tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGod Bless America Pt. 02

God Bless America Pt. 02


Here's the second part of my story, it follows on immediately from the end of Chapter II. Enjoy.

Chapter III

I stood up and walked towards the two newcomers, both of whom couldn't conceal their nervous excitement. They appeared younger than my black friend, who I'd have put somewhere in the late 20's, these two were much greener, about 21 apiece. Given how long Mr. 10incher had lasted, these two probably wouldn't last half the time; I already knew one of them wasn't up to much in the longevity stakes. But, cock is cock and I wasn't going to complain about the emergence of these two eager, young studs. They were stood side by side and I stopped in front of them. Without looking down I unzipped both their flies and fumbled around their underpants for a grope of their wonderfully stiff cocks. They both looked nervously into my eyes as I got purchase on their members.

"Ooooh yeah boys!" I hummed. "Come over here." Without letting go of their throbbing organs I started walking backwards; they had no choice but to follow my lead. I felt the edge of my bed on the backs of my calves and sat down, guiding the lads down either side of me. The three of us were sat on my bed; there was a fit, young marine on each side of my with his cock poking out of his pants. I had a hand gripped around both and began to slowly tug on the two meaty poles.

"Ah fuck!" gasped the boy I hadn't met before, "Yeah Mariah!"

"What are your names?" I asked, continuing my massaging of their cocks.

"I'm Matt and this is Nick." Said the one who'd driven me up here, his eyes were closed and was relishing the heavenly touch of my soft hands.

"You boys enjoying this?" I enquired.

"Oh yeah Mariah!" huffed Nick. "Don't stop!" I sincerely hoped that they'd last a little longer than my black friend in the corner, who was enjoying this little show. Matt leaned in and began to suck on my left tit while one of his hands explored the top of my thigh. He flicked his tongue over my stiff, sensitive nipple and I released my grasp on their cocks before lying back on the bed and letting him continue. Nick seemed a little put out that I'd stopped the hand-job and tried to grab my hand and make me tug on his cock some more. In protest, I snatched my hand back and set them both to work on Matt's lengthy weapon. Nick quickly got my point and he began to suckle on my other breast, realising that he wasn't getting anything unless he gave first. Men are so easy to train! Now that he was giving me attention again I closed one of my hands around Nick's thick, meaty cock.

"You like that boys?" I asked again. They both mumbled in the affirmative around considerable mouthfuls of bouncy tit flesh. They were really turning me on, both playfully bit and licked at my nipples and I felt several waves of pleasure wash over me. "Oh yeah, suck 'em baby!" I encouraged, slightly tightening my grip on their cocks. They both whimpered slightly and increased their intensity of their ministrations. Nick moved one of his hands off my thigh and started to gently rub his fingers over the front of my bikini briefs. "Ahh!" I gasped suddenly, "Yeah, that's it!" Matt never relented from giving my heaving orbs the attention they deserved but Nick broke off momentarily to glance at my crotch area, which he was still stroking. He moved down and, I helped by adjusting my legs, removed my quickly dampening bikini bottoms. Nick began to run his fingers over the small patch of pubic hair I'd left just above my moist pussy lips. His inexperience showed with his blind but gentle fumblings but occasionally he would brush over my clitoris and a brief moment of extra pleasure filled my body. Not being able to resist for long he returned his gaze to my tits and continued suck on the one Matt wasn't devouring. Nick slowly slid one of his index fingers up inside my, by now sopping, twat.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I groaned, "more!" Nick slid in another finger and then began to pump them in and out of my juicy snatch. I flung my head back and closed my eyes; I was simply enjoying being ravished by these two young men. I think I stopped jerking them off to become lost in my own pleasure but by now they were so into it that they didn't care. I think they probably knew they'd be cumming themselves soon enough. "Faster, Fuck! FASTER!" I demanded breathlessly as Matt concentrated on my tits, Nick had stopped sucking on my tit and was concentrating on finger-banging my sweet pussy. "FUCK! Don't stop!" I yelled, I was getting close to cumming now "More! Faster!" Nick increased his pace and my first orgasm of the night hit me. "OH FUCK YESSSS! OH GODDD! YESSSSS!" Nick didn't relent, his thick fingers continuing to rapidly probe my tight gash. "UH! UH! YES! YES! YESSS!"

"Fuckin' slut!" I heard my big-dicked friend in the chair say but I didn't care and the party was only just getting started. As I came down from my orgasm I waved the two boys away slightly to give me a moment to catch my breath.

"I think you two deserve a reward!" I grinned devilishly. "You, stand there and take off your clothes." I directed Matt to stand at the end of the bed directly between it and the guy in the chair. As he was undressing I helped Nick out of his combats. "Nick you are the lucky guy that gets to fuck me first! But Matty helped too so you're going to enjoy a spit roast!" Nick looked a little confused. "You're going to bang me doggy style while Matt gets the sucking of a lifetime." My explanation hit home and Nick gave me a wry smile.

