tagFetishGod of Whores Ch. 02

God of Whores Ch. 02


(Part two, enjoy! Any questions about my work, hit met up via my profile page here!)


"YOU'RE SPLITTING ME IN TWO!" That flat-chested one screamed out as

Pericles thrust his hips harder and harder, brutally cramming his terrifying length in and out of that sex-plumped cunt. Her cries were punctuated by the heavy thud of his huge nuts smacking her ass, the pair dangling like a pair of pomegranates, packed with a fearsome male payload. The poor girl had held up surprisingly well, especially considering this fuckfest had started the night before, but she was only human and her cunt had been taking the sort of beating only a true stud like he could hand out for hours now.

The busty one stirred from her nigh-catatonia, wrapping herself around Pericles's strong back, the giant weight of her breasts soft against his flexing muscles, her arms reaching around him to toy with the glorious sculpture of his pectorals and abs.

"Don't kill her, stud!" she purred at him as he continued to go to work.

"I've gotta cum," he groaned in response, his bloated balls did feel dangerously heavy.

The flat-chested girl beneath him apparently didn't need any more encouragement than hearing the word 'cum' and sprayed a giant stream of girlcream all over the king-sized bed they were fucking on.

The busty one (he did not, and would not remember their names, they were just another conquest after all) looked surprised and gasped at the display, "You know I'd never seen anyone's cunt do that before meeting you."

He shrugged his beefy shoulders, "I seem to have that effect on girls," he explained. It was true; every woman he'd ever gotten his massive dick inside had absolutely blasted out juices.

As flat-chest whimpered, her eyes rolled back in her head, effectively out of it for the moment. Busty drew back on him, coaxing him to leave the poor half-conscious brunette, her eyes widening with delight as every inch of his massive cunt-buster revealed itself in withdrawal.

"By the GODS!" She shook her head in disbelief, the damned thing looked even seen a cock like yours before either, so I guess that makes sense."

She wrapped her hand around the base of it, pursing her lips at the realization that her fingers weren't even meeting around the damned thing. Her other hand dropped to fondle his big balls, though she had to give them attention one at a time due to their sheer size.

"Suck my cock," he commanded her. Before Pericles, she'd have never acquiesced to so crass and order, but after having her organs scrambled around by the giant tool and experiencing more orgasms in a single night than she'd had in her whole life, she only got wetter when he said it. She learned down, working her thick lips all over his dripping scrotum before working them up his turgid shaft, nibbling his crown, then opening wide to slip his head inside, eagerly slurping on the thick meat.

He groaned and leaned back, a hand stroking the passed-out girl fondly as big-tits began to bob her head in submissive supplication to his giant tool. Pericles had always had the biggest cock he'd ever seen, and he'd used it to plow his way through every cunt in his small town and that of almost every woman in a neighboring town, or whoever had just passed through on their way to Athens.

He lived for sex and whoever he fucked lived for his sex, at least in that moment.

Flat-chest opened her eyes in response to his touch and smiled weakly. She arched up a little and took in the scene, her busty best friend sucking the huge cock with wild lust.

"He still hasn't cum?" She asked. Busty wouldn't let the cock out of her mouth, but she shook her head to indicate that he hadn't.

"Hm, maybe his balls are still too dry!" flat-chest responded, maneuvering her slim body between Pericles legs. Nothing could have been further from the truth of course; his balls were already well coated in slobber from what drooled down the shaft from the blowjob, and if that weren't enough they had also virtually marinated in the sauces his huge dick had just made her squirt, but the dishonesty of it all didn't stop her from rolling her tongue out of her mouth to roll and suck at the hefty spheres of manly ordinance. She still couldn't believe the size of them; each was far too big for her to hope to fit in her mouth, but she made serious effort to service each titanic stone.

Busty was a bit of a prima-donna, perhaps a bit offended that her oral-sex spotlight had been usurped by this sudden interruption. She decided to rub her superior assets in flat-chests face and wrapped her big cantaloupe-sized tits around Pericles massive organ, bouncing the big breasts up and down along either side of his shaft. She couldn't help but giggle as the heavy pair thumped on top of the ball-sucking head of her sexual rival. The latter was beaten down into Pericles' sack, the heaviness of the bust eventually driving a ball as far into her mouth as she could make it go, her jaws stretched wide to encompass just a portion of what he had to offer.

