tagTransgender & CrossdressersGod's Design Ch. 03

God's Design Ch. 03


Chapter 3: A new experience

As his body shook with anticipation, Tawi wrapped his tender soft lips around the head of my virgin cock. I tensed up as a new kind of pleasure shot up through the length of my shaft. Throughout my entire sexual life, I never received a blowjob. I was always the one giving them, not that I'm complaining of course.

I bit my lip as I looked down at the cute Kuupi. Tawi noticed my gaze and looked back up at me his eyes hazy with lust. My lips curled into a smile. "Well, are you going to suck it or not?" I asked him as I gently pushed his head further down my length. Tawi let out a gurgle of complaint before his eyes turned hazy again. Then after a pause, he began to move, his soft, wet tongue brushing up and down the bottom side of my cock.

It was a sloppy blowjob, messy and awkward, but I had never felt anything like it. In amongst the waves of tingling satisfaction, I noticed Rali standing awkwardly behind his brother holding his tiny cock in one hand and stroking it. "Rali." I called to him making him almost jump out of his skin. "Don't just stand there, help your brother out." Rali began to blush, his face turning redder than a tomato.

"H-how?" He asked.

My ears perked up, it was the first time I had actually heard him speak, what an adorable voice he had. It sent a shiver down my spine. "I'll tell you how. Get over here and suck my balls you wannabe slut." I told him.

Ralis entire body twitched as his eyes glazed over, he quickly took his hand off his cock and nodded meekly. "Yes... master." He whispered as he shuffled down.

"What was that? Did you call me master?" I asked him as he lowered his head to my crotch.

He stopped for a second and looked up at me with puppy eyes. "Is- Is that not okay?" Rali asked me.

I felt my heart twinge with excitement. What was this? I wanted to punish this creature I wanted to punish them both. To insult them and please them, to make them my personal playthings. I don't understand why though, usually the roles are reversed, why am I enjoying this so much? I'm a masochist, not a sadist. Or at least, I was.

Just like how think about fucking others makes my dick massive and hard, does it also change me into a sadist? A masochist when I want to receive and a sadist when I want to give? That God has just turned me into the ultimate depraved slut, and I can't help, but love him for it.

With a grin, I took hold of Ralis hair and thrust his face into my swelling balls. "No. I'm just surprised at how much of a fucking slut you are. You don't even know me and you're calling me master? You've been waiting for something like this to happen for a while now haven't you?" I growled as I pulled his head closer.

Rali nodded. "Yes, Master." He replied a perverted smile on his face.

"Good boy. Now suck it." I ordered him. With no hesitation, he began to slurp up my balls. His switch had been flipped, he wasn't shy anymore. He took both in his mouth at the same time. I felt another surge of pleasure course from my cock. Both parts of it were under attack from two greedy sissies in the making. I bit my lip and began to moan softly, reveling in this new found feeling.

Rali began to moan too, I hadn't even touched him, yet he was enjoying it. Truly a cockslut after my own heart. He began to wiggle his chubby ass around, clearly wanting even more than he was already getting.

I decided to give it to him. I placed two fingers from each hand inside my mouth and licked them until they were drenched in my sticky cum smelling saliva. Then placed one hand on Ralis ass and the other on Tawis smaller, yet still perky hole.

Slowly, I ran my fingers down their individual creases until I found what must have been their virgin holes. Soft, delicate and ready to be fucked. With no more warning, I thrust my lubed up fingers inside.

"Ooh yes!" Rali let out a scream of pleasure as he let go of his meal. His body was already pulsating with satisfaction. Tawi's eyes widened as he struggled to let out any noise, he didn't let go of my cock no matter what, his brain clearly fixated on what was in front of him.

Tawis warm mouth began to soak my cock in even more hot saliva, his eyes showing he could clearly think of nothing but cock. Rali, however, was too busy enjoying his first fingering to carry on with his job. "Rali. Did I tell you to stop." I warned him.

Rali shook his head still smiling perversely. "No master. Sorry!" He cutely moaned. Doing as he was told, he lowered his head back down and began to frantically suck on my sack.

Watching these boys squirm and moan from my fingers only brought my orgasm closer, I wanted to take hold of Tawi and thrust my dick down his throat, but he's still learning. "Tawi, take it deeper." I ordered him through the hot pants escaping my lips.

