tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGlass Houses Ch. 07

Glass Houses Ch. 07


I'd like to thank you all for the reception this story has been given. All mistakes are mine. All people, places and institutions are made up, this story in no way reflects reality and any similarities to it are coincidental. Enjoy.


Sarah was still in her room when I went back in, so I tossed myself down in my favorite chair. I'd spent an hour in the shed putting it back in order, and trying to get my head straight with no luck. So that's where I found myself again, trying to figure out all the weird twists and turns my life seemed to be taking. I could except that it was my fault, but I didn't like to think of myself as a pervert, yet I'd just allowed a sweet young girl to suck my cock after masturbating to the view of another. And worse, I had actually cheated on Misty, I'd let things go far beyond anything I could excuse to myself as harmless.

But the guilt I felt was a lie, because I knew I would do it again if given half a chance. I could still feel Kimberly's lips wrapped around my cock. In fact, the idea of taking her virginity, of having her at my mercy while I buried myself between her long legs, had my old groundhog poking his head out of the leg of my shorts to see if she was still around.

Not really thinking about where I was at the moment, I shifted in the seat and made room for it, freeing it to lie half exposed on my thigh. Kimberly had surprised me in more ways than one, it was hard to reconcile the sensual sexy Kimberly with the girl I thought I knew, and the memory of being watched by Sarah, and the idea of Kimberly and Sarah together as Kimberly had implied. I surrendered as my cock began lifting as it filled.

I was about to head back to our room and rub another one out, when Sarah's bedroom door opened. I'd like to think I had some grand scheme in mind that made what happened next happen, but the simple truth was that I panicked. Knowing in that split second that there was no way to hide or explain my cock being hard and more or less completely free of my shorts, I let my hand fall limply into my lap and pretended I had dozed off.

It seemed like I laid there for an eternity trying to figure out what she was doing, wishing I dared to open my eyes. I could actually feel hers on me. I heard a couple of steps, followed by a small gasp and more dead silence. And I knew she was looking at it, worse, it knew she was looking at it and I could feel it stand proud for her.

It was weird, but I felt helpless, completely defenseless and exposed, and it was turning me on. Just one more thing I'd never suspected about myself. The whole room seemed to shift with her as I felt her approach. I reached for her with every fiber of my being, willing her to make contact with it, to take my cock in her small hand. I lay there in an agony of anticipation, the urge to wake up or just open my eyes and see her, just about more than I could bear. I almost sighed in relief as she got close enough to block some of the light hitting my eyelids from the window.

She was right there, I could hear her taking short raspy breaths, could practically feel her body vibrate the air right in front of me. Another eternity went by before she brushed me with what felt like the tip of a finger. A touch so hesitant and soft I might have imagined it. But then it happened again, just the lightest contact, yet I couldn't stop my cock from jumping in response, drawing a quick intake of breath from her and the sense of her hand jerking away.

All was silent for a few heartbeats, not a whisper of a breath breaking the tableau. Then she was back, her fingers sliding along the length of me, firmer, no longer as hesitant as they slid into the leg of my shorts and curled around the shaft. Her arm brushing my leg as she stroked back towards the head, not breaking contact this time as my cock surged against her grasp.

I couldn't contain a grown as her palm closed over the head of my cock, it was a primal need, as was my need to see her, to have that vision of her delicate hand wrapped around me, to see her eyes as she held it.

She was looking right into mine when I opened them, frozen like a deer in the head lights. But there was also longing mixed with the fear in her eyes. It was a timeless second, an endless single moment that only broke when I moved my hips, and my cock slid through her fingers. I felt her squeeze me in response, and then her eyes dropped to the shaft in her hand.

I quickly undid my shorts and raised my hips to push them down, her hands replacing mine to draw them passed my knees, her eyes locked on my cock as it swung back to slap my stomach then stood up. The look of wonder in her eyes, the sense of discovery in her touch as she again took hold of me, it was very different than Kimberly had been, there was no seductive temptress here, only sweet innocence.

