tagSci-Fi & FantasyGoddess Looking for Love Ch. 01

Goddess Looking for Love Ch. 01


Calleigh Norton has a problem. That is- if you consider it a problem she just found out that she is a fertility goddess as well as that six gorgeous gods are chasing her, each wanting to be her husband for all of ETERNITY.

Calleigh Norton was the normal, run-of-the-mill college student. She had just gotten her bachelor's degree in English, and was coming home for the summer. She arrived in her driveway, and came up to the door. After being mobbed by six hot guys in the driveway, all saying she was the one, she arrived into the house to find out, by confrontation with her parents in the foyer, that she was the newest fertility goddess of Olympus.

Great. Now, she has to learn how to use those powers, and try to figure out which of the six hot guys she wants to spend the rest of her immortal life with. Immortal? Yep. Surprise! Now she has until her 23rd birthday to decide which man to choose. Bad news, that's in 6 months. After that, she'll be whisked away to Olympus, and live out the life of a goddess.


I had just finished my last final, sold my books, and packed my stuff up. Saying goodbye to new friends, and kind professors, I started back the long trip to my parents' Massachusetts home. Nine long hours, several coffees and energy drinks, and two pit-stops later, I was finally in my driveway. I honked the horn to let everyone know I was here, and six attractive men come running up to my car out of my parents' house!

They rounded the car, and fought for the right to open my door. I opened it myself, bumping into one guy in the process. After one too many attempts to grab my hand, I yelled at them to grab the luggage if they wanted to grab something. I made a beeline for the door, and looked bewilderedly at my parents' happy, smiling expressions.

Five minutes later, I'm saying: "I'm a what??"

Dad: "A fertility goddess, sweetheart. Your Great-Great-Many-Times Grandmother was a fertility goddess. After that, it went down the line. Your great-great grandmother Thea just gave it up so she could spend time with her new boyfriend in Tijuana. So, now the duty falls to you. You're the only female in your family, so you get the honor."

Me: "Honor? What in the world? I'm going to start my Doctorate this year! I have plans! I have a life! I have things that I need to do! I can't—"

Mom: "Yes, honey, you can. We knew there might come a time when you would have to take up the family legacy. You'll have eternity to do other things, sweetheart."

Dad (whisper): "No she won't. It's a full time job."

Me: "I heard that. What about my wants? My needs? And how the hell did I get picked to be a flipping fertility goddess?"

Mom: "Nothing unusual has happened as of late? No sudden knowledge, no sudden increase in sex drive, no flowers growing at your feet?"

Me: "How in the... yeah." A sigh. "How do I get out of this?"

Dad: "You don't. You're stuck with it."

Me: "Flipping' great. Now what."

Mom: "Well, let's get to the story. And the perks."

Me (brightening up a bit): "Perks?"

Dad: "Didn't you notice the six Greek gods mobbing your car?"

Me: "Greek gods????"

Mom: "Yes- and they're all here for you. You get to choose which one will be your husband for eternity, sweetie."

Me: "What the fuck?"

Dad: "Calleigh, watch your mouth."

Mom: "Boys! You can come in here now."

One by one they filed in, ranging from tall and muscular to my father's height and muscular, blonde to redhead to brunette, and the lightest ivory to the darkest ebony.

A tall blond man about 6'5" knelt before me, kissing my hand and introducing himself as Arik, god of storms. He smiled, looking at me with a look that branded me as his, although I'd only just met him.

A raven haired guy, about 6'7", with hair down his back, was next, also kissing my hand and introducing himself. He said that his name was Ronin, and he was lord of darkness and death. His smile captivated me, leaving me in disbelief that he could be lord over such a dreary topic.

Another man, with blue-black hair and brown eyes, introduced himself as Soren, kissing my hand and then my cheek, clearly wanting to outdo himself. I couldn't quite hear what he said his dominion was, but the flawless snowflake on my hand gave me a sign.

The fourth was unbelievably dashing, kissing my other hand, with red hair and green eyes, leaving a dancing flame in it, and whispering that his dominion was over fire and his name was Diedrik. He was the shortest, but nearly 5 inches taller than me.

The fifth was nothing special, grey eyes and blond hair, whose name escapes me.

The sixth, and final, was a man by the name of Gabriel, whose blonde hair and blue-green eyes shook me senseless. He was the god of love, and he certainly looked the part. About 6'3", and extremely tempting by looks alone, he kept me senseless.

My mother interrupted, explaining that I would have to choose three men to send home, and three men I would allow to pursue me as a love interest. I nodded, and then cleared my voice.

"I choose... Gabriel, Ronin, and Soren." I closed my eyes, hoping desperately that I had made the right choice. When I opened it, the three others were gone, with three white roses lying in the spots they had been standing.

"Where?" I started, confused.

"Gods." My mother said, as if this explained it all.

The three remaining men kissed each of my cheeks in turn, and promised to be back tomorrow. I nodded feebly, unable to say much. Still in shock from the revelations of the day, I went to bed.

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