tagInterracial LoveGiving Up The Ghost Ch. 01

Giving Up The Ghost Ch. 01


Author's Note: Finally! A new story! This one is also kinda personal. Haha I swear writing is much cheaper and more effective than therapy. I'm warning you now, it is extremely short (for my usual stuff) but I promise there's a method to my madness. As always thanks for reading, commenting, and voting. Happy Reading!


"Please don't do this."

"What?" she asked, her words slurring softly together. Her eyes felt fuzzy, the effects of the alcohol making her sweetly stupid. It was a different but oddly satisfying sensation. She was free. Her gaze met his and she smiled crookedly.

"What?" she repeated.

Her hazy brown eyes sought his crystal blue orbs, as another smile played coyly on her lips. He looked so damn beautiful in the dim light of the car. She had to fight the urge to run her tongue along his lips. She had tasted him earlier, the beer on his breath making her head swim.

His lips weren't as full as hers, but they were warm and incredibly soft. The kiss wasn't deep. It was feather light and gentle but had her nearly moaning. She never wanted something so bad in her life.

Even now, in the car while music blared from the speakers all she could think about was him. The car was full; they were snug in the backseat with one of his buddies, she couldn't remember his name. His arm thrown casually around her, pressing her body tightly to his. Her arm was free, brown fingers playing gently with the honey-brown curls hidden under his backwards baseball cap.

Their free hands sought one another in the darkness of the Jeep. Fuck, she wanted to kiss him so badly. The whole night, all she could focus on was his lips, the way they fit snugly over the mouth of his beer bottle, the way his tongue licked them after he took a drink.

Her fingers were practically on fire from restraint as she gripped her beer bottle to the breaking point in order to keep her hands from grabbing his shirt. She wanted him closer, wanted every inch of him.

She was so preoccupied with her thoughts she didn't hear him repeat his slurred protest. "What?" she asked again, feeling as if she was stuck on repeat.

"I can't do this," he said. His head was bobbing up and down and she wasn't sure if it was from the beat of the song or the copious amount of alcohol currently pumping in his system.

"What's wrong? What can't you do?" Her fingers stopped their gentle massaging and that seemed to snap him out of his drawling reverie.

"Please," he begged. "Please don't fall for me." Her eyes popped open, her vision blurring for a moment. She wished she hadn't drank so much at the bar. It would have been easier to focus on the task at hand. "I...where is this coming from?"

He continued as if he didn't hear her. "I'm no good for you, baby. No good at all. I can't...I just can't go back to that place."

She was getting worried now. He wasn't making any sense. "What the hell are you talking about? What place?"

His fingers inadvertently tighten around hers, gripping them so hard it was almost painful. But she was oblivious. Her mind was racing, trying to wrap around his startling words.

"Just...don't do this. Don't like me. I'm no good."

She bit down hard on her bottom lip, the metallic taste of blood almost making her gag. Tears of confusion and rejection prickled her eyes. Don't cry, she thought. Not now. "I can't help the way I feel."

"I don't want to hurt you," he whispered. His rumbling tenor was mere centimeters away from her ear and she couldn't help the throb of hot need that pulsed hotly at the apex of her thighs. It was a contradiction of emotions, the sweetness of his actions blending harmoniously with the dull pang of his words. He was sending her mixed signals like a motherfucker.

"How can you hurt me?" she whispered back, hoping the naked need in her tone wasn't as obvious to him as it was to her.

"I...can't let you get close. Not after what happened. I'm no good Kori. I'm no good for anyone."

Her heart clutched at the way he spoke her name. She heard the conflict in his tone. She knew he was struggling, resisting the urge to act on instinct.

"What are you talking about? What happened?"

He shook his head. "Just trust me," he slurred. "She fucked me up. You have no idea."

She didn't want to have this conversation now. All she wanted was to make out with him. This wasn't the time to trade relationship war stories. She didn't want to talk, didn't want to hear him spill about the girl who broke his heart. Then she'd feel compelled to talk about Jeff and that definitely wasn't going to happen.