"What about me?" pathetically enquired the guy who was left out.

"Shut up Sanders!" laughed Matt, "Little Miss Slut here is fucking us right now, not you!" I just kept quiet and looked forward to what I was about to receive! I knelt down on the bed on all fours, gazed at Matt's erect penis and licked my lips in anticipation. "You gonna take all of this?" Matt asked roughly, stroking his cock as he did so. I nodded wordlessly and gazed dreamily at his 8inch fleshy pole. Then, I felt a sudden but pleasurable feeling in my loins accompanied by two hands gripping my shapely hips as Nick entered me quickly, cramming his entire length up my cunt.

"Fuck yeah!" Nick hollered above the creaking of the bedsprings, "Tight little slut aren't you?"

"Yes!" was all I could pant in response. It was heavenly as Nick's rock-hard member slammed in and out of my juicy snatch. Before I could say anything else, Matt reached down and grabbed my head; my entire body was being bucked backwards and forwards from Nick's deep thrusting. I opened my mouth and Matt guided his stiff prick towards my lips. "Uhn! Ah! Yes!" I was still enjoying the pounding I was getting from behind as I danced my tongue over the bulbous head of Matt's excited member. Then without warning, Matt gripped my head tightly and humped his hips forward, burying his entire length down my throat. "Mmmbllrrre!!!" I groaned around a mouthful of cock. This what I wanted; full of dick from both ends, two young studs giving it to me like the slut I am!

"Fucking hell!" Matt was thrusting into my face mercilessly but I loved the feeling of his hot meat pumping in between my expert lips. "Yeah slut, take it all! You love it don't you, you cock-sucking bitch?" He asked, knowing full well that I couldn't answer with his cock buried down my throat but if I could I'd tell him I loved how I loved his slick shaft felt slamming into my mouth like a piston. "Yeah! Swallow me down baby! Fuck yeah!" His balls slapped loudly against my chin as he increased the pace of his pounding and I moaned blissfully around his thick shank.

"Oh god! You're such a fucking slut Mariah!" piped up Nick from behind me. His pace hadn't relented and he gripped my rapidly bucking hips tighter in order to keep a tight rein on me. Despite the sucking and squelching noises I could clearly hear his nuts smacking against the tops of my thighs as he drove his long, veiny tool repeatedly into my succulent twat. "Oh God!" he groaned and I knew he wasn't going to last very long hammering away inside me. While I was concentrating on Nick, I'd forgotten somewhat about Matt. Without warning I felt his cock swell in my mouth and an instant later it was filled with a tidal wave of his hot, thick cream.

"Oh FUCK YEAAAAHHH!!" He shouted, his thrusting had slowed almost to a stop (but was still forceful as he packed my mouth with his discharging cock) and both his hands had painlessly gripped my soft hair. I tried my hardest to drink down what I could but swallowing was hard with a throatful of man-meat and much of Matt's warm gunk seeped from the corners of my lips. I tried to pull back slightly but that was impossible with Nick still pounding my cunt from behind. I needn't have worried though as Matt backed up a little. "FUCKING YEAH!" He shouted, "Drink it down bitch! OH GOD YESS! Fucking slut YEAAHH!!" I gripped his thick root with one hand and began to choke it while keeping an inch or two in my mouth; this was more difficult than it sounds because Nick wasn't letting up his pounding. I could feel my own orgasm building and my own moaning became louder.

"MM! URM!! AMNM!" I managed around Matt's spasming prick.

"I fucking made Mariah Carey cum!" Nick barked gleefully, "Yeah bitch, you can't get enough can you? Take it harder!" He started really jack hammering my pussy now and I with my free hand I gripped the edge of my mattress like my life depended on it.

"Woohoo! Yeah boys, fuck the bitch good!" I heard Sanders hollering.

"OH FUCK YESS!" I yelled as I lost control and Matt pulled out of my mouth, although I kept one hand firmly around his fading pole. I couldn't swallow all the jizz that'd been in my mouth and some dribbled off my chin and down Matt's shaft. I gripped Nick's cock tighter in my cunt and savoured the friction as his greasy cock plunged in and out. "FUCK! UHN! FASTER! HARDER!" I demanded, "FILL ME UP BOYS!!!" YESSSSS!!!" Nick attempted to comply and I had to release my grip on Matt. I seized the edge of the bed for dear life and let Nick fuck me hard with cum still leaking from my mouth. Matt grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as far as it would go. He started wiping his slimy dick over my face, telling me how much of a cock-sucking slut I was and how they weren't finished with me yet. "You'd better fucking not be!" I agreed as Matt tried to make me suck his dick clean; that was difficult with Nick giving it to me the way he was, my body was flailing wildly. "OH GOD LET ME SUCK IT AGAIN!" I begged Matt, still cumming "PLEASE! GIMME MORE COCK! FUCK YESSS!!" After getting his cock as clean as he could, by wiping it all over my face, Matt sank backwards.

