tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGiving Britney a Lift

Giving Britney a Lift


I was driving along the motorway into Central London, not knowing which direction to take, just following the big road signs. It was a hot summers day, I had the windows rolled down and the top down. I was on my way to a important job interview. I noticed a white flashy looking car on the hard shoulder in the distance, being prepared to get towed away. I pulled over, really to make fun of the rich ass driver who obviously can't drive properly. The car was a Merc and it was totalled, unlucky bastard.

I looked ahead and it was a blonde woman, figures. Statistics say males at the age of 18-24 are the worst drivers but for some unknown reason every accident I've seen or driven past always has a female as the guilty looking one.

"Sorry ma'am, we don't have any space."

"Can't I just sit in the car?"

"The car's slightly unstable and it'll be too dangerous to tow it with someone in it."

"But you don't understand. I can't just stand around waiting for you guys to come and pick me up. I have things to do, can't one of you stay behind?" The guy was starting to look like he was getting annoyed with her whining.

"We won't be picking you up. We have other cars to tow, but someone else will pick you up, ma'am." The blonde woman had her back to me and hadn't noticed me yet. She was dressed in gold and white. A white leather looking jacket with a short skirt, falling a few inches of her knees showing off her toned legs, with open toed gold strapy looking heels.

"Oh!" She let out an exasperated grunt and put her hands on her head to think and turned around. My heart skipped a beat as I realized that she was the woman of my dreams, Britney Spears and she was wearing one hell of a tight, white top which made her tits look bigger than they already were and with the heat, her nipples were erect and clearly visible. She didn't notice me at first as her eyes were closed.

"Oh! Hi!" She said as she saw me. "Can I help you?"

"I saw you're car was totalled and I have a habit of stopping and checking out the wreckage." Britney looked back as the tow truck started to speed off leaving me and Britney alone.

"Jerks!" She muttered turning around to face me. She didn't seem too interested in me, but I knew how to get her attention.

"Now..." I said. "...the question is can I help you?"

"What?!" Britney said shaking her head looking at me confused and slightly annoyed from the situation she was in.

"I overheard you had to wait around for someone to pick you up. Now I can give you a lift if you want."

"Really?" Britney said in her strong southern accent with hope in her voice.

"Yeah. I mean it looks like you're headed in the same direction as me." Britney lit up.

"Oh thank you." She said throwing her arms around me, hugging me being more like her cheery self that we always see on TV. Naturally I hugged her back, how often do you have Britney Spears this close to you?

We headed towards my car. It was no Merc but it did get me from A to B. It was a black left hand drive, automatic, convertible Honda, which I bought for very cheap, but at the same time it looked like an expensive, flashy looking car.

As we headed to my car I just stared at Britney Spears. She had on large gold hoop ear rings and her hair done up like how she did in the pool scene for her video for 'Boys.' The sun was shining down on Britney and she looked like a Goddess in the light. She also had a little white, leathery looking handbag to match her outfit. Once we were in the car Britney threw her handbag to the back seat and made a few phone calls to her manager, producers or who ever she had to answer to.

"Oh God!" Britney said out loud reaching down and taking her shoes off. "My feet are killing me!" She said leaning back on her seat. "So..." Britney said turning her head towards me. "I didn't quite catch your name."

"It's Kash."

"So what do you do?"

"I'm an IT Technician in training. Actually that's why I'm headed to Central London. I have a job interview there."

"Don't worry, your karma's good, you'll definitely get it." She said. "I just want to say thank you again for giving me a ride. You have no clue how thankful I am."

"Don't worry about it." I said and she smiled. God she looked so beautiful.

"Do you have any music?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said turning on the CD player. "There's a couple of CD's in there so if you don't like this one you can skip the CD."

"Who's this?" Britney asked as the first track started up.


"Oh this is..." She clicked her fingers as she strained to remember "...Prayer!" She finally got it. "I've wanted to check this album out for quite some time but I haven't got around to buying it." There was a moment of silence as we listened to the whole of the first track. I had a moment to think about what was happening. It was quite strange how Britney jumped into a car with a total stranger. For all she knew I could have been a serial murderer, but I guess that's the kind of person she is. In interviews she always talks about how everyone knows everyone in her home town and I guess that's why she's very trusting of all people.

"Oh God my feet are killing me!" Britney said. "I never should of worn those damn shoes to drive." she said trying to stretch her legs.

