tagInterracial LoveSecret Lover

Secret Lover


Chapter 1

"Tell me what you want baby."

Melanie's mind was filled with fog, all she could think of all she could feel was the sheer euphoria of being loved so tenderly, his voice was a low rumble the promised ecstasy she had never experience before . With a swift flick of his wrist, he had her bucking feverishly against his touch. No matter how hard she tried to hold back her body seemed to show who was in control.

"I can't hear you love, you have to speak up if you want me to give you what we both need."

"I... I want you to fuck me, please... Please fuck me."

"You beg so pretty baby and you're so wet for me I want to feel you cum all over my cock but I need you to open your eyes."

"What?" Melanie said confusion, beginning to set in.

"Open your eyes."


Melanie's eyes flew open as she turned and looked at the alarm on her night stand; the blue neon lights read 6:30am. With a loud sigh she lifted the covers hoping to find a devilishly handsome man in between her thighs only to see her own thin brown fingers deep inside her moist folds, and felt a wave of disappointment that they were the cause of her vivid dreams.

"Mel girl you need a man" she mumbled in the silence of her bedroom, pushing her feet to the floor she shuddered at the sudden cold chill she got from the wooden floor. She made her way to the bathroom, turning on the lights she sighed when she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. Melanie's skin was the color of heated clay, a soft brown with a hint of red. Her jet black hair fell in wild curls down her face and neck, framing her round face, making her almond shaped eyes looks even larger than they already were. Her nose was small, and edged down just like her Mother's, while her thick lips shielded her perfectly straight teeth, which despite never having braces were evenly aligned and gleaming.

It wasn't like Melanie felt ugly, on the contrary she knew she was pretty, but after her last relationship she felt like damaged goods. Even though she was tired of having the same lucid dream only to wake up with her fingers smelling like her own coochie she wasn't sure if she was ready to give herself to anyone just yet. Feeling she had admired herself enough for one day she began her morning routine, she grabbed her bottles of oils and rubs and breathed in deeply. The heavy aroma of rose water and peppermint filled her senses; she poured a small amount in her hands and began to rub the oil into her arms legs and chest. Once she was satisfied it was all gone, she scooped a bit of the special hair butter mama Ella made especially for her and proceeded to rub the mixture into her thick locks. Melanie loved wearing her hair natural and chemical free she had been doing so for nearly 6 years now ever since she met Mama Ella at an African culture festival. She had a booth of hand made oils lotions and hair care products. Along with some African sculptures and paintings.

"Why don't you kick that hair crack and wear you hair the way God intended?"She said her hands on her hips.

"Excuse me?" Melanie said walking towards her.

"Well I'm pretty sure when you were born your hair wasn't that straight and from the looks of it your roots there screaming for some relief."Melanie grabbed at her hair feeling immediately self conscious, "Calm down child. Why don't you try my hair butter if you like it and it works for you , your welcome to come and get more." she said handing Melanie a card.

From then on Melanie bought all her products from Mama Ella, after taming her hair Melanie moved back into her bedroom in search of an outfit. After searching through her closet full of clothes she found a tan pencil cut dress with no sleeves, a set of black stilettos, and a thin black belt to wrap at her waist, she turned to look at her clock again, the neon blue digits now reading 7am. "Shit, gotta hurry!"She thought as she pulled on the dress and heels, she fastened the belt, grabbed her jacket and briefcase and headed out the door.


Her skin was like warm silk and begging to be touched, Cole watched her as she slid her round ass onto the desk and slowly spread her legs. He didn't know who this mystery woman was but something in him compelled him to want to know her, he wanted to lick, suck and kiss every inch of flesh she possessed and leave her begging for his cock, but for now he would watch. She began to fondle and squeeze her breast through the cotton fabric of her shirt and slowly worked one hand down to her slippery mound. Cole watched as two fingers disappeared into her hot cavern, she bucked and rode her fingers never missing a beat as she continued to squeeze and play with her nipple, Cole was loving the attention she was giving herself but could no longer contain himself.