The soon-to-be slut nodded with eyes filled with glee, lowering his mouth further and further down my cock. I felt the entrance to his throat which sent another jolt through my body causing my fingers to move even faster. Then to my surprise, Tawis mouth appeared at the base of fully engulfed length, his tongue lapping around the base.

It was pure ecstasy, I don't whether it's the Kuupi as a whole or just these two noble boys, but they were made to fuck. Despite his situation, Tawis eyes were filled with pure bliss, as his tight ass began to wiggle under my relentless fingers. His throat vibrated with every adorable moan he let out. Clearly, he was reaching orgasm, but I was too.

I could feel it getting closer and closer, the surge of cum rising up from my thick balls, but before I could finish Tawi's eyes widened and he let out a loud muffled scream as his back arched and began to twitch. I felt something hot and wet splash on my still wet feet.

Then his back slumped down forcing my finger to pop out. His eyes turned back to haze and he began to pull his mouth back. Before he could reach any further I grabbed the back of his head. "Not yet you naughty bitch." I growled with a grin. "You may have finished, but I haven't." I told him shoving his head back down my shaft.

His eyes grew wide again before turning back into a grin. Just as soon as it had drooped his ass raised into the air again as he shook it like a hungry, waiting puppy. He seemed to like me forcing his head, so I decided to oblige him. I gripped onto the back of his head and began to use him like a fuckhole.

Ralis eyes filled with jealousy as he watched his brother get used, I could feel him take both of my balls into his mouth and lick frantically. With both of these overwhelming pleasures bombarding my dick, I was fit to burst.

With a few final thrusts, I felt my cum surge through my shaft. "Fuck, I'm cumming!" I moaned biting my bottom lip. I wrenched my cock from Tawi's mouth and let my torrent of cream soak their faces.

I had never felt an orgasm like this before, each convulsion of my dick covered the twins in another layer of my juicy hot jizz. They both now sat on their knees in front of me, mouths wide open with strands of saliva hanging down. Both enjoying their first bukkake.

After a few more seconds of ecstasy, the stream finally settled down and I could let out a breather. Rali wiped the cum off his face into his palms and tipped his head back drinking it with an expression of perverse bliss. Whilst Tawi slowly began to lick it off his hand, using the other one to stroke his tiny yet still erect dick.

I couldn't help but grin at these two. Are all the people of this world like this? Or did I just get really lucky? I mean, I barely know them yet here they are greedily lapping up my semen and calling me master. Maybe I really should make a harem, a harem with dicks of all sizes. My personal sissy fuck sluts and a whole ton of daddies to play with me.

I placed my finger on my perky bottom lip. Should I start with these two then? I'd prefer to have a bunch of large muscular men use me or to get a nice daddy first, but I do want to see if I can train these two as well. I am worried about the fact that they're nobles though, is this a good idea?

"Master!" I snapped out of my thought and looked at the owner of the voice. Rali, having finished drinking my cum was crouched like a dog with his plump ass facing me, his hole clearly twitching in anticipation. "I was a good boy and didn't cum even with your finger, so can I get a reward?" He asked shaking his booty.

I felt my dick harden once again. There was no way I can say no to that. I felt a sadistic smile spread across my face. "That's true, Rali." I replied standing up, I stood behind him, my cock level with his waiting asspussy. "But if you want my dick you'll still have to beg for it." I teased him by pressing the tip of my cock against the soft skin of his ass.

Rali bit his lip as he let out a soft moan. "Please Master. Please fuck Ralis ass raw." He begged as he began to gyrate his ass against the head.

I leaned over his body and tutted. "It's not your ass, it's your boy pussy. Call it what it is." I told him.

Rali blushed wildly and lowered his head. "Pl-Please. Fuck my bo- boy pus- boy pussy!~" I thrust my cock inside of him before he could finish his sentence, a good slut like him deserves a good surprise. I think I was more surprised though, he took my entire length and only seemed to enjoy it, what's more, it went it with ease. His insides were incredibly soft yet tight, it enveloped my dick in an orgasmic bliss. "Haaaaa, it's so big!" The Kuupi screamed wildly sticking his tongue out.

I took hold of his tongue, not letting him close his mouth. "It's your first time, this should be hurting. Was your little pussy made for dicks you slut?" I asked him as I thrust my dick again. With each thrust, I moved a little faster and so did Ralis moans. His whole body twitching with every thrust. "I can't believe how much you're enjoying this, how fucking depraved are you?" I growled at his slapping his ass.

