tagLoving WivesGoals Set for Married Wife Ch. 13

Goals Set for Married Wife Ch. 13


Matt was absolutely pissed seeing Lisa getting into it so much with Marc. As he watched her with her black lover, it almost seemed as though she was more aggressive than she needed to be. It was obvious that she was totally enjoying grinding her cunt on his cock. At the same time, Matt noticed that Marc appeared to be more mellow. His eyes looked a bit glassy, and he had a pretty stupid smile on his face. It almost seemed like he was starting to zone out, but it did not appear that Lisa had really noticed it yet.

For his part, Matt let Kristen settle down on his thick white cock with the "magnificent mushroom" that Kristen loved so well. She possessed a perfectly sculpted body, and her tits were exceptional he thought. She didn't seem to care that he was not paying all of his attention to her because she had managed to get his cock as hard as steel. When she applied her lips to his and kissed him passionately, he found himself kissing her back, hard and more aggressively, forgetting for the moment Lisa and Marc.

Kristen's moaning and gasps were a clear sign that Matt's love shaft was doing the trick and she was about to climax. He was not there yet because he had been thinking about his wife and Marc. However, Matt worried to himself that when he shot his cum into Kristen, he hoped that she was on the pill or had some type of protection going, because he sure as hell did not want to be the lucky dad in this situation. But now, watching Lisa doing her best to ride Marc's cock to some kind of an orgasm, Matt decided to slam his cock hard into Kristen til he came, giving her a stiff shaft right through her orgasm and beyond.

As Matt saw Lisa's back and body start to quiver and shake, he realized that she had managed to make herself cum on her now very mellow lover. She moaned and sighed contentedly, and Matt knew her body was now satisfied. Yet, even now, she did not get off Marc. Matt noted as he pounded Kristen repeatedly, even as she screamed that she was amazed at his staying power, that his wife was savoring the aftermath of cumming on Marc. Matt knew that Lisa's body had become addicted to her black lover's thick passion club. He knew he had to change that.

Lisa turned and her eyes widened in awe and a touch of jealousy and anger at the sight of Matt pounding Kirsten. She looked to the side and saw Kevin watching his wife and Matt, as he jerked himself, and appeared close to cumming.

"No Kevin, don't!", Lisa almost screamed. "Save it for Marc. He wants you to jerk off on his face in his bedroom. He had to have a couple of stiff drinks to get himself there, but he said he wants to go to the bedroom and do stuff in there with you and Matt."

Matt's throbbing and thick white cock had just that moment shot the first of several thick ropes of cum into Kevin's wife's love chute. But he stared at Lisa, while simultaneously jamming his hard shaft as far as he could into his totally spent lover. Kristen was breathless and her head and body hung atop of her new best lover. Matt looked at Lisa, and she nodded at him, and smiled.

"He's ready, he said he had to have a couple, or he'd never have the guts to do it. But he wants you and Kevin to have some fun with him." Kristen's head jerked up and looked at Lisa and Marc in utter disbelief.

Matt and Kevin helped a somewhat groggy, but definitely not out of it, Marc into his bedroom. While his thick black shaft was not totally erect any longer, it was certainly still thick and swollen from the attention it had received from his white lover. Kevin appeared to be thrilled at the prospect of spending some "quality" time with Marc, and he went to work immediately as he straddled the ripped black stud. For his part, Marc didn't resist at all, he just seemed to be accepting the fact that Kevin was about to insert his stiff white shaft into his mouth.

Matt told Kevin to have some fun alone with him. He said that Marc had said he really wanted "to get a white boy's cock up the ass", and Matt said that he hoped Kevin would be up to it because he was not sure if that was his thing. He told Kevin he'd give him an hour or so, but not to tire Marc out completely.

Leaving the room, Matt smiled as he noted Kevin straddling Marc's torso, placing his throbbing five inch shaft at the black bastard's lips. Matt went immediately to Marc's office, and went to work removing all files of Lisa and her two black lovers from the various places Marc had stored them. In the meantime, he switched from time to time to the live cam and smiled. During one such viewing, Matt was surprised to see that Kevin had somehow gotten his black toy boy on all fours and was lubing his ass. Matt watched as a very excited Kevin shoved his manhood into a very compliant Marc. At that very moment, Matt heard Kristen and Lisa talking with what sounded like a guy out in the great room. He went out to see Jeray for the first time in person.

Introductions took place, and Jeray could see that Matt had no use for him. Jeray was puzzled because Marc had told him earlier that both Lisa and Matt had wanted to swing that night, and Lisa had specifically requested Jeray join them with Matt's permission.

Matt, wanting to let Jeray know that the tables were turned, intentionally cautioned him not to disturb Kevin and Marc. "But you can watch them on live cam, if you want"

Incredulous, Jeray went into the study and all Kristen, Lisa, and Matt could hear were phrases like: "What the fuck!!!, Holy Shit!, and I can't fucking believe it!!"

