tagLoving WivesGiving a Friend a Hand... and Wife

Giving a Friend a Hand... and Wife


Whatever your beliefs are about being able to pimp out your wife yet control what happens when you do―please remember one thing... the dude you're pimping your woman to knows you want her used―and he wants to use her. This is the lesson I learned by trying to help a friend of mine, while also trying to show off how strong my pimp hand was.

When judging one's "pimp hand", by the way, you need to understand the answers to the following questions:

"Can I cum on her face when I want to?"

"Can I photograph her with my dick in her mouth?"

"Does she take it in the ass?"

"Will she show her tits to your friends if you ask her to?"

I have to admit... the answer to most of these questions during the event in question was more or less "no." My wife Sarah would suck my dick, well I might add, but as for the other things... not really. Definitely no anal in our relationship, and getting a few naked pictures after her boob job had filled out was about as far as I had gotten with her on the other questions. I mean... she had to think I was going to show them to someone, right? Regardless of what I claimed at the time.

Still... if you make progress on one or more of those fronts, you can begin to feel 10 feet tall. That was what happened to me. My wife and I had been really having a lot of fun together... things were going well with my job... my bonuses had allowed us to go on a few nice trips to some exotic locales... in Bora Bora she let me shoot still photographs of her sucking my dick, fucking her, and even cumming in her mouth. I tried for anal, and I think she was going to let me, but the look on her face when I started putting my cock in made me stop. I still got a few pictures of my cock where I had the head inside her ass so it looked like I had anal, so that was pretty good.

Our sex lives were heating up and my wife was heaping praise on me for doing so well at work and earning the perks... for my part I was doing everything I could to convince Sarah of how beautiful she was. Although very petite at 4'10", her legs and ass were amazing from her college swim team days, and with the implants she had done a few years after we married, she was an absolute killer. It helped me that she didn't think so, and that 99% of guys I knew did, though, because with my kind words and the constant oggling post boobage, she definitely felt like I might have been onto something.

While in Bora Bora, we ran across someone much richer (and better looking) than us named Richard Thompson, III and his wife Bella. We stayed at the Four Seasons―while Richard stayed on his 80 foot yacht―but we met in the shallow surf by the St Regis while we were both out Jet Skiing. My wife's dark skin, southern Chinese looks, beautiful (though some say "big" or "fat") lips, and massive (on her 4'10" frame) d-cup features attracted Richard and his wife. We chatted a while about what I did (enterprise sales) and what he did (sail the world after selling his 3rd company) and we drank champagne on a sandbar near the St Regis.

This guy didn't get where he got by being timid... and on our second bottle of Pol Roger, he came right out and told his wife she should remove her top to get a full tan and suggested my wife do the same. I thought I had pimp hand? This guy was the daddy... his wife's top came off in about as much time as it took him to finish looking in my direction to see what I'd say about my wife doing the same.

The key mistake I made was in thinking I made my wife do what the other guy wanted. In reality, his presence and command over his own wife's body, our relative seclusion, and a bottle of champagne on a hot day caused my wife to give in a lot more than the nod I gave her when she looked at me. I stupidly thought that it was my pimp hand that had my wife's beautiful brown asian tits out on display―not Richard's. This isn't the main part of the story, however... and beyond paying my wife more than a few compliments and generously giving away his picnic to us, that's as far as things went that day.

We fucked like animals when we were back in our bungalow, however, both of us excited by my wife showing her body to another man. I couldn't believe how hot it made me... I joked with her that I would have let her suck his dick if he had asked, and she punched me in the arm for it but asked, "Really??" and got real thoughtful for a while.

"You wouldn't be worried about anything?" she asked me later while sucking my dick under the stars on our private balcony.

I knew the right answer said, "Of course not, babe... I know you love me and you know I love you... a simple BJ wouldn't be anything but hot! The only thing I'd have to worry about was blowing his wife's head off when I came while watching you do it!"

Sarah smiled at that answer and went back to sucking my dick expertly... One thing she liked was being told she was pretty by anyone who would do it... the other thing she liked was my complete surety in her faithfulness to me and in mine to her. We simply had a great relationship.