She felt herself getting irrationally angry. He was spoiling the moment. All she wanted was to taste him again. There was plenty of time to drudge up heartbreak later. But not here, not in the backseat of her best friend's Jeep Cherokee while Beyonce sang about sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares.

Kori snuggled closer to him, her lips mere centimeters from his ear. "Kiss me," she commanded.

He turned to face her, his blue eyes meeting her gaze. "Kori, I..."

"I know what you said, Brian. But right now, I just want you to kiss me." Her fingers gripped his tightly before she laced them through his, an interlocking intimacy. "I don't think I'll last another minute if I don't feel your lips against mine."

Kori untangled her fingers from his, bringing her hand to his face in a gentle cupping motion. Her fingers traced the faint stubble, eliciting a soft groan from deep inside. She marveled at the contrast of skin, his light against her dark.

Her fingers continued to meander, brushing softly against his lips, making him sigh. God she craved him. She had only known him for a short time, but she felt a connection so strong it was scary.

"Kori, we can't" he said, making a half-hearted attempt to escape her touch.

She held her ground. "Brian, please." She hated to beg, but she never wanted anything so bad. Fuck, she needed to feel him. Turning his face, she brushed her lips tenderly against his.

Brian let out a low groan. "Fuck," he cursed.

"Feel that?" she whispered, running her lips against his once more. "You feel so good, Brian. I know you want to kiss me." She wanted so bad to crush her lips to his, to taste the sweetness she'd been dreaming about for the past three weeks. But she was determined to make him make the first move. It was all up to him. She wanted him to want it just as much as she did.

Brian moved in for the kill, his lips resting on hers so gently she thought it was dream. She sighed into the kiss, her head reeling slightly. It was an exhilarating feeling, better than the spins. When he slid his tongue into her wet mouth, she couldn't help but moan.

Thank god the music was loud enough so the rest of the car was oblivious. She wanted more of him, his hands roaming her body, his lips assaulting her most private parts. Fuck, fuck, fuck was all her brain could process.

When he moaned her name, she couldn't help but shiver. Cupping his hands, he titled her head back, his tongue exploring more of her warm mouth. Her breathing was getting heavier, the lust making it hard to concentrate on anything else but his lips. She couldn't be too loud. Lauren was too busy driving to notice and Nadia was warbling along to the La Roux track currently pumping through the Jeep's sound system.

Kori felt his fingers dancing up her jean covered leg. "Brian," she groaned. He was everywhere, his body pressed so damn tight her deep breaths practically trapped in her chest.

"You taste so good, baby." His lips moved to her neck, suckling the sensitive spot below her jaw line. Kori whimpered as she felt the tiny fissures of pleasure spark to her pussy. She was soaking her panties, his lips doing deliciously naughty things to her body. His thumb lightly grazed her nipple through the flimsy fabric of her t-shirt and her body rocked viciously towards him.

His hand traveled back to her hair, gripping the ringlets tightly. Earlier at the bar he seemed positively fascinated by the thick Shirley Temple-esque spirals of her normally straight hair. He kept running his fingers through them, marveling at the softness. Kori had chuckled, amused at his amazement of what extra-hold mousse and rollers could accomplish.

His grip on her scalp was almost painful but she couldn't think of anything but the hot need throbbing in her pussy. His kisses straddled the line between animalistic and sexy as hell and her body was going on overload.

"Brian," she whispered once more. Her free hand glided over his leg, fingers moving towards his crotch. She wanted to feel him, wanted to taste the salt of his skin as his hardness slid past her lips into the waiting cavern of her mouth. A small part of her wondered if the rest of the car knew what was going on.

Lauren and Nadia were blissfully unaware, with Lauren concentrating on driving through the sloppy weather and Nadia carrying on an extremely loud conversation with Brian's buddy for directions to his house. Her mind was aware of everything transpiring in the car but all her body could focus on was getting even closer to the man currently making her pussy cream.

