tagSci-Fi & FantasyGoddesses 02 Pt. 04

Goddesses 02 Pt. 04


Chapter 14

"I'd like you to meet a friend of mine."

"Mm?" Don turned to look at them - his daughter and the girl standing beside her. They lived in a small town bordering the fringe, where everyone knew each other, yet hers was a face he'd never seen before.

"This is Gaia."

"Hello, Gaia," he said. He bent forward to dig his finger into one of his shoes and pry it off. "Are you new around here?"

"Yes," the girl said.

He nodded, looking her over as with the edge of his foot he pushed his other shoe off. He kicked them roughly towards the doorway. She was a pale and skinny little thing, with shoulder length dark hair. Probably not even ninety pounds. She was actually extremely pretty, surprisingly even moreso than his Alessia, though her childish build was nowhere near as bodacious. "Hey, that's a nice top you've got on there! Did Alessia make you that?"

Gaia glanced down at the pale purple top she wore, which was made of woven alien grass.

"Actually Gaia is the one that makes them," Alessia said.

"Oh. That's quite a talent you have."

"Thank you, Mr. Greco," Gaia said.

"Please, call me Don."

"Gaia's been on her own since she got here, and she doesn't really have any place to stay. I was wondering if it would be okay if she stays here with us occasionally."

"Hmm," he hummed. A look of concern was forming upon his bearded face. He immediately started to wonder what such a pretty and vulnerable looking young lady was doing traveling to their town. He suspected she'd been trying to escape some sort of abuse. "Well, Alessia doesn't have friends over very often, but when she does they're always good kids."

At that Gaia smiled slightly.

"You can come stay here whenever you need to, Gaia. Our house is your house." He then turned to his daughter. "Sweetie? Make dinner for three tonight."

Alessia looked to her friend and started to giggle. Their plan was turning out well!

Chapter 15

She opened her eyes. She saw the afternoon sky above, filtered through the rustling jumble of unearthly leaves. She lifted her head off the immense mushroom cap, the centerpiece of her forest home. Her companion was laying against her, her curly haired head nestled between the abundant peaks of her bosom.

To ease a cramp in her back she wriggled slightly, repositioning her spine. At that motion the girl stirred, and she too awoke. With sleepy brown eyes she looked at her goddess, at first blinking groggily but soon being stunned alert. "Gaia, you're... purple?"

"Mnh?" Gaia looked down at herself. Her body was indeed a whitish shade of that, and all over veined with darker details as if she were carved from polished marble. "Oh. I must have fully released my form in my sleep. That's just how exhausted you left me." With a thought she shifted her skin to the more Earthly pale pink Alessia had expected. "Sorry."

"So... that was your truest form? You normally look that way?"

"Hmm..." Maybe she should have let Alessia know beforehand? "Yes."

"I've always known you're not normal, even for a goddess. No goddess can do what you do... Change shape. Control the plants. Eat them as food."

"That's true."

"Are you even one? Because it seems to me... I think... you're not from Earth."

"Oh?" Gaia stroked a hand down her lovely human's back. "I can do all the things goddesses do, though." As Alessia's eyes narrowed on her she hesitated: "you're right. I was born here, not on Earth."

"Yes, so was I, but... Moreso. You're purple. Like everything else here. I think you, as a whole, are from the planet Eva."

"Ah, Alessia. Well... "

"Well? Is it true?'


Eva awoke from her dream, feeling thoroughly disoriented. In her semi-alert state she was struggling to understand a layer of mystery that had come with it: Had she dreamt of that girl before? There was something very familiar about her, and of herself being called by her 'Gaia'. She turned onto her side. There was blue sky and a thin layer of snow on her windowsill.

Ah... yes. She'd indeed dreamt of them both once before, only then she'd been the human, and Gaia... well! She'd demonstrated in full what it was they were doing that could leave her so exhausted.

That was two months ago, and then as well she didn't know what to make of what had been shown to her. It had significance. There was meaning there, which she couldn't yet process.


The time is 9:46, am.

"Dammit." Eva slipped out from under the covers. She didn't have much time left to prepare. Her love would soon be waiting for her at the nexus terminal.


The door of the travel nexus opened, and its ramp lowered to touch down upon the grass. Val felt the air, cooled by the moderate southern winter, creep in and penetrate the warmth of her mobile environment. She tightened her sari around herself. It never got cold in Lemuria.