She wrapped both hands around me, her fingers kneading and exploring my shape. Pulling gently at the skin and sliding it up to bunch around the head. Then pushing it down to my balls, the skin going tight and smooth along my length. I was surprised at the lack of precum, but it seemed I had gone to the well too many times. Luckily her touch was soft.

Pulling my t-shirt over my head, I dropped it beside the chair and settled back naked, shaking my shorts and flip-flops loose from my feet. She had changed into a loose-fitting tee and a pair of sweats, her hair falling to both sides of her head in long loose pigtails. Leaning forward, I took her under the arms and lifted her to a seat on the arm of my chair, her left hand never leaving my cock, but her eyes swinging up to look into mine almost fearfully.

"I want to touch you too." I told her, sliding one hand up under the back of her shirt and the other under the front. Her skin was like satin, and I could feel the little shivers of tension below the surfaces as I caressed her. Felt her breath stop as I slid my hand up and cupped a breast. A shudder going through her as I trailed my fingers back down over the nipple and brushed them along the outer curve of it.

Lifting both hands, I pushed the shirt up, dragging it over her head and down her arms. She met my eyes again, if only briefly, then turned loose of my cock long enough to toss the shirt after mine. Her tits looked bigger somehow, maybe because of the way she leaned forward to grip my shaft, both her hands once more stroking my length. I wanted to run my tongue over her tiny nipples, but cupped one in my palm almost by reflex as Sarah blew my mind by leaning over and licking the head of my cock.

It seemed I had finally produced a tiny drop of precum and Sarah had decided to see what it tasted like. This was so brazen and out of character that all I could do was sit there and watch as she lifted it away on her tongue and drew it into her mouth, the look of concentration on her face making me want to laugh. Then I sucked in a breath as she leaned down and licked it again, harder this time. Sliding my hand up to rest between her shoulders, I gently pressed her down towards it, trying to encourage her to take me into her mouth.

She glanced at me and I smiled, nodding my head slightly back at my cock. Her eyes fell away from mine as she leaned down and slid her lips over my head, her teeth scraping very lightly as they passed the crown. Cocking my hips towards her, I tried to give her a better angle, and she never stopped sliding me deeper until I felt the her back arch under my hand as her gag reflex hit. I expected her to pull off at that, but she seemed determined and tried it again, the head of my cock lodging against her tonsils this time before she arched and fell back, gasping for breath.

"Easy," I told her, worried she would hurt herself.

Shaking her head, she took a deep breath, "No, I can do it." and she leaned back in to engulf my cock once more. And I have to admit, she gave it a good try, I even felt the head of my cock squeeze into her throat a couple of times, but she was forced to back off each time by a persistent gag reflex.

"If you keep that up, I'm going to cum." I warned her, but far from looking alarmed, she seemed to take it as a challenge. I don't know where she got the idea that sucking cock meant deepthroating, but I had to fight my inclination to grab her by the pigtails and help her. That or flip her over and bury myself in her young body.

I did take hold of her tails when I started cumming, though I only held her in place as she struggled to swallow what felt like a huge load, but actually couldn't have amounted to much after already cumming twice that afternoon. Still, I let go when she tried to pull away. Gasping and coughing, she sat back on her heels, her eyes tearing up as she swallowed repeatedly until she got herself under control, her left hand never giving up its grip on my cock.

"You okay?" I asked her when she looked like she might be able to speak, and she nodded.

"I guess I didn't do that right." she said, looking at me like she was afraid I would agree.

Leaning forward, I took her face in my hands, "You were fantastic." I told her, then kissed her. She went stiff for a long moment, and I just held it, then she seemed to flow into my arms, her lips softening against mine. So I pulled her into my lap, my hand sliding around to the back of her neck as I added a little tongue to our kiss, running it lightly along her teeth as her lips parted.

Sarah mashed her chest against mine, her hard little tits a stark contrast to Misty's softer larger pair. Sliding my hands down along her spine, I pushed both hands into the back of her sweats, curling my fingers down around the curve of her. She trembled under my touch, a low almost frightened moan sounding from her as her tongue tentatively joined mine in our kiss. Pulling her crotch down against my sorely abuse cock, I was surprising to feel the cloth soaked with her arousal and even more that it had me stirring yet again.

