tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGlory Hole Surprise

Glory Hole Surprise

byMany Feathers©

My wife Dianne and I had been married a little over three years. But like the old saying, "The Honeymoon is over", it really was. At first, we could hardly keep our hands off one another. Gradually, over time, that excitement and thrill diminished to the point where we were lucky to have sex even once a week. And not that the sex wasn't still good whenever we had it, because it was. Which is one of the things that really bothered me. It really was still good between us.

I'd met Larry a good friend and buddy since high school for a round of golf. Still unmarried, I'd frequently wondered knowing him as well as I did how he could continue to stay single and enjoy living that way. He rarely had any kind of long term relationship with a woman, if you count a month as being long term. Which is about the longest stretch I ever had seen him with anyone. And the fact he would then go through even greater periods between women always had me wondering how he kept from going stir-crazy, aside from jerking off all the time. But even with that, I knew from my own personal experience that I certainly couldn't live like he was. Though he frequently pointed out to me that he was probably having sex more frequently than I was, and I was married!

We'd both teed off driving our balls down the fairway fairly close to one another. Leaving the other two who were playing with us to head off towards their own drives, Larry and I headed off to sit and wait patiently while one of them took a few minutes in search of a possibly lost ball.

"How do you do it?" I'd asked him while we stood swiping at the fairway with our clubs in preparation for hitting our second shots. We'd been discussing sex in general, along with his most recent breakup for the past five holes.

Larry stood there grinning at me. "There are other alternatives and ways to find excitement, have a good time, and enjoy a good orgasm on occasion without simply jerking off all the time," he told me seriously. I know I cast him a curious look as he smiled even wider and laughed.

"Chris, listen to me. I know you'd never consider getting involved with another woman."

"Of course not!" I interjected. "I love Dianne and would never do that to her!"

"I know that," he responded back. "But what I'm saying is this, if you had the chance or the opportunity to have a little fun and excitement, no strings, no entanglements, no commitments, would you entertain the possibility of that?"

I laughed back. "That's the impossible dream Larry and you know it. And believe me, I've had the opportunity to enjoy a one night stand with one of the girls at the office. That sexy little redhead from payables I told you about."

He remembered. Dianne and I had gone to the company Christmas party the year previous. As it turned out, the restrooms where located a considerable distance away from the ballroom where the party was being held. I'd delayed going as long as possible for two reasons, one because of the distance involved, and two, because I also needed a smoke. The hotel had a small courtyard that had been designed just for that purpose just a few short feet away from the restrooms. Dianne was engaged in some lively conversation with one of the guys I worked with.

"Hey baby, I'm going to take a pee and then have a smoke," I informed her standing up.

"Take one for me too," she said sweetly, then continued on with her conversation as I made my way down the long hallway and down the stairs towards the bathrooms. Having finally relieved my more than full bladder, I fished out a cigarette stepping outside into the courtyard. Moments later Melinda stepped outside joining me. I watched politely as she fumbled inside her purse for a moment obviously looking for her lighter.

"Here," I said stepping over towards her. I flicked my Bic, cupping the small tiny flame as she leaned over to light her smoke.

"Thank you," she smiled.

Obviously I'd seen her quite often at work. We'd shared a few words from time to time, even flirted a little. But it was always fairly innocent even then. The Melinda I was seeing now however was obviously a little tipsy, as she'd apparently had several cocktails already. Not to mention the very low-cut dress she had on that was accentuating her more than ample cleavage. I'd admired her luscious breasts on more than one occasion at work, but had never seen quite as much of them as I was seeing now.

"Enjoying the party?" she asked slightly slurring her words as she spoke, inhaling her smoke. I then watched as she blew out near perfect smoke rings a second later.

I again laughed. "You know, I've never been able to do that," I informed her.

"Oh? Really? Well it's actually a lot easier than it looks. I just hold my mouth just like I was giving someone a blowjob, and pop the rings out with my throat," she said demonstrating her unique ability once again. But it wasn't the perfect smoke rings she was now blowing that had garnered my attention. "Maybe that's why I can't blow any," I said teasingly.