Rali's eyes grew wide. "I'm sorry master!~" His lips twisted into the same filthy perverse smile he showed me before. How could he be enjoying it to this extent already, he was a virgin not a minute ago. I slapped his ass again, watching it wobble from my hand. "YESSSH!" He screamed his mind gone.

As I continued to pummel his perfect little asspussy, I noticed an envious looking Tawi looking up at us, his face still glistening with my cum. He held one finger to his lips whilst the other drifted to his ass.

"Ah ah. No." I told him. "You, ha. You wait your turn." I ordered h.im as I moaned.

Tawi looked shocked but nodded his head. "Yes... Master." He muttered under his breath.

I felt myself fire up, even this one was calling me master. Does that mean he'll do anything I say? Different world, different rules. "Tawi. How about, you suck. Mmm. You suck your brothers' cock for me?" I asked him.

Tawi widened his eyes, before blushing even harder than he already was. "But, he's my brother." He responded shyly.

"Then what if I order you to do it?" I asked him with a glint in my eye.

The more talkative twin glanced over to his brothers' tiny pre-cum leaking dick. His eyes were fixated on it and a small stream of dribble escaped his open mouth. He took a deep gulp. "I... Guess I would have no choice then." He mumbled. I think I just gave him the excuse he had been looking for most his life. I'm surprised these two have been able to keep their hands off each other for over a hundred years.

Tawi shuffled over to be under his brother, lying sideways to be directly under Ralis shaking dick. A stream of pre-cum fell against his cheek. "Wait, brother. If you do that I'll-" Before he could finish Tawi locked his tender lips around the base of his brothers leaking dick.

I could tell from the way his body moved Tawi was even more into sucking it that I had thought. Even if it weren't for that, the fact that his own dick was now hard and leaking would have given that away anyway, what a filthy pair of brothers.

"OH Goood. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum!" Rali began to shake his ass even more rapidly before forcing me to grip harder. He was barraging my cock with waves of ecstasy. Then his body began to convulse and I could hear gulping sounds from below. "Aaah. Yesh brother drink it, drink my dickjuice!" Rali carried on cumming as I carried on thrusting.

Finally, his ass drooped with me still inside. I heard a gasp of air and Tawi fell backward cum dripping down his smiling mouth. He looked content. "Soo good. Sex is soo good." Rali panted gasping for air. Then without warning, I carried on thrusting. Tawi panicked turning his head around. "What, but master?! I can't do anymore!" He complained.

I grabbed his hair and pulled back, causing his back to arch. "Shut up, I still haven't finished. So you're gonna take my dick again and you're going to like it." I told him.

Immediately, Ralis' smile returned. "But, I can't take anymore." He slurred, his returning smile telling me a different story.

"Tawi. Get over here and plug up your brother's mouth." I made a gesture using my head. Tawi nodded a hint of a nasty smile on his own face forming. He made his way over and shoved his cock against his brothers face. "Ah ah. Other way." I made a circle motion with my finger, a smirk on my face.

Tawi's eyes lit up as he nodded enthusiastically. He turned around and shoved his tight pink boy pussy in his brothers face. Rali's screams became muffled as his face was enveloped by his brothers' perky ass.

"Lick it Rali." I ordered him slapping his now raw ass again. I'm sure Rali obliged as Tawi let out a cute little moan and his body twitched. "Now Tawi, why don't you play with your nipples?" I asked him. Training these boys was fun.

He glanced down at his stiff nipples and then turned to look back at me. "W-why?" He asked me confused.

I grinned a sadistic grin. "Just do it." I ordered him.

Tawi opened his mouth slightly and then nodded. He turned back around to look at his bare breasts and slowly raised his hands to them. Then he took hold of both and began to twist them around in his fingers.

"What. What is this?" He asked, moans escaping his lips. "Why do my nipples feel so good." His moans turned more and more feminine.

This was perfect, the perfect sexiest setup. I bit my lips and lifted up Rali's arms, digging my cock deeper into his delicious pussy. I could hear his muffled screams of pleasure grow louder, which only got me close to cumming.

I began to move quicker, I could feel the same surge from earlier making its way through my balls, each slap against the beautiful ass in front of me only speeding it along. Before I could though, I saw Tawi in front of me tense up as a stream of hot cum flew out of his cock and coated the opposite chair in a line of semen. He fell to the floor and began panting, letting his brothers screams out once again.