Pericles groaned and seized Busty's head, forcing her down into her own cleavage as he fed her inch after inch of the cock that protruded from her generous valley. He grunted, his powerful arms flexing as he rocked her head, using her selfishly for his own pleasure, trying in vain to get his balls to unleash their payload. She choked and gagged a bit as he went too far and he quickly released her, gasping for breath as she snapped her head back and gasped for breath, a thick rope of precum and slobber still dangling between his head and her jaw. Flat-chest managed to disgorge the enormous nut and whipped her head up to eagerly catch that nasty strand in her mouth, the rest wrapping around her cheeks.

Pericles' lust was inflamed at the sight of her horny devotion and he turned his attention from busty, drawing the slimmer one up to a supplicative kneeling position as he stood, tilting his cock into her mouth. She opened wide for him, fingers sinking into both her sex and Busty's as he slammed himself in, bringing a mighty retch from her as she gulped for air, tearing up slightly. It was no use!

She'd been a talented deep-throat artist in her home village, but not until traveling here had she ever seen a cock like this and even with her considerable talents she could only manage to sheathe half of his thick stalk in her gullet. Still, she did her best, bobbing her head, swallowing on his thick length over and over in an effort to pleasure him while busty ground down on her fingers and used her own to play with his drool-dripping balls.

Pericles grunted and thrust faster, his every brutal dick-slam bringing another round of coughs and glurking sounds from her. Finally she tapped out, smacking his hips a bit desperately and turned her face from him, burying her face almost protectively in Busty's tits. Busty tried to pick up where she'd left off, sucking him hard and deep, but he shook his head and pulled her back.

"You two are amazing, but I think I'm just a bit too much stud for you to handle," Pericles said with a strange mix of haughty bragging and sincere apologia.

He gazed down at his glistening rod and wrapped a meaty fist around it, stroking himself firmly and slowly. He'd never forget the look on the village men's faces the first time he'd emerged from the water in the public baths. His soft, swinging cock had so dwarfed those of the adults around him that none could bear to look at it for long, all turned their bodies away from him, and reddened from shame. He didn't know why fate had bestowed such a massive instrument upon him, but reasoned that it was just his lot in life. It was rare he could find a woman able to withstand more than a couple hours of his lovemaking tops and these two had done an extraordinary job going such a distance with him.

"Lick my balls!" he growled as he began to stroke himself faster. He could feel lips and tongues attacking his slowly tightening nuts, a mixture of hungry horniness and gratitude permeating their every tongue-swipe. He knew why of course; the night before had clearly been the best of their lives and he'd wrung each of them dry of every orgasm he could, leaving their pussies a pair of gaped, swollen cored-out slaves to him. The memories of the previous night helped and finally he felt himself nearing the edge. He roared and tugged his dick down so that it poked straight out, aimed like a cannon at their two girls, each of their lips glistening from the horny ball-worship they'd offered.

Those well-worshipped balls bucked then, shooting an unreal amount of cum up his column, the shock on both girl's faces was obvious, and then totally impossible to see, as a mere two humongous ropes of jizz he'd shot completely covered each countenance. He groaned louder and louder and he jacked faster, covering flat-chest's tits in a single shot then Busty's in two, fountain after arcing fountain of pure pearlescent sperm flowed from his prickhead, utterly bathing the two travelers in a veritable body-suit of cum. As he subsided, jerking the last splattery big drops from his epic member, the girls panted, wiping the thick mess from their eyes and nostrils.

"That was incredible!" Busty said.

"Not to mention, tasty!" Flat-chest added, leaning in to start licking wide paths in the thick spunk virtually caked onto Busty's big tits. Pericles smiled and leaned back, watching the show as the girls licked each other clean from the nasty breakfast he'd just served them, the show was enough to get him to start feeling horny again, but he did his best to quash such thoughts.

"You'll find the creek will work for cleaning the rest of that off of you when you've had your fill," he smirked a bit wider adding, "you don't want to try to eat it all. A few girls have managed but they end up getting sick; your stomach can only hold so much."