In three quick strides he was hovering over his vixen her fingers still buried deep inside her filling the room with the smell of her sex, Cole breathed in. "Is that peppermint?" he thought as he leaned into her. As if noticing him standing there the woman removed her fingers from her soaking wet pussy and brought one finger to Coles lips, without a second thought he eagerly slurped and sucked the sweet juices from her finger and watched as she did the same to the finger that was left.

"Do you want me Cole?" The Woman's eyes were heavy slits, but even then Cole could see the lust that lived in them.

"You know I do." he said, pressing her body against his rock hard cock "Let me show you just how badly I want you, bend over." Cole commanded, he was pleased when she did it with no question. He could have fainted from the sight of her bent over and awaiting him, only him. He released his aching cock from his pants and gripped it tightly; it took every ounce of will power he had not to cum her, as the arousal alone was driving him insane with need. He placed the mushroom like head of his cock against her opening and rubbed slowly, releasing a sinful purr from his mystery woman. "Are you ready baby I'm going to make you...."

"Ring -Ring!"

Cole shot up in his bed from the sound of his cell phone."Fuck..."He mumbled, turning to sit at the edge of his bed, he wanted to hurl the phone across the bedroom and smash it against the wall for waking him. He was so close this time, he could smell her fuck he could taste her. Cole wished he could find a woman like that, one that would bring him to his knees and love him not his bank account. Cole never had a problem bedding women, they flocked to him were ever he was and they were all the same. Beautiful on the outside, but cold, hollow, and frigid on the inside, they would smile, bat there eyes and spread there legs for him. He knew that most of the time it was his pedigree that caught there eye, other times it was his immense wealth. Cole was sick of being viewed as a walking dollar sign but finding the type of woman he craved was like looking for diamonds in a pile of shit.

Cole stood and made his way to the bathroom; he adjusted the water and stepped into the shower letting the water cascade over his body. He could feel his hand slowly reach for his swollen member but willed himself to stop; he was already running behind and didn't have much time left. Today would be his first day as CEO of Steinberg &Fitz advertising , after settling a price for the companies take over he decided he would hold a meeting at the office, to not only introduce himself but get a feel of were the company was heading and who he felt was an asset to the firm. He was surprised the former owner was willing to sell but knew his options were weaning, with the companies stocks plummeting and no benefactors backing him selling to the highest bidder was his best chance. Cole quickly showered and dressed, grabbed his cell phone and keys and left to start his day.


Melanie should have been speed walking champion; she quickly maneuvered and slid in between groups of people all in an attempt to make it to her office. It was now 8:15 and she was officially late, had she not stopped by Massimo's for his addictive cannolis and coffee she wouldn't be in this mess. Aw hell who was she kidding it was totally worth the risk, the large silver doors of the elevator in view she sped up only to have what must have been a brick wall step in the way.


"What the hell?!" Melanie yelled, only to look up into the most beautiful set of emerald eyes she had ever seen, connected to them was the face of a living Adonis. He stood a towering 6'6 to Melanie's 5'4 frame with a muscular build she could clearly see even with the suit he wore, and damn if he wasn't wearing the hell out of that suit, his jaw curved smoothly upwards towards two perfectly placed dimples and very kissable lips.

"I'm so sorry, let me help you." Melanie tried her best not to look like an idiot as he effortlessly lifted her from the floor.

"Th-Thanks, I didn't see you there." Melanie said, smoothing out her dress with her hands.

"It was totally my fault I wasn't looking were I was going, but could I ask why your in such a rush?"

"Well I'm running behind for work & I want to see this new jerk off CEO that took over the company before he starts barking orders"

Cole's eyebrows rose at the woman's comment, it was obvious she was upset about the change and that made him curious. Had it been anyone else Cole might have told her who he was and fired her on the spot, but this woman captivated him and if being bad mouthed by this ebony angel was the price to be in her presence Cole was willing to pay up. "What makes the new CEO such a bad guy? For all you know he could be really wonderful."