"You know... if there's not enough leg room, you can put your feet up on my lap if you want." I offered

"Really?" I nodded. "You wouldn't mind?"

"Well.. you were wearing open toed shoes so your feet shouldn't stink."

"Shut up!" She laughed, pushing me playfully. I lifted my arms up so she could put her feet onto my lap. She stretched her legs, arcing her feet, stretching out her cute little toes. I had my left arm resting on the side, where the window would be if it was rolled up and my right hand on the steering wheel. As we carried on talking about stuff in general I managed to shift my arms around so my left hand was on the wheel and my right arm rested on her thigh with my hand on her knee. Britney didn't seem to care that my arm was on her bare toned legs, but I think that she didn't even notice that my hand was making it's way onto her inner thighs. I had to manoeuvre the car to the left but I couldn't get a clear view so I twisted my body around to the left, unwillingly having to take my right hand of Britney's thigh and onto the steering wheel.

"Ahhh!" Britney moaned. "That feels so good!" What's she on about I thought looking back at her as I turned the car realizing that my left hand hadn't gone back to it's spot on the window ledge, but instead I had held onto one of Britney's foot as grip to turn the car around. That's when I realized I could use this to my advantage. Britney had complained about her feet hurting quite a bit when we first got into the car and a sensual thing like a foot massage could get me a lot closer to Britney Spears pants. For people who'd disagree think back to 'Pulp Fiction' and the scene where John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson are talking about feet massages, where John Travolta says they don't mean anything and Samuel L. Jackson asks him would you massage a man's foot. The answer is no you wouldn't cause it'd seem gay.

I carried on massaging her feet rotating between the 2 as I drove her to her hotel. Britney moaned quite a bit from the foot massage and it seemed like she was flirting with me a little in a sexy tone, but that could of just been the tone of her voice from the relief she was getting from the foot massage. Her hotel was next to Heathrow airport. I pulled in front of the hotel.

"Well here's you stop." I said. Britney took her feet of my lap and put her shoes back on strapping them up.

"Thank you, Kash." Britney said kissing me on the cheek. "I had a good time talking to you. Is there anything I can do for you?" I wouldn't of minded if she sucked me off but I some how doubt she would.

"An autograph?" I asked. I knew no one would believe me that I had met Britney Spears but an autograph would be enough proof and a token of our hour together in the car.

"What do you want me to sign?" Britney asked pulling out a pen out of her handbag. I pulled her latest CD out from a stack of CD's in my glove compartment and handed it to her.

"Ohhh!" She squealed. "You have my CD? Oh." she said like it was a cute thing having her CD while she pulled out the front insert and signed it. "You're so adorable!" She said kissing me again on the cheek , slightly closer to my mouth than the last time but still, at the same time nowhere near my mouth. She got out of my car and walked around to my side. My dream girl was about to walk out of my life and even though her face will be every where, I'll never see her again in the flesh.

I watched her start to walk away and I was getting a view of her big, round, tight looking ass and it was a vision of beauty. Britney suddenly stopped and walked back to me. "I have a couple of hours to kill before I have to make my way to the airport and I don't have anything to do. Do you wanna... well if you had nothing to do... maybe... hang out with me?" I didn't have to think twice about that one, the answer was an instant yes, but I had to play it cool.

"Sure." I said trying to sound casual. "Why not? I have a couple of hours to kill myself before my interview." That was a lie, I was already 15 minutes late 'cause I gave Britney a lift. Which would be a small price to pay to be alone with Britney Spears and now we where going to be alone in a hotel room.

Britney called over a valet, I'm assuming 'cause the guy took my keys to park. I quickly grabbed my blazer from the back and put it on. I'm not sure if the place has a valet parking service or if it was just a service they provided for Britney Spears because she was uber famous. I followed her as she led the way, staring at her hot body. We went into her room and it was massive. I didn't think that they made hotel's this big in England.

"You might wanna do the same." Britney said. I turned around confused to see her taking her jacket and shoes off.

"Oh... yeah... sure." I said taking my shoes and blazer off. Boy was I lucky I was headed to an interview. 'cause I was dressed in a suit so I didn't look like a bum in front of Britney.

"Take a seat," Britney said motioning to sofa. I sat down and she took a seat beside me. She had her back turned to me and was on her knees. She picked up the phone and turned her head to face me. " I'm ordering room service. You want anything?"