"I could teach you," she responded wickedly.

"We still talking about blowing smoke rings?" I flirted back suggestively, which is when Melinda took two steps towards me, her hand suddenly reaching out and finding the bulge that had grown inside my pants. Admittedly, I was taken by surprise and more than a little shocked, but now that she actually stood there caressing my erection with her hand, all sane and reasonable thoughts had suddenly left me. All I could do was stand there smiling like an idiot, enjoying this unexpected wickedly dangerous sensation.

"What I'd like to do is suck you off right here, right now!" she said seriously, her hand now tightly squeezing my erection through my slacks. God I was tempted, more so than I had ever been before since Dianne and I had gotten married. Which served to remind me, I'd already been gone longer than I'd intended. If I didn't head back soon, I knew Dianne would come looking for me, and the last thing I needed was for her to discover my cock inside another woman's mouth.

"I'd like that too," I told her honestly, meaning every word. "But I've got to head back. My wife will come looking for me if I don't return soon," I stated stepping back, forcing Melinda to actually release me, which I immediately regretted doing as I'd been enjoying the touch and caress of her hand. She pouted too. A sweet sexy pout that promised heavenly wonders that I had no doubt she was capable of showing me.

"Maybe later then," she hinted.

"Maybe." Though I personally doubted that was going to happen under the circumstances.

I hurriedly made my way back to our table where Dianne was just standing, spotting me as I approached her.

"I was beginning to wonder where you took off too. Thought you might have snatched some woman up and taken her to our room for a quick fuck and a blowjob!" she kidded.

Guiltily, I looked towards the door watching Melinda as she entered the room, thankfully heading towards the opposite side of the ballroom where she'd been sitting with her husband and friends.

"Yeah right!"

We'd gotten a room for the night so that we could both drink and have a good time without worrying about trying to drive home. "You about ready?" she asked.

I knew what she was referring to of course. "More than!" I said grinning, feeling my still hard firm erection throb in anticipation of the evening still ahead. And even more so now.

"Good, me too!" Dianne licked her lips lustily. "Lets go!"


"My point is..." Larry began again, there are ways, places to go where you can have the kind of exciting sex I was talking about without anyone being the wiser, and without any hang-ups or repercussions coming out of it."

"Yeah? Where?" I asked jokingly. "If there really is such a place, I'd like to see it!"

"What night does Dianne go out with the girls this week?" he asked suddenly.

Long ago, Dianne and I had agreed to set aside one night a week where we could go out with our friends and spend some time by ourselves. Usually that was golfing for me one Sunday a month, a monthly poker game with the guys, or simply spending time with Larry at one of the local titty-bars sharing a drink together.

"I think she said something about Tuesday night. She and her girlfriend Roxanne are going out to the movies or something."

"Now that's another woman I wouldn't mind boning!" Larry mused. "God she's got a nice looking body on her! Too bad she's married. I might actually consider settling down with that one!"

Admittedly, I'd had my own fair share of fantasies regarding Roxanne. And like Melinda to some degree, she was always flirtatious as well, but had a way of letting you know that's all it was, and all it ever would be. The fact that she was also my wife's best friend kept me from entertaining any thoughts or going beyond the occasional banter back and forth whenever she came over.

"Anyway..." I said reminding Larry he'd left off in his train of thought.

"Oh yeah, Tuesday then. After the girls have left for the evening, come over to my place and I'll take you to a private club I recently joined. I'm allowed to bring a guest, but there's a couple of things you need to be aware of."

"And what's that?"

"One, you need a recent certificate of health."

"You're kidding me?"

"No, I'm not. They're really serious about who they let into the club. Not just anyone from off the street can come in for one thing. Which protects everyone who does come in. And for another, it's pricey. At least the first time anyway. After that, its not so bad if you actually become a member."

"How much?"

"A hundred for the first time."

"Holy shit Larry, that would just about wipe out my lunch money for the entire month!"

"Trust me Chris, it will be money well spent."