"I don't care." Melanie said pressing her floor number on the elevator, "Anyone who would take the company away from a man who put his lively hood into it is a coward. He's probably some fat, old, cantankerous old man from old money, who thinks he can by and sell anything he wants."Melanie turned to look at the handsome stranger beside her, he had a look of surprise and amusement on his face that made him look even more handsome then he already was, and really Melanie was surprised herself. Here she was late and spewing her frustrations on him and she didn't even know his name. "I'm sorry," she said chuckling softly, "mind if I ask your name, I think its only right seeing as I've made you my elevator buddy and all..." Elevator buddy? Really Melanie?! Way to not look like an idiot. She internally scolded herself.

"Its Cole and you are?" Melanie she replied tucking a stray hair behind her ear. Cole stifled a moan that yearned to escape his lips; something as simple as moving hair out of her face sent shivers through him and the way she licked her lips made him want to drive his cock in and out of her plump wet mouth. The ding of the elevator pulled them back to reality; "this is my floor." Cole said darting out of the small metal box. He had to get away from this Woman he could feel his will power failing miserably and knew if he had any chance on getting to know more about her, he had to lose the playboy act. Something told him she wouldn't fall for the same lame lines he gave to the women in his past.

"Well it was nice meeting you, maybe I'll see you soon" Melanie said as the doors started to close.

"I'm sure you will" Cole replied with a wink and a wickedly sexy smile, with that the doors closed and Cole turned on his heels thoughts of Melanie fresh in his mind.


Melanie navigated from her stack of files to her laptop, trying to do anything to keep her mind off Cole. That smile he gave her that morning had her creaming in her pants, she was so enthralled in her fantasies about him that it hadn't dawned on her until she reached her office that she had never seen him before. Melanie had been with the company for a little over eight years and knew just about everyone but he was definitely new, she wondered if he was a client or maybe a new employee...either way he would be off limits , the company had strict regulations ..

"Hey girl!" Melanie smiled as her bubbly friend entered her office. Kandice was a living Barbie doll, her platinum blonde hair was pulled into a high ponytail but still managed to sweep past her shoulder blades she had a light tan that made her skin glow and she was wearing a peach colored dress that hugged her body and showed off her shape giving her an innocent appeal even though she was far from it.

"What's up Kandi?" Melanie said, using the nickname she gave Kandice.

"Nothing much thought I would swing by, see if you wanted to grab lunch after the board meeting today."

"Yeah that sounds good , maybe we should just ditch the meeting. I'm not looking forward to seeing the new management anyway." Really Melanie was hoping she could lounge around the lobby until she saw Cole again.

"What's with that face?" Kandice said a quizzical look on her face,

"What? This is my face... Why?"

"Don't give me that crap Mel I know you ... So who is he?"

Melanie bit at her lip and leaned back in her chair, "his name is Cole I met him on the elevator this morning."

"is he a client?"

"I don't know..."

"Does he work here?"

"I don't know..."

"Well is he dating someone?"

"I don't know..."

"Well damn Mel, what do you know?!"

"I know he's gorgeous and he's somewhere in the building." Melanie said chuckling. "The guy looked like he stepped off a GQ photo shoot; he probably has to beat women off him with a stick so I doubt I would have a chance."

"Mel you're always so down on yourself! Damn Marcus for treating you like he did and now you can't see what an amazing woman you are. That guy would be lucky to have you!"

"Maybe Kandi but I only saw him once and on an elevator at that I doubt ill ever see him again."

"If you say so Mel" Kandi said rolling her eyes.

Melanie finished up with her work on her laptop and made her way with Kandice to the meeting. "Just forget him Melanie," she told herself before closing the door behind her.

