yeah my style has changed since high school."

"Yeah but I bet your ass is still wild as hell right?" Liyah said shaking her head.

"And you weren't but you gotta be now, damn how short are those shorts," Nikki said peering at her friends smooth long legs.

"So what are we doing today?"

"Relax, I got everything planned out okay?"

"I AM relaxed," Liyah said sipping her water looking around for their server. "What do you gotta do to get service around here?"

"No you're not relaxed, you think I'm gonna flake on you and make you pay for everything. Well HA!" Nikki playfully pointed at her friend. "I've got a real afternoon and evening planned and you won't have to worry about a thing."

"Okay," Liyah laughed, "Your mom's Mastercard?" she raised an eyebrow.

"No!" Nikki scoffed, "Give me some credit Liyah."

Liyah rolled her eyes, "Oh okay I'm sorry. We both know you have no credit."

Nikki laughed as she threw a napkin at the girl, "It's not my mom's!"

Liyah arched a brow.

"It belongs to my new sugar daddy." She pulled the plastic out of her purse and laid it on the table.

Liyah cracked up with laughter, "I knew it! Who is he this time?"

"Some art dealer in SoHo. Freakin' rich...he's older but he knows I do my thing."

"Umm hmmm," Liyah said skeptically, "I bet you do your thing alright."

"Yep, after this we're going to the spa, and then shopping, and then we are going to club all night long while being driven around. And today is going to be just like those commercials..."


"Priceless." Nikki said giving a sly smile.

"Mmmhmm," Liyah said, rolling her eyes. "Sure honey. Just like the time I caught you trying to fuck the star of the guys AND girls basketball team back in high school."

"Please, girlfriend. You see homegirl was one of the stars of the women's final four this year, so hush!" Nikki said with a laugh as Liyah's beer arrived. "Besides, I'm a whole lot of woman for just one."

"So what about the dude?"

"Well, dude was hung like a star. I know you'd want a taste of something like that."

Liyah raised her eyebrows as she took a sip of the beer, then awkwardly paused as she set it down, looking for the right words to say. "So, where do you wanna start first with the shopping?"

"Well, thanks to my latest sugar daddy, I got some hookups at some exclusive boutiques down in SoHo. Stuff that only stars and people with money have..."

"And old money-chasing cum-guzzling sluts like yourself have," Liyah said, playfully sticking out her tongue before taking another sip of her beer. Nikki glared at Liyah, shaking her fluffy hair, "He's not "old-money". He's "Euro-trash soho art gallery dealer money". She snapped her fingers, "New money bitch. Get it right."

"Well, excuse me..." Liyah said snapping her fingers in return. "Should I start singing your favorite Prince song?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I knew a girl named Nikki, yadda yadda yadda, sex fiend, blah blah blah," Nikki sang and they both laughed.

"Now, let's get something to eat. We have one hell of a day ahead of us. Waiter!" Nikki called out beckoning towards their server.


"So here it is," Nikki said, gesturing to the plain looking storefront. "I can tell by your reaction that you aren't impressed, but trust me, it's worth every penny."

Liyah looked at her friend, shrugged, then followed Nikki into the store. What the store lacked in ambiance, it more than made up for in clothes. It seemed like you couldn't swing a dead cat without finding a cute top or a nice skirt or a flattering pair of pants, and from the layout, swinging a dead cat would probably knock half the store over. The two old friends picked up handful after handful of new clothes, carefully avoiding the hipsters as they made their way through the aisles. A few of the customer's eyes lingered over the forms of the ladies, one catty female even rolling their eyes at the two.

The ladies made their way into the changing room, carelessly throwing their clothes onto the bench. Nikki had already tossed off her short skirt, and soon she was fluffing her large fluffy ringlets, posed in front of the mirror, swaying her hips from side to side as she showed off for herself.

"Hmm...let's see which of these clothes shows off my sexy body," Nikki seductively said as she bent over, letting her friend see her pantiless, hairless sex. "I know I wanna show it off."

"Yeah, I bet you do..." Liyah said trailing off, looking at the scene in front of her. "So, what do you wanna try on first?"

"Well, I think I wanna try these," Nikki said as she rummaged through the clothes there, digging out a pair of cream-colored capris that looked too narrow in the hips for her. "Let's see if this works..."

Nikki loosened up the belt on her skirt and tugged it down to the floor, showing her waxed-smooth sex in the mirror. She stepped into the pants easily, but struggled when it came time to pull them over her broad hips.