They nodded and did a bit more making out and tongue-cleaning, trading and swapping his flavor from all kinds of different body parts. Finally they admitted defeat before his preposterous quantity of semen and snatched their tunics, leaving his room naked via the window. He didn't think his mother or sister would mind knowing that he'd spent all night fucking another pair of hotties (well, from the noise they'd know anyway, of course,) but it was symbolically important to the travelers to not look too easy. This of course, was the nature of Grecian sexuality; a woman is no true Greek if she isn't fighting to her last breath to avoid a hot fuck. This was why the tradition of carrying a bride over the threshold was invented; a symbolic resistance to mask the fact that the couple really *wanted* to get some.

Pericles watched their asses wiggle into the distance, musing to himself about the night. He felt good, but at the same time was a bit disappointed. His balls were no less bloated than when he'd started the night before, and he was sure the pair of fat fuckers had produced more seed than he'd shot while he was working to shooting it. They didn't ache, but he knew they would if he didn't get off again soon.

"First things first," he thought. Pericles grabbed his toga and wrapped it on, noting the impressive tube-shaped bulge his semi-hard cock made even in the loose-fitting garment. Feeling like there was no point, he tossed the garment aside, letting the glory of his naked body be free to the world. He strode from the room and made his way to the family hearth where his sister, Phonita, and mother, Idira were already setting down platters of bread, fruit and honey. Pericles sat first and helped himself to a fig, biting right into it hungrily; a night of fucking always left him famished, so he was famished most mornings.

The two could not help but gawk at his tall, muscular form and pendulous half-erection, shaking their heads as one at the overwhelming sight of him.

"Good morning, son. How was your night last night, hmm?"

The way she asked was clearly amused having no doubts about how he'd spent his time.

"Bmit bwas gwood," he chewed.

"Did you at least invite your companions to join us for breakfast?" Idira asked.

He shrugged, finally swallowing the rest of the fig, grabbing a hunk of crusty bread next, "No, they decided they wanted breakfast in bed."

"They get enough to eat?" Phonita chimed in, arching her eyebrows suggestively.

"More than," he acknowledged. He was lewdly holding the loaf of bread next to his cock, a bit satisfied that he was bigger than the considerable chunk.

"And how about you? Did you get... enough?" his mother piped back in.

He would usually just brag his way through it, fully aware that his studly nature was not to be denied, but something moved him to be more honest instead.

"Honestly? No. I bring women home, fuck them like bitches in heat for hours on end, give them the time of their lives, and in the end it's always tough for me to get release even once. I feel like if I can't get these big nuts drained by someone who can keep up with they're just going to burst on me. I'm all backed up." As he spoke he palmed an orange and held it next to his left ball, demonstrating the superior size of his anatomy yet again. He could see from the heave of their breasts that both mother and daughter were breathing a bit more shallowly at his words and demonstration.

Phonita smirked and leaned forward, letting the opulence of her humongous breasts rest on the table, the pair so big they almost made Busty look like Flat-chest in comparison. "Brother Darling, you *know* I'd be happy to see to all of your needs. Big cock is my specialty." Phonita was the spitting image of her mother, all curves and red hair with mischievous green eyes, her skin's smoothness interrupted only by extremely light freckling along her arms. Idira gasped at her daughters words and reached out to give her daughter a harsh smack on the arm.

"Phonita! Watch what you say!" she scolded in response to the lurid display.

Phonita rubbed the stinging spot, using her arm to make her breasts dance a little in the process.

"Why should I, Mom? The Gods fuck their brothers and sisters all the time, why shouldn't we? Besides, you've told me that Pericles isn't even related to us by blood, so what's the big deal?"

Pericles did not see this ending well and stood from the table with a little snicker. He leaned in to kiss his mother on the cheek and followed by doing the same to his sister right after,

"I've gotta go take a bath. Later, guys."

He grabbed one more fig and dug into it as he made his way for the Cottage's back door, moving purposefully towards the creek he'd dispatched his lovers to earlier. They, it seemed, were long gone and he found himself a little disappointed he wouldn't have any bath attendants this morning; in addition to having the biggest cock in town, it was also usually the cleanest.

He heard the sounds of light foot-steps behind him scampering quickly, he hesitated and found Phonita rushing past him to get in his way.

"Brother, wait!" she said, panting a little, all 5'9" of her straightening up to him.

"What is it? I need to get clean, sis!"