I had a certificate of health as I'd recently gotten a full physical anyway, and that included all the various 'tests' that came a long with it. And I also had the money though as I'd mentioned, I'd have to cut back on a few things which might include passing on going out drinking with Larry for a few weeks.

"I don't know Larry. Not sure I want to get involved in some kind of sex club or anything. What if I were to run into someone I know? How the hell would I explain something like that to Dianne?"

"That's the beauty of this place my friend!" Larry said as he tapped in his put for a nice par on the last hole of the day. "You don't have to do anything if you don't want to. Some just go there to watch and get themselves off while they do. No one has to do anything they don't want to, and everything is strictly anonymous which is what makes it so damn fucking exciting!"

I still wasn't sure I was willing to go along with this, but it wouldn't hurt to hear a little more of the details. We put our golf clubs in the back of Larry's suburban and headed back towards my place.

"Ok, so tell me about this place then Larry. And we'll see if I dare go along with you next Tuesday."

"Ever hear of the term 'glory hole'?"

"Yeah, isn't that when some guy sticks his dick through a hole in the wall and some chick sucks him off?"

"Exactly, which is what makes this place so damn exciting."

"What's so fucking exciting about that?" I had to ask. "Not sure I could get off having my dick sucked when I have no idea what, or who the hell the woman is that's doing it."

"That's where you'd be wrong," Larry assured me. "It's a hell of a lot more exciting than you realize when you think about it. And it's not just about you getting your dick sucked or fucked either! There are rooms for women so that you can have a wide variety of tits and pussies to play with to your hearts content."

I had a hard time trying to visualize that.

"I'm still not sure I could get off with some woman without knowing what she even looked like Larry."

"Well they do have panels you can open up if you just want to watch someone else, but that takes all the fun and excitement out of it for me. I rather like not knowing who's sucking or fucking me, makes it a hell of a lot more exciting and mysterious. Not to mention that even if a woman isn't exactly the most attractive thing you've ever seen, its amazing how many of them really get into it knowing that the person on the other side of the wall can't see them. Hell Chris, I've gotten some of the best blow-jobs of my entire life because the women are able to let themselves go, do whatever the hell they feel like doing without worrying about how they look, or even who or what the guy looks like for that matter. Like I said, it works both ways!"

I had to admit, that did sound exciting to me the more I thought about it. The fact that Dianne and I had been having sex less often, and that it had grown less and less exciting in addition to that had my cock throbbing inside my pants with real interest.

"And God Chris, most of the women love swallowing cum!"

That did it. Dianne had allowed me to cum in her mouth perhaps a handful of times since we'd been married. Something I enjoyed feeling, and something I hadn't felt now for the better part of a year.

"Oh shit Larry, now that would feel good!" I agreed. "But I might just decide to watch, think about it even if I do go along with you," I told him.

"Suit yourself. But like I said, I think you'll be in for a BIG surprise. Who knows? You just might end up joining the club after your first experience there. And then you'll see that you can have fun without the entanglements of an affair or the worry about someone running into you. And even if you do see or meet someone there you might know, just remember, they're there doing the same thing you are!"

He had a point there.

"Well, ok. We're on!"

I was surprised I'd agreed to go along with him. But I also figured that as long as I went with nothing more than the intention of just watching, I could keep myself out of trouble until I'd finally made up my mind. Somewhat guiltily perhaps, and horny having decided to go along with Larry's suggestion, I all but attacked Diane the moment Larry dropped me off at home. She'd made it easy for me being in the shower anyway, so I just peeled off my clothing and joined her there. Surprised, and only for a moment or two reluctant to fool around in the shower, once I'd began soaping her breasts and tweaking her rather long sensitive nipples, she succumbed and we ended up having one of our rare, very satisfying sessions together.

"What got into you anyway?" she asked after we'd gotten out and began drying off. "Larry talk you into going out to the titty-bar tonight or something?"

I knew she was really teasing. Dianne didn't mind that we went there on occasion, and I also happened to know that Roxanne had taken Dianne out to one or two of those male strip clubs as well.

"No, not tonight anyway. Perhaps Tuesday," I told her.

"Well that works perfectly," Dianne said drying out her hair. Roxanne and I are going out Tuesday night anyway."