"Sure. Just get me whatever you're having." Britney smiled and placed the order. One of her foot rested on the sole of the other foot, with her incredible ass sitting on them. I could feel my dick getting hard from looking at her cute feet and ass. I had made my mind up at this precise moment, that I had to have her even if she didn't.

Britney was done making the order, which I had no clue what she had ordered 'cause I was hypnotised by her ass. Britney turned her body around to face me, still on her knees leaning forward to take her weight off her feet, pushing her chest out forward with her nipples still hard and erect as before. Britney smiled and I couldn't help myself I leaned in forward quickly, kissing her full on the lips, pushing her head forward with my hand and forcing my tongue into her mouth.

"Hmpff..." Britney mumbled in protest but I didn't break the kiss and she started to give in and didn't put up any resistant. I finally broke the kiss and pulled away and Britney's eyes were closed and she slowly opened them. She had a look in her eyes, of disappointment that the kiss ended, well at least that's what I think the look was. I just looked at her not knowing what her reaction was gonna be and the plan of fucking her just seem to go out the window along with my balls and I was pretty sure she was going to get security to haul me away. I mean, I'm too much of a nice guy to try and force myself on her, but I did have one thing left. The power of persuasion. I could talk anyone into what I wanted them to believe.

"My husband hasn't shown me passion like that since we first met." What a buzz kill. Talking about her husband at a moment like this. I had totally forgotten she was married and usually I wouldn't go after a married woman but this wasn't a normal case. This was Britney Spears, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Although she mentioned her husband, it was a better response than I had expected. I was expecting her to slap me one, instead she said it was better than her husband. one up for me.

I leaned forward and kissed her again and this time she kissed me back instantly engaging in a deep passionate kiss. I reached down and unzipped my trousers. I reached under her skirt and yanked her panties down half way, pushing her skirt up with one hand and lining my cock at her entrance with my other hand and I started to push the tip of my huge bell shaped head against the most wanted pussy in the world.

"Mmmpfh..." Britney made a weird sound as she broke the kiss. "Do you have a rubber?"

"I think so." I said checking my pockets. Shit! I normally wear jeans and only wore these trousers today to look smart for my interview. The condoms were in my jeans pockets. I then remembered I usually keep a spare one in my wallet in case of an emergency like this, so I pulled my wallet out and looked through it. Shit! I had already used my emergency spare one on that girl I was training with a few days earlier.

"What's wrong Kash? Don't you have one?" Britney asked.

"No, I left hem in my jeans. I never wear these shitty trousers, that's why there's no rubbers in these pockets." I said sounding very disappointed.

"Trousers!" Britney laughed. "I love you British guys accents." She said kissing me. "Hey, don't they have condoms as part of toiletries in hotel bathrooms?" Britney asked.

"Do they?" I asked with a ray of hope.

"I don't know you can go and check in the bathroom."

"Where's the bathroom?" I asked.

"Through the bedroom." She pointed me in the direction. I ran across to the bedroom and into the bathroom. Britney got up and let her panties drop to the floor and followed. I checked all the drawers one by one.. Shit! There was no sign of condoms. "Did you find any Kash?"

"No." I said coming out of the bathroom disappointed. Britney was fiddling around with something on the dressing table next to the TV unit, in front of the mirror, probably checking out how she looked. She then turned around to me and stared in shock. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Is that the size of your penis?" I looked down, totally forgetting I was running around with my dick hanging out.

"Room service!" A women yelled out when they were already through the door. She looked into the bedroom at me and then my crotch and smiled. "Have fun!" She said to Britney, smiling and leaving the room. We both burst out laughing.

"Oh mi God! How could you not be embarrassed?"

"Well... when you're hung as well as me you don't mind when women see your dick, plus if I blushed when I'm embarrassed I would've been bright red." Britney laughed some more.

"So... exactly.. how big is it?"

"Close to 9 inches.' I said proudly.

"Wow! That is by far the biggest dick I've seen up close in person."

"How many have you seen up close in person?"

"Two, well three now." It was obvious which two dicks she'd seen. Britney looked at my cock and said "Can I touch it?"

