tagLoving WivesGloria's Hole Ch. 03

Gloria's Hole Ch. 03


I had just finished kissing Gloria after our incredible escapades at the video arcade and we were about to leave, both exhausted and, I thought, totally spent. As I reached for the door I glanced down at the hole in the booth wall I gasped when I saw the size of the cock that now poked through the hole. Gloria immediately looked down and I felt her reaction as she squeezed my arm.

"Why don't we, ah... can we..." she stuttered.

"You want to stay a bit longer?"

"Yes," she moaned, reaching down and touching the huge purple head of the strange cock sticking through the wall. When her fingers touched the head, the cock twitched making Gloria jump.

"Do you think it's big enough to fuck me?" she asked.

I had been pondering how she was going to fit that monster into her mouth, but now I understood. "Well, if have you spread your legs out wide and I help you balance I think it will..." Before I could finish the sentence she began pulling off her shorts and panties. Although it had only been a few minutes since I came, I followed her lead, I quickly pulled off my shorts and underwear.

Gloria turned her back to the wall, spread her legs and bent over at the waist. I squatted down beside her, carefully grabbed the huge cock that protruded from the hole and slowly guided it into my wife's pussy. It was an amazing sight, to be able to see her pussy from that angle as a cock slipped between the pink, curved lips, inch by inch penetrating her.

I watched as her pussy stretched to take in the massive cock, listening to her moan as her body was filled. Gloria leaned back toward the wall, taking more and more of the cock until she leaned against the wall, taking as much of the cock as she could. I quickly moved over to the bench where I sat in front of her and she supported herself by grabbing my legs.

After a few moments, she began moving back and forth, sliding her pussy along the length of the massive cock. Watching her face I could see it contort in response to the sensations she felt as the huge cock fucked her deeper than she had ever been fucked. Seeing the pleasure in her face, hearing her moaning and gasping and also hearing the slurping sound her pussy made as it enveloped the massive cock was an incredible turn on and surprisingly my cock came to life once again.

Damn, it had been a long time since I've come more than once in a day, but here I was, ready to go again. Surprisingly, in the midst of her pussy expanding experience, Gloria noticed my erection and bent her head down, taking me in her mouth. Now, as she moved back against the wall, taking that monster cock deep in her pussy, her mouth slid up to the head of my cock and as she slid away from the wall, letting the huge cock slip out of her body she took my cock deeper into her mouth.

Gloria's movement intensified as she quickly slid back and forth and I felt an urgency building in my balls. Leaning my head against the wall I arched my back as the pleasure shot though my cock and I came, spurting my cum into my wife's mouth. Although it wasn't much, she greedily swallowed every ounce.

Shortly after I came, I felt Gloria's hands tighten on my thighs. Suddenly she lifted her head to look me straight in the eyes and moaned loudly. I watched her face as she came and the way she looked at me I would have sworn it was my monster cock fucking her, not some strangers. The love and gratitude I saw in her eyes were all directed at me.

After she came, she continued her movement for a few more minutes until we heard a loud groan from the other booth and from the look on Gloria's face I knew that huge cock was now filling her pussy with its cum. She suddenly stopped and remained still for a few moments, and then, made a strange face as she moved away from the wall. She turned and sat down on the bench and I quickly kneeled between her legs.

In the dim light of the video booth I looked down at her pussy and saw it was gaping open, still stretched from the huge cock that had burrowed deep into her. I immediately dove in, lapping her pussy from top to bottom, letting my tongue circle around her opening and then letting it dip inside. In just seconds I had a large portion of the sticky white fluid that lined her lovely pussy sucked into my mouth.

I rose up and kissed my wife, letting the salty, sticky cum flow into her mouth. When we each seemed to have an equal portion we broke away from the kiss and then swallowed. We paused a few moments savoring the flavor and the ambiance for a few moments, I kissed her again and we started getting dressed.

Once Gloria and I were dressed I reached for the door knob and opened the door. As we stepped out into the dark corridor I noticed another cock slip though Gloria's hole. I glanced at her and paused as she looked down and considered the cock. After a few moments she shook her head, "No." We stepped into the dark corridor and headed toward the light.

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