tagLoving WivesGite Ch. 04: Yachting in France

Gite Ch. 04: Yachting in France


Authors note.

Well here we go with another story.

More are on the way, i have about fifteen more to come, sorry if you are getting bored!


The Village 04 - Yachting in Southern France

MONDAY afternoon


They decided to walk over to the restaurant early at 11am and have a coffee outside, the gite was nice and had a shaded courtyard, but no sun.

Nicolle greeted them at the door. They asked if they could have a coffee outside, before lunch. Nicolle showed them to the terrace. It was hot and sunny, but cool in the shade. They chose a table in the sun, with an umbrella. "Going to be hot again." Said Denise happily.

"Wonder if it will be cool at sea?" said Beth, thinking of the cold North Sea.

"This is the south of France in summer," said Denise firmly, "they don't do cold!"

"Wonder what it's like shagging at sea?" said Beth, dreamily.

"We're going to find out!" said Denise, "Have you thought of swapping?" She continued.

"Swapping what?" replied Beth, "Clothes?"

"No, partners!" said Denise with a laugh, "Me with Pierre and you with Jerome." She continued.

"No, I hadn't." replied Beth thoughtfully, "But there's no reason why not, were not actually attached to them, are we, there just lovers and we are sort of mistresses. I did wash Jerome's cock in the bath last night, after we both got shagged in the bath."

"You should ask first!" said Denise in mock seriousness. "What's this about washing my lover's cock without me knowing?"

"His balls as well." said Beth, "I thanked him for giving my friend such a good shag!"

"Prostitutes, not lovers." said Denise, "They are paying us!" going back to the money.

"Yes," said Beth, "I thought that would stop after the first night. "did you get a tip?"

"Yes, "said Denise, "Fifty euro on top of the 250."

"Same here," said Beth. "Hope we've packed enough clothes in the suitcase." She said.

"Don't worry," said Denise, "I don't intend wearing clothes unless we go ashore. I'm going for an all-over tan."

Nicolle arrived with coffee and Monique. They greeted each other in the French fashion, with kisses on the cheek. Many at the meal yesterday had done this.

"May we sit with you for a while?" asked Nicolle, "We are ready for lunch, but the first reservation is not for an hour."

"Of course," said Denise. She noticed that there were four cups.

Monique served the coffee to all and sat down again.

"This French custom of kissing..." began Beth, she stopped unsure of what to say.

Monique looked at her seriously, "So you do not kiss each other in England?" she asked, "Your son kisses very well..."

'Don't go there,' thought Beth, "No," she said, as Monique and Nicolle laughed, knowing what was coming. "Yesterday, all the women greeted each other with a kiss, well several, two, usually, but some more. We got kissed several times, but not by all. Some of the men kissed each other, but not all, so what is the rule?"

Nicolle said "It is very complicated, it depends on whether the other person is a relative, a close friend, and where in France you are. The men only greet close relatives with a kiss, not friends, unless they have known each other a long time." She paused and continued, "Women above teenage years greet with kisses, but not younger ones."

Monique picked it up, "Around here, the senior person initiates the kisses, so my mother kisses me, and I respond, but I do not kiss my mother."

"Getting it wrong can be an insult, especially to the elderly." finished Nicolle.

Beth and Denise looked at each other, "I wish I had not asked!" said Beth.

"I have been speaking to Stuart'" said Monique.

"And me to Tom," said Nicolle.

"They are coming here by train a week on Saturday, when their course finishes, and they will stay two weeks."

"An extended holiday." Thought Beth.

"I will take Stuart to Nimes, where he can see the hospital and discuss jobs for later this year." Said Monique.

"You seem very sure that you both can get jobs there, "said Beth cautiously. "and where will you stay?"

"Oh yes," said Monique, brightly, "my uncle is the director there, there will be no problem with jobs, also my uncle owns several apartments. He has already promised me I can live in one, when I am in Nimes. There will be no problem."

"Ah, good." said Beth, getting it from her at last.

They chatted on for a while, then Nicolle looked at her watch and tapped Monique on the arm. "We must go now." Said Nicolle. They excused themselves and left.

"Looks like Monique and Stuart are planning their life together." Said Denise, not knowing what else to say.

"Well, I did wonder whether he would meet someone at university and live with them, people do, so why be surprised?" She paused, "This just seems so sudden."

"That's the way it can be." Said Denise, "One of my friends met a guy, who was in England on a short-term contract from New Zealand. Two months later she was married and living in New Zealand. She had no plans to settle down or have a long-term relationship... and bang!"