"O...I mean Liyah, could you help me with these?"

"Oh, sure," Liyah said as she walked over to pull the pants over her hips. Wrapping her fingers in the waist, she gave a good tug as Nikki jumped around, pulling both the pants onto her hips and Nikki's big soft ass onto her hips. She looked over her friend's shoulder at the mirror, looking at how those pants looked painted on her.

"Mmm...looks tasty there."

"Yeah, it is, if I say so myself," Nikki said with a mischievous smile. "They'd look nice on your legs too. Too bad your big dick couldn't fit in them," Nikki said, sticking her tongue out at the mirror.

"Ah, hush," Liyah said with a giggle, suppressing the embarrassment she felt as her tip started to push on the middle seem of her shorts.

Turning around towards her friend, Nikki giggled, "So, let's see what better living through chemistry can do for you!" She lifted up the shirt and saw Liyah's breasts encased in a simple black demi-bra, cupping what looked like a somewhat pendulous pair of breasts.

"Nice," Nikki said as she goosed them. "Kind of big for your frame. Where did you get them from?"

"Probably my mom," Liyah said. "It's the least she could have done after dying during my birth...give tits to her son," she continued, stifling a morbid giggle. Liyah, formerly known as Omar was raised solely by his father, breaking the stereotype that people like "her" had too much of a female influence in their lives.

"Well anyway, looks like you inherited some great ones."

"Yours aren't too shabby either," Liyah found herself saying. For some reason she couldn't look Nikki in the eye when she said this. She felt her shyness creeping back in the same way when she was a teenaged boy.

"You mean these?" said Nikki. She lifted up her tank top and pulled it off to reveal her not-too-big but not-too-small naturally bouncy breasts. Her nipples were all puffy. Liyah found her cock straining against her shorts.

"Touch them."

Liyah tried to laugh this off, "Oh, whatever Nikki."

"I'm serious, do you think they're firm enough? I'm thinking about buying some boobs..."

Liyah reached out and cupped the two nearly perfect caramel globes. She felt her breath catch in her chest. She hoped she could control her raging erection.

"Ooh, you're hands are soooo soft..." Nikki purred. Liyah gulped. Her wild friend oozed sensuality even when she wasn't trying. Liyah blushed.

"What?" Nikki said with a smirk on her face. "Why are you getting red in the face?"

"We've never ummm... I've" Liyah stuttered. She got caught up in the moment and began to relish the feel of the girl's hard nipples dragging against the center of her soft palms. They only seemed to get harder.

Nikki rolled her eyes, "We're both girls right?"

"Yeah but..."

"Girls who are gonna find some cute boys tonight," Nikki laughed as she pulled away from her friend to walk over to the entrance of the changing room.

"Yeah, about that..." Liyah said, confused. This was the second time Nikki made the allusion of her liking boys. Did Liyah think she was gay? Well technically she was because she was attracted to women. But did she ever think Omar was gay? Before Liyah could set her straight, Nikki was calling for the sales girl as she pulled back on her shirt.

"I want to try on this pink and black satin and lace corset with the black lace boyshorts with the ribbon trim?" She asked of the sales girl as she peeked out of the heavy curtain. "No I won't be needing help to put it on, my friend is here to help me," she turned and winked at Liyah.

Nikki handed her friend the lacy garments, then turned her back towards her as she cheesed for the mirror. "Could you help me slip this on?"

"Oh, sure," Nikki said. Liyah pulled the corset just tight enough to cling to Nikki's torso, then clumsily reached in front to pull off the wifebeater she was wearing underneath. As she pulled the shirt out of the corset, she managed to get a feel of her friend's puffy nipples, her hands lingering and tugging on them a bit. Her hands were wandering all over them just as she felt Nikki reach up and grab her arm, her lips cooing in her ear.

"LIYAH!" Nikki gasped as she playfully slapped her friend's hands away. "What are you doing?" she laughed.

Liyah smiled, "Oh nothing..."

"Ummm hmmm. Sure. Now pull that corset as tight as you can. Let's see how this looks."

Liyah wordlessly complied as she tugged at the laces, slowly bringing her friend's torso into shape. While Nikki was hardly wasp-thin, with such dramatic hips and thighs, her waist looked tiny in comparison. When she reached into the cleavage and hefted her breasts up a bit, she completed this classical looking image of beauty, all tits and ass and fertility and child support payments if a brother didn't act right. Nikki glanced up at her friend with a devilish smile, then started giggling a bit as she turned to Liyah.