Phonita took a couple steps, bring her face just inches from his, "I haven't told you yet, but I'm leaving soon Pericles, in just a couple of days in fact."

His lips parted, but he leaned back so she wouldn't take his shock as an invitation to kiss, "Leaving? Where are you going?"

"I've decided to become a Priestess of the Temple of Aphrodite in Thebes. I wish to serve lust and love for all of my days. This is your last chance to fuck me, Pericles, I don't want to miss out on that. We need to do it now!"

As she said 'now' she reached up and undid her toga's tie letting the diaphanous garment drop, revealing every insane curve of her lush body. Pericles gaze went into sharp focus, roaming the pleasing shape of her legs, following the swell of her hips, the lithe flat stomach, the insane firm fruits on her chest, the pale and flawless skin, the gorgeous face that was gazing at him with obvious hunger. She took one step towards him, daring him to make the first move.

He did, a large strong hand reaching out to cup one of her massive breasts, massaging at it, weighing it, palming over the nipple in a firm caress that brought a gasp from her already parted lips. He spun her then, quickly but gently putting her back to a tree with nowhere to escape. He stepped close, the meaty presence of his cock rubbing through his clothes and along the inside of one of her thighs, his masculine potency an undeniable force that brought a gushing river from between her cunt lips.

Time stopped as he leaned in, his breath quickened, his gorgeous muscles tensing and flexing just a little in anticipation of the kiss that was to come.

It landed on her forehead, a sweet brotherly thing with no sexual intent in the slightest. Phonita's jaw dropped and her face fell, the hurt of rejection blooming inside of her.

"Sorry sis, I really need to take that bath. I'm definitely glad the water is so cold this time of year though, you really got me going under here."

Pericles gave his obvious bulge a lewd grope, waggling the rigid shaft around just to tease her, then winked and turned his back to head for the water's edge again.

"It's not fair!" she called after him, stomping her foot with enough power to set her melons into an angry jiggle, "You've cored out every cunt in our goddamn town except for mine! And you KNOW I'm the hottest bitch for eight leagues!"

Pericles could only shake his head and chuckle as he made the initial steps into the water, "Obviously you're as a fuckable as a three-pussied prostitute sis! You're going to get more cock in Thebes than Athens has grains of wheat!"

As he waded deeper Phonita picked up her discarded Toga, not putting it on yet as she came to water's edge and crouched down, eyeing him as he finally peeled off his own, throwing it to the bank. Her eyes crawled over those perfectly sculpted back-muscles, the swell of his buttocks, the sight of those dangling bull-balls before he'd waded deep enough to submerge them. She made one last desperate plea,

"Come on, Peri! What do I have to do for a piece of that dick? You know that I won't find one like it if I suck off every prick in Mesopotamia!"

He turned to face her, the girthy trunk of the thing still visible while the rest dangled in the water. His eyes wandered over her form again, especially lingering on those epic tits before he finally spoke, "You're my sister, I can't fuck you. It's wrong. But that's not really what's holding me back."

She folded her arms, serving those tits up a bit for his gaze even though she was clearly getting angrier, "Then what is?"

Even he had to blush a little at the arrogance of his next words, even though they were true, "I'm afraid I'll ruin you. Even if we fuck, we can't marry, and when you DO marry you'll find your husband wanting after me." He shrugged adding,

"My dick's gonna be bigger. That's just a fact."

She sighed, shaking her head as she dropped her toga onto his and began following him into the cold creek, her huge nipples instantly stiffening at the very first contact her toe made with the water.

"You might have the cock of an ox, but you have the brain of one too, brother. I'm not GOING to marry anyone. Why do you think I'm running off to the Temple of Love? I don't ever want my choices to be limited to one man," she bit her lip, looking down. Even shrunken by freezing water his cock was obscene in length and girth, "not even you, though if I did have to settle..." she left the rest of her sentence unspoken, the conclusion obvious in her lustful gaze.

He nodded, finally understanding his little Phonita a bit better.

"Hey, let me make you a deal."

"I'm listening," she responded.

"Go to the temple. Become a devoted Priestess and learn all you can of mastering every element of the faith. Then I'll know your devotion to Aphrodite is serious and not just a ploy to get a piece of my cock. Return in a few years when you've earned full status within the temple and I'll fuck you so good the Goddess herself will cum from it. Deal?"

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