That was the last straw, I was going to fuck her, and I was going to do it right there in that chair. I began guiding her hips, rubbing her against me as I slowly hardened. When she broke our kiss to catch a breath, I slip my mouth down her front to capture one of her nipples as her own hands found a grip in my hair and she ground the breast into my face.

A continuous moan sounded from her throat as she threw back her head and spread her knees wide so that she could grind harder against me. Her hips beginning to roll and shake as I felt it start, her ass clenching in my hands, a shudder running up her spine as the continuous moan died in a strangled gasp.

I watched in awe as the orgasm took her, as her body locked in a rictus of pleasure. She seemed to blossom with goose bumps, like tiny flakes of snow against the rosy blush of her skin. The sight of her at that moment was a thing that would fuel dreams and fantasies for the rest of my life. The mere thought that my cock could have been locked inside that body, gripped in that all-encompassing moment of stillness, was enough to finish bringing me erect once more.

Nothing that perfect lasts for long though, and like the snowflakes melting, she collapsed on my chest, unable to support herself as she was racked by diminishing waves of pleasure. I hugged her to me as she took a few shuddering breaths and slowly went limp.

I held her, surprised to find myself feeling protective of her in that moment. It had been one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life, and it seemed only right to take the time to memorialize the beauty of it. To really capture it in my mind. Sarah seemed to feel the same as she just lay boneless on my chest, her breathing slowing as a last few tremors shook her little frame.

The sound of our old sedan pulling into the drive snapped both of us out of it, Sarah sat up with a frightened gasp and covered her breasts like Misty had already discovered us. Grabbing up her shirt, I thrust it at her. "Go jump in the shower." I told her in a hushed voice, and with big eyes she grabbed it and stumbled into her room, making me wince when she slammed the door behind her.

Grabbing up my own things, I vaulted over my chair and closed the main bathroom door quietly behind myself. Stuffing my cloths in the hamper, I stepped into the shower, gasping as I twisted both taps on and was hit with the cold water. Scrubbing at myself with one hand, trying to make sure any evidence went down the drain, I slowly adjusted the hot water with the other, relaxing as it finally warmed up.

I was just wondering how Sarah was managing, when Misty entered the bathroom and began stripping. "Wash my back." She told me as she crowded in between me and the water. Feeling a deep sense of relief, I grabbed the soap.


Things seemed to settle back into something approaching normal life for most of the following week. Misty got Sarah started with her gynecologist since she had an appointment of her own, and got her started on birth control pills. I wasn't sure how to take this, but let it go when they picked up a pool at Wallyworld on Tuesday like it hadn't meant anything. It took a couple of evenings to get that set up, but it was ready to use by supper time on Thursday, except the water was way too cold for any of us to brave.

I say something approaching normal, because there were a couple other marked differences. Misty seemed to be horny all the time, it was like when we first started fucking all over again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining in the least. Our usual routine of three or four times a week was out the window and I was not only getting practically ravished by her every night, I was getting woken up early every morning for an encore. I was starting to wonder when she slept.

Sarah, who had always been very lively before, was acting a little subdued. At first this really worried me, considering what had taken place between us. But the first time we were alone in the same room together, she blushed almost scarlet and laid her hand in my lap, giving me a gentle squeeze before running off to her room, looking back at me just before she disappeared with a little mischievous grin. After that, she seemed to delight in tormenting me all week long, picking any little opportunity to touch me. The message was pretty clear, but a time and a place to act on it never seemed to arrive.


Misty was on the back half of her Friday morning run, she had a roughly five-mile route that she ran Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings religiously. Well, until lately, with Sarah's arrival that schedule had been blown wide open. But that wasn't really fair because her reawakened urges probably had more to do with it. She couldn't help it, she went to bed horny and woke up just as wet. The run should have been done hours ago, but Samuel had ridden her hard that morning after she'd woken him by playing with his morning wood, so she'd felt lazy all day and had almost skipped it all together, only managing to scold herself into starting around three in the afternoon, knowing Samuel would get home if she put it off any longer.