Jeray quickly returned with a very serious look on his face. "I had no idea, no idea. I can't freaking believe my eyes. I gotta get out of here. This shit is too much for me. I'm not into this stuff. I'm just not. Sorry, not sure what you guys were expecting, but I don't get into it with dudes. Does he cam all of this shit? I had no idea. And now he's camming himself! Lisa, did he cam us this week? I bet he did! That bastard! What the fuck is going on here?! This is too fuckin weird for me."

"Are you sure, Jeray? Because, Marc specifically asked that we tell you he wants you to join them? I'm sure he's going to be disappointed if you leave." Matt finished with a broad smile.

Jeray's eyes almost popped out. "Dude! Really, I don't get into that shit! Not me! Trust me, I'm freakin stunned that he does. I'm outta here! Look Lisa, sorry. I mean, I really wanted to do it with you, especially after last time, but this whole thing is too strange. Oh and Lisa, I don't know about you, but what we did earlier this week, I didn't do for any camera. Trust me, you're so freakin' hot, I loved it! And I was looking forward to more tonight, but I think I walked in on something that I didn't know anything about. So thanks Lisa, gotta go." And then turning to Matt, "Dude, good to meet you. And thanks for sharing. But, if I had a babe like Lisa for my wife, I don't think I could let anyone else touch her." Jeray left, never realizing that Matt and Lisa did not have an open marriage, or at least neither one had planned to have one.

Matt winked at Lisa and then Kristen offered: "I'm with Jeray. I had no idea that Marc swings both ways. I think I'm going to get Kevin and call it a night. I don't want Kevin to get any ideas about this." But then, Kristen smiled at Matt and looked at Lisa and said: "Lisa, anytime you want to get together, you know, just Matt and you and Kevin and me. I'd love it. Matt, it was perfect, just perfect!" She smiled broadly at Matt and winked at him. She rose and reached for her towel.

"Perfect end to a perfect night! How do you think Marc will react in the morning?" Lisa asked Matt.

"He won't be too sore. Kevin's not that big, you know." He winked and smiled at Lisa, kissing her deeply on the lips. "And, you had a hell of a nerve grinding out one last orgasm on his lap, Lis."

"And you weren't having a good time with Kristen? That's why I did it!" But she knew that was a lie. "Let's get out of here, Matt." The handsome couple left as Kristen was retrieving her husband.

The pictures would be excellent, Matt thought. He had had the live cam sent the pics only to his email, thinking that he'd use them at another time if he needed to. Now he and Lisa could write Marc out of their life story completely, without any fear of him bribing them again.

Six days later, Lisa and Matt were working on picking up their lives, talking. They had each taken off a couple of days from work, and they both had really enjoyed reconnecting with one another both emotionally and sexually. As they lay together on their bed naked and sweaty, having just finished making love for the fifth time that morning, Lisa dripping Matt's cum from her warm and swollen pussy lips, and Matt with his cock still mostly hard, the doorbell chimed from downstairs.

The reconnected lovers stared into one another's eyes. Matt smiled and said, "I'll get it babe. I'll just throw on a robe, and you can rest up for our next round." Lisa took in her husband's beautiful form, his still swollen cock with its thick mushroom, shiny with the residue of her love juices and his own cum, and she felt a surge of lust for this handsome man. They had both cried a lot at first, but slowly over the past several days, they had reignited their sexual desire for one another, and Lisa had almost forgotten entirely about Marc and Jeray.

As Matt opened the door, he noted the delivery man getting back into his van. On the top step was a beautiful arrangement of a dozen roses and greens with a white envelope with Lisa's name written on it.

Puzzled and a little anxious as to where the flowers originated, Matt brought them to his still naked wife as she lay in bed. "I think you've got an admirer out there babe. These are for you, and I know I didn't send them." Matt handed Lisa the envelope as she looked over the beautiful arrangement Matt placed on her dresser.

Opening the envelope, Lisa read a short note from Jeray. "Lisa, I've pieced together what happened to you at Marc's. I didn't realize what he had done with his cams, and I didn't know anything about what he was planning to do with his videos. Except, I know he was using them against you and Matt. I just want you to know that I had nothing to do with any of it, and I'm sorry that he used us in one of his little money making live cam deals.

Just want you to know Lisa, you're a classy lady and I loved our night together. I wasn't acting for the cam, and I know you weren't either. I'll just remember it as special for both of us. All I could think of to send you was flowers. Love, Jeray."

Lisa smiled and said to her husband. "He's so sweet, Matt. These are from Jeray. He had no idea what was going on, he was being used too. Here, read this." As she handed Matt the note, she saw his swollen cock, revealed by his open robe. And, as thick as Matt's cock was, she felt a gush of lust as she remembered Jeray's massive black and veiny penis, which even soft was thicker and longer than Matt's partially swollen cock.