"Thanks a lot." said Beth laughing.

Denise looked at her watch. "Sun's past the yard-arm," she said, "let's have a drink." She looked around. Monique appeared.

"You would like a drink?" she asked.

They ordered wine. As Monique was about to go for the wine, Beth said "Monique how did you know we wanted a drink?"

Monique laughed, "This is a bar - restaurant, that is what people do here." She said and left, returning with the drinks.

They sipped their wine, "She's a good waitress." Said Beth, admiringly.

"She and Nicolle are the sort of girls who do everything they do, as well as they can do." Said Denise.


Both sat, sipping their wine, and taking in the view, lost in thought.

"Denise," said Beth. "Something strange happened a few weeks ago, and I think I can now understand what was going on."

"What happened?" asked Denise.

"Well, one of my fiends invited me round one evening for some wine and a chat. We've done it before, both our husbands travel, so it helps us stop being lonely. We had some wine, well more wine than we usually do. We had a nice chat, and just got a bit giggly. There had been a play on TV the previous night which had got a bit suggestive. And we were getting a bit giggly about it. It was getting late and I was thinking of going home. She persuaded me to have another wine, and I was getting a bit wobbly. Anyway, she suggested that I stay over, even though I live quite close to her."

"So, what's wrong?" asked Denise.

"It's the way she said it, the tone of her voice, and the way she looked at me. Difficult to say really, but it was like the way you looked at me yesterday."

"Me?" said Denise.

Beth laughed, "That hungry, suggestive look. Like when a man checks your body out. She was sat next to me, and as she asked me to stay, she put her hand on my thigh. Didn't think anything of it at the time, but now..."

"You didn't stay over?" asked Denise.

"No," said Beth, "but I had a very wobbly walk home."

"You know now," said Denise, "that if you'd stayed over, she'd have had you, good and proper."

"Yes, I realise that now," replied Beth, slowly, "but not then, even now I'm not sure, I may have misread it."

"Only one was to find out," said Denise, practical as always. Beth looked at her. "Invite her round for an evening's drinking, and let nature take its course."

"How?" replied Beth puzzled. "Just ask her if she wants to go to bed?"

"Even men aren't so blunt as that, well most men, most of the time." Said Denise. "Let me guide you. Sit her on the settee, you in an armchair. Try and get the conversation onto something sexy, first time, and sex with a woman, anything like that. A TV program with two women who are close, anything like that. Then refill the glasses or go to the loo, then when you return, sit next to her. Ask her what she does when her husband is absent, 'for relaxation'. Say 'we are all girls together, something like that. If she clicks, she will open the conversation up. At the appropriate moment, drop your hand on her leg, casually. Then if she keeps the conversation sexy, kiss her, gently, very gently. Bet she goes for it. At the worst, she will slap your face and you lose a friend. At the best, you have a busy night."

"I'll think about it." Said Beth.

"What's her name?" asked Denise, "do I know her?"

"I'd rather not tell you her name." Replied Beth. "Not yet, anyway. Perhaps if it works..."

"What's her husband like?" asked Denise, suggestively, would they want to join our new club?"

"Club?" asked Beth, puzzled again.

"Swapping club," answered Denise, "We will be needing one more couple, and your task is to rope them in. You and Andrew have to try them out first and report back."

"I'll think about it." Said Beth unsure.

Silence fell while they both thought.

After another glass of wine, the men arrived. Apologies, apologies, champagne arrived with Nicolle. She poured four glasses of champagne and left.

Pierre raised his glass in a toast, "Business." he said. He explained that the company they had bought had been declining for several years, with elderly owners, who had let things go a little. They had over-paid for the company, as they knew the owners, but it was still very good for them.

"Now we can all have a relaxing voyage." He said. "Is voyage the correct word in English?" he asked.

Beth explained that a voyage was really something longer than she was expecting!

Pierre was still happy, explaining that they would be going to Spain, along the 'Costa Brava', where the Pyrenees met the Mediterranean.

"There are many small bays and beaches and small towns with good restaurants." he said.

"We will eat lunch here, then our driver will take us to the yacht. Tonight, we will have a buffet, snacks, this will be in the fridge on the yacht before we depart." He explained.

"Anything else?" asked Denise, an innocent smile on her face. Pierre looked at her, puzzled. "I trust that you will be doing your French duty to 'entertain us'" she said

"Ah yes, "said Pierre, understanding. "There will be much 'entertainment.'" he said, laughing. A very merry lunch followed.

"No wonder we are being driven to the yacht." thought Beth, none of us are fit to drive.

