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Glory Hole Slave


Upon entering, I noticed the aroma of stale sweat and semen. After paying my admittance I was ushered into a small dimly lit room with a grimy toilet and hand basin at one end, a condom machine at the other. Four holes had been cut into the walls near the corners and gaffer taped around the edges. Above the holes, nearer to the ceiling was a screen showing looping porno.

Today's showing featured a young blonde girl deep-throating a large black man whilst another ploughed into her ass. I became instantly turned on at the sight of their huge members.

I could hear rustling from beyond where the holes were and soon, a flaccid penis poked through to greet me. I walked over to it and kneeled before it; taking it in my hand and feeling it grow almost immediately, throbbing and pulsing. I closed my hand around it and pushed back towards the wall. The cock, now almost fully erect and engorged, bobbed before my face. With the foreskin pulled back, I could see that this wasn't the cleanest dick I'd ever seen with traces of last nights wank evident around the tip.

The moaning from the video screen had become louder and as I glanced up, I could see the young blonde girl was receiving a huge facial from one of the large back men, shooting huge ropes of cum over her mouth and eyes.

I was now ready to pleasure this mystery-man's cock; I began to move my hand back and forth. Pre-cum began to drip from the eye and I could hear faint sighs from the other side. I lowered my lips to the tip of his cock and slowly took him in my mouth. I could taste his acrid musk, bitter and salty but it seemed to turn me on even more. Just then, another fully-erect cock slipped through the next hole. My god! It was huge! I was worried that I might not be able to take all of it, but I would try. I continued to suck on my first cock, my saliva making it wet and slick as it eased its way down my throat. I quickly grabbed the other cock and could barely get my fingers around the shaft! I softly stroked its length and could hear grunting from beyond.

The first guy's pre-cum as now flowing abundantly and I eagerly flicked my tongue over the tip of his cock and swallowed it down. It was a welcome sweetness and helped me take even more of him down my throat. My nose was now pressed firmly against the wall as I tried to get more, the guy assisting by pushing as much as he could through. He started to rock back and forth - fucking my wet mouth. The sighs became louder and quicker and I sensed her was about to ejaculate for me. With a sudden jerk, his cock twitched a couple of times and I received a torrent of thick, hot semen. One huge spurt to start, then a pause followed by numerous quick and powerful squirts of cum. Soon he was pumping in more than I could swallow and as I gulped down feverishly, I could taste the pungent, viscous fluid that arrived. I finished him off with my hand and his last few drops dribbled over my chin and neck. The now softening penis retreated through the hole.

All this time I had been stroking this huge cock from the other hole. It was now fully erect and looked menacing as I pumped on it with my now, two hands. This was too big for my throat, I could tell just by looking. Must have been around 10 nor 11 inches long and was thick from tip to base. Glancing again at the screen I could see the blonde was now laid on her back with one black guy holding back her legs to allow her ass to spread. She gasped as he began to enter her, forcing himself inside her puckered asshole. That was it. I needed to take this huge cock inside me. I pulled down my skirt and thong, taking them off my feet. Now, bending right over, I moved my ass to the hole and took hold of the rock hard cock, wiping it from my pussy to my ass, getting it nice and wet. I pushed back slightly against him to feel his cock begin to spread my pussy lips. He was so big! It was quite uncomfortable to feel him edge his was inside me, stretching me to my limit. And it seemed to keep gong in, further and further until he could push no more. I could feel it pulsating inside me as I slid back again, now becoming used to his girth. He helped by bucking forward with every entry he made. This was hurting me inside, but it was bearable, just.

Just as I was getting used to his size, he withdrew suddenly and I could hear squelching from the other side. Soon the cock popped back through again but this time, it was slick and shiny with lube. I knew what he wanted and as I had been instructed to service those that needed it, I had to oblige.

I pulled apart my ass cheeks and pushed against his angry tip. I could feel the heat from him around my asshole as he teased his way in carefully. Inch by inch, he toyed with me until a good five or six inches was inside me, then he began to fuck me. I reluctantly helped by pushing back for him. I could feel him sear up inside me until even more of his impressive length was admitted. He was now really picking up pace and forcing a little more into me each time. It was only when I could feel his hard balls slap against my pussy that I realised he was fully inside me. The feeling made me ever so slightly nauseous but I was unable to stop having his mammoth tool fuck me so deep. I grasped my knees for support as I neared climax. My legs started shaking uncontrollably as I finally reached a thundering orgasm. Several large squirts of piss and cum were released from my quivering pussy as I writhed on his cock. Just then, I felt a hot jet of cum splattering against the inside of my ass, his cock sliding even easier now with the extra fluid. The guy gasped loudly as he continued to shoot inside me. I withdrew from him quickly and turned around taking his cock in my hand. I jerked the last few ropes of cum into my mouth as I played with it on my tongue.

Softening rapidly, I cleaned all the cum from his cock. I could taste myself on him and as it sipped back through the hole again, I sank to my knees, utterly spent and gasping for air. My juices were still leaking out and I could feel is cum seep from my asshole onto the ground.

Soon I got cleaned up and made myself presentable again. Gathering my things, I was about to leave when...

another lovely big cock slid through and bobbed for attention...

The End

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