"Well now I'm sorry he didn't ask." she said with a wink as she stroked me in front of her face before I came. "I would like to have seen you punch a hole in the back of that empty headed bimbo he had with him."

If I was having dreams of turning my wife out for all manner of sexcapades, that day would surely have to wait... I never succeeded in getting anal from her―not even in Bora Bora―and then months passed back home before anything remotely "sexy" happened between us and any other third parties. That is until a mutual shared friend of ours found himself on our couch because his cheating soon-to-be-ex-wife had effectively stolen and spent their marital assets and cost him his house.

Matt Finley had known us both since we moved to San Clemente 6 years before. He and I worked together until he left to join Xerox but we remained good friends with he and Eva until the breakup. Eva basically melted out of our world, first with revelations that she had been cheating on Matt with a colleague from Xerox, then that she had spent all their money, and had tied up their shared assets in a mountain of debt and red tape he could never untangle.

When they foreclosed on Matt's house (that he owned before he even met Eva, I might add), it was the most depressed and distraught I had ever seen him. He couldn't even scrape together enough money to rent an apartment and was... suicidal? I don't think so... but he just didn't think he could get any lower. Being uncontrollably broke and being forced to depend on the generosity of others is beyond humbling for a guy like Matt... I knew it killed him. But I also knew I was the best option he had and probably the only person who could give him his spare bedroom without making it seem any more depressing than it was.

The first few nights we drank and talked into the wee hours... several times the talk turned to how undesirable he would be as a destitute divorcee living in his buddy's house like a teenage kid, and Sarah and I both tried to tell him it was all bullshit and he'd be back on his feet and back in the game in no time. But when you're feeling sorry for yourself and you're several glasses of single malt whiskey into an evening, anything at all that comes to your brain is likely to escape your lips whether it should or not. That went for all of us.

In our hot tub late one evening after Matt had mostly stabilized at our house, but still during our scotch whiskey drinking and old times discussing, he began telling me how lucky I was to have Sarah. Well no duh, if you're me, but that's what whiskey will do to you... it will make you forget that hey―she's right there and can hear everything you say―and 2) I'm right there, and it's me you're saying it to.

"I'm telling you man, you're the luckiest guy I know... I mean really... you've got... you've got a wife... who's just... fucking hot... AS HELL... I'm not kidding... I fuckin' love asians, dude... No offense, Sarah, but you've got the biggest fucking titties I've ever seen on an Asian girl... And dick sucking lips? What? And an ass to die for... you ever fuck that ass man? You ever fuck that ass?" Matt said in a drunken rant.

Don't worry―I was just as drunk as he was... "Nahhhhhh..." I truthfully replied, "She's not really into anal―but I did get some pictures with my dick in her ass once I could show you... but she won't let me do it for real... but dick suckin' lips? I'm telling you she gives the best blowjobs I have ever had man... the best. I mean it... she can suck a fuckin' dick dude." i replied.

Sarah hit me in the shoulder but was so much more drunk than either of us she couldn't mount much defense other than to say, "You guyyyyyyyyyyys!"

"Show him your tits, honey... show him!" I drunkenly slurred to her, reaching for her top myself.

Sarah made a half hearted attempt to stop me from taking her top off but just sorta laughed a drunken laugh and raised her arms up to help me when I persisted. I thought Matt's eyes would pop out of his head when she not only let me take her top off, but she stood up our of the water and pulled her arms behind her head right in front of him for him to get a good look.

How my pimp hand now? That's what I'm thinking... I'm on top of the world, and I got my beautiful Asian wife's big D's on her tiny former swimmer body on complete display for my hard luck friend. I'm pimpin'!

"You should sit on his lap honey and let him feel them... he hasn't seen boobs in more than a year, hon, you've heard him!" I said to my wife as I gave her a playful nudge from behind. That nudge was just enough in her drunken state to send her stumbling forward and directly into Matt's hands, but neither she nor Matt objected to the new arrangement and my dick was getting incredibly hard.

Sarah laughed and looked back at me with a drunken smile as Matt went to town on my wife's big brown titties... he squeezed them, groped them, rubbed them, bounced them in his hands, played with her nipples―and noticed when she began breathing heavily when his mouth got near them―so he began sucking and kissing them. Sarah was getting hot and I could tell from the way she adjusted herself in Matt's lap that his stiff cock had to be poking her somewhere below the bubbling spa water.