"You know," Nikki said as she toed the panties on the floor. "I haven't seen how well you keep your feminine charms despite the, shall I say, masculine beginnings."

Liyah wrinkled her brow in thought, then said, "no..."

"C'mon, please?"

"I mean, since I transitioned, I mean..."

"Alright, alright. I'll even close my eyes. I know all women have their beauty secrets, especially when we aren't born beautiful," Nikki said, batting her eyelashes before making a show of squeezing the lids shut.

Liyah hesitated for a bit, then quickly shucked her shorts and jeans off in one stroke, her semi-hard dick flopping out in between. She looked at her friend's lips, feeling her shaft twitch a bit as she thought about being so bold as to stick the tip of her cock right on them. Her more shy sense getting the best of her, she thought herself calmer a bit before stepping into the panties and pulling them just above her knees. She pulled her dick firmly straight back, then nestled it in the crack of her ass, making her coo a bit as she reacted to the smooth skin-on-skin interaction. She quickly pulled the lacy underthings tight to her and took a look at herself in the mirror. A cute visage reflected back at her, especially the way the panties made her hips look bigger than they really were, and the cute camel toe that showed though, hiding her true sex.

"OK, you can open them now, Nikki."

"Nice, very nice!" Nikki said as she licked her lips. "Now turn around...lemme see that booty of yours..."

Nikki arched an eyebrow surprised. Her friend had one of the best asses she had ever seen. There was a dramatic dip in her lower back which curved out to a full and round shaped ass, even on the petite girl's body.

Nikki didn't think before she said, "If I didn't know any better, I'd rip those panties off and try to eat your pussy."

"Well," Liyah said, "You can still rip my panties off. I can give you something to taste."

Nikki gave her friend a curious look. Was Liyah serious? The whole situation had her instantly wet. She looked at this pretty girl who was packing major dick in those panties. What would it be like to fuck her?

"Well," Nikki said smiling, "It would be a real shame to rip those pretty panties. Why don't you just take them off?"

Skin flushing, Liyah did as she was told, her already erect dick springing forth.

Nikki licked her lips as she sat down in a nearby chair, her bosom pushed high by the restrictive corset. Liyah got hard watching her friend beckon her closer with her finger. She was so seductive.

Liyah walked forth with her hard veiny dick and Nikki immediately grabbed it. She was so horny right now. She ran her hands up and down the shaft and looked up into Liyah's eyes as she stroked it. She licked her full lips and slowly began to lick up and down her shaft, gingerly holding her friend's hard dick. Liyah hissed. This would be the first time since she'd been a woman that anyone had even touched her. It was hard to find lesbian girls who were into girls with built in dicks. It was hard to find ANYONE who would understand.

Who better to break her in than her best friend?

She fluttered her eyes open and looked down at Nikki as she licked the tip of her dick, her hand gently jacking the thick caramel log jutting out from her legs. She felt her nipples pebble up under her bra, making her draw in her breath sharply, as Nikki's afro bobbed slightly with her efforts. She started thinking about where she was, but there was just one thing she had to try first.

"Nikki," Liyah whispered nervously. "C-could you do me a favor?"

"I thought you were doing me one with that thick, luscious caramel candy you have here," Nikki said, sucking the tip before grabbing it and hitting it on the palm of her hand. "Are you sure you don't have implants? I mean, you can't be taking hormones with this."

"Nah...not with all the sleepless nights these puppies gave me when they came in," Liyah said. "Anyway, I know I've seen a lot of porn vids from the internet, and I just love to see a girl take it deep. I've always wanted to know what it feels like, but I've never had the chance. Could you..."

Liyah didn't get a chance to finish her sentence as Nikki took the tip into her dick into her mouth, swirling her tongue around before slowly inhaling her dick, inch by inch. As she worked her way down, she smiled and looked up into Liyah's eyes, even playfully giving her ass a smack. As she reached the midway point of Liyah's shaft, she started to hesitate a bit, and Liyah reached out as if to grab Nikki's afro, but stopped short.

Nikki reached up, grabbed Liyah's hand, wrapped it around her thick mane and nodded her head in assent. Liyah tugged on her friend's hair as Nikki guided her thick lips down that pulsing shaft, stopping only then her lips were flush with her friend's shaved base. She quickly pulled off of the meaty pole, gasping for breath between the giggles.

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