The mid-morning sun was shining into her eyes as she stepped out, dazzling her, and she had to cup her hand over her brow and squint to make out Eva, who was standing waiting behind the fence around the landing zone.


"Hey babe," Eva said. She pushed her sun glasses up onto her forehead and opened the fence gate to walk towards her. Val had to get on her tippy-toes to kiss her, and that she did, briefly but with no lack of affection. It'd been almost a month since they last had time to meet.

"Cute outfit," Val said, "though I could do without the heels. You're already super tall."

"Sorry. This is just what winter looks like this year," Eva said. She watched her tan-skinned, curly blonde haired lover step back and rather critically begin to judge her outfit: A purple jacket with a fluffy pink faux-fur lined hood, too tiny to reach the ends of her arms or zip up. Her chest erupted out from within it in a black tank top, tempting Val's eyes with deep cleavage. Below she wore tight black leggings which clung to her long, womanly legs and hugged her goddess package tight against one of her thighs. She stood in black knee-high boots, with stiletto pointed heels adding another five inches to her height. It was unlike any look a person of the more classically cultured Lemurian continent would bear. It was also though, to the eyes of Val or anyone else fortunate enough to behold her, a most pleasing sight.

Eva stepped back into range and set her hands on Val's hips. As she looked into the smoky painted eyes of her love she began to play with the pink and red fabrics that wrapped her divine body. "You're not dressed warmly enough. You're gonna freeze if we don't get to my vehicle soon. C'mon."

"For the majority of this visit I wasn't planning on wearing anything at all, anyway."

Eva smirked, and images of the two of them alone filled her head. With the cold wind hitting her, she stroked some of her purple streaked hair away from her face as they turned towards her vehicle. "Let's get on with it then."

Inside Eva entered their destination into the vehicle's computer, and as they settled in across from each other in the circular little chamber it lifted up and away from the travel nexus station.

"So I brought this," Val said, taking a bottle out of her bag.


"Yeap. Mhmm?" She raised the bottle so the sunlight could shine into it and let the hazy moonberry inside glow. She always brought a bottle of Lemurian wine with her when she visited. Eva appreciated the unrefined character of their wines, which were in comparison to the southern style rustic and quite unsubtle. Normally she was eager to share a bottle with her when she visited, yet her reaction this time was completely different. "Something wrong?"

"Ah, yeah. I guess you didn't hear about it up in your country, but there's been a um, a sort of controversy about me and moonberry."

"Like what?"

Eva sighed. "Well, like two months ago I woke up in the hospital. And my last memory before then was drinking alone at my vineyard. No one really knows what happened but all evidence implies I shouldn't be drinking so much any more."

"Oh." Val frowned as she slid the bottle back into her bag. "I was looking forward to having this with you. That's really weird though. You've always been in control of yourself when we drink. I wouldn't think you'd have a problem... in fact I've never even heard of any goddess having a problem with drinking this."

"I know. I think it's almost blown over now... no one talks about it anymore. Not even when I'm near my vineyard, where there's bottles everywhere. And I haven't had a drop this entire time."

"Sure. Of course. Whatever you want," she said, though with a sly smile spreading across her lips she began to unsheath the bottle once more.

"Val! Come on," Eva giggled. She leaned closer to squint at the label. "Aw man. You were telling me about this one, too."

"Uh-huh. Tooo baaad... you're a good girl now. No mind altering libido boosting substances for you, anymore."

Eva clucked her tongue, her eyes still glued to the bottle. "Oh, who cares. I'm pretty damn sure what happened wasn't due to the drink."

Val fully brought the bottle out of her bag again and raised it aloft. "So then, shall we?"

"We shall." Eva reached up and twisted at the rough knob of a cork, and with a gentle pop the bottle was opened, filling Eva's car with a fruity acrid aroma. Wafting her hand toward her face she sniffed it in. "So raw. So robust."

"Uh-huh." Val took a big swig, then passed the bottle across to Eva.

She brought the bottle to her lips and tilted it up, then taking in several deep swigs. Her eyes bugged slightly as her tongue bitterly tingled. It was a very aggressive tasting vintage... certainly not the best to begin with after two months sober!

"Strong stuff," Val said. She reached out. "Gimme."