"Sure. Go ahead." I said. She first stroked it along the side and then wrapped her hand around it and started to stroke it up and down. "Oh yeah!" I moaned "Suck it baby!" I put my hand on the back of her head and Britney lowered her head and opened her mouth. I could feel her warm breath on my cock. "What's wrong babe?" I asked her.

"I've never ... done this before." Britney replied. "I've never... sucked a dick before." I had to admit it was a turn on, being her first blow job.

"Just open your mouth and lower it down." Britney shook her head. "Why not?"

"This is where you pee from. That's gross! I'm not putting it in my mouth." I was starting get frustrated. All I want to do is cum in Britney Spears and all these obstacles kept getting in the way. I still had my hand resting on the back of her head. My dick ached to cum and was so hard it hurt. Britney carried on stroking my cock, pouting like she wanted to suck it but had no intentions of actually doing it. I suddenly thrust my hips up towards Britney's mouth and she tried to let out a surprised scream but my cock went into her mouth preventing it. As my hips sank back down to it's place, I forced Britney's head down following my cock down. I let go off her head and she lifted her head up.

"I can't believe you did that you jerk!" Britney said slapping my arm.

"Come on Britney. Just make me cum with you're mouth. When am I gonna get a chance to cum to the woman of my dreams and fantasies while she's actually there?"

"I'm the woman of your dreams and fantasies?" Britney said smiling, wrinkling her nose.

"Yeah. I mean, come on! You know it. I know it. A million guys masturbate to you all the time. There's probably a guy shooting a load right this second to one of your music videos." Britney was getting embarrassed, she started to blush, but regained her composure straight away.

"Well..." she said with a sly smile. "...I guess I could make you cum. It can't really taste that bad." She said and a drop of pre-cum leaked out of my cock. "You know... I've never tasted cum before." With that she licked my pee hole, keeping her eyes locked on my eyes.

"Hmm... A little salty but it doesn't taste as bad as I thought it would." Britney then went onto envelope her lips around the head of my cock. She held my cock and started to rub my shaft up and down gently taking her time on sucking and licking the head.

Britney took another inch of my cock into her mouth. her head bobbing up and down along that inch after the cock head and jacking me off at the same time. Britney Spears' inexperience of giving head was showing. She was jerking me off dry and that was causing a little friction, not enough for it to hurt or anything but I'd prefer if there wasn't any friction at all.

"Lick the shaft and get it all wet." I told her. Britney didn't say a word, she just did as I said. Licking the shaft up and down, circling her tongue around my cock. She still wasn't getting it wet enough. "Spit on it." I told her.

"Really?" She asked smiling and wrinkling her nose. I nodded and she spat on my cock and giggled.

"That's barely anything, Britney. You can do better than that!" Britney pouted and looked at me with a playful pissed off look, but she spat on it again. "That was worster than the first one." Britney had her mouth open in a offended and shocked way, looked towards the mirror and then she smiled.

"Well that's the best I can do." She said stroking my cock.

"Come here." I said. "Open your mouth." She did as I said and I spat into her mouth. "Now spit that out onto my dick." Britney did as I asked.

"That's way more than both the times I spat on you dick." She said rubbing it onto my cock with her hand and she went back to sucking the first 3 inches while jacking the other half off with her hand. Her head bobbed up and down and her hand kept up with the pace of her mouth as she got faster and faster with every stroke.

Britney started using her tongue, circling the under side of my cock every time she took it back into her mouth and I could feel saliva started to build up in her mouth. Every time she pushed my cock in her mouth it pushed out the excess saliva out the side of her mouth and down onto her hand, drenching my cock and her hand in her saliva which was mixed with my pre-cum. It was getting very messy, sloppy and loud very quickly and she was picking up the pace.

Soon Britney was going so fast I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold on. "I'm cumming!" I moaned and Britney took my cock out of her mouth. She spread her tongue out and rested the head on it, looking straight at my cock, giving me a great view for when my cum flies into her mouth. She jerked me off with her hand while I shot a load of jism onto her tongue and the next two were so powerful, they shot up her cheeks, shooting up just millimetres short of her eye. I stroked my cock rubbing the small loads across her nose and forehead. Britney laughed, closed her mouth and swallowed the load that landed in there and then opened her mouth to show that she had swallowed it. She then looked up at me showing me her gorgeous face covered in cum and the sight was getting me hard again. She looked at the mirror and watched herself scoop off the cum and put it in her mouth and swallow it.

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