"When's the last time you had a blowjob?" I asked him as I scooted in closer for a better look at my friend mauling my wife's boobs.

They both looked directly at me but Matt answered, "years man... years."

I looked at Sarah and she looked at me, and I knew we were both thinking the same thing.

"Want that to change?" I asked.

Matt looked at me... he looked at my wife―who was staring intently into his eyes and possibly even touching or stroking his cock under the cover of the bubbles from the spa jets.

Matt grunted with a pained look on his face and said, "I.... I shouldn't... we―we're all drunk right now... I'm living with you... I can't believe I'm saying this but... I just... I don't think I should!"

Sarah looked shocked and almost a bit rejected and said, "You're turning down these big titties and my dick-sucking-lips because you're drunk? That's usually what makes most people say 'fuck yeah!'"

"I... I just... I uh.... uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... oh! OH! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Matt said as I realized my wife really had slipped her hands into his swimsuit and was doing something to his cock.

"It's only a blowjob, Matt... just a little something to release the pressure, right? Paul's right here with us... it's above board. Just slide up onto the coping and let me get your trunks down." Sarah said.

"My God, Sarah, this is so hot!" I said to her as Matt emerged from the spa with a huge erection in my wife's hands and his swimsuit already at his ankles.

My wife brought her perfect cocksucking lips right to the tip of Matt's cock and licked it a few times and blew on it and asked him, "What do you want me to do, Matt? You gotta say it."

"Oh... my God... Sarah...." Matt said.

I didn't know why she was torturing him this way, but she kept opening her mouth near his cock but not going down on him until finally Matt blurted out, "Oh Sarah... please---put my fucking cock in your mouth!"

And with that horny, drunken command, our lives changed forever. My wife officially had the first cock in her mouth that wasn't mine since we got married, and my pimp hand had grown in size and stature, I thought. Matt moaned.... my wife moaned... he played with her tits some, put his hands on the back of her head some, closed his eyes part of the time, and generally enjoyed everything my wife had to offer... for a while I thought he would blow his load quickly―but I was happy he didn't. I might have been the person enjoying the BJ the most, actually...

I was able to lean over and get my HTC cellphone and get a few pictures of Matt fucking my wife's face, and managed to take about a 4 minute HD video clip before Matt saw me and got even more uptight.

"Sorry man... just wanted to be able to prove this happened tomorrow when you guys wake up―I'm sure nobody's going to remember this night anyway!" I joked.

We all laughed but I could tell Matt wasn't enjoying it as much as he wanted to.

"Matt―what is it, baby? I can tell something's wrong?" my wife said to him as she stopped bobbing up and down on his not-nearly-hard-enough cock.

"I just... it's just... awwww.... it's nothing... we should just stop." Matt said.

"Nonsense! I know you want to cum... I know you liked my blowjob when we got started―you almost came right away! What's the matter?" my wife asked him.

"No really it's just... nah... we should just forget this...." Matt mournfully replied.

"I'm making you too nervous..." I said, correctly guessing the problem.

Matt cringed when I said it but agreed, "A bit... well not you... not really you Paul, just... the situation... the audience... I've never performed for people before, you know what I mean? I mean... add that to being nervous about sticking your dick in your hosts' wife and you can see I got a lot going on in my head."

"Why don't I leave you guys? Or if you'd be more comfortable―why don't you guys go to your bedroom and finish there? I'm cool with it man, it's just a BJ... it's consensual, man... you need it, and it's clear Sarah wants to do the job right, don't you honey?" I replied.

"I just want to make you cum tonight Matt... I know you want it. You do want it don't you?" Sarah said, taking Matt's cock into her mouth again.

"It's just a blowjob, man... go get it. Take her in your bedroom and relax―no requirements, nobody to cramp your style... Talk dirty to her, man... she likes that." I said to him.

"Mmmm Hmmmmm." Sarah said with a wink as she kept sucking.

"Ok―I'm convinced. Get your sexy ass into my room and get ready to take some cum in your mouth you little slut!" Matt said with a smile.

"That's the spirit!" I said to him.