"Good girl." He said to me and continued to let his, now limp, cock dangle like the proverbial carrot in front of my eyes. I saw Sanders was still sitting on the wicker chair but now he had his huge, erect cock in both hands and was stroking it up and down while staring at me like a man possessed.

"OH GOD NICK DON'T STOP!" I turned my head round to look at the young stud pummelling my doggy-style. "IT'S SO FUCKING BIG! YESSS!!" Whether it was especially big or not, I didn't care but a little ego boosting can get a girl a lot.

"Whatever you say bitch!" I dropped my head and panted out the last of my orgasm and just let him ride me. It was only when I heard Sanders whooping and hollering like he'd won the lottery that I looked up again. He was stood, still half naked, by the little two-way radio I'd been given in case of emergencies.

"Back-up is on the way!" He smiled at me. "I just radioed the base and in about 15 minutes you're gonna have more cock than you know what to do with in here!" I just grinned at him.

"She wants it!" exclaimed Matt, he sounded surprised. "Fucking slut wants a gangbang!" Before I could respond…

"OH FUCK YEAH!!" Nick was on the brink of cumming. He pulled out of my sopping cunt and jumped to his feet. I turned over quickly and lay on my back. He stood towering over me and gripping his throbbing dong in one hand began to pump quickly. Rope after rope of warm gunk sprayed onto my titties. "OH GOD MARIAH YES!" Nick shouted. I began to rub his milky discharge into my nipples with one hand and insert a couple of fingers of my other into my pussy.

"Fucking hell!" Matt and Sanders said together, just staring at me as I made their dreams come true. Once Nick had finished unloading on me all three of them just stood there dumbfounded. Now that the show was over (at least for the time being) it was almost as if none of them believed what had just happened.

Chapter IV

"What? You guys need some help?" I asked quizzically, "Poor little boys with limp dicks who need their friends to come and make me feel like a woman!?" Sanders was on me like a shot. He picked me off the bed and lay me on the floor. The thin tent fabric was all that separated me from the hot sandy desert.

"Who's a fuckin' little boy?" He demanded angrily kneeling down between my outstretched legs.

"Any pussy that can't get it up for Mariah Carey!" I responded.

"I'll show you bitch!" He threw my legs around him and I wrapped them around his waist. He hoisted me up so I was suspended just above his lap. He was staring straight into my eyes and I tried to return his indifferent glance. I looked down and my big, juicy tits, which were now smeared in Nick's manfat, bounced merrily as Sanders attempted to manhandle me. Poking up, like a proud black flagpole was Sanders' large, stiff horsecock. "Yeah!" Sanders glared, "I'm gonna fuck you now and you're gonna enjoy it!"

"Maybe." I responded nonchalantly and that just seemed to get him madder. Lifting me up slightly he dropped me down quite vigorously, impaling me fully on his massive tool.

"OH GOD YESS!!!" I squealed with exquisite pleasure.

"Yeah, you like that bitch?" Sanders hissed, just letting me sit on his prick "Bet you've never had one so big."

"OH GOD NO! JUST FUCK ME PLEASE!" I gasped. Please, of course I'd had bigger. I could pick and choose any guy to fuck at any time and comparing Sanders' (still impressive) cock to some others I've had would be like comparing a two-storey apartment to the Great Wall of China! But that I wasn't going to let him know that. "IT'S SO BIG! IT FEELS SO GOOD! PLEASE JUST FUCK ME! PLEASE!" I continued to plead. I tried to bounce up and down; I just couldn't wait to cram this monster as deep inside me as possible.

"Not so fast bitch!" Sanders ordered, "We go at my pace." Slowly, and I mean VERY slowly, Sanders began to pump his hips up and down while simultaneously controlling my hips with his large hands.

"Oh yes, yes YES!" I was loving this! "Faster! PLEASE! FASTER" Most men just went at me like there was no tomorrow but Sanders thought he was teasing me. He was, in reality, making me hornier than I'd been at any point so far. I glanced up at Matt and Nick who were just stood there open mouthed. Their cocks were nice and stiff again, I noticed. I leant back as far as I could and let myself enjoy the ride. "Oh fuck! Yes!!" My juices were flowing freely now and the low squelch as I pistoned up and down Sander's fat horsecock was noticeable.

"You want some more bitch?" Sanders sneered.