Nimble fingers stroked his crotch. She heard the low growl rumble in his chest, making her shiver. It was one of the reasons she was so drawn to him in the first place. Brian was all man, from his towering height and bulky build, to the thick bulge now pulsing in jeans.

Goddamn, she wanted to taste him.She felt him grow hard underneath her and she shivered once more. Her fingers traveled further, toying with the button of his jeans.

Suddenly he pulled away. Though she could breathe now with the weight of his body against hers now gone, she missed the sensation of his body covering hers. "Brian?" She went to reach for him but he pulled away. She tried to quell the pang of hurt that pierced her heart sharply. "Brian? What's wrong?"

"No," he groaned. "I can't do this. We can't do this." His words were still slurring. His head slumped into his large palms.

Kori was crushed. This didn't make any sense. He didn't make any fucking sense. She might have been drunk, but she still had her wits about her. It wasn't like she was expecting a declaration of love and a marriage proposal. She just wanted to be wanted. His words and his actions weren't matching up and it was driving her bananas.

"Brian, please talk to me. What's going on?" Her hand locked with his once more. "You don't want me?"

"It's not that, Kori. I think you're so hot. But I can't do this."

"Do you like me, Brian?"

He pulled her close. "I think you're beautiful."

Her heart leapt at his words. "So then what's the problem?"

"It's me, baby. It's me. I'm telling you...it's not worth it. I'm not worth it."

"Dude! We're here." Brian's buddy slapped him on the shoulder. "Thanks for the ride ladies!"

"No problem," Lauren called from the front seat. His friend opened the car door and slid out.

Kori knew she only had seconds before he followed suit, before he drunkenly stumbled inside to sleep it off. "Brian, wait. Please tell me. Tell me what's wrong."

He shook his head. "I have to go," he said. "I just need sleep."

She felt an overwhelming wave of panic at the thought of him leaving her. Something told her to follow. She had to make him understand...something big was brewing between them. She couldn't have been the only one feeling something. He felt it too, of this she was certain.

Opening her side, she scrambled out of the car, ignoring the protest of her friends. "Brian!" she called after him.

It was raining hard. Her flip-flops slipped on the wet concrete as she made her way to the front steps of the medium-sized house. His friend had long gone inside; Brian stood on the porch, patting his jeans in search of his keys.

His white t-shirt was wet, clinging to his body. The brim of his hat was soaked, large droplets dropping heavily on his already damp shirt.

"Brian," she slurred. "Please talk to me." Her voice wavered as she stood out in the chilly rain. It was dark, save for the dim light of the porch and the headlights of Lauren's running Jeep.

Brian met her gaze. She stared up at him from the foot of the porch steps, pleading for him to open up. "Kori...just trust me. You don't want to deal with this. Leave it be."

"But you told me...what you said at the bar. You want me."

He sighed, a tired and boozy sound. She wished she could shut the hell up and leave but she refused to let things end so up in the air. She needed to know what tonight meant.

"I don't know what I want right now. I think just need sleep. Goodnight." And with that he stepped inside, shutting the door behind him.

It felt like someone knocked the wind right out of her. She felt stupefied. Rain streamed down her cheeks, the rivulets streaming into her slack mouth. It was only when she tasted the salt she realized it was her tears.

Kori didn't wipe them away. Instead she stumbled back to the car, climbing into the backseat.

"Are you alright Kori?" Lauren asked as she backed down the gravel driveway.

"What happened out there?" Nadia chimed in.

"I—I'm fine," she slurred as the tears fell harder. She struggled to keep her breathing even so they wouldn't notice the pain straining her voice.

Nadia turned in her seat, her brown eyes filled with concern. "No you're not fine, babe. What the hell happened?"

Lauren turned down the music. "Do we need to go back?"

Kori wrapped her arms around her waist, drawing on the damp warmth of her body. "No," she replied. "Just drive. I just wanna go home."


Yes, it's short but this chapter sets up the story and I didn't want to give too much away in the opener. I promise the next one will be longer! N4M.

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