By the time Melanie and Kandice made it to the conference room, it was nearly filled with there other colleagues waiting to meet the new CEO and personnel of Steinberg & Fitz. The two friends took there seats at the very end of the table adjacent the door. Kandice was going on about her plans for the weekend and was trying to convince Melanie to join her for a girls night at a local club, they were so busy talking they didn't notice the group of men walking in.

"Excuse me ladies and gentlemen I believe we're ready to begin. Before we start talk about the changes that we plan to make as well as current and future projects, I would like to introduce the new CEO Mr. Cole McKinney." Everything the man had said had went in one ear and out the other for Melanie until she heard his name

"Cole... It can't be, please don't let it be." Before she could rationalize another alternative in her mind she saw him looking back with his smiling green eyes, it was him.

Cole had spent a majority of the day using the perks of his new position to his advantage, he had his assistant look for any employees by the name of Melanie that fit her description, and once he found out her department and what she did, he decided he would make a surprise appearance at her office. Only now he didn't have to go through all the trouble, because here she was. The look on her face made him want to fall to the floor laughing, she looked shocked, scared, angry and surprised all at the same time, he knew there was no possible way she could have known he would be her boss and was pretty sure she felt embarrassed about what she said to him on the elevator that morning, but he honestly could care less now.

"Mr. McKinney would you like to say a few words to your new employees?" the Man's voice shook Cole out of his thoughts, he hadn't noticed he was staring so intently at Melanie and could tell from her body language she felt uncomfortable under his gaze.

"Well I'd just like to say I am very excited to be working with you all and look forward to pursuing many ventures together, I cant wait to see what this company has to offer." Coles last words made Melanie look up, there eyes met and he could feel the heat behind them he hoped she understood his meaning. He definitely wanted her but the question was did she want him to?

The rest of the meeting dragged by for Melanie, she could barely focus on the new plans for ad projects and found herself completely silent, only to have Kandice ask her every five minutes if she was alright, or to look up with Coles gorgeous green eyes on her. When the meeting was finally over Melanie tried to get out of the room quickly without looking like a maniac, she was almost home free when she felt a strong hand wrap around her arm. She turned to see Cole smiling down at her.

"Hello Melanie," he said "did you enjoy the meeting?"

"Why didn't you tell me you were the CEO? You let me say all of that stuff and look like a complete moron the entire time" Melanie replied, she was mad and her whisper came out harsh she wanted to punch him and kiss him all at the same time.

"I'm sorry Melanie that wasn't my intention I simply thought I would let you vent, I didn't think it would be about me."

"Hey Mel everything okay?" Kandice asked, her eyes shifted from Cole to Melanie, the tension she felt between them was clear but she wondered what was going on between them.

"Nothing Kandice lets just go." The pair turned and headed down the hall to the elevator, but Cole was hot on her heels.

"What are you doing for lunch?"

"I have plans."

"Well how about coffee?"

"No thanks."

"Well are you free this weekend how about dinner?"

"Again I have plans this weekend."

"No you do... Ouch!" Kandice shot daggers at Melanie as she rubbed at the arm she had just pinched and pouted.

"Well I guess you're a busy woman and I seem to be holding you up, I'll see you soon Melanie." With that he turned quickly, leaving Melanie still fuming mad and Kandice completely lost.

"What the hell was all that about?" Kandice asked crossing her thin arms.

"It turns out the guy from the elevator that I blabbed to about not wanting to meet the new CEO is the CEO."

"Oh my goodness, but he didn't seem upset, hell he asked you out even."

"Yeah well, I'm not interested." Melanie knew she was coming off super self righteous when she spent the whole day thinking about him but she wasn't going to look like a fool twice in one day.


Cole couldn't deny he was pissed, he could tell from the way she fidgeted when he was close to her that the strong attraction he felt was definitely mutual. He wanted to press harder to not let up but knew if he tried to force his hand he would risk losing his chance. "If she wants to play hard to get, I'll play her game... For now."

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