She'd already told me that, but guess she'd forgotten that she had. "Just don't get too drunk," she warned. "Cause I doubt I'll be able to come and get you if you are."

"If worse comes to worse, I can always call a cab," I reminded her. I had done that before when Larry and I were both too shit-faced to be able to drive home. "What movie you planning on seeing anyway?" I asked by way of simple conversation.

"Don't know yet, some kind of chick-flick I'm sure. Something I doubt you'd ever be interested in seeing."

I didn't doubt that either.


By the time Tuesday night finally rolled around, I was nervous but excited as hell. The girls had already left for the evening for dinner and then a movie afterwards. And it hadn't helped that Roxanne had shown up wearing a really tight fitting sweater with no bra on. I could virtually see every bump on each of her surrounding nipples not to mention the shorter than usual skirt she was wearing. And to make matters worse, she flirted with me even more than she usually did while waiting for Dianne to finish dressing.

"You know Chris, some time you Dianne Steven and I should go up to the cabin and spend the weekend together. I think we'd have a lot of fun," she'd said with a wink and a leer. "We have all kinds of privacy up there, and can run around naked all night and all day if we want to," she added with an additional laugh.

"Oh yeah, I can just see you doing that!" I teased back doubting every word.

"Well if we did go, you just might!" she told me as she licked her lower lip. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to pursue that any further as Dianne came down the stairs.

"Ready to go?"

"You bet!" Roxanne responded. "I've been looking forward to this all day!"

"Me too!" Dianne grinned, giving me a kiss on her way out. "And just remember Chris, don't get too drunk, or if you do...call a cab. Roxanne and I might stop and have a few drinks after the movies over ourselves!"

Visions of seeing both my wife and Roxanne running around naked up at their cabin followed them out the door as they got into Roxanne's car and sped away. A short time after that Larry pulled up in front of the house and we sped off towards our own fun-filled destination.


I'm not at all sure what it was that I was expecting when we finally arrived, but it certainly wasn't anything like the way it appeared. I'd half expected some cheep dive, some run-down seedy looking building. It wasn't. It certainly wasn't some grand mansion estate either, but the security certainly suggested it. Pulling up in front of an armed security, they carefully checked Larry's membership I.D. before electronically opening the gates allowing us to drive in.

"Damn!" I said out loud once we were finally through.

"Like I said Chris, it's not anything like you might expect. From here, we drive to the main building where they have valet parking. After that, the bar where we can sit and have a few drinks, or we can go directly down stairs if you'd prefer." "I think a drink or two is definitely in order here!" I told him nervously.

"I was that way the first time or two myself. Now...I just head downstairs for the fun," he said grinning. "Boy...are you in for one of the best nights of your life!" he assured me confidently.

After dropping off the car we were met just inside the front door by one of two very burley, mean looking bouncers. We were both offered eye-masks, which I accepted, and Larry didn't.

"Some people where them, some don't'. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing," he told me. I put mine on, following him towards the bar where we took a nearby seat and began sizing up all the available eye-candy. Some of which wore masks, many of which didn't.

"Damn! I'm surprised to see this many people here, half of which have to be women too!" I exclaimed in honest surprise.

"And that doesn't include those who are already down stairs enjoying themselves either!" he told me. "See that panel of lights?"

Just above the bar I saw two rows of lights, one blue, the other red. Most were lit though there were a few of both that weren't.

"Yeah? So what does that mean?" I asked.

"Each one represents an available room. Red for boys, blue for girls. If a light is lit, it's currently occupied. Right now there are three available rooms for women, and two for men."

"Oh, I see," not really understanding what that really meant at all. Larry chuckled, don't worry...we have all night. I'll show you around after we've had a couple of drinks to steady your nerves. We'll enter one of the voyeur halls first. That should give you a little taste and an idea of what you can expect," he told me. All the glass is one-way mirrors, so you can see in...but no one can see who's watching them, or if anyone even is. Once again, privacy is assured for those who want and prefer it. So there's no reason for you to not be able to enjoy yourself and have a good time."

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