After the lunch, Beth and Denise returned to the gite to collect their suitcase. Pierre and Jerome arrived, in the car, driven by an elderly Frenchman, who said absolutely nothing, during the entire drive. Beth and Denise sat looking at the vineyards for a while, then fell asleep.


They arrived at the yacht and parked alongside. The driver silently took their suitcase aboard and took it below, he returned and departed as silently as before.

Jerome took them aboard and showed them round. A canopied sunbathing area at the stern, seating round the outside, with a central table area, padded, like a double bed size. There was a table top to fit over, for outdoor meals, explained Jerome, so a sort of well ran around. The rear half of the canopy was furled back, stairs up and down. Up led to a sitting dining area, with a small kitchen, down led to two bedrooms, each with an en-suite shower, toilet and washbasin. On top was the steering area. Beth thought it was immense, and said so. Jerome laughed, "This is a small yacht," he said, "you should see the ones at Monte Carlo!"

Beth and Denise went down to unpack, Jerome had told them to choose their bedroom, as they were both the same. "Beth," said Denise, while they were unpacking, "Remember we discussed swapping partners..."

"Oh yes?" said Beth.

"Well we haven't discussed it with them, should we?" asked Denise.

"Yes," said Beth, to her own surprise, "let's see if they want to."

They returned to the outside area. Pierre and Jerome were sat down, Jerome drinking champagne, Pierre a coffee. "I'm steering the boat, today." Said Pierre, by way of explanation.

They sat down, and Jerome poured them champagne.

After a short while, Denise started the conversation, "Are we going to keep the same partners all the time at sea or are we..." she stopped, looking at Pierre, Jerome and Beth.

Jerome said, "Well, we were thinking the same. Perhaps to swap for one night. What do you think?" He asked both of them. Denise looked at Beth, who nodded.

"Yes, let's do it." Said Denise. They all sighed in relief and laughed.

"So," said Pierre, "we will cast off now, and depart. I will go out to sea, before turning south to Spain, there is less traffic there, and we can go faster. Then we have a small bay to anchor in tonight, then we will decide what to do tomorrow. The coast of France here is quite low, so there is little to see. So, you can relax and have a siesta if you wish."

Jerome cast off the ropes, whilst Pierre started the engines, and took the yacht to sea.

Jerome re-joined them as they headed out. "What do you want to do?" he asked them.

Denise looked at Beth, "Your turn!" she said with a smile.

"When does the swap start?" Beth asked them both, "tonight, or..." she paused and blushed.

Jerome and Denise both laughed. "You told me that you've already washed his cock and balls!" she said, "So no need to blush!"

Jerome said to Beth, quietly, "When do you want to, now?"

Beth hadn't thought of that and looked at Denise for help.

"Well he's yours until tomorrow morning, so don't look at me." She said laughing. Beth didn't think that was very helpful at all.

"Well I can hardly leave you on your own, when Pierre's busy upstairs." Said Beth.

Jerome broke in, with gallic logic, "There are three alternatives for Denise," he said, "Remain here and relax, go and watch Pierre steer or," he paused, "she can join us downstairs."

Beth and Denise looked at each other, not understanding. "A threesome." Said Jerome, seeing that they had not picked up his thoughts. "We have already had sex, the four of us, in the bath, and been naked together, so what's new?"

Denise said to Beth quietly, "What do you think?" Being unsure for once.

"Well," said Beth gathering her nerve and shaking her head, "Jerome's right, "we've done it four of us together, helping each other, so what's the difference?"

"Right!" said Denise "Let's start... What do we do?"

Jerome said, "Follow me." He took Beth by the hand and took her downstairs, into Beth's room, followed by Denise.

Jerome took charge. "The first thing is the removal of clothes." He said looking at Beth, "You can remove mine, then I will remove yours." Bit clinical, thought Beth, but what else?

"Oh yes," said Jerome," before I forget... he grabbed a remote from the bedside table and switched the Wall TV on. The screen came to life. "We have satellite, DVD's, and on-board security cameras. See, there is Pierre." They looked. Jerome flipped through screens, one for each room, ending with two cameras in the bedroom, with a split screen view. "So, we can watch ourselves. The pictures are recorded, so you can have a DVD each to take home.

Beth and Denise looked at each other, unsure. "Or we can wipe the recording." Said Jerome, "You can look at it first."

Beth said, "My husband would love that!"

"And mine." said Denise.

"It will record, you can decide later." Finished Jerome.

Denise said, "I'll go next door and strip, while you two mess around!"