It was amazing how fast he had started doing that again, they had fallen out of the habit of morning sex not long after they married and she couldn't remember him being hard in the mornings lately, he certainly hadn't been Monday morning. Not that it had taken much to get him that way, but by Wednesday, big beautiful morning wood had started greeting her when she woke.

She was pretty sure it was just a result of her increased appetite and the fact she was making it plain she wanted to fuck more, and she had no reason to doubt his desire for her after the way he had pounded her sore all week. But she couldn't help wondering how much Sarah had to do with it, after all, he had gone to a lot of trouble to see her.

Misty had to admit to herself though that she'd let things get out of control over the weekend. Not that she really wanted to undo any of it, just that after her own wild spree on Sunday, her ability to sit down with Samuel and clear the air was clouded. And that was frustrating, because she had realized after fucking Simon's huge cock and playing with Ashley's hard little body, that she loved Samuel and wished he'd been there to share in the experience with her.

The thought of Simon's cock brought a smile to her face and a little extra moisture between her straining thighs, she'd bet money Ashley had him half trained by now. And Ashley, the next time she got her hands on her, Misty was going to plant herself between those thighs and show her a few things you only learn at an all girl boarding school. And that brought her back around to Sarah, and the picture of her sweet little snatch that she just couldn't get out of her head.

Swinging around the corner on Willshire, Misty bore down as she started up the half-mile hill. She was beginning to feel frustrated with the way her mind had been jumping around all week, just like now, she didn't seem to be able to focus very long before her libido overpowered her train of thought. She needed to get her act together, needed to have a long talk with her husband about the changes that were taking place inside her and in their lives, but she was scared. She didn't know how he would take a full disclosure, hell, he didn't even know about her uncle Pete.

Yeah, he might have set this all in motion with his little hole in the wall, but as far as she could tell, he hadn't even tried to repeat that act. Sarah had a habit of announcing that she was going to shower, and Misty had watched, had even left him seemingly alone, but he'd never left the house. She herself had had to fight a fantasy of sending him out there to watch, while she joined Sarah in the shower for a little girl on girl. With a growl of frustration, she pushed that aside again.

She wished she knew the slate between her and Samuel was more evenly matched, but she feared that the score was weighing heavily in his favor. After all, as far as she knew, all he'd done was peep, she'd had sex in one fashion or another with three people, not counting Sarah. No, she had to know the score better before she could come clean.

Then there was the nagging suspicion, almost a hope, that something had happened between Sarah and him, as the girl had seemed withdrawn all week. But Misty had caught a smile on her face when she joined them more than once, a smile that seemed to fade in her presence. She wasn't sure though, because she saw sex everywhere these days, and didn't know if she could trust her instincts. Could something have happened between them while she was gone? It occurred to her that it would be easy to tell if she got another look at Sarah's maidenhead. If it was broken now, then nothing she had done would tip the scales against her, and she could finally open up to him.

Like I need another reason to get between Sarah's legs, she thought, chuckling in spite of herself. And if it was intact, the most likely outcome she had to admit, then what? That would push the scale over in his favor, unless...well, that would all depend on how adventurous and willing Sarah turned out to be. There were far worse places to lose her virginity than in the arms of a lover like Samuel.

Misty turned down the final leg of her run, more than a little disgusted with herself for even considering such a half-baked idea, she promised herself that if Sarah balked at any part of what she had in mind, she would back off and think of something else. It seemed crazy to hope her husband had fucked the girl, but the constant doubts of the last week had her worn down, and any course of action that promised some relief had to be grabbed. She had until he got off work at five to figure it out, or live through the weekend with little chance to get things settled.

Idly, she waved at Kimberly as she ran passed her walking that dog, the skinny redheaded girl looking even more skittish than normal, and she wondered if she shouldn't introduce her to Sarah.

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