"I came so quickly, how can my bum and breasts feel so nice?" He asked.

I chuckled. "Because you two are natural born sluts." I told him in between moans. The feeling was growing stronger and stronger by the second. "Now, it's my turn. I'm cumming!" I yelled as I used Rali for one final thrust, his ass folding against my crotch.

Rali let out a scream as the action caused another jet of cum to escape his dick once again. "HOW? I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" His scream was even louder than before as my cum filled every inch of his bitch pussy. "It feels so warm." He muttered sounding almost drunk.

Then it burst out, leaking around my cock. I was letting out too much for his virgin ass to take. Pulling my cock out I let the rest land on his smooth back. "You two had better finish that off." I told them.

With no hesitation, Tawi sprang into action wrapping his lips around my still leaking cock and sucking every last drop of cum out of it. "Aw no fair, I wanted some too brother." Rali complained.

Suddenly Tawi did something even I didn't expect. He took his lips away from my dick, with my cum still filling his mouth and crawled over to his brother, kissing him. For a second I sat shocked as drips of cum escaped out of their entwined lips whilst they exchanged my cum and their saliva. Then I let out another smirk, these two are fast learners.

Tawi took his lips away from his brothers with a soft moan, a string of saliva and cum still connection their lips. Rali took a few deep breaths, his eyes dazed before smiling again. "Delicious." He commented as he licked his lips.

The scene playing out in front of me was photo worthy if they have cameras in this world, if not it's panting worthy. My eyes drifted over to Rali's ass, which was now pulsating gently and leaking my cum which had made it's way all the way down to his smooth testicles. I licked my lips, I hadn't done this for a while.

I leaned down and licked Rali, from the base of his balls all the way to his pink hole. He let out a soft moan as I did. "Master, what are you doing?" He asked.

I couldn't reply with words as I was too bust scooping my own thick delicious cum out of his ass, so I raised a thumbs up instead. Somehow my juices were even tastier than in my previous life.

After I was done with that, I fell backward resting my head on the chair behind me a satisfied smile on my face. I looked at the twins to see what they were up to. They were looking at me with expectation in their eyes, still trying to catch their breath.

I looked down at my cock, it had turned back to its previous size, tiny and pathetic, just as God intended. Well literally in this case. I'm sure I can get it back up, but I'm feeling satisfied for today. Not that more fun would be out the window of course. "If you're looking for another round, I can do that." I told them with a smile.

The two brothers looked at each and blushed shaking their heads. "We were wondering if we could snuggle up to you, Mas-Rose." Tawi asked me twiddling his thumbs.

I blinked a few times, they want to snuggle up to me? That's not what I was expecting. "Of course you can." I told them with a gentle smile.

Tawi's face lit up as he began to get to his feet. "Wait. We should probably get some clothes on first." He furrowed his brow as he stopped mid stand. "We've also got to actually give you your clothes now Rose." He told me turning around to pick up his shorts. Rali did the same.

I felt a little disappointed, not about being given clothes, I like clothes a lot, no, I feel sad that they stopped calling me Master. I'd never been called it before and it was nice. I suppose it was in the heat of the moment and they've recovered their senses now, so as noblemen they couldn't exactly call me master. Still, it's a shame.

After a few minutes of fumbling, they had their clothes back on and had handed my outfit. It wasn't bad all things considered, not too feminine and not in a color I would choose to wear, but not bad. The same pale shorts as them and a cute white and blue striped buttoned up sleeveless top with a collar and frills around the armholes. Then some ankle length socks with white boots that somehow managed to fit.

It was more cute than sexy, which is what I'd usually go for, but it was tight enough to show off my incredible ass so it would do. "You look beautiful." Tawi told me his cheeks turning beet red. Rali nodded hiding his face behind his sleeves.

I blushed a little too, being called beautiful always makes my heart beat. You'd think someone who gets off on being a slutty sissy would be immune to such words as beautiful or cute, but it still makes me flutter when I'm treated like a girl. "Thank you." I mumbled happily. "Now are you going to cuddle me or not?" I asked them giggling.

The two brothers nodded their heads and ran to either side of me as I now sat on the chair properly. Tawi snuggled his head into my head, a cute squirrel-like curl to his lips. On the other side, Rali placed his head on my chest and his hand on my stomach. Their touch was warm, warm and soothing.

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