Glenda: My Sister-In-Law, My Wife


This time she announced it clearly by screaming, "YESSSSS!!!!!!" and grabbing me by the hair and trying to pull my head into her pussy. Her legs tried to help by wrapping themselves around me and squeezing. I hate to say it but if she hadn't relaxed when she did I would have drowned in a combination of pool water and cumm. What a way to go.

Glenda's heart was beating so hard when she got her breath back we decided to just float and relax for a little while. When she finally felt more like herself Glenda swam to my side.

"David," she asked me quietly "have you cumm yet?"

"Not yet but there is plenty of time for that." I told her.

"You might be right about that," she replied "but you've already brought me off twice and I feel like trying to return the favor. I'm not sure what to do but if you'll patiently guide me, I'll give it a try.

So she had me lie on the float and she began trying to work off my underpants. Normally it wouldn't be a hard task but my underwear were wet and clinging to me and then there was one more problem. All of this excitement had my dick standing straight up, all 8" of it. Finally she got my underpants off and they just floated away to join Glenda's, where ever that was. For a few seconds all Glenda did was stare and I just floated without saying anything, just enjoyed watching her. She reached up and wrapped her hand softly around my dick, just to feel how thick it was. Then she slowly started moving her hand up and down my dick, not really jacking me off but more caressing it. I just laid my head back and closed my eyes.

"Glenda that feels wonderful." I told her softly.

I could feel my orgasm approaching and I was ready to just let it happen when something happened that caused me to open my eyes and almost jump off the float. Glenda had just kissed my dick and then bean licking it.

She looked startled and a bit worried that she had done something wrong so I told her, "I'm sorry Glenda, I wasn't expecting you to try that. Eileen refuses to even kiss my dick and no one else has ever tried to."

"I knew that she wouldn't do this. She thinks it is gross but I think I like it." she told me. "You mean that no one has ever tried to suck on your dick?"

"Nope. You're my first." I told her.

"Now I really want to try this." she replied and eased her head back towards my dick.

"I'll let you know when I'm gonna cumm so you can take your mouth off." I told her.

Glenda slowly lowered her hear towards my dick. Just before she got to close to em she shocked me by blowing lightly onto my dick. Boy was that cold! After she had a good laugh at my reaction though she opened her mouth a little and began licking the head of my dick much as you would an ice cream come.

"David, I've never really done this before," Glenda said. "Any hints or tips?"

"Glenda I guess the best suggestions I've read so far is to treat my dick like a lolly pop but this one doesn't have a tootsie roll center so no biting. Also try to keep your teeth from grazing against the shaft because it can hurt. Other than that just do whatever you feel comfortable with." I told her.

"Ok, here it goes." she told me.

Once again I got to watch Glenda lower her head over my dick. Her tongue snaked out and once again danced around my dick. I closed my eyes so I could concentrate on the feelings I was experiencing. First her tongue slid around the head just before it joins the shaft. Then it moved up onto the top of the head and began licking the slit. Then she started licking down the head and began licking from the bottom part of the head to my balls. After a few seconds though I felt wet warmth begin sliding over the whole head of my dick. I looked up in time to see the rest of my dick head disappear into Glenda's mouth. I couldn't believe it, my first blow job. Even if she stopped there this was the farthest any one had taken my dick into their mouth.

Eileen thought that oral sex was sick but tolerated my going down on her as long as I never tried to kiss her afterwards. The best I could hope for if we 69'd was that she might jack me off a little. For her sex was what I could do to please her and to bad if I came or not. Here Glenda was, on our first night actually taking my head into her mouth. What a difference.

Glenda slowly started moving her head up and down on my dick, careful to keep her teeth covered by her gums. Slowly but surely my dick slipped further and further into her mouth. Before she could get me to deep though, I began realizing that I was close to cumming.

"Glenda, honey, I'm gonna....." and then I came in bucket loads and Glenda still had her face over my dick. Her lips were barely making contact because of my warning but she still had cumm shoot up between those lips and into her mouth.

"I'm so sorry Glenda. It just happened so quick." I stammered. I felt bad because I'd read that it is a big taboo, not to mention rude to cumm in your girlfriend or spouses mouth without their permission. I really thought I'd have enough time from noticing the buildup to spouting since I had jacked off and been having sex for several years. I guess I'd just gotten wrapped up in the moment and now I felt terrible.

Instead of fuming though, Glenda surprised me and lowered her head to clean my dick up with her mouth. All was well with the world.

"It's okay, David. I was thinking I'd like to try swallowing and you actually tasted pretty good." she told me.

I slid off the float and pulled Glenda to me. I bent my head and kissed her passionately. I could taste my cumm on her lips but instead of being sickened by it, it just made me love her more. I could feel her body move against mine and I knew she had an itch that was building and needing scratched so I pulled her up gently so she could wrap her legs around me. I reached down between us and began moving my dick back and forth along her pussy slit. She reached down and stopped the motion when my dick was lined up with her hole. With out any effort Glenda slid herself down onto my dick. The position we were in prevented me from getting to deep but it seemed all both of us wanted was the contact we were sharing. Neither of us moved. I just stood there holding onto Glenda while she basically sat in my arms with her legs wrapped around me and my dick inside her.

Since the sun had gone down the temperature had dropped making the air cooler. Now the water was starting to feel a bit cool for us so we opted to go inside. We took turns drying off each other. We then dropped our towels onto the patio deck and walked hand in hand through the house to the master bedroom. When we saw that it was already after 2 in the morning both of us felt exhausted and opted for sleep. I leaned over, kissed Glenda good night and got up to leave the room.

"Hey, where do you think you're going." she shouted.

"I always sleep in the spare bedroom. Eileen says I breathe to loud and it keeps her awake." I told her.

"I don't give a rat's ass what Eileen says. You are going to sleep in this bed with me if I have to tie you down." she replied.

"Ooh, promises promises. I chuckled as I joined her in bed.

The next morning I woke just after 7 AM. The sun was out and the sky was clear from what I could see out of the window of the spare room. I went to the bathroom, did what I needed to do and slid on my bathing suit to start my morning chores. Eileen insisted that I start the day by cleaning out the leaves from the pool in case she decided to take a morning swim. I couldn't get over the dream I'd had last night. Having sex with Glenda with the family's permission no less. What I wouldn't give to make that dream come true. I grabbed the pole net and caught the few leaves floating on the surface and dumped them into the can I kept nearby. I keep the leaves for a compost pile so I can use the fertilizer on the flower beds I keep up. I had just opened up the cover of the pool drain to gather up any leaves that had dropped down into the basket when I got the shock of my life. There inside the basket were two pair of underwear, mine and Glenda's. I picked them up and looked up when I heard Glenda call out,

"Hey lover come back to bed, it's to early to be up and I have a surprise waiting."

When I walked into the room she was standing there with a wicked grin on her face and some rope in her hands. If this is a dream I hope I never wake up.

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