For just a moment, Lisa remembered the feel of her young lover's throbbing onyx shaft deep inside of her, and of his smooth muscled body on top of hers. She recalled his gentle and then more aggressive lovemaking, and his kissing her. She remembered that he looked directly into her eyes as he pumped in and out of her, making her orgasm before he did. And then as her body shuddered and shook through a wonderful orgasm, she remembered how he closed his eyes as he came in her and his thickly muscled neck seemed to swell even thicker as he climaxed.

Lisa recalled that first orgasm with Jeray because it was even more satisfying and intense than those she had been having with Marc. She never knew that sex could be as deeply satisfying until that first time with Jeray. At that point, Lisa had thought that only Marc could draw that kind of a physical response from her body. And now, Jeray had done even better.

Lisa shook her musings off. And, now as she stood there with Matt, she thought of how wonderful sex had been with him during the last several days. He was totally passionate about her once again. She knew he loved her and was sorry for what he had done. But, her body also told her that no matter how satisfying sex had been with Matt during these past six days, it was still not up to what it had been with Jeray. With him, there had just been some incredible chemistry. And now, the nice note and flowers proved he really was a sweet guy and her pussy couldn't forget how exciting it had been with him.

She felt her body shudder again with a wave of lust and desire. This was strange for Lisa. During all of her married years, she had wanted only Matt. He was the only man she had ever been with and she knew that he was an exceptionally good looking man, why wouldn't she want him? She liked the fact that other women envied her. And during their married life, she had always ignored the many men who had tried to flirt with her or to make a pass at her. But now that she had allowed herself to be bedded by two men, two black men with huge black cocks, she had memories that she was finding hard to keep stored away in some remote place in her mind.

Over the past few days, she had thought about Marc and Jeray many times. Intellectually, she hated Marc because he had used her and had tried to manipulate her. But she also knew that her body loved his feel, the way he had made love to her, they way he had dominated her. She felt that the magnificent orgasms that he had brought her to were almost worth putting up with his real intention of humiliating Matt, and ultimately making her a white slut for a black master.

But when she thought of Jeray, it was different. It was really about feeling that this remarkably handsome young black stud truly wanted her because he felt she had a beautiful body. He made her feel ten years younger. What's more, his youthful body, his magnificent black penis, his ability to be both gentle and aggressive sexually made her body shiver with desire at the thought of him.

Lisa's mind spent more than a few moments remembering her youthful black lover. She felt her loins responding to the visual images of his face, his medium brown skinned, naked body and the magnificent cock that her mind's eye brought into view. Her thoughts were interrupted by Matt.

"Babe, it's nice of him to do this and to think of you. But, we're over those two and we're over Kate. We don't need any reminders of any of them around us Babe."

Lisa's eyes widened in surprise. It was clear that Matt didn't want her to keep Jeray's flowers. She had not given it a thought, until now. But he was right. Lisa felt a twinge of sadness because Jeray's note and the flowers were really very sweet she thought. But, she said to her serious faced husband, "Matt, I don't want to keep them. I'll drop them at the nursing home around the corner. What I really want is to climb back into bed with you." She smiled and Matt smiled his handsome smile back at her.

Lisa's loins were drenched as Matt's bulbous and fleshy mushroom pushed through her vagina's lips. She felt the thick white shaft of her husband as it pushed into her love canal. It felt hard and warm, and she loved Matt's feel, the attention he was giving her, the sorrow that was in everything he did for having been the first to stray in their marriage. But even as she loved his feel, and she responded to his passion with her own, she knew that she would think of both Marc and especially Jeray for a long, long time to come.

Four months later, Lisa and Matt continued to rebuild their love for one another. They had made a point of doing more things together at night and on the weekends, and they were spending much more serious time in bed with one another. Lisa was thinking only occasionally about Jeray and Marc, and they both seemed like distant dreams to her now. And Matt had opted out of working any projects with Kate, and was happy that Lisa had forgiven him as he had forgiven her.

At the beginning of the summer, they moved into their new condo sitting on the eleventh and top floor of a newly rebuilt luxury condo building in Boston's Beacon Hill. The amenities were remarkable, and the location was the very best the city had to offer. What Lisa liked best of all was the fantastic roof deck that included a beautiful pool, spa, lounging area and several private barbecue areas for the building's residents. She made a point to use the pool every morning before going to work. And, she returned to sit in the sun and read each afternoon after returning home.

It was a wonderful space, because when she was there both in the morning and afternoon, no one else was ever there. It was like her own private playground. One morning however, she was surprised to see a swimmer at the far end of the pool as she came out onto the deck. From the far end of the deck, she could make out that it appeared to be a young black man who was pretty athletic.

That day, she decided not to swim, but rather jogged around the perimeter track of the deck. She took only a couple of sideways glances at the swimmer, but then caught herself as she realized that the young black swimmer was staring back at her, smiled and said, "Hey Lisa, is that you?

To be continued...

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