Denise went and stripped, then went to the loo and had a wash. Coming back, she saw Jerome and Beth standing in a naked embrace, Jerome holding Beth's breast and Beth holding Jerome's cock. "Nice to see you're getting acquainted!" she said, with a laugh. Jerome released Beth, went to Denise and gave her an embrace. They had a long snog. "What next?" asked Denise.

"We can make three pairs," said Jerome, and one of the possible pair has not kissed yet..." Beth and Denise looked at him, "Us two." He said, looking at Beth.

"Ah!" Beth and Denise said together, Beth moved to Jerome. 'How did I get so brave?'

she thought, as they held each other as they kissed. The gentle kiss turned into a snog, accompanied by moans of enjoyment. Jerome played with Beth's breasts.

Beth and Jerome moved apart, and Denise giggled.

"So," said Pierre, "You have never done this before, three of us?" Beth and Denise shook their heads. "I am going to have sex with Beth, because we are together for the night, we," he said, looking at Denise, "must not forget that there must be enjoyment for you." Looking at Beth this time. "Both Beth and I can do this."

"We can use my toys!" said Denise, excitedly, "I'll get the bag!" She left and returned with her 'bag of delights'. She opened it to show Jerome, who smiled, "Some are," he said, "a little small. But we can use these, then I will show you ours." Beth and Denise looked at each other.

"Actually," said Denise slowly, "we are not sure how to use this." She pointed at the double ended dildo.

"There must be many ways," said Jerome, "but this is how our wives use theirs." He moved his fingers together. "Sit on the bed facing each other with your legs entangled. They got into position. Now lean back on your hands. Each put their left leg over, the others right leg." He helped them position themselves. "Now," he carried on, "one end goes in you." he gave the dildo to Denise. She leant forward and pushed it up her. "It only needs to go a little way in." He said, "Now," he said to Beth, "hold the other end and wriggle your way onto it. You do the same." He said to Denise. "Both push as well."

Beth and Denise pushed and wriggled, finally getting the idea. "Keep going until you meet. It is a short one, so you should meet." Instructed Jerome. There were a few grunts from Beth and Denise, finally their pubic bones met.

"Phew!" said Denise, "Hope it's worth it!"

"Might be easier to find a man!" laughed Beth.

"What now?" asked Denise, looking at Jerome.

"You both have to raise your hips, pushing together, and back, rubbing together as well. See if you can rub your clits together, as you meet. Also go in and out on the dildo together, you have to keep together in rhythm." Said Jerome, remembering.

Beth and Denise set off, awkwardly at first, then getting better in rhythm. "Hard work this." Said Beth.

"Now you know what it's like for men." said Jerome laughing.

"Keep at it," said Denise to be "it's beginning to work this end."

"And here," said Beth, "don't talk now."

The ladies started sighing and moaning. Pushing and rubbing harder. Finally, they orgasmed nearly together with a chorus of "Ohhhhhh" and "Ahggggg." They both gave a final push and collapsed back, satisfied.

"Well done, for a first time!" Said Jerome.

"Very well done." Said Denise, sighing.

Jerome climbed on the bed next to Beth and began kissing and stroking her, just lying with her, as she recovered. "Join in when you are ready." He said to Denise, who was on the other side of Beth.

Eventually Beth turned to Jerome and kissed him. "What do you want me to do?" she asked, not sure if there was a pattern to this.

"Just make love normally," said Jerome, "remember Denise is there, so you have to touch and kiss her as well. There are no rules, just do what you want, and keep doing it if you get a good reaction, from the other person."

Beth turned over and kissed Denise, putting a hand on her breast. Denise returned the gesture. Jerome put his hand on Beth's breast, gently pulling her back, until she was face upwards.

"We can both reach you now." Said Jerome gently, moving until their bodies touched.

"Nice." Said Denise, moving the same, "Got you trapped." she said to Beth.

Beth, seizing the initiative, spread her arms until she could touch Jerome's cock and Denise's pussy. All three touched and kissed.

Denise got up, moved between Jerome's legs and gradually lowered her head until she could put her lips on Jerome's cock. She kissed it and slowly put it in her mouth. Jerome sighed as his cock went in Denise's mouth, and her tongue got to work. Beth got to work on the top end moving her head above Jerome's and snogging him, running her hand over his chest and pinching his nipples. Jerome pushed Beth gently away and pulled Denise up off his cock and up his body. As her pussy passed his cock, he thrust slowly upwards, entering her. Denise was surprised "I thought that was for Beth?" She said.

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