"YES! OH GOD YES! It feels so good! Pump it in me faster! Oh god! Please, harder!" This wasn't false begging anymore; I needed this cock ploughing in and out of me. "You're so big! I need it inside me! Fuck me! PLEASE!" Sanders smiled at me and slowly lay backwards on the floor. He removed his hands from my hips and almost instantly I was away; slamming my lithe frame hastily along the entire length of the immense, sweaty cock. Sanders reached up and started maul my tits; he clearly appreciated the ripe feeling of my large, firm breasts as he ran his big, rough hands over the tender tit-flesh. "YEAH!" I shouted, "Play with my tits you fucker while I ride your long, thick cock! FUCK YEAH!! It feels so fucking good!!"

"Shit!" I heard Matt exclaim, "She's like a fucking porn star!" I smiled; that was precisely what I wanted them to think; I knew it drove men wild to hear a woman talking dirty while in the throes of an orgasm. Matt stepped forward slightly to get a better look. Instantly I grabbed his cock; partly to steady myself throughout my wild bucking, partly because I knew he'd appreciate it but mostly because I just wanted to feel his throbbing meat in the palm of my hand. "Holy Shit!" Matt announced as I quickly started jacking him off in time with my riding of Sanders' gigantic length.

"Where's Nick?" I wondered aloud but my question was quickly answered. Suddenly my rampant fucking was slowed almost to a complete stop as two hands gripped my hips from behind me. "AARRGGGHHH!" I bellowed at the top of my lungs, as Nick's considerable fuckbeast was crammed right up my ass.

"Shit!" I heard Nick say, "Should I stop?" He asked nervously, although he hadn't taken any step to remove his dong from my ass and was actually beginning to establish a slow rhythm.

"FUCK NO!" I shouted, "You're fuckin' my ass so good! You'd better not fucking stop!" By now I was bent over far more harshly so my tits were dangling over Sanders' chest; since he couldn't have a good grope anymore he just folded his arms behind his head! Nick was jackhammering my ass and controlling the rhythm but I tried to carry on quickly grinding Sanders' huge shank. I never released my grip on Matt's dick though and I think he appreciated that!

"Shit Mariah!" Nick panted, "You got a nice little butt here! It feels so tight!"

"Shut up and fuck me!" I snapped, "OH FUCK YES! I'm cumming with two cocks inside me! OH GOD!" I squealed, it was true, I just loved being so packed full of erect, throbbing man-meat that it was pushing me over the edge. "OHGOD! OHGOD! YES! YES! UGH! YESSSSS!!!" I came loudly and I guess I must have squeezed Matt's fat dick hard.

"Shit!" He wailed as he came surprisingly. Several gloopy strands of Matt's buttery seed struck my face and hair, while I continued screaming through my orgasm. Instinctively, I turned my head and tried to catch the last shot in my mouth; I failed but relished licking what I could from off my face.

"UMM! ARR! YESS! FUCK YESSSSS!" This orgasm was amazing and Nick and Sanders didn't act like they were even close yet!

"This a private party or can anyone join in?" I heard a voice say from the doorway. I turned my head and saw 3 new men standing there. 'Mmmm! Fresh meat!" I thought, devilishly.

"You'd better come in here and fuck my brains out!" I demanded, without waiting for any of the men to answer. The one who'd spoke strode towards me and dropped his pants. "Hey, you two!" I shouted at the pair still stood in the doorway, "Get those big, fat cocks over here now!" They complied quickly and I was quickly surrounded by three new half-naked and horny G.I.'s, while being fucked senseless by another two! By now Matt had slinked back and was sat on my bed, watching proceedings. Two of the newcomers stood either side of me and I grabbed hold of their cocks, jacking them off with quick, erratic strokes. Again, partly this was for support but mainly I wanted to feel their thick cream coating my slutty face. The third stood in front of me, over Sanders and took no prompting whatsoever to bury his cock down my throat. After swallowing all of Sanders, this 8inch specimen proved no problem. He started brutally fucking my face and telling me how much of a cocksucking slut I was. In fact, all of them were calling me every name under the sun; bitch, slut, whore to name a few, and telling me how tight my holes were and I was and how good I was at sucking dick.

I was in heaven; huge, stiff cocks pounding in and out of my cunt, ass and mouth, and two long, veiny dicks like steel in my hands.

I lost track of time but every second was divine. Throughout it all I kept getting glimpses, out of the corner of my eye, of more and more men entering my tent. I lost count of how many there were, whooping and hollering as they watched their colleagues abuse my fit body; the low moaning I was making almost constantly around the monster down my throat was completely drowned out. It may sound unlikely but the five men enjoying me all came simultaneously. My pussy contracted around Sanders' discharging member and I delighted in feeling it twitch inside me as it wilted away. Nick came, groaning loudly before pulling his cock out of my ass, I could feel his greasy jizz running out of my butt and down my thighs. The two guys in my hands blasted me from both sides, coating my whoreish face in their gooey nutbutter. While the guy ravaging my throat unleashed a torrent of hot, thick cream that I drank down with relish.

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