"I'll go dry off and meet you in your bedroom." Sarah said as she climbed out of the pool. She downed the remainder of her whiskey before going inside and whispered "courage in a bottle" to me as she tried to get over her own nerves about being alone with another man intent on fucking her mouth until he came.

Matt asked me one final time, "You sure you're ok with this? We can call it all off right now man."

"Dude... get in there and put those DSLs to work... titfuck her if you want... Boss her around and talk dirty to her if you need some motivation―i'm serious she gets off on it. Make her do it―she loves it when you grab her head and force it up and down... make sure to facefuck her too―really lay into her. She's proud of her oral skills. And here's another thing―if you cum too fast―make her do it again. And again." I said, egging him on.

"You're the best man... I mean it." Matt said as he climbed out of the hot tub and toweled off. "hey―since I know this is going to be like a one and done... would you mind if I took some pictures?"

"As many as she'll let you take." I said, doubting she'd let him.

"Let me see yours so I know what I have to beat." Matt said with a laugh.

"You can't beat this!" I said, quickly navigating to my secret folder with my cock slipping into her ass.

"Probably not with just a BJ." Matt said, then he disappeared down the hall towards my waiting wife.

I waited a few minutes and couldn't take the suspense so I had to creep near his bedroom even though it was in an entire other wing of this U shaped ranch style home we had. I got near the door and tried to see inside from this crack in the closet in the adjoining room. It was hard but I could see a little of what was going on.

"You ready to take some cock, you little slut? Paul tells me you like it rough... do you like me to talk dirty to you, bitch?" Matt said sternly.

Whoa! Way to go, dude.

"Yes, baby... you can do anything you like... call me whatever you want... make me suck you any way you want, Matt." my wife obediently replied.

"On your fucking knees, and shut the fuck up. Get sucking!" Matt said. From my vantage point in the closet, I couldn't see my wife's face as her back was to me, but I could see Matt standing in front of her with his hands on both sides of her head and I could hear him smacking her face with his belly and gagging her with his cock... he was really giving her oral skills a huge test―as I never even fucked her mouth that hard.

At one point he pulled out and out of character said to her, "you ok, Sarah?? Is this too much?"

My wife, trooper that she was replied, "Is that the best you've got? I thought I was going to get facefucked by a guy who hadn't had any in a while."

"Be careful what you wish for, bitch, you just may get it." Matt said to her as he went back to facefucking her even more forcefully than before. I saw him reach behind my wife's head to really hold her in place―I heard her gagging hard―I could tell he was going deeply into her throat and forcefully. He got into a good rough rhythm where he'd slap my wife lightly on the face, pull his cock out of her mouth while she gasped for air, and then say "Take it!" over and over while fucking her in the mouth.

I was amazed by his stamina... and my wife's, because it seemed like he pounded her mouth like that forever. I know in reality it was probably only 10... maybe 15 minutes, but that's a long time to be plunging in and out of my wife's mouth... or any woman's for that matter. But trust me―Sarah will make you cum. Fast. I was so sad I couldn't catch it on video...

It wasn't until Matt flipped my wife onto the bed on her back with her head hanging backward over the edge that I saw she was still wearing her panties. Rules are rules I guess―as if reading my mind Matt fucked my wife in her mouth while holding her tits before commanding her to get up and "strip fully."

"But Matt!" my wife protested.

"Show me your fuckin' ass bitch! Get 'em off!" he commanded.

Oh shit... was he taking the dirty talk and rough treatment too far for Sarah's comfort?

Sarah answered my question to my relief by bending over the bed with her legs locked and one foot crossed behind the other, then hooking her thumbs in her thong and sliding it sexily down her legs.

"Too bad you don't do anal." Matt said as he felt my wife's firm, round swimmer's ass and legs.

He turned my wife around, and put her back on the bed on her knees and reached behind her while giving her his dick to suck again. I could tell he was probably rubbing her pussy or fingering her (or both) from the shallowness of her breathing, her occasionally jerks or random reaches behind herself to move or adjust his hand, but again because of the angle I couldn't see anything in detail.

"Oh fuck Sarah... oh fuck... oh fuck... get ready baby because I'm really about to cum―and I'm gonna cum hard. You better take it all in your mouth or else, you got it?"

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