Eva passed it back to her, and she took another sip. As she lowered the bottle a drop of the purple liquor ran from her lips to sit on her chin. Eva got up and, hunching over in the low space, stepped over the car's control screen to sit her self beside and against her, then licked that droplet away, her lips just slightly smacking against her on the finish.

Smiling softly Val turned to her and gave her a truer kiss in return. As their lips danced against each other she was quick to let her hand slide along the inside of Eva's thigh, where it bumped into the long lump of her package sitting snug within her black leggings. She found her dormant shaft and began to stroke.

Eva giggled slightly against her lips. The fact that she had a private landing for her vehicle at her apartment came in handy at times like this, for from the spark of excitement she felt at that touch she knew they would in no way be decent by the time they landed. Her stiletto heels clicked against the floor as she twisted her body towards Val.

"Mhm," Val chuckled. She could feel Eva growing beneath her touch, with each travel taking more time as the distance rapidly became longer, and hotter as well. Once their lips parted she looked down and saw her shaft advancing beneath stretchy black fabric to its full length, with her glans pressed against the side of her knee. She set the bottle on the floor, then put one hand on the side of it and the other the opposite side of the toned thigh it sat bonded against, stroking them in unison. "Oh, I missed your big beauty a whole lot."

Eva hopped off her seat a moment to pull her leggings down to mid-thigh, revealing milky white legs and some of her shaft. "Ooh," Val purred. "I just want to cover you with kisses." Eva giggled and continued to pull down, and by the time she had them wrapped around the tops of her boots her cock sprung free, rigid and proud. Val made a little sound of glee as she lunged forward, setting her hands around it while devouring the huge tip. She stroked, giving high sighs of lust as it expanded within her mouth into its most heated state of tension.

"Oh god, mmmn." Eva slumped back against her seat, her lean stomach rising and falling beneath her fantastic chest, which she cupped and lifted hotly as she watched Val work her massive tool. "Less clothes," she said as she began to wiggle out of her jacket.

"Sure." Val started to unwrap her sari, revealing her divine torso. Within the vehicle she could only rise to a half crouch, but it was enough to finish undressing. Her long golden ponytail hung down from her shoulder, swaying in unison with her generous breasts and her cock as it was revealed long and heavy between her legs. The pink and purple sari tumbled to the floor.

She hopped into Eva's lap, facing forward. In that straddling position Eva's erection was pressing up against her and throbbing against the restriction of her weight. She grinded the crease of her rear against it while tilting forward, hugging Eva's neck, letting her breasts crowd her face.

"Mm..." Eva scattered kisses all across the rounded beauties. She felt around for Val's length, which she found lying semi hardened across one of her bare legs. She began to stroke it.

Val's undulations began to shift, with their focus changing from grinds against Eva's stiffened shaft to driving pushes against the movements of her hand. She was quickly filling out and hardening. She tilted Eva's chin up, out of her cleavage and towards her face, and their mouths came crashing together in a heated kiss.

She slipped a hand through Eva's dark hair as her Aerotian endowment reached its zenith, an impressive fourteen inches. For a moment she became caught in the gaze of Eva's violet eyes, which were wild with sensual agitation, but that moment of connection was quickly cut short when with that hand in her hair she pushed Eva's face down down to grace the end of her cock with her mouth. She rocked her hips up and down as they felt the lurch of the car losing altitude. They glanced out the window. They were landing.

As the clamshell door opened Val got to her feet, and with an arm clamped for control across her chest while a hand steadied her swinging cock she ran across Eva's balcony, leaving her sari behind. As she went the tan skinned goddess's struggle for containment was an incredibly erotic sight to Eva, heightened by the psychedelic distortions of the drink slightly lighting her trailing blonde ponytail like a comet's trail. Despite the intense attraction drawing her after her Eva followed more slowly as she pulled her leggings back up over her bubble butt and hobbled out on her tall heels, bottle in hand with her cock bobbing hard and uncovered.

The early winter air was cool against them as the heavy steel doors into her apartment parted. They dashed inside.

As Val headed to the kitchenette to get glasses for their drink Eva whipped off her top. With a look of predatory hunger on her face and a steady clicking of her heels on the tiled floor she stalked toward Val, who was struck by the intense beauty of her hips asway in those tight black leggings, her bare chest bouncing free above, while in front her enormous cock swung, leading. Val dropped to her knees, and when she came to a stop it was nodding before her face. As she took the pink and hardened tip into her mouth she held up the two glasses at either side of her love's lengthy throbbing desire.

Once the two glasses were filled Eva set the bottle down on a nearby table and took one from Val's hand, which once freed was instantly replacing her eager mouth in pleasuring her sixteen inches. They drank it down at once.

"Leave the boots on. I like them on you right now."

"I need to get out of this, though," Eva said, picking at her leggings. They were cinching the bottom of her sac.

With a saucy twitch of her eyebrow Val dug her hands into the material and began to tear.

"Hey! What are... I can't believe you!"

Rip, rip, rip... snap!

Eva was was left standing in her boots with wisps of torn material around the tops of her knees, while the rest had been hastily torn away, baring her thighs and the rest. "Well, I guess that does work," she said, her voice dropping as she was taken by yet another surprise: she was beginning to see distinct trails. Her two months of sobriety had done a number on her tolerance.

Val rose to her feet. She stepped in close, and with their hardened tools throbbing against each other she got to her tippy-toes and kissed. She drug her hands into Eva's now bare rear and rhythmically lifted, transmitting movement to Eva's front, which she rocked her own hips against. With a chuckle Eva began to mimic that movement, and their towering goddess shafts rubbed and drooled against each other as their tongues wrestled.

Their lips parted and they stepped back, both breathing heavily in excitement for whatever was to come next. Of course, before that, they'd have to get higher. Eva poured out two more glasses, and they at once drank them down. Her palette had grown used to the intense Lemurian brew and it was starting to go down like water.

Val wouldn't turn away as she stepped backwards towards her bed, her hands cupping and raising her fine triple-Ds as she hotly bit down on her lip. The sway of her cock beckoned Eva. She chirped as the backs of her legs hit the mattress and she came to fall bouncingly onto the bed.

Eva dropped to her knees before her, the bottle roughly clanking against the hard floor, and descended upon her lengthy tool. Her hands, already aided by their slippery pre, whipped up and down while she loudly sucked at the head. "The most beautiful... your big Aerotian dick," she breathed.

"Second to yours," Val corrected. In all her years she'd never known a goddess to be bigger or more powerful than Eva. She moaned and let her head fall back, dumping her golden locks upon the white sheets around her while letting her slender fingers tweak at her own nipples.

Their drool and running pre had soon combined and made her shaft even more slick. Eva rose off of her knees and hoisted her luscious endowments onto the tops of Val's thighs, then got in close until the heated underside of Val's shaft landed against her sternum. Her big beauties were well suited to the task of embracing that oversized tool, so with ease she wrapped them around pulsating flesh and began to lift and drop, all while still tending to the drooling head.

"Ahh... It's so hot when you do that."

"I want you to cum."

"So early? Huh, we'll see about that! Pass me my moonberry."

By that point they were again simply taking swigs direct from the bottle, caring little for the formality of glasses. To Eva's eyes the hot fluid that oozed from the tip of Val's shaft and coated the inner surfaces of her breasts was glowing jade, lit by the mind altering effects of the powerful drink. She doubled her speed and the intensity of her sucks.

"Oh-whoa, god damn Eva. Mmmm!" The toned muscles on her tanned stomach visibly flexed as she rocked her hips against her.

"Give it to me babe. Paint me with your cum," Eva breathed.

"Unhh, I guess I will," Val assented. Her cock was trembling and beginning to eject more urgent spurts of pre, which Eva slurped at as it washed down into the womanly hug of her cleavage, easing the process further. Soon Eva's front was coated with a thin film of the glowing stuff, from her chin to the base of her cock, and she was starting to feel it drip onto her balls.

As the hot tingle reminded her of what she wielded Eva rose to her feet, having to step back so her massive ever hardened tool could swoop into view. Val gulped, quickly realizing how she intended to finish her off. "I want you to explode," Eva said as she swiped her hand up between her breasts to scoop away some of the glowing green, which she then patted against Val's opening.

With her hands still wrapped around her love's near-orgasmic shaft she carefully took aim, then stepped forward. Her massive arousal flexed slightly until the tip sprung inside of Val, who cried out in pained pleasure. "Now you cum," Eva commanded. Her hands began to whip up and down her shaft, and she slowly stepped